Ecash Generator Review

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eCash Generator 2.0


There’s a problem with email marketing that no-one is talking about yet… And that’s because they have no idea what’s going on until it hits them hard.

What am I talking about here? Click throughs. Or rather, the way they’re dropping through the floor.

That means fewer and fewer people responding to your calls to action and clicking on your links.

The result? Less profit for you.

But that’s not all. Opt-ins are also falling faster than the speed of light.

Worried? You should be! Except expert email marketer and product creator Amanda Craven has come up with a solution: “eCash Generator“!

Her revolutionary method not only enables you to build a hyper responsive list but it also lets you monetize that list from the start.

The result? Happy, engaged subscribers who are trained to click on your links…without them even noticing.

Not only that, with the “eCash Generator” you acquire that fabled Instant Expert status while boosting the rankings of your site at one and the same time.

Sounds good? You bet it is. And right now it’s at a very low introductory price indeed… But that price is rising all the time and in just a few more days it doubles.

If quickly and easily building that list of super engaged, highly responsive buyers is something you want to do (and you should!) then run!

Spring 2018 IM Mastery Review

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Spring 2018 IM Mastery


Do you realize that there’s less than a month left until Spring 2018?

Take a moment and ask yourself if have you built up to the 6 figure income you deserve yet?

If not, not to fear! There’s so much information about IM online…. it can get really confusing, right?

Well, my colleague and dear friend, Barb Ling, has just released her latest 1 page solution cheatsheet: “Spring 2018 IM Mastery“!

And it’s perfect for those people who don’t want to waste their time reading 100s of PDF pages!

Clocking in at only 1 page, it gives you bunches of current, up-to-date IM resources… like:

  • Powerful IM tutorials you can start using TODAY.
  • Over 100+ ways to profit online.
  • The BEST Internet Marketing Authority sites and forums you can follow.
  • And much more!

The enhancements are really superb too:

Remember, the holidays are coming, right after Spring 2018… so it’s time to prepare yourself.

It’s not your fault if you haven’t hit your stride yet, there are still a lot of opportunities for you.

Take advantage of this quick, powerful “Spring 2018 IM Mastery“, a cheatsheet to put yourself on the road to success today!

Press Release Empire Review

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Press Release Empire


Unless you’re driving a car, you need to stop what you are doing right now and read this whole email.

If you want to build a real income with offline and local business consulting, you will want to check out a new training product with software system that Lee Cole just launched.

It’s called “Press Release Empire” (there’s a lot of people using my Empire on their products… mmm…) and it flat out rocks!

Lee runs his own offline agency, and he’s been raking in big bucks from local businesses for years now by selling them press releases.

Press releases can have a huge impact on a local business…get them everything from more sales to new partners in the business.

Lee even had one client win a very prestigious business award from a press release he had published for them.

You do NOT have to be a writer to help businesses with press releases, either.

This is a very low barrier of entry product to sell! It gets better too!

Lee’s developed some really slick new software called “Press Release Genie”, which will write a pro-grade press release for you!

Seriously! I tried it out and I cranked out a press release worthy of being published on even the most demanding of platforms in only about 15 minutes.

What this means to you is every time you sell a press release to a business, since your new software will be doing the writing, you’ll pocket an extra $200 per sale!

Press releases sell to businesses anywhere for anywhere from $500 to $2000! There’s a ton of money to be made selling them with “Press Release Empire“.

Also, if you’re just getting going and need clients, press releases are one of the best foot-in-the-door products out there, because businesses already understand them!

No explaining! No selling!

All you have to do is follow Lee’s simply system for getting clients and start making real money fast!

As you can see, I’m super excited about this. You probably should be too!

Right now, “Press Release Empire” is on early bird sale. Get it while the price is right!

Snapify Review

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Shoppable images are going to be the BUZZ word in 2018.

Now, if you’re also looking to get over the age-old boring images that bore visitors to death, you’re at the right place today with “Snapify“.

There’s a brand new tool that does it all for you on complete autopilot: Snapify.

What is “Snapify” all about? Snapify is a brand new cutting edge technology that helps you to turn your social network content into attention grabbing shoppable galleries to make more direct sales in your online business on autopilot.

All you need to do is folllow these 3 simple and easy steps and get 3 times the click rate, users attention and revenue using the untapped power of shoppable images.

And what’s the best part? It’s completely newbie friendly, so you don’t need to have any prior technical skills to get up and running with this.

Some key benefits of “Snapify“? Here we go!

  • Instantly convert images on social media to profit-pulling machine in 3 simple steps with a few clicks.
  • Embed shoppable social network content galleries throughout your website, product detail pages, contest page, testimonial page, newsletter, ads and more.
  • Allow shoppers to add to cart directly from your photos imported from your social network account.
  • Schedule your page or content to auto post on 13+ social networks.
  • Choose a slider, gallery or collage layout, customize the design, embed anywhere. Track your gallery analytics.
  • 100% cloud based — no need to download.

Make sure to pick up “Snapify” as soon as possible, and get access to the discounted price to get an incredible and never seen before tool good for any selling platform!

Two Super Deals Review

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If you want a set of good resources about back pain, to keep for you or to resell, the new cheatsheet released by my student Kate Benzin is a real gem.

Inside the cheatsheet you will find a lot of tips and tricks to solve back pain. This is hot and very useful.


Gavin Birchall, a friend and a partner over the years with two launches, released “Formula Won Commissions“, that shows how to make 160+/day with a case study.

You don’t need anything particular to get started with this training, and you will learn his exact methods to use and make yours.

Just 10-20 minutes of your spare time is all you need…

They’ve spent months perfecting this method, so you don’t have to get crazy.

Just copy what they’re doing inside “Formula Won Commissions” and you are good to finally make commissions to build your future.