My Christmas Gift – Paid to Write Guide

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Merry Christmas! It’s time to pass time with family and friends!
And here is my Christmas gift for you! It’s a guide to learn 21 ways to get paid for writing!

Have a good time! And Merry Merry Christmas!
Alessandro Zamboni

Offline Pizza is for sale on Amazon!

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Offline Pizza on Kindle


This is my first post to let you know that I’ve launched “Offline Pizza” on Amazon Kindle platform!
This is an ebook on how to make money giving a big and free service to all the pizza shops of your city or via web.
You will find my case study, with information on how to advertise your new job for free, and how to rake in new customers each and every day.

This is a new type of business no one has ever tried, so there’s an infinite series of pizza shops searching for your service.
Why? Because they pay to get it, while you can supply it free! Yes!
If you read my ebook on your Kindle reader or within a Kindle software (who runs on every platform) you will get the turnkey method to start fast.

So if you really want a new source of income, easy to manage and to pass to your freelancers, this is the right tutorial ebook.
My system worked well and continue to works greatly, so I invite you to read this with confidence. Remember that only who tries can reach real results!
Offline Pizza is offered for a price around the $9.95 tag, and includes a set of bonuses you can download straight from the ebook!

Squidoo Quick Commission Guide by Tiffany Dow

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Squidoo Quick Commission Guide

I follow Tiffany Dow’s newsletter each and every day by a lot of time. Yesterday she released a new ebook: Squidoo Quick Commission Guide.
This product will not be sold with a normal launch, because she decided to release it for her list subscribers. The second day of launch she gave us the opportunity to promote it.

Tiffany Dow, as you probably know, is an experienced article writer who lives thanks to the art of writing.
And Squidoo, through the Lens (call it web pages) give her the possibility to make a lot of cash.

I recently followed Tiffany’s 30 Day Squidoo Experience, and every day she sent us a free update on how things were going.
Well, I was astonished. I started to use Squidoo the same day has started, and I did only a few sales, while she was having sales all days!

As soon as this ebooks was launched I grabbed my copy, and here is what Tiffany Dow has prepared for you.
She gives you info about:

  • The exclusive Squidoo method she uses
  • How to avoid using a keyword search software
  • How to find a lot of ideas on new Lens
  • How to do organize your ideas and materials
  • Her perfect page (what to hide and what show)
  • How to get huge traffic to your lens

Every information is complete of step by step training, and Tiffany will follow you during lens creation as I never saw before.
All becomes easy, and also I, at Squidoo Level 38, I finally found the key for success. Things I’ve never imagined how to do.

Squidoo Quick Commission Guideis worth every penny. Grab it now, before Tiff closes the sale forever!


Offline Pizza, my latest offline marketing release!

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Offline Pizza

Offline Pizza is my latest release on Warrior Forum, for who is interested in doing business with pizza shops around the world.
Inside this awesome offer, one of my best until now, you can find 3 big money making ideas, and a lot of items to make your offline marketing easy:

  • 32 pages guide on how to start your pizza marketing.
  • 1 awesome website with sales page to sell your new business.
  • 2 templates to do the work at your best, without any effort.
  • 1 mobile site to enhance your profits.
  • 1 trifold ad to adjust and distribute for additional income.

I got 3 months of time to develop this techniques, and you have my guarantee they are working at 100% when you have at least 1 pizza shop in your city, whenever you are.
Anything was analyzed, including the methods, the traffic generation techniques, and everything else you may need in your new action packed adventure in the world of pizza shops.
Offline Pizza is new, fresh and filled by golden advices and methods to make yours.

Everything was created by me and high standard freelancers, who helped me to deliver a top quality website for you and your business, made with top quality graphics and able to attract new companies like bees to honey. In fact your work will be combined between you, the pizza shops, and some targeted companies and shop.
More, you can open a new part in your offline marketing business devoted to pizza marketing and advertising.

Don’t lose this opportunity, because Offline Pizza was built from my experience, just to helping you to make up to $4,000 a week, for as long as you desire.
And who can explain pizza things better than an Italian? No one!

My Latest Ebook is “Your Trip To London”

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Your Trip To London by Alessandro Zamboni

Today I released another book, but this time, for the first time, I wanted to try a new niche. So this morning I released “Your Trip To London” a new guide of around 45 pages on all the best places to visit in London, and all the methods to live London city at the best possible, also in small amounts of time.
This ebook is based on my interest in the capital city of UK, because before deciding to jot down some ideas and travel information I lost the count of the travels I did there.

