Azon Gold Miner Review

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Azon Gold Miner


Neo, the author of “Azon Gold Miner“, was driving huge traffic to his affiliate links, but without getting any sales. He got 528 clicks to one product and you know how much he sold? Nothing! And that was too much, and after that day he found any possible strategy to drive buyers, not prospects, to his own Amazon links.

You will learn how to convert traffic in buyers, how to split test affiliate pages for more profits, how to find the gold products that sell automatically, how to find the hidden niches your competitors are not aware of, how to prepare your sites for selling on mobile and how to discover which days are the best for promoting. This is new, fresh and awesome.

You will find a top strategy with action plan, a 70 pages guide, a set of free resources to turbocharge your commissions, a 10 pages guide about split tests and an awesome checklist.

If you are an affiliate, and if you like Amazon Affiliates platform, go without thingking to grab a copy of “Azon Gold Miner“!

Seamless Secure Review

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Seamless Secure

Seamless Secure” is a brand new security plugin for your WordPress blogs, and through its “3-Step Technology” protects you and your business against any known malware in just a few minutes. You don’t need any technical knowledge, and this product is great for newbies as well as for advanced users.

Your blog could be attacked in any moment, even if you have the most updated techniques to keep it safe. It doesn’t depends on you, but depends on who target it with attacks. Considering each day more than 30,000 blogs are attacked, it’s great to have a tool that scan your blog for malwares, and remove them. And more, it could backup your blog at your desired time, and restore it any time.

The backup file will be put on your server, and you can download it and keep it in a better position. So, in case of problems, you can replace your blog with the working one. This is the best solution I’ve ever seen, and frankly it works much better than many actual ones, that costs 5 times more, and do half.

Seamless Secure” is a superb security add-on plugin for your WordPress blogs. Don’t lose the opportunity to grab it for a low price, until tomorrow. It’s value on the market is $37, but if you are fast you can get it just for half.

Easy Countdown Redirector JV Launch

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Date of launch: Thursday 24th July 2014 at 11:00 am EST


Hello and welcome to our latest product launch! Read more below and grab all that you need to promote this awesome software, that will help you and your customers to sell more through state of the art scarcity bonus pages!


What will you say if we tell you that from now on you can create outstanding bonus pages with added scarcity with a simple step by step software?

“Easy Countdown Redirector” will give the possibility to create bonus pages about any product you want to promote as affiliate, with added scarcity to convince visitors to purchase before the countdown timer ends at zero.

You know that nowadays the greatest affiliate marketers go up in affiliate leaderboards only thanks to their bonuses, otherwise it won’t go this way. And sometimes we are so lazy that we completely forgot to add a bonus page to help visitors on their final decision to purchase.

This is a Windows software that could run also on Mac computers via VMWare Fusion or any other Windows emulator. You just run it, and you follow the steps entering your information, and in no more than 10 minutes, including graphics, you will be able to have your own outstanding bonus page with scarcity header and footer.

This is a gamechanging software that we hope will deliver lots of sales to your buyers and followers, just for the low price and for the ease of use.

Thanks for deciding to check this JV Page, and see you soon.
Alessandro Zamboni and Alex Albert

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FRONT END (50%) + OTO (50%)


Easy Countdown Redirector JV Page
Thanks so much and see you on the inside!
Alessandro Zamboni & Alex Albert

Midsection Meltdown PLR Review

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Midsection Meltdown PLR


Rick Warid’s “Midsection Meltdown PLR” is the new package of contents for who wants to make sales on a common niche like six-pack ABS. This pack really includes all what you may need, with a complete set of outstanding contents and graphics, like:

  • Complete eBook in 3 formats (PDf, Doc and Odt)
  • Stunning minisite with complete sales copy.
  • Set of five banners for promotion.
  • All editable PSD files for minisite, ebook covers and banners.
  • In depth keyword researches.
  • 5 awesome social media images, to share on your favorite social networks.
  • 10 tweets and 10 Facebook status updates.
  • Your premium license pack.
  • Bonus – 3 packs of additional banners.
  • Bonus – Simple 6-Pack ABS bonus guide with PLR rigjts.
  • Bonus – Profiting from PLR products eBook.

As you may see, this is a super package about the six-pack ABS, one of the best for the summer, but also for all the year, because sometimes people love to prepare for the summer starting in winter. Or just after, if they ate too much ice creams.

So for the price it’s sold, this “Midsection Meltdown PLR” is a fantastic product made with all what a good affiliate marketer can need to publish his own guide, and resell it. Or just giving it away for building your list

Video Secrets Unleashed Review

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Video Secrets Unleashed

Matt Bacak talked about video marketing secrets with the media celebrity Mike 
Stewart, a real guru on videos, and he finally created “Video Secrets Unleashed“! He really shown a lot of tips, tricks and secrets
 about video creation. Discover the unique 2 video types that actually work online,
 learn how to create high quality videos without spending a fortune in additional

And more! You will be show which is the unique file format to use to increase the 
compatibility, why it’s better to abandon Flash, the number one mistake all the
 businesses are doing, how to be sure your videos are fully compatible with mobile,
and what a “responsive” video really is. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, 
because with the video you will learn a lot of tips to become a video master!

