WP Shoppable Review

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When you go to a website, what is the first thing you notice?

That’s easy, the Images!

Images grab your attention, your eyes are drawn to them and they stand out. So why are you not monetizing those images?

Well, now you can with this…

==>  Turn Your Images into Commission Generators!
With the brand new “WP Shoppable” plugin you can turn any image into a “Shoppable Image”.

Don’t know if you remember, eons ago I launched an ebook showing you this technique, that nowadays is no more available for free. And now, someone created a WordPress plugin for that!

I’m so excited when I see these software, because it is creativity enhanced at 200% 🙂

These “shoppable images” let you to add affiliate links directly into the image allowing your website visitors to buy anything that is shown in the image!

In short, in turns every image on your site into a commission machine.

==> Go See The Demo Here!

Thanks and see you soon!
Alessandro Zamboni

Public Domain Empire 2 Review

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Public Domain Empire 2


Today is a great day for me, because my best course ever released (over 1,660 sales and counting) has now a following!

Yes, Public Domain Empire 2 is live, full of news and important updates!

Inside the brand new guide, you will find:

  • What is public domain (reworked together with a copyright expert, one of the best in public domain.)
  • 126 public domain websites (41 more than the last time!)
  • All the PD releases from 2019 (and the best things to download)
  • 10 brand new methods, step by step.
  • And much more!

Now this is perfect, and you can finally monetize your public domain knowledge with 10 incredible methods.

This is the unique state-of-the-art public domain publication offering you all what you need to become a real expert of public domain.

Turn Yourself Into a Public Domain Expert!

Thanks so much and see you on the inside!
Alessandro Zamboni

Product Reviews That Sell Review

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If you’re an affiliate marketer, there’s a fast growing trend you urgently need to be aware of.

The Big Guns are not going to point this out to you, so I will.
==> Discover The Trend Killing Your Affiliate Business!

It’s in their interest to keep it quiet because it leaves more money on the table for them – and it’s leaving the “little guys” in the dust. 

But look… The “launch jacking” business is now highly competitive and becoming fiercer. What used to be “fair game” for anyone who fancied their chances, now the top dogs have their feast and – if you and I are lucky – leave the scraps for us. 

Big marketers have formed into cartels to pull in massive traffic, and the competition to outdo one another for the biggest bonus bundle for every launch has become, frankly, ridiculous. 

So, if you’re one of “the little guys” trying to get a foothold in the affiliate marketing game, you’re up against powerful competition with deep pockets and closed doors. Until now … 

==> Discover The Trend Killing Your Affiliate Business! 

Because today my dear friend Trevor Emdon released some secrets, based on Power Communication Skills, that will transform the way you do product reviews. Instead of trying to beat them at their own game, we’ll turn the “scraps” into pure gold! 

What he reveals inside this top product will level the playing field. Will give you the inside KNOWLEDGE of how to get more clicks AND more conversions – even if you can’t get all the traffic! You’ll understand why others don’t get the clicks or conversions – even if they’re a top dog! (It’s rude to snigger, but hey, this is FUN!)

Will boost your affiliate sales – maybe even get you to the top of leaderboards.

Be ready to change the way you do affiliate marketing, and success will be finally around the corner!

==> Discover The Trend Killing Your Affiliate Business! 

Thanks and see you,
Alessandro Zamboni

Micro Content Rapid Royalties Review

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A newbie author made a lot of mistakes, but at the end she did one thing exactly right. And it turned her book into a bestseller! Her book is extremely short (just 9 pages!) but it generates over $5,000 per month.   

In spite of bad reviews! Her book just won’t quit, and nobody can kill it!
This secret waits for you inside the newest Paul Coleman’s “Micro Content Rapid Royalties“!

Short content can be very lucrative, but you must pick the right (power) niche, and only a few authors know about these niches.

And they are quietly generating healthy royalties, without telling you a word about their secret. If you’d like to see how they are doing this…
Grab this training at the early-bird price!

Inside you will find the secret platform, and a lot of zero-content books great to be sold on that website. “Micro Content Rapid Royalties” is changing the publishing world!

See you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni