That Free Thing Review

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My friend Milton from USA adviced me to join this program: That Free Thing.
Wow, an online community offering a neverending series of free items! That’s exactly what I was searching for!
So here it’s a complete That Free Thing review, for you.

This is a network marketing company able to find a large selection of free offers, immediately available to the subscribers.
You can choose different areas, including:

  • Educational
  • Travel and Hotels
  • Foods and Drinks
  • Recreational items
  • Books and Office Supplies
  • Exclusive Discounts and Coupon Codes
  • And thousands of other free offers!

It’s acquiring new members each and every day, because with a minimal monthly payment, you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars from expenses. Each member of your family can find something useful, offered by one of the many companies associated with them.

More, they offer an Iphone app to found offers in real time near your location. It’s the first application of this kind, and just this it’s one of the many ideas that keep this program on top. Second, you can participate in a bonus referral program, bringing in new members in an affiliate scheme, motivating you with a growing income.

The cost for joining it’s $25. And each month you want to stay inside, you can continue with a low monthly recurring payment of $9.95.
I hope you liked this That Free Thing review!
Thank you and see you inside!

Content Professor JV Profits

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Content Professor

Content Professor is one of the best article spinner software now available.
It’s a top quality internet based application able to generate hundreds of articles starting from your original one.
You need to select all the keywords able to substitue yours with an easy action, and your article will be ready to generate a lot of new ones.
The best thing about Content Professor is that every article delivered is good like the starting one, because you will set the keywords from their huge vocabulary.

After some months of beta, Content Professor is ready for launch. This will happen on 29th November 2010, and all the best affiliates are called to subscribe to the official JV program.
You will become an official affiliate, and you are able to use all the graphics and tools to promote this offer to all your contacts and on your site.

Why I recommend you this offer? Easy, because this software will be useful for 9 internet marketers on 10.
It’s an article marketing companion, easy to use and useful to get fast and optimal results with article directories!
Imagine how beautiful can be having 100 different articles for 100 article directories! You can get one hundred backlinks with only 1 article, and imagine how many sales you can have with any affiliate program.

For this reason I’ve decided to suggest you to join the “Content Professor JV”. It will deliver seriously if you will apply on time!
The page to join is:
I will get no commission if you join through JV page, and this post wants only to give you an idea about your next affiliate program to join.

If you want an advice, try to open a free blog with Blogspot and try to do a complete Content Professor review with your own words or using one of the ready messages.
You can add some images here and there and so some backlinks.
Another option is to write a pair of articles to send to article directories, or if you get this program you can do as many articles you want 🙂
And don’t forget to send a newsletter to your list, giving a bonus to who will buy access to the online software.

If you instead prefer to buy the software, from 29th November will be available, and trust me, it’s great. You can get it from original website.
Content Professor is great, even more great of a big name competitor.
Help it to get the success it deserves.

Google Cash Generator is really valuable ?

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* Product is no longer available.

Google Cash Generator

Google Cash Generator is a new product by Kevin Young, that will be released on 25th May 2010.
This is a system used by Kevin to achieve a total amount of $9,794.76 each month, with at least 3 hours of work, using only the power of Google and free traffic.

Some good things I found on Google Cash Generator preview are the following.

1) Zero Investment
The best thing I found, is that this system, once learned, can be used without spending money.
That will permit it to use it as many times as you like, getting good results.

2) Zero Work
Kevin said me that his project doesn’t require any heavy work at all, but just a simple step by step to do every time you want it to work.

3) Autopilot
All the income you will get with this system will be created on true autopilot, and will permit you to reach, with a few time, the 6 figure goal.

4) Zero Skills
This course is very easy to learn and apply, and I was stupified by his simplicity.
In fact it doesn’t require technical skills about softwares, websites, and more.
It can be applied whenever you want !

Kevin Young said he come to cash in as much as $9,794.76 each month.
This is a normal value, believable and trustable.
He is not saying he made 2 millions of dollars a hour.
That’s a good thing.

This system explains a simple thing : how to promote other people products and get a lot of money.
You can have read this topic many times all over the web, but what stupify me was not the claim, but his secret system, that is new for this field.
And is duplicable, many times, to start from $3000 a month and grow up to $9794 a month.

I tried this method on my own, and I got, in the first week, about $430 reselling my own product, Blog Flipping Bootcamp, but thinking at it as a referred product.
So I can only suggest you to join now Google Cash Generator for free, getting free contents, and then wait for the launch !

