Wonga 2.0 Review

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Wonga 2.0


The word “wonga” means “money” in Brit english. And we all need methods that bring in wonga anytime we need something more.

Amanda Craven updated her”Wonga 2.0” ebook with new methods to give you the chance to get more at the end of each month, something valuable that will guide you to success.

By following Amanda Craven suggestions, you can reach the desired level and become really independent.

She has to battle with a lot of problems through life, and thanks to her secret Wonga methods she always found ways to get the money she needed for her and for her daughter.

You can use the methods to generate an emergency lifeline but also to build a real, lasting stream of income that never dries up.

The methods shown are to be done online and offline, and are proven to bring in fresh moolah.

So if you want to build a real 6 figure business like her…or just want to get that food on the table and get your head above water again… you need to get your hands on this.

Check this “Wonga 2.0” out, it will surprise you in many ways.

Thanks a lot and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni

Mobile Security and Privacy Cheatsheet Review

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Mobile Security And Privacy Cheatsheet


Barb Ling recently launched a cheatsheet based on a hot topic, that is mobile phones and tablet security, in a world where we are spied from the morning to the night by companies and by hackers.

Apart the usual news at a mouse click, inside “The Mobile Security and Privacy Cheatsheet” you will find answers to a lot of common questions on the subject, and precisely:

  • How can the apps track you?
  • How to keep FB Apps from viewing your data?
  • How to control your smartphone app permissions?
  • How to prevent kids from using fake kids apps?
  • How to protect your cell phone from hackers?
  • Which are the best Apple Watch security settings?
  • How to find a lost cell phone?
  • How to protect all mobile devices?
  • How to secure your phone before you borrow it?
  • How to transform your phonr into a security camera?
  • And much, much more.

You can turn yourself into a mobile security and privacy expert for around $3, knowledge you can use for yourself, or resell as a service.

It’s fundamental to know everything about your privacy and your security nowadays, so don’t forget to grab a copy of this right-to-the-point cheatsheet!

Grab your copy of Barb Ling’s”The Mobile Security and Privacy Cheatsheet” until it is priced so low!

My Retirement System Formula Review

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Retirement System Formula


Finally my “Retirement System Formula” guide is live for you. I created this product with the help of my friend Stefano Del Grande.

Once inside you will comprehend how to set a continuous system sending you high-ticket commissions day in and day out, to finally get into the 5-figure and then 6-figure months.

You will get a step-by-step manual, a list of 20 top affiliate sites who pay high-ticket commissions and a video I recorded for you about a big traffic resource.

As most of you, I’m dreaming of an early retirement, and this is the way to follow to prepare everything on time, to leave with no chains and no stress, travel the world or live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Trust me, this will start the movement, and your life will change day by day if you follow our step-by-step instructions to create your automatic checks.

Go now to grab your copy of “Retirement System Formula“, it’s available for only $9.95, but it won’t last for long!

Clicktopia Review

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Clickopia is the easiest real-time link cloaking, commission protecting, conversion measuring, split testing, bot filtering, cloud based software in the world.

Compared to other famous software like ClickMagick and ClickMeter, with annual recurring prices of $144 and $190, Clickopia is without a doubt the best click tracking software you can grab.

More, it is cloud based (no operative system problems), there is nothing to install, and works in 60-second out of the box.

All of the features you expect to find in a monthly recurring click tracking service, without the recurring price. This is what Clickopia offers. A lot of advantages for your affiliate campaigns.

So you can avoid getting your affiliate links and commissions stolen, and take back control of your clicks.

Think about this cool feature, that I love. If the server crashes for an offer you’re promoting, you can setup your clicks to rollover to a backup site in seconds. So no more emails thrown away.

Finally you can increase the deliverability of your emails up to 33%, because some affiliate links are actually blacklisted and result in your email going straight to spam folder.

Protect your links now, Clickopia is, without any doubt, the best link cloaking service around!

Thanks a lot and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni

Crypto Dragons Review

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Crypto Dragons

Yes! You heard me right. I just got turned on to this great new platform where you can collect digital Dragons and make cryptocurrencies with them.

Well, it is 2018 and this is “Crypto Dragons“!

The best part is my friend Jay Galati has the inside scope on this new cutting edge platform before it even goes live on June 1st, 2018.

He is sharing how to get in on the pre-sale and potentially earn big rewards after the platforms launch, so you can grab your dragons with 70% discounts and at launch resell them for profits.

The dragons are amazing, colorful and powerful like the classics of literature.

With this new platform you can:

  • Collect Dragons and Dragon Eggs
  • Buy/Sell/Trade Dragons
  • Play Games and Race
  • Place Bet on the Dragon Races
  • Click the link below now to learn how to get in on the pre-sale before prices go up.

Start collecting dragons and resell them, with the “Crypto Dragons” step by step training.

Uber GDPR SaaS Review

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Uber GDPR SaaS


Are you trying to get GDPR Compliant On NON-WP Sites like Shopify, ClickFunnels, InstaPage, OptimizePress and HTML Sites and everything else?

