Google Cash Generator is really valuable ?

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* Product is no longer available.

Google Cash Generator

Google Cash Generator is a new product by Kevin Young, that will be released on 25th May 2010.
This is a system used by Kevin to achieve a total amount of $9,794.76 each month, with at least 3 hours of work, using only the power of Google and free traffic.

Some good things I found on Google Cash Generator preview are the following.

1) Zero Investment
The best thing I found, is that this system, once learned, can be used without spending money.
That will permit it to use it as many times as you like, getting good results.

2) Zero Work
Kevin said me that his project doesn’t require any heavy work at all, but just a simple step by step to do every time you want it to work.

3) Autopilot
All the income you will get with this system will be created on true autopilot, and will permit you to reach, with a few time, the 6 figure goal.

4) Zero Skills
This course is very easy to learn and apply, and I was stupified by his simplicity.
In fact it doesn’t require technical skills about softwares, websites, and more.
It can be applied whenever you want !

Kevin Young said he come to cash in as much as $9,794.76 each month.
This is a normal value, believable and trustable.
He is not saying he made 2 millions of dollars a hour.
That’s a good thing.

This system explains a simple thing : how to promote other people products and get a lot of money.
You can have read this topic many times all over the web, but what stupify me was not the claim, but his secret system, that is new for this field.
And is duplicable, many times, to start from $3000 a month and grow up to $9794 a month.

I tried this method on my own, and I got, in the first week, about $430 reselling my own product, Blog Flipping Bootcamp, but thinking at it as a referred product.
So I can only suggest you to join now Google Cash Generator for free, getting free contents, and then wait for the launch !

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