WeNetProfits is a very valuable MLM !

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* WeNetProfits is no longer available.

I was informed by one of my friends about the launch of WeNetProfits, a new arising international MLM company.
I followed his launch and his first month to observe his cycle, his payments and his functionality.
Well, after more than six months from launch, WeNetProfits is growing fast and paying well.

There is people that currently say that WeNetProfits is absolutely the most easy Multi Level Marketing now available.
Better than SFI, better than GDI.
But it was real ?
I checked for you !

A subscription to WeNetProfits can be made in less than 5 minutes, and can be paid through Alertpay, StormPay and Liberty Direct.
To enter you need the name of your referral, otherwise you are not able to enter, so if you want to use mine I will give you one of the best prize now available.
After you enter, you have to decide which lifetime plan choose : you have a Standard, a Silver, a Gold and a Platinum one, to pay only one time for the rest of your lifetime.
I chosen the Silver one for a little more of $120, but you can see their value as soon as you login.

In fact you are brought to your Office, in which you can access your Referral Links, your free E-books and IM products provided for Free and all the rest of your network.
But the best thing of WeNetProfits is that you get all your Money Back as soon as the first people join with your referral link.
Then the second sale is for them, and from the third on you can get a fixed deposit based on your account type.

WeNetProfits is not a scam, is one of the few valuable company that really pay his affiliates on time.
They have a perfect customer care, and strange thing, it’s very easy to get referrals, needing only 1 referral to get back your money.

For this reason, I can only suggest to join it now.
It’s an unbelievable method to make money and enjoy their Office.
Build your downline, and get a lot of money !

As soon as you join, leave a reply here, inserting your Username.
I will send you :

  • My Message Template to raise referrals on Social Networks ($77 Value)
  • A method to get Offline Referrals ($247 Value)
  • A personal Blog about your new business, with your personal link ($397 Value)

WeNetProfits is waiting for you and your friends.
Join Now, before too late !

I released Blog Flipping Bootcamp !

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Blog Flipping Bootcamp is my new course, made with the supervision of John Yeo.
It shows you how to become a well known blog flipper in 30 Video Lessons with Full Transcripts, for a total amount of 7 hours of step by step videos.
I created this video course after my successful blog sales, and what let me decide about this course creation was the most incredible sales of Blog About Michael Jackson, a $197 value blog that I sold only after 2 days !

After Super Article Traffic, this is my second Internet Marketing release.
I sell it at $47, a really low price if you consider that it was a very time consuming creation, at :
You can download the following items :

  • 30 High Quality Videos (7 Hours of contents)
  • Full Text Transcripts
  • Extreme Bonuses

The Blog Flipping Bootcamp contents permit you to start from the base (WordPress Installation, Customization and Optimization) proceeding to advanced topics (Monetization Models, Exclusive Contents, Sale System and more).
I left no blank areas in the process that guide you from buying domain and hosting to the final resale on important worldwide networks.
I decided to put a list with all the video titles, otherwise my post length will be too long 🙂

Video 01 – Basic Niche Research
Video 02 – Advanced Niche Research
Video 03 – How to choose the best Keywords
Video 04 – How to Choose the best Domain and Hosting
Video 05 – How to Install your WordPress blog
Video 06 – How to Customize your new Blog
Video 07 – The Best Plugins you have to use
Video 08 – Tricks for WordPress Part 1 (Ping Automation)
Video 09 – Tricks for WordPress Part 2 (Other Settings)
Video 10 – How to find good contents and write new posts
Video 11 – How to find the best images
Video 12 – Search Engine Optimization
Video 13 – Monetization of WordPress Blog Part 1
Video 14 – Monetization of WordPress Blog Part 2
Video 15 – Monetization of WordPress Blog Part 3
Video 16 – Social Bookmarking Submission
Video 17 – Search Engine Submission
Video 18 – Social Network Submission
Video 19 – Basic Advertising Sources
Video 20 – Advertising through Articles
Video 21 – Advanced Advertising Sources
Video 22 – How to get high PR Backlinks
Video 23 – How to add a rich-content Squidoo Lens
Video 24 – How to Enrich your Selling Package
Video 25 – Which is the correct price for selling
Video 26 – Where to sell your new Blog
Video 27 – How to write an effective Sales Page
Video 28 – How to get High Quality comments
Video 29 – How to transfer domain and hosting
Video 30 – How to propose a paid update plan

