Weight Loss Niche Domination Review

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Weight Loss Niche Domination


Today I would like to talk about a new product released by Lee Murray, that always create professional products made from his own experience in the field.

He released “Weight Loss Niche Domination“, a very cool video series showing you how he is making constant profits from this niche, and giving you the right information to copy his business with ease.

What you find once inside is his own 11-step method to dominate this niche, that is growing every year into a multi-billion monster.

You will learn how to build your blog from zero, where to find interesting contents to talk about in your articles and video, how to find the right affiliate offers proven to convert, and how to grow your blog’s value each and every year.

For my opinion is always huge to have a secondary business, something that brings you value day in and day out apart your normal job. So I bought my copy of this training that is done really really well.

Lee has taken care of everything inside the “Weight Loss Niche Domination“, and what you get here is what other marketers split in 4 different products. A big value at your reach.

Public Domain Images Finder Review

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Public Domain Finder


A few minutes ago I’ve launched my new software, “Public Domain Images Finder“, an incredible tool that is going to change the way you search for images to use in your business and life.

With just one keyword and one mouse click you will get back a list of 42 sites links to click to reach the images you are searching for.

After the big success of Cheatsheet Generator, I joined again Dirk Wagner to create the final software to find public domain images, that can be used the way you like without any restriction.

This software is made for Windows, and if you have a Mac like me I suggest you to try the 30-day free version of CrossOver, an emulator coming by Codeweavers team.

In one click you may get thousands of images to download based on your needs and on your interest.

And that’s not all, because the files you generate with the software can be sold on Fiverr or on your desired places as image researches, to help the users and earn a dime.

No one has ever created a so easy software like “Public Domain Images Finder“. Go now and claim your copy, the dimesale won’t last for long!

Traffic Takeover Review

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Traffic Takeover


Today I write you to inform you about a new product that has been released yesterday by Glynn Kosky, and it’s called “Traffic Takeover“, a very very interesting video course made with attention.

This is an easy to use software to literally “takeover” other important sites to sell our products or affiliate products directly on them. So you can create full-page popups to appear on these sites.

The real advantage is you can lock these pages, so people to see them has to opt-in to your list. This is a fantastic method I never saw before applied to this technique, and it’s what actually turns this into a successful technique.

The advantage is if you use a popup about a niche product and you add it to a famous page talking about that niche problem, you can really explode your earnings. I did it and I’m doing it also today, and it’s a technique that really works and give you a lot of immediate satisfaction.

Then you share the link around social media and you start collecting good commissions.

Try “Traffic Takeover” right now, for the price it’s sold this is a real steal, and this is a tool I don’t want you to lose. Get access to this software now!

Easy Ecom Profits Review

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Easy eCom Profits


Today I’m here to let you know about a new eCommerce training, “Easy eCom Profits“, that is totally different from the usual Shopify courses, because it’s totally new and has been tested by the coauthor so much that now you can take action on your own by simply repeating his same process step by step.

Once you are inside “Easy eCom Profits” don’t think too much about Jani G, because this training has been created by my friend Rahim Farhouni, a man who always love to search for new methods and test them out to know they are good for you. I promoted his last product almost a year ago.

Once inside the member’s area you will find three things:

  • A case study on how Rahim did $10,003 in 30 days.
  • A serie of 10 step by step videos.
  • A lot of bonuses from Jani G past products (always useful)

In short, this is a great idea that you can run on your terms, and you don’t need a complete eCommerce site, requiring days to be created and a lot of products. You are learning a way to sell one product per time with a one-time offer, in a fresh way I never thought about.

I’m testing it from one week, and I got 12 sales of a particular ring I’m selling following the method.

Don’t think twice because this “Easy eCom Profits” is really something you can learn and do on your own to finally make huge profits from eCommerce.

** Only for today I give you a special bonus. I pass you my secret product that I’m selling like crazy with this method, with the source from where you can purchase it. You will find it on Warrior Plus download page.

Smart Video Metrics Review

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Smart Video Metrics


Would you like to be able to take your video marketing to the NEXT level? Then read my “Smart Video Metrics” review.

I’m talking about not only being able to create “nice” videos with all the amazing video creation software that’s been released lately…

I’m also talking about being able to run your videos through a powerful engine that pinpoints EXACTLY how well your videos convert and how much profit or leads they’re producing.

And even being able to pin point EXACTLY where you should make tweaks to your videos to MAXIMIZE profit or leads.

Wouldn’t that make your life a WHOLE lot easier? You see, prior to today, getting that kind of vital data about your videos hasn’t been available.

And to be quite honest, too many of us have been too focused on creating “nice” videos instead of videos that actually convert and produce real results. Isn’t it?

Today, a new software called “Smart Video Metrics” is fixing the biggest problem in the video marketing world.

SVM goes beyond just getting views. Because just getting views is not what we’re after, right? Views alone don’t pay the bills.

We need our videos to convert. And that’s where “Smart Video Metrics” comes in.

SVM allows you to INSTANTLY know how well your videos convert and how much profit or leads they are generating.

And the BEST PART is, SVM is open right now for ONLY 7 bucks. But you have to be quick because its on a dimesale so the price is rising quickly.

Armed with SVM you’re gonna:

  • Know EXACTLY how much profit or leads your videos are producing.
  • Know EXACTLY how well your videos are converting.
  • Know EXACTLY how much each view is worth to your business.
  • Run automatic video split tests and skyrocket your profit margins by using your BEST producing videos.
  • And much much more…

This is the first of its kind to hit JVZOO and for the next 3 days ONLY you can get it at an incredible discount.

