Global Minisite Creator for Niche Marketers

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Global MInisite Creator Review

My friend Ben Drury has recently released a brand new sofware to develop monetized minisites in 1 minute: Global Minisite Creator.
After my test, I could say to have completed my first minisite in 3 minutes without any efforts, including all the following items:

  • 10 Articles
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Amazon Ads
  • Clickbank Ads
  • Adsense Ads
  • Graphics setup (changing header)
  • Upload on my website

The Global Minisite Creator it’s developed in a step-by-step format, guiding you in each step without driving anyone crazy.
This is importan, because you could generate the minisite you love in just a fewe minutes, and do everything you like with it!
Think about:

  • Earn money with your minisites
  • Create minisites collections to resell in packages
  • Sell them on Flippa
  • Sell them on eBay
  • Give all your micro sites away for building your list fast
  • And so on

All of this just for a measly $27! As you can see, this software, that run on Windows and Mac with Windows emulator, has a great power to accomplish minisite with ease.
Get Global Minisite Creator now and start getting money through your mini sites!

WordPress Automatic and 100% Automated Video Themes

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Wordpress Automatic 100% Automated Video Themes

Being a current visitor of Warrior Forum, the best internet marketing forum now available, I found a “WordPress Automatic 100% Automated Video Themes” post.
The three themes offered were visually astonishing, and sold for a good price :

  • Videogames Theme
  • Music Theme
  • Movies Theme

Being a blog flipper, a man that resell ready made blogs to other users, I checked what these themes were about.
And I saw that I was permitted to use them 1 time for each theme.
For a few dollars, this is an unbelievable offer, evaluating a final price sale of about $347 (that’s how I paid for just a month ago) for each blog.
And $347 x 3 = $1041 !

As you can evaluate on your own, these 3 themes are pure gold.
But you can use them on your own, to develop state of the art blogs, one for videogames, one for music, and the latest for video.
You will be able to get huge commissions from Adsense and Amazon, doing pretty nothing!

And they are offering top notch qualities !
For example :

  • Auto Updating with latest videogames, music and movie videos, without lifting a finger
  • Easy to Install with attached instructions
  • Free Support
  • Free Updates

You can find each theme, for a single use, here : “WordPress Automatic 100% Automated Video Themes”
Otherwise, if you are searching for Developer versions you may use every time you want, from today they are available !
For a cheap price you can get each theme you desire, to use in as many websites as you want.

The Developer’s Link is :
You will get a gem for your WordPress blogs.
And your sales can jump on the next level, with WordPress Automatic 100% Automated Video Themes.
Don’t lose the train for success, get them now !

Bloginuity and the Clickbank Cash-Sucking Blogs

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* Bloginuity is no longer available.

Bloginuity is a new monthly subscription program by Tony Shepherd and Tony Newton.
You know that selling as affiliate, sometimes can be difficult and time consuming.
And it can be tough and difficult, if you need to stay updated with latest Clickbank releases…

Today I want to itroduce the mind blowing offer by these greatest internet marketers.
They are ready to give you a perfect affiliate WordPress blog, ready to upload to your web space.
You will need only to insert your own Clickbank ID, do some mouse clicks, and Bloginuity is ready to start doing money for you.
This is the first time I saw a product like this, and I was amazed by quality and support they offer to wach subscriber.

This business is optimal for newbies, but also for advanced marketers.
It’s easy, and you will learn how to change the contents to be unique in a breeze.
As soon as you upload the website, you will be able to register the first sales.

Your unique work will be to send leads to your blog, through usual traffic generation techniques like article marketing, press releases, secondary blogs, social networks and so on.
That’s all.
Bloginuity is the perfect affiliate catcher.
In fact buyers are interested in reading the product reviews, knowing which is the most valuable program to choose.
And they will buy it directly from your own review, that has the affiliate link included.

This is a no brainer, only a few bucks to have a smart and winning system to achieve sales like a master affiliate marketer.
Each and every month you will receive a brand new blog, ready to use with great affiliate program reviews.
Bloginuity is the best on market actually, and I’m happy to show you

The Best Website Directory Submission ever !

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You probably know that Website Directory Submission is starting to become one of the most popular and easy way to get quality and one-way links to your website.
These kind of links are exactly what the search engines are looking for, just because a quality website with a lot of one-way links pointing on it can be only a really good site.
Said that, the catch is only to find a good Directory Submitter program beetween the hundreds available on market…

Well, after a great and accurate analysis I found the best one.
Do you want to know its name ? Directory Submitter by Brad Callen.
This software contans about 1715 Free Directories, kept updated weekly by the author and by his followers forum.

Directory Submitter is one of the most simple software I ever used for website submission at directories.
It’s only necessary to made 3 simply steps :

1) Insert your website’s details and save them for future
2) Select the Directories in which you want to submit
3) Hit the “Submit” button

And this program will complete the work for you !
So I recommend to give it a look, just to see the value of Directory Submitter and his extended community.
This software will give a boost to your visitors and to your search engine placement, but I suggest every 30 submissions to change the title of your website and description also.