The Bonuses instead are something spectacular :

Bonus 1 – Personal Analysis of your first blog for sale (for first 50 people only)
Bonus 2 – Wordpres Festivity Theme Package (23 Festivity Themes)
Bonus 3 – 40 Premium WordPress Themes (something spectacular to start your work)

But the bes thing is that “Blog Flipping Bootcamp” is not a finished video course… it will continue !
And when you will buy it, you are in possess of a Lifetime Membership !
In fact, from January 2009 I will release new video-courses, always about Blog Flip techniques.

I’m selling one of the best Blog Flipping guides now available, so I suggest to get your copy as soon as low prices are available !
But if you want to really save money, I placed a WSO (Warrior Forum Special Offer) with the lowest prices.
Connect to my Warrior Forum sale and get your copy before too late !
If you aren’t registered yet to Warrior Forum, join it completely free !

Thanks and Goodbye by Alessandro Zamboni, the Blog Flipping Bootcamp hero !

Affiliate Kung Fu Review : Affiliate Training never seen before !

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Affiliate Kung Fu is no more available for purchase.

Trying to be a new Affiliate Master today is very complex, so it’s born a new e-book able to help you in every aspect of being successfull affiliates : Affiliate Kung Fu.
Generally I avoid any topic connected to Affiliate instructions, methods and videos : that’s why authors in 99% of cases forgot the best and useful informations to let you become a winner, not an Adwords supporter…

Kung Fu require the same steadiness, power and constance of Affiliate Marketing in all the projects you are going to realize.
And it’s really simple to get stuck with an affiliate marketing campaign as a newbie internet marketer.
The unique way to solve all the common affiliate problems can be reached following a good course, and I assure that they are rare as an original kung fu master.

Affiliate Kung Fu is a strong resource that will hit the market on November 2009, only for 100 people.
That’s why I’m letting you know about it more than a month before.
It will explain many concepts, but if you want a preview, the most important will be :

  • Find the most converting products
  • Selling as affiliate what people really need
  • How to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate website

The action to find an unbeatable product able to drive crazy all his customers is an action that newbie affiliates are not able to do.
Only Affiliate Kung Fucustomers will be able to convert better with their astonishing offers !
Why ? Because of never explained tips and triks !

As a second concept why try to resale e-books to people not searching for the type of contents you are providing ?
It’s a basic action that people forget : you need to find people that are searching for a specific product !
And an affiliate website, also if beautiful, useful and attractive, what objective can reach without any visitor ?
Nothing !
That’s why in the Affiliate Kung Fu review guide I received you will find interesting techniques to drive free and targeted traffic to you site without any effort, with social networks, social media, answering questions and building never seen “How To” websites.

For my own opinion that’s a guide made with hearth by an author that want to be known as an “Affiliate Marketing Teacher”, and not remembered as many others as a money thief.
I can only suggest you to join the Affiliate Kung Fu system right now !

The Best Website Directory Submission ever !

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You probably know that Website Directory Submission is starting to become one of the most popular and easy way to get quality and one-way links to your website.
These kind of links are exactly what the search engines are looking for, just because a quality website with a lot of one-way links pointing on it can be only a really good site.
Said that, the catch is only to find a good Directory Submitter program beetween the hundreds available on market…

Well, after a great and accurate analysis I found the best one.
Do you want to know its name ? Directory Submitter by Brad Callen.
This software contans about 1715 Free Directories, kept updated weekly by the author and by his followers forum.

Directory Submitter is one of the most simple software I ever used for website submission at directories.
It’s only necessary to made 3 simply steps :

1) Insert your website’s details and save them for future
2) Select the Directories in which you want to submit
3) Hit the “Submit” button

And this program will complete the work for you !
So I recommend to give it a look, just to see the value of Directory Submitter and his extended community.
This software will give a boost to your visitors and to your search engine placement, but I suggest every 30 submissions to change the title of your website and description also.

Have a nice submission with… Directory Submitter !

Internet Millionaire Interviews are really helpful ?

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* Internet Millionaire Interviews is no more available.

Ewen Chia’s Internet Million Secrets was just released today, and here I’m ready for a complete review !
If you are been marketing online for some time, the name “Ewen Chia” should be clearly in your mind.
In fact he is recognized as the World’s Number 1 Super Affiliate, not only because he earned tons of money, but just for his reputation as one of the greatest Internet Marketer.
And in the latest times he try to direct his business on paper, with his recent physical book launched on Amazon, getting an astonishing result solding out as fast as never seen !

In this case he is revealing all his hidden Marketing Secrets in a great release of two ready to download audio files in MP3 format with a complete Transcript in case you are not so good with spoken english or you have no time to ear it.
Obviously, Ewen charges a very high consulting fee for an appointment, but this time you are lucky because Calvin Woon and Jonathan Teng have paid personally the fee and are making it available to your pleasure for a small fee.

And you can get many benefits from it, giving a boost to your web marketing ideas.
Specially on these topics :

=> List Building (How Ewen made a list of more than 500’000 members)
=> How he get great names to promote his launches every time
=> Some Priceless Tips to make a lot of profits
=> How to Convert all of your customers into Affiliates first and Fans after

And what I’ve just mentioned her is about the 10% of the audio content of these frank and straight to the point interviews.
Ewen Chia’s Internet Million Secrets represents an optimal way to learn the fundaments of Internet Marketink topic, so I think it’s an unbelievable offer !

Here is the link : Internet Million Secrets

New Juice for GDI with Koala Business

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* Koala Business is no longer available.

Today I want to talk about my newest project, that grab me some days to be built : Koala Business.
This website is a fundamental resource for who is envolved in GDI or want to become a new and fresh affiliate.
Koala Business explain how to start this opportunity with a boost, in fact is a complete guide about what is Global Domains International (GDI) and how to make business with it.

Firstly I put a clear explanation, the most easy I ever seen on the web.
Generally when I ask for a GDI explanation what I received is always an unfinished dialogue about potential, fastly payments, general business examples…
But it’s simple an Hosting company that permit you to resell the .WS domains letting you get money for every sale, month by month for the time a user stay involved.

Secondly I decided to insert the entire story of this society, the unique business of this type and one of the few that can live for more than 10 years getting always hundreds of affiliates daily !

You can get two affiliate commission, one for direct and the second for undirect.
You can build every site you have in mind, but generally people like to create websites to advertise Global Domains International.

On my site you can also find the best Advertising available to advertise Global Domains International the better way : I created two new stunning graphics Banners in 468×60 that you can use for free. Next will come ready to send e-mail and blog posts.

Another important resource is about how to advertise GDI with free websites, full of potentially unknown websites that will make the difference.
You will find also my personal e-mail to ask any information you want about this system and about my site (also if you want a new one with similar personalized contents.

Easy to comprehend and powerful to use it will become a successful business : Koala Business is your latest resource to won the GDI battle
Thanks and Goodbye !

How to Write your own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page ?

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How to build Lead Pulling Squeeze Pages

Today Robert Puddy just released a brilliant new report named “How To Write Your Own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page“.

It’s a 15 page report fullfilled on details on how to gain not just a subscriber but how to monetize the free process of list building.
Robert will also give you the 4 prebuilt Web Pages he used to monetize his list building and build also a list of money in hand buyers.

The better thing is that buying your copy you also become an instant affiliate getting 100% commissions on sales staright into your Paypal account if you decide to resell the product on your way.
In this way with just only 1 sale you have fully paid your product, and from the selling number 2 you are abolutely in profit !
If instead you are a smart marketer and you want to fully rebrand this report with your personal affiliate details, you have the possibility to buy also this option for nuts.

The contents are very useful, and the chapter’s list is :

  • Introduction to Squeeze Pages
  • The Squeeze Page System
  • What You Need Before Starting
  • Planning Your Squeeze Page Theme
  • How to Write a Squeeze Page that Converts
  • Tips on Increasing Your Squeeze Page Conversion Rate
  • Driving Targeted Traffic into Your Squeeze Page
  • About the Squeeze Page Templates
  • Recommended Resources

You will receive also a lot of Ebooks bonuses, related to Internet Marketing and really precious.
And naturally Robert Puddy is not the first user… is a master of List Building and the connected tactics, so your money are always well spent.

The price ? Only 7$ for a complete Squeeze Pages Building tactic, plus 5 Templates, plus a lot of bonuses and 100% Resale Rights !

Take a look to see how powerful is How To Write Your Own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page !