Finally there’s the solution, created by Dirk Wagner: Uber GDPR SaaS.

A few days ago I contacted you about the new WordPress plugin called Uber GDPR which allows you to become GDPR compliant in just a few clicks.

Today this new SaaS solution for Non-WP sites launched which works similar but it has a few more advantages like:

  • You can use it for Shopify , ClickFunnels, InstaPage, OptimizePress, HTML sites & everything else in between.
  • Translation Made Easy – Now you can customize the entire GDPR & Legal page experience with your local language.
  • Fully Automated Customized Legal Pages – The system will generate customized legal pages based on your company info.

Uber GDPR SaaS, a web-based solution will fix these 7 prime requirements set by GDPR law:

  1. Data Access
  2. Data Rectification
  3. Psudonymization
  4. Cookie Consent
  5. Terms and Conditions Acceptanc
  6. Privacy Policy Acceptance
  7. Right to be forgotten

He set the price for Uber GDPR SaaS very low, but only for my customers and for a very short time and it comes with developer license too.
Don’t lose the chance to be protected against the impacting GDPR.

WP Whatsapp Review

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WP Whatsapp


If you want to build a super-responsive list of contacts, with massive open rates, there’s a new tool that allows you to do that.

It’s “WP Whatsapp“, a new plugin that once installed adds a Whatsapp windows where people can communicate with you in real time, and to do that they have to sign up to your list.

Easy to install, this is an incredible tool to add phone numbers to your contacts list, a great step into the future, with no more spam complaints or emails not opened. Whatsapp gives you 98% of open rate and an incredible response rate you never seen before.

This is the best way to continue doing your business in a brand new way, offering a new way to your customers to stay in contact with you.

Give a look to”WP Whatsapp“, it’s still super cheap and available in Developer’s version at the same price of multisite version.

Add “WP Whatsapp” live support to all your WordPress blogs in one click!

FB Master’s Program Review

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FB Master's Program


Yesterday JayKay, after the big success of his latest “Evolution” that you liked a lot, released the “FB Master’s Program“, something that kept me attached to the screen until I finished the training.

Two weeks ago I started building my Italian list via FB Ads, a thing that frankly I never thought possible before. But now, with this video series, I saw I simply scratched the surface, and left a lot of money on the table.

Because this is the best ever training about FB Ads you will ever see on market. No one actually has gave so much value for just $12. This is better than many high-ticket coachings I got in the past.

JayKay is exposing a top secret formula for dominating social media that is super easy. Forget about wasting your time with the same rehashed garbage that you are sick and tired of seeing.

When you pick this up, you’ll be able to start getting results in just 30 minutes per day, and finally get leads and sales the easy way.

FB Master’s Program” is better than many $497 trainings out there, in fact it will reach this price in a few days. So grab it now until it costs so few dollars, and start dominating FB Ads like a pro!

Many Vids Review

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Many Vids


Today there’s a new video software that comes with resell rights, so you can use it, or resell it easily: it is “Many Vids” by Diego Duarte.

It’s a full done for you software package that allows anyone to easily create multiple text-to-speech videos, to target different keywords, with just some clicks.

You only have to enter some text copied from PLR articles or from your blog articles, and the software converts it to voice. Then you can enter some keywords to target and pick some images. That’s all!

The software will automatically create videos for you!

And you get the software with everything that you need to start making money with it in no time, like software, user manual, three strategy guides, sales page, download page, lead magnet and spectacular graphics. A lot of useful things to start reselling it.

Make sure to claim your copy of “Many Vids” right now while it’s hot and still available!

PixelModo Review

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Today instead Neil Napier released a new product called “PixelModo“, that is very useful to jump into graphics creation for bringing traffic to your sites.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and never a thing was so true. We are in the world of graphics and images, and we seen them all time through social media. Sometimes we are even captured by those images, and we stop to see what they are about.

The best images you seen are created by experts, using paid photos. Quite simply, they generate a full time income on auto pilot. It works like this… But what if today you can stop dreaming and starting to create powerful images.

  1. Create a stunning image.
  2. List it on a high traffic social media site.
  3. Get noticed.
  4. Make sales.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

Inside “PixelModo” you will get:

  • Drag and drop editor to build designs quickly.
  • Add-on Chrome extension that allows you to take any image/content from anywhere and port it over in PixelModo to make edits.
  • 29+ design types supported (covers, thumbnails, T-shirts, and more).
  • Social Integration – ability to generate images that will go viral.
  • Access to 2.5M images via automated integrations (so plug and play!)
  • Folders for each organization of designs.
  • Autosave features for your designs, never lose your work.
  • Access to + 1M Quotes database.
  • Ability to upload own fonts.
  • Collaborative share features with 3rd parties.

In short, if you want to see how to create these amazing images for a fraction of the cost a designer would charge, there’s a great news for you… “PixelModo” is waiting for you!