Have a nice submission with… Directory Submitter !

Sales Letters Creator Review

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* Sales Letters Creator is no longer available.

Sales Letter Creator

If professional copywriting scares you for many reasons, Adeel Chowdry and his Sales Letters Creator software come to give you more than a great help.
After my new ebook release, Super Article Traffic, I was in trouble with my sales page, so in trouble that I decided to hire a copywriter through Elance or Rent-a-Coder.
The first request I received was a crashing 975$, without asking nothing special, only to start the creation process.
So I decided to give a look to my bookmarks, just because I thought to have put a bookmark just in my browser one or two weeks before.

I found Sales Letters Creator : a software able to create professional and high quality Sales Letter Pages in less than 15 minutes (that’s are creator’s words… not mine!).
I thought about a tutorial-software or something similar… but anyway I decided to buy it just because a Money Back Guarantee was offered.
Well, I was totally surprised by this piece of sales letter creator software, sold for a really small price and full of useful options I really needed to complete my page.

Sales Letters Creator is composed by 15 sections to check and complete one after another.
And in 15 minutes you can have your unique powerful salespage completed and ready to post.
Firstly you have to put in Meta-tags, then adjust the Page Settings.
After these two easy task it’s time to build your sale page : Headline, Introduction and Product Introduction come to let you give a point of view about your product to sale.
If you can’t find the words, don’t preoccupate : Sales Letter Creator propose you ready-made phrases to edit and add.

And now it’s time to add the Features & Benefits, adding specifically what your product is and what isn’t, in a simple list style.
After that ou can insert Testimonials, people or Guru that give an opinion about your ebook, your software or your course, and you can easily add their information.
Now it’s time for body, one of the simplest section to compile : you have only to insert how your product works, how do you charge for that and what your possible customers will receive.
If they will receive a Bonus, there is a special option to add them, with value inclused. That’s all…

Now just two minutes to adjust Guarantee (yes, you will put a guarantee, right?) and closing your selling page with PS and PPS, after the Buy Button, to let your visitors think about what they are leaving on the table.
Another unbelievable function of this software is the possibility to add two Youtube videos to your salespage.
Other options available are the posibility to insert your Header, your Affiliates link, your payment link and many more.

If you have a good template you can use Sales Letters Creator easily to copy and paste the text created and adjust it with fresh images.
If instead you don’t know where to catch a good template, this software will create it with your desired background color.

Finally, I can only say that Sales Letters Creator is a great piece of software, in no more than 1.2 megabytes.
And when you use it one time, you can’t leave it.
It’s too useful !

Monthly Content Club is really Affordable !

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PLR Articles, Websites, Graphics

This night, in one of my unfinished surfing sessions, while I was searching for fresh contents I found a site called Monthly Content Club.
Using PLR (Private Label Rights) content is one of the easiest ways to start making money online for a simple reason : it permit to put your name on the contents and resell it as your own without any more effort than a simple editing.

There are many ways to use PLR contents.
Firstly can be used on your website and monetize them with the help of AdSense and a few incoming traffic.
Secondly can be employed as a newsletter content or also used to promote your site through submitted Articles.
Third PLR ebooks can be used in fact as a way to encourage people to Opt-in to your newsletter or they also can be sold at your desired price to keep the 100% of the profits.
You can even recruit some affiliates to promote your fresh niche PLR ebook or simply pay them a straight affiliate commission.

The possibilities are pretty endless, as you can see.
But there is also a problem, as sometimes happens in all the best things : PLR content is usually very very expensive.
Good, if you are facing with that problem… it is just solved !

Thanks to the Monthly Content Club, you can get a lot of PLR contents for a really small and affordable monthly fee.
They give you every month :

  • 25 PLR articles
  • 1 Professional AdSense Website
  • 24 Custom Graphics each and every month

    I have signed up myself just this night because I know in my own experience that PLR are always profitable at 100%.
    And evaluating the contenta they are giving away I can tell you that they are top notch products.

    The Monthly Content Club is an incredible resource and it won’t cost you a thing.
    Keep in mind that the first month you will receive also 300 Fresh PLR Articles.

    Go grab your free 7 Days Account for Free at Monthly Content Club !

  • Do you want a Valentine Surprise of Templates ?

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    * Templates are not yet available!

    Get your Valentine's Day Templates !

    If you are searching for some good templates just for the arrive of Valentine’s Day you have found the better place.
    In the package I’m just presenting infact there are 5 astonishing Minisite Templates and 5 Themes for WordPress, just to build a fashionable website or give a boost to your blog.
    Included into the package there are also 10 beautiful Affiliate Banners and tens of graphics to enrich your website.

    Valentine’s Day is the most loved festivity by international lovers and fall every year on 14th February, so you are in time to prepare a good site ready to get a lot of traffic.
    I just bought some days ago this Valentine Surprise for 27$ with Master Resale Rights, and now I’m just reselling it for 5$ for Personal Use Only and 10$ for the MRR Version, including the reseller’s site ready to publish.

    That’s an Unbeatable Discount for my readers !
    Give a look to Valentine Surprise here !