Video Secrets Unleashed” is really a different products from what we are used to see, because Mike Stewart shares secrets, not common things we read every day. So it’s really a good choice if you want to take advantage of the great experience of a guru and put it into your video marketing efforts.

Video Induction System Review

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Video Induction System

If you want to increase conversions of your website to more than 30%, you must add videos, that can sell anything for you. Yes, because your customers will be 85% more happy to purchase the things you suggest! Inside “Video Induction System“, you’ll discover:

– How to create incredible sales page videos with nothing more than a computer.
– Without ever having to show your face on camera.
– With 100% free tools.
– And with insane hypnotizing and conversion power!

And you know that websites with videos really attract more visitors, and they stay more inside your site. It’s free organic traffic, and you will see the difference!
Considering this 24 videos course has sold more than 2,000 copies on the first day of launch, you can comprehend it’s really well done!

You will get 24 videos that will show you powerful video conversion secrets, helping you to create a video script, and much much more. Get conversions from your videos, saving on cash, on time and on costly video recording accessories.
If you really want to get 30% more conversions from your blog or website, “Video Induction System” is the right video course to learn all the tricks to enhance conversions and get more commissions with the help of incredible videos.

Insider Secrets To Making Money With Udemy Review

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Insider Secrets To Making Money With Udemy

Insider Secrets To Making Money With Udemy” is the best video training you may find to become a big seller on Udemy, the most famous eLearning platform in the world. People sells big trainings composed by videos, text lessons, exercises and their knowledge. At the end of the training, when you finish all the available lessons, you get the certification of completed course. And that’s a great idea.

But you know that every course you’ve sold online could be transferred to Udemy with ease? Yes, and you can ask your favorite price, even a big one as high ticket courses are the normality on Udemy platform.

This course with over 4:30 hours of video training, will guide you into the needed steps to dominate this platform, build your following and start earning a big income from your efforts. Students will join your course, and you will be able to monetize not only your past creations, but also PLR packages as well.

A training like this is pure gold, if you think that the author was able to call in over 2,600 students in only 10 courses. And he doesn’t provide just basic information on how to turn your products into Udemy courses, but he gives also away incredible traffic strategies and methods to come up oftenly on the Udemy platform searches by users, so that your course can get the attention it deserves.

I really appreciated “Insider Secrets To Making Money With Udemy“, and I can just suggest it for your immediate success!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2014!

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So it’s yet the start of a new year. Seems yesterday that I’ve written my usual new year message…
As we always do on new year, we try to make new goals, to come to an achievement, but it’s not so easy.
This time write your daily and monthly goals to your diary/agenda, and stick to them until you can say you reached them all.

Do you want to know my goals? Speaking about my job, they are:

  1. Opening a new membership to support my followers.
  2. Launch an high ticket product.
  3. Keeping the previous year system that worked so well.

As you can see they are a few, but they are real and doable.
Keep this last word in mind, and create doable goals. Reaching them will move you to complete even the others you programmed.

Before leaving you, here you can purchase all my 2013 releases for a fixed low price.
$17 instead of $47, but only for today and tomorrow:

Have a brilliant new year!!!
Thanks so much and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni

Kindle Bestseller Blueprint Review

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Kindle Bestseller Blueprint


Two days ago I saw this great WSO, that yesterday became a WSO Of The Day. It’s “Kindle Bestseller Blueprint“.
Krizia, alias Miss K, has got WSO Of The Day on this big release, a wonderful video course on how to achieve bestseller rankings, and increase your sales that way.
The entire course is developed on 6 modules, each one including a video and a downloadable PDF file.

Module 1 is a simple introduction to Kindle marketplace, while Module 2 gives straight indications on how to discover the basics of publishing.
Module 3 helps you to comprehend the real ebook creation as well as publishing of it, presenting good tools that will help you really much.
Module 4 gives some good ideas on how to use your 5 days of promo to get good results even if you give away the ebook for free.

Module 5 shows you the core of the method, showing you how to reach bestseller rankings by planning and by analyzing the 3 points to become a best seller in a fast way, giving you the basics to sell a big number of
copies in no more than 48 hours. The Module 6 provide a recap of all what has beed said into the whole video course, and it’s just a PDF to download and to consult every time you have some doubts.

So “Kindle Bestseller Blueprint” is a good Kindle WSO, that sold hundreds of copies in the first two days since release, and if you didn’t have got it, it’s time to run to the sales page and check it out! is Live!

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Alessandro Zamboni Blog

I want to use this Sunday to let you know that my new blog, “Alessandro Zamboni Blog” is live right now.
It will include daily articles from curation, to let you know the best things easily, and Sunday videos from marketing gurus.
Inside the blog you can find:

  • Daily articles with training, news and personal suggestions.
  • Sunday article “Discover the Gurus” with some of the best videos.
  • All my latest newsletter. shown cronologically from the most recent.
  • All my videos from Youtube.
  • Almost all my released products (at least the most recent).
  • Direct link to my Facebook Group.
  • All the links to my social networks.

What I want you to do is coming to make a visit and leave some comments around, to make it really popular.
And if you want, I hope you can join the RSS feeds to stay updated, or add it to your bookmarks for reading the daily articles.
I’m sure you will be amazed by the quality and by the contents provided. Make sure to share some articles on social, too!

Click this link now to visit my newest “Alessandro Zamboni Blog“, completely redone during the last week!