Aurora Review

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Aurora Review, Demo and Exclusive Bonuses!

What is Aurora Software?

Aurora, by Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace, is a software with video training. The software itself is very good to create automatic webinar replay pages to sell affiliate products, or your personal products.

In no more than 3 minutes (you can see the example on my review video), you can create a complete webinar replay page with your buy button, and start promoting it with Instagram and Pinterest, automatically.
In fact the software integrates also two traffic solutions to help you out.

This software is a good way to earn through the use of your personal webinar replays, or by searching third party webinars about affiliate products for sale on WarriorPlus, JVZoo or Clickbank.

The great thing is it works also with normal videos, so you can use this software to create easy “affiliate review pages”, with your product review on video, and buy button right below. Also in this case you can make sales.

Funnel Information

Aurora funnel includes some great products. Let’s check together!
Front-End: Aurora $27.97

The front-end course, that comes together with a complete software. This is a turnkey solution, as you get everything you need to start, including the traffic.

OTO1: Aurora Pro Version $67.00

This pro version of the Aurora software gives you access to unlimited videos and renders. So you can start focusing on your webinar offers, without limits.

OTO2: Done For You Auto Webinars $197.00

With the help of these auto-webinars created for you, you can save a lot of time in research, and especially in recording new webinars.

OTO3: Limitless Traffic $197.00

This is an offer to place your FB Pixel on their sales page to generate a list to retarget later on FB Ads. This is huge, if traffic is your problem.

OTO4: Licence Rights $97

With this product, you can resell Aurora as your own software. Top value for a really good price.

Yoga For Beginners PLR Review

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As many of you know, I’m a fan of PLR products, because they are already written for you, and you can resell them with ease.

For example I love to translate English PLR in Italian, and resell them as Kindle books, or mini products to my customers.

By your side, there are at least other 50 good ways to use a PLR for. And today I’ve a great new PLR to present you, in a very hot niche!

It’s the newest “Yoga For Beginners” Video PLR Pack, made by an expert in the field, who is Sorin Constantin. 

==> Check Out This Yoga For Beginners PLR Pack!

Inside this PLR pack, you will get a lot of top quality videos, recorded with care and with real yoga exercises played on screen.

You get access to 14 videos and the complete sales system.

You only have to download the package, upload the sales page and videos, and you are ready to sell!

==> Check Out This Yoga For Beginners PLR Pack!

Thanks so much and have a great Sunday!
Alessandro Zamboni

Puzzle Book Mastery Review

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Puzzle books are a goldmine, and among the top selling books on Amazon.

Imagine creating them with one button click, and selling them selling without having to write a single word… this is the power of “Puzzle Book Mastery“, a website that allows you to create printable games.
And doing it so fast… it’s practically magic!

It’s very easy to use. All you have to do is uploading your files with keywords, pressing one button and your PDF is ready.

This is rocket science, and I bought it yesterday to start playing with it. 

I generated 200 easy sudoku games in a PDF. Three seconds, and I downloaded it and it’s ready to sell.

Then I uploaded a few text files with word and it created for me 20 stunning Word Search puzzles, and there are a lot of more puzzle games you can create!

This Puzzle Book Mastery is really the best software for Kindle authors you will ever find, for creating a lot of games like word search, cryptograms, sudoku, word matches, word scrambles and more available with one-time-offers.

Check This Online Software Out, This Is a Gem!

Thanks so much and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni

The Simple List Building Technique Review

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Many of you know Barb Ling has been my coach when I started this business a long time ago, and she guided me through online marketing to become a good product seller, very focused on helping you, the customers.

So anytime she has news, I can’t resist checking them out, and then letting you know… like this time when she launched “The Simple List Building Technique“, together with Dennis Becker.

This time she released a product that show you 70 and more ways to build your list, your more valuable thing ever. 

So, instead of looking around for ways to build your list, you will have them all in one place, described with clarity. 

Inside the guide you will also find how to care about your list in an effective way (and Barb Ling do this really well on her own!) and a ready-made daily plan to follow to avoid getting lost – you will always know exactly what to do each day! 

I really recommend this Simple List Building Tech, because it includes everything I learned in years of tests in one single book, great tips that will turn you into an excellent list builder and list keeper.

If you really want to build your list fast, check out The Simple List Building Technique, you will find a lot of great techniques to follow to become a great list builder.

Thanks so much and see you soon!
Alessandro Zamboni

Stealthd Review

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Stealthd Review

Today I bought a copy of Stealthd, as I usually do for all the courses I review here. I’ve to say I really loved this product, because it shows a solid method to get affiliate sales without a list, without emails and without FB Ads as well.

All true? Yes, this time it’s all true and I loved the course so much that I decided to upgrade later to two upsells. I was really taken by this course.

It shows a technique to promote your affiliate products (and also your personal products, why not?) on Google Ads, using a sneaky technique I was not knowing at all.

Stealthd has only 6 videos, and only 2 will give you some ah-ha moments. The other are the usual fillers and nothing more.

Well, the value of this course is above the $12.95 you will pay for. So, if you are here thinking, don’t think twice, this will make you happy and will also make you some cash.

If you are a Google Ads pro, instead, avoid this product. As I told you, it shows a cool method to advertise, but it’s not for expert users. It’s for people like me, that I was not using Google Ads by at least 6 months.

If you are interested in upsell, go for OTO1. It’s costly at $197, but gives you a retargeting file to upload in your Google Ads with over 2,500,000 unique viewers of their offers. It’s people already interested in online marketing products, and you can build a fortune for cheap (as the list becomes yours.)

Another good upsell is the $97 one with advanced techniques about Google Ads. Really advanced things I really loved and that will integrate in my ads.

Today I published my first two ads, and I’m ready to turn this into a new job. Go now, and grab your copy of Stealthd until it’s so cheap!