If you are tired to jump from a website to another just to found the information you need, the times are changed. No more heavy London books with basic info, but a great and depp guide about the best local attractions, parks, Royal places, art and museums, and cultural places, there’s a part devoted to the hidden treasures of London, things difficult to be found on any other resource.
Then, if you are planning a romantic getaway, you will find a suggestion about your travel, with direction and tips to optimize everything and live your better adventure.

As you will see, I cutted the guide in two parts. The common destinations are on part 1, while the hidden treasures and the romantic gateway are all on second half of the guide, on part 2.
Give a look to this ebook right now, because I made a special price until the London Olympics of summer 2012, then the price will go up without announce.

Your Trip To London” is your travel agent, take it with you on any ebook reader, or on your PC/Mac, and start living your english life! You will fall in love with London, you have my word!

Client Squeezer is our new WSO!

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Client Squeezer WSO Review

Today I released a brand new WSO with Mervik Haums about offline marketing: Client Squeezer.
As many warriors have confirmed, this method was never released, and no one except Mervik and me was knowing it.
It’s a destructive marketing technique to grab thousands of companies addresses in need of a service, including SEO, Mobile Sites, Website Building and Editing, PPC Ads Optimization and so on.

For a measly price you can build up your monthly paying customer base getting new customers in place you have never saw before, and we are glad to bring to your eyes our proof of $5,000+ in a few time.
Consider also that the places we advice are getting more populated every month that passes, and in every country you can run the techniques without having problems.

You get also 2 ready letters/email templates to contact businesses without losing a minute.
Client Squeezer is an army knife for offline marketer, and you can get a big advantage against your competitors not knowing this techniques!

This product was developed in an entire year, adjusting the method until it became invincible and durable in time. We got a big deal, and we want you get it.
Read some of the comments, you will know why Client Squeezer it’s a hit after a few hours from release!

Your search for EDU Backlinks came to an end!

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Mervik Haums released a new powerful WSO on Warrior Forum. Its name is “Edu Squeezer“, and it permits you to squeeze EDU backlinks, as well as GOV backlinks, straight from Google through a newest proven method.
What surprised me is the fact you will found your own EDU backlinks to use just for a couple of your websites, just to keep your source fresh and usable.
More, Mervik provides different ways to find EDU and also GOV blogs and forums, through secret search queries! And more, it permits also to host your personal and promotional blog on an EDU network, following his tips you can be safe from deletion.

Edu Squeezer” is 36 pages in lenght, and contain a bonus reports to find more educational and government suffix websites ideal to develop your own campaign of backlinks! In no time, with the sources you will find, you can get your site to the top of Google as well as other many search engines, because high PR EDUs and GOVs are bringing up your value instantly!
It’s an easy read, very simple to comprehend and to use to get unlimited benefits! Think about the fact you will never pay $15 a hit for just 10 backlinks got by other 10000 persons ordering the same service from the same provider… Now you have the ability to generate your own golden list of EDU and Gov backlinks!

Get your copy now, before price goes up again, and again.. and copy are sold out!
Edu Squeezer by Mervik Haums” is really an ethernal golden goose that will never ends to produce results!

Ultimate Offline Pricing Guide for $1!

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I’ve found a big deal on Warrior Forum this night… Its name is “Ultimate Offline Pricing Guide“, and it costs just $1. Incredible but true, and it comes from a big name of internet marketing: Peter Beattie.
This is a 22 page guides about a case study of a 27 years old man able to build up a 6 figure offline marketing business from zero. Ok, the first few pages are just presenting a new product on launch in next 5 days, but the rest it’s a full explanation of his case study, very very interesting.

Peter shows you how to develop your offline business, also thanks to outsourcing, to save time and get more jobs to be completed (remember, you will be never able to do that money working on your own!), and then he gives you the most adviced price for the service you are going to do for your customers.
He first checks competitor’s prices, then he elaborates his plan of work, giving you important details on the jobs you could propose in your work and the connected prices.
This is just what you were missing, I’m sure of it, because also I sometimes feel overpriced, other times underpriced. With “Ultimate Offline Pricing Guide” you can be on the right mood really fast.

Inside the e-book, what I’ve liked more is the system in which Peter cash in around $150 for each hour for just re-designing a website!
That’s an incredible source of earnings!

