Have you ever joined a Grid Matrix ?

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* No one of the Services advised is yet online.

Some days ago I was just looking for new mails and I found an incoming message from the Admin of Matrix Reversal, one of the best matrix I ever joined.
It was about a new website, a new Matrix with Referral Grid : what does it mean ? (I immediately thought).

Well, when one of the members found a new referral, 8 other members on that grid are paid also if they have no referrals at all in their downline.
That’s because when you join you will be added to the grid that you can find on homepage.
If one of the members on table get a referral, he or she got 1.00$ and he will be re-added free to the grid on a new positions : after that other 8 members will be paid (0.50$ and 0.25$) !
This is a scheme that changes everytime, as you can see in Stop n’Swap home page.
Here I post an image of one of the seven schemes :

One of the 7 avalaible payment schemes !

My first impression about Stop N Swap is very good, because I have been paid just in my first day, without geting any referral and without advertising my link and my splash page.
I got three payment : one of 0.50$ and two of 0.25 for a total of 1$.
You can request a payment when you arrive to 3.00$ objective, and I assure that’s easy.
Yes, I know you can’t make a living if you haven’t a good list to send your referral link, but you can take your satisfactions anyway, in a fresh and different way.

Are you sure Phases of Wealth is only a new Matrix ?

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* Phases of Wealth is not yet available

Phases of Wealth is not only a simple 3×2 Matrix : it have a boost.
Only 3 phases are required to make a complete cycle and earn until 5000$ :

1) Firstly you have to join paying the 45$ One Time Fee without any other recurring payment, then you can earn 15$ for every referral you bring in.

2) When you complete the first cycle with 12 people you are done, and you will earn 300$ and 200$ for every personal referral that made the same.

3)The third phase instead will be completed when you will reach the goal of 36 people in your matrix : in this case you will make 5000$, and you will get paid 1000$ for each referral that complete this difficult step.
When you have completed this task you will re-enter tha matrix from 0 under your Upline, and you can complete another full cycle.

If you are lucky you can get some spillovers from Phases of Wealth. so you can find referrals without any effort.
If you are attracted by this cycle matrix you can also join and stay free to evaluate his functions, and upgrade whenever you can.

I think that Phases of Wealth is a little too expensive to join, because you get no bonus at all and you pay only for the matrix entering.
If you have difficult to find new referrals and you haven’t a big list to send this new opportunity I suggest you to pass over and start with easy and economical matrix like Easy $3 Matrix System for example.