For way too long we’ve been focused on just the aesthetic side of videos. It’s time to get back to focusing on what truly matters which is creating videos that convert.

Smart Video Metrics” makes it extremely easy to do that!

The Clones Review

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The Clones


What if today, thanks to “The Clones“, you can receive the same emails that Brendan Mace used to make thousands of dollars together with the bonus pages and all what is useful?

This is the best deal I see in a long time, and if you consider you get also video training and a case study to support this offer, this is really a must-buy.

As soon as this is released I will grab my copy because this is something I can’t miss. Brendan is a fantastic teacher, and if he’s giving away his emails (he won every prize when he was going to promote something…) I really want to have them all.

By using his same emails and following his tips, you can start monetizing your list as fast as you ever thought possible.

Check “The Clones” out as soon as possible because Brendan is selling in dimesale, and getting them at the current price seems more a gift than a purchase!

Solo Ads Traffic PLR Pack Review

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Solo Ads Traffic PLR Pack


Today I present you a valuable PLR that you can use to learn the art of solo ads. It’s called “Solo Ads Traffic PLR Pack” and it’s full of good stuff.

Until five months ago, I never used solo ads. And I’ve to confess I lost a lot of time… In fact when I entered NowLifestyle, I read that solo ads were a solution. So I bought a Ken Reno solo ads, and I got 40 subscribers of which 3 upgraded, and now that solo ads of $97 is worth me $60 per month ($720 in a year.)

Now I want you too to learn how solo ads work, and how to be sure you are not throwing away your money with a bad solo ad, so this course can really change the way you promote your products, your affiliate products and MLM opportunities as well.

If you look at what you get in sales page, you will see there’s really everything you need. Not only the guide, but a checklist, a cheatsheet, eBooks covers, banners, social media images and much, much more to be sure you are doing the solo ad at your best.

With “Solo Ads Traffic PLR Pack” you get the advantage to have also full PLR rights, meaning you can resell it for profits after you stop learning, that is always a good thing.

Affiliate Ninja Pro Review

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Affiliate Ninja Pro


Want to set up your own profitable affiliate funnels in next 60 seconds? Then there’s a new software for you, “Affiliate Ninja Pro” by Dr. Amit, that builds profitable affiliate funnels in 60 seconds flat that gets you viral traffic as well as commissions hands free.

More, you also get 20 proven converting products to promote and maximize affiliate commissions in no time. All you need to follow is a very simple 3-step method that goes like this…

  • Step 1 – Insert your affiliate link in this software.
  • Step 2 – Choose from the gorgeous and proven converting affiliate funnel templates to create your one in just 1 minute.
  • Step 3 – Enjoy the free traffic and money.

It is very very simple like Dr. Amit says, and this software can really change the way you earn commissions from affiliate products in a brand new way.

So go fast to grab your copy of “Affiliate Ninja Pro” before Dr. Amit comes back to his senses and bring the price back to normal!

Cryptocurrency Social Informer

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Cryptocurrency Social Informer


Remember the Bitcoin frenzy of a few months ago… when Bitcoins went up to 20K each? They were really good times…

But from that period, a lot of water passed under the bridge, and Bitcoin touched the lowest value ever, around $6,500.

But cryptocurrencies are still popular, and even if we are in a temporary lowdown of prices, the interest around them is always high, if not evergreen.

And for this reason, Barb Ling created her new cheatsheet, called “Cryptocurrency Social Informer“, top quality as usual.

Inside you will find:

  • 13 Auto-Updating News Sources
  • 6 Beginner Tutorials
  • 9 Authority Sites and Forums
  • A Top FB Group

And what about OTO1? For my opinion, you must grab it, because inside you will find 101 affiliate programs you can promote to people who love cryptos and build up passive income from your promos.

In this way you can start promoting solid offers without spending too much to find them all, because you know Barb Ling products… always outstanding and done from her heart.

This is simply something you really cannot afford to miss. It doesn’t cost an eye if you are fast, and you will get the knowledge by one side, and the profits by the other.

Be in the line for cryptocurrency profits with Barb Ling’s “Cryptocurrency Social Informer“!

Stealth Commissions Review

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Stealth Commissions


When Ben Martin speaks, I always hear and I try to never miss what he says, because I’ve been able in last years to see his incredible growth and how much money he’s doing currently.

Today, a brand new stealth way of invading, occupying and dominating YouTube is being released exactly by Ben: it’s “Stealth Commissions“. From the last 4 years he is truly living the laptop lifestyle, the dream of anyone.

And when I say living the laptop lifestyle I mean living in the Caribbean and making money from the beach in just a few hours per week.

So how’s he doing it?

Well, he has a stealth way of getting free buyers traffic from YouTube, which doesn’t involve launch jacking, or ranking software that promises you the earth and delivers diddly squat.

This is the real deal. And he’s documented how he does it in an over the shoulder style which gives you the exact science behind this method.

You’ll se hime take a bran new channel from ground zero to it’s very first sale within the first 24 hours!

It’s impressive stuff. So get ready, as you won’t see much like this online. It’s a real sparkling gem.

Be sure to act fast, because “Stealth Commissions” will only be available or 6 days, and price is set on dimesale.

** Special Bonus For You ** Grab “Traffic Strategies for Youtube” to start with even more viewers!