He analyzes a lot of service you could provide, like website creation, Facebook Fan Pages, SEO, video creation, web hosting (using also referral packages), and mixed website services.
It’s a huge thing for any offline service marketer. “Ultimate Offline Pricing Guide” by Peter Beattie is something unique, and for just $1 you are here again? Go and buy it!

Lazy Marketing for Big Fat Profits

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Lazy Marketing for Big Fat Profits” is the latest WSO I’ve bought in order of time, and it’s absolutely the best one in a long time. It shows you how to open an “Offline SEO Business”, a real job who can get you a big income on monthly basis.

The two authors of this course, Dan Wardrope and Jerome 007, are really experienced in the offline marketing and will guide you through a blueprint of over 50 pages, 8 videos, a mindmap and a flow of flyers for advertising your new job.

The e-book shows you how to start this business from zero, just from the start, and it’s good for a newbie as well for experts. The plan is becoming lazy getting other people to work for you and your company.
This is one of the best guide I’ve ever bought on Warrior Forum, for sure.

Lazy Marketing for Big Fat Profits” it’s completed by 8 videos, and they are not about the usual fluffy topics, but they explain useful things and brilliant tricks on how to get the best from your new offline marketing business.
You will find how to get a good domain name, things about keyword search, but also other extensive lessons on how to get the best customers easily.

This is a big deal, get it now and start your offline seo business. Get in business right now with “Lazy Marketing for Big Fat Profits“.

Dr.Mani’s Think, Write and Retire

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* Dr.Mani’s ebook is no more available.

A few days ago, one of my Facebook friends told me to read this ebook: “Think, Write and Retire by Dr.Mani“. Wow, I though about the usual 25 to 30 pages e-book, instead I got over 190 pages to read!
This text is good for any infopreneur who wants to start or find a way to continue his business at the top levels. He show you the correct steps to take to become famous as a writer of infoproducts, commonly known as informational book writers.
Well, I like it! In fact I’ve read it in less than 4 days!

Consider also the fact which all the profits raised from the sales of this book will go to the DR.Mani’s Children Heart Foundation, a non profit organization that needs to raise funds for children’s heart surgery.
Who is under privileged or have congenital heart defects can count on this foundation, and Dr.Mani uses all the profits from this sale to help the children with problem and in need.

Here is just a chapter’s list:

  • A special message from the Author
  • Foreword by Mark Joyner
  • Welcome to the Wild, Wacky, Wonderful
  • World of Infopreneuring!
  • What Do YOU Know? Brainstorming and Niche Research for Infopreneurs
  • Who WANTS It? Core Principles of Finding HOT Niche Markets
  • How Can You Share Your Knowledge? The Many Ways to Showcase Your Wares
  • How to Show Off: Packaging Your Expertise for Maximum Impact
  • Show Me The Money! Your Infopreneuring
  • Profit Models
  • But How Will People Know About You?
  • Your 30-Day Marketing Blueprint
  • Ramp It Up!: Build Your Infopreneuring into an Information Empire
  • Make This Your New Beginning!
  • So, Are You Ready To Succeed As An Infopreneur?
  • About The Author

As you can see there is much to read, and what I appreciated more is “30 Day Marketing Blueprint”, a section in which Dr.Mani explains how to use the power of blogging with social media and social networks.
This chapter explains well what I’m doing in my blog, but I’ve found some pearls I didn’t was aware of.
Second thing, I liked the chapter “Ramp It Up, Build Your Infopreneuring into an Information Empire” in which Dr.Mani tries to let us think about our infomercial business. He do a lot of examples telling histories narrated in his country.
This demonstrates he put all himself inside this book to be a guide for you. A thing to never forgot is we need to think, analyze and never do things automatically without using brain.

This is a 5 parts teaching. Dr.Mani explains you:

  • How to find secret and profitable niches.
  • How to finally comprehend the real needs of people.
  • How to create informational products to solve people problems.
  • How to automate your business to go automatically, day and night for every month.
  • How to sell a lot of infoproducts ebooks and making high profits.

You will learn how to stop to underestimate your potential, your skills, your abilities. This is not a thing to pass to fast, because your success depends just on that!
I like “Think, Write and Retire” and also the e-book I’ve read, that contains some comments by famous people and a Mark Joyner foreword, because it’s like having Dr.Mani in front of you narrating a story. The story of his success, of his errors that you can avoid to build up your life business!

You can take “Think, Write and Retire” now and get it as an e-book, and help children to solve their heart diseases.