The Paper Project Review

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Paper Project

Today I want to review “The Paper Project“, a new exceptional product. But let me tell you a real story before…

A good friend of mine, Craig Crawford used to work with his buddy in a bar about 15 years ago… But years after, one of them went off to make over 9-MILLION dollars online, in the past 8 years alone.

And over those years he also teaches others how to make money too, without creating products, websites or personally selling anything!

Mind blowing, right?


Over the Christmas period Craig went to his office to find out exactly how was doing it…

… And to his shock he explained the entire money making system on just ONE piece of paper: “The Paper Project“.

During the course of spending about 2 hours with him he revealed the 4 things he does each day that’s made him over $9million and he allowed Craig to record everything he taught.

Now it’s all ready for you, so you can take advantage from this method like there’s no tomorrow…

You get to be a fly on the wall and discover everything for yourself!

Go now and check out this brand new “The Paper Project“, I’m sure you will be happy to know this outstanding method before the masses!

Get “Tactical Backlinks Method” as a bonus for your purchase!

Mobilee Review

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Today I’ve bought a copy of “Mobilee“, because the dream to get sales while travelling is also my dream, and there are a lot of people doing it successfully.

Inside you will find:

  • Brand new & totally fresh concept for 2018.
  • Totally newbie friendly.
  • Based on a FACTUAL case study.
  • Tons of authentic proof.

These for me where enough to jump in, but if you want to know more…

Many people have been emailing me asking how they can make money from just their cell phone, and so this is for all of you.

Thanks to “Mobilee” you can travel AND make money on the road, while you are away from your computer!

This strategy is the closest thing to a push button solution I’ve ever seen, and it’s for everyone of you.

And you can see sales with:

  • No paid ads or advertising
  • No website needed
  • No computer needed
  • Make money within the next 6-12 hours
  • 1 hour of work means passive income for the next 3-4 days
  • Real case studies

You can pay back your holiday with “Mobilee” method, and in 3 to 4 days per holiday. Try it and be amazed by the  results!

WP UltraPop Review

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WP Ultrapop


WP UltraPop” is a powerful WP plugin that acts as your very own private sales army.

With their breakthrough technology, you can create non-obtrusive popups that have videos and call to actions follow your visitors while they scroll your site, and no matter what happens, “WP UltraPop” never gives up until the job is done and the sale is made.

There’s a lot more, in “WP UltraPop“:

  • Animates any video for WordPress
  • Adds amazing call to actions and optin forms to any video or
    banner you want
  • Helps you to generate more sales and leads
  • Bypasses any ad-blocker to maximize revenue
  • And much, much more.

With this plugin you can finally change the old popup plugin you have installed, as currently it’s not supported by Google. This one instead is currently supported, so you can build your list without causing problems to your SEO.

The early bird discount is closing down any time now, so hurry! I hope this email got to you in time, as “WP UltraPop” is one of the must-have purchases of the year!

Secretly Review

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Need traffic? I bet you wouldn’t refuse an extra 250 bux per day in profit with a new crazy, 20 minutes traffic trick called “Secretly“.

I’m sure that you’ve tested a MILLION different traffic sources by now… I did too!

The UGLY truth is that converting cold traffic into sales is NOT easy! That’s why you have to work SMARTER, not HARDER!

Luckily, my buddies Pallab & Art are sharing all of their traffic SECRETS inside their newest course, “Secretly“, that is coming out today.

If you want to discover ALL of the underground hacks and tricks they use to generate Laser Targeted Traffic on demand in ANY NICHE – you’re in the right place!

Act Fast – between 9:00am EST and 3:00pm EST you can snatch “Secretly” with a 40% discount – so make sure to get your copy ASAP!

Top Story Sites Review

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Top Story Sites

Authority affiliate sites are largely content-driven sites that brings free traffic from multiple channels and generate a lot of revenue.

But, it also takes enormous time, money, tech. and creative marketing skills to build even a single authority affiliate site.

So, to solve this problem for you, my friend Dr. Amit, has created a brand new cloud based software called “Top Story Sites” that builds instant 1-Click Authority Affiliate Sites in ANY Niche!

Not only that, you can also create top quality content that gets you better ranking, viral traffic from Facebook and increase sales and commissions on autopilot.

That too without creating any single line of content yourself. “Top Story Sites” is something new and never seen before, that can guarantee commissions like clockwork.

** EXCLUSIVE BONUS ** Grab a copy of “Facebook Ads Domination” with Master Resell Rights!

Fast Video Builder Review

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Fast Video Builder


Fast Video Builder” is a brand new software with resale rights that you will surely love to use! And what if you think there are also complete resell rights included, allowing you to resell this software for profits?

It’s a full done for you software package that allows anyone to easily create videos without being an expert, with background music and text-to-speech.

Just enter some text (the software converts text to voice), pick some images and that’s all!

And you get the software with everything that you need to start making money with it in no time.

See What’s Included In “Fast Video Builder” Package:

Module 1: Software with Resale Rights

This is the core of the package, a new hot software that you can sell for 100% profits.

This module includes…

  • Fast Video Buider (Software with Resale Rights).
  • User Manual (Editable, with Source).

Module 2: Ready to Go Content

Help your customers build their videos in no time with this module.

Module 3: Video Marketing Training Course

With this module, your customers will learn how to become video
marketing rockstars from zero (great companion for newbies).

  • Video Marketing Training Guide
  • Mindmap
  • Checklist

Module 4: Complete Done For You Website

You get a complete website to sell the package right away, including:

  • Sales Page
  • Download Page.
  • Affiliate Page.

Module 5: Lead Magnet and Opt-In Page

You get a lead magnet that you can use to build your list + make sales!

Module 6: Professional Marketing Graphics

Finally, you get multiple marketing graphics for your websites, Facebook Ads, PPC Ads and more.

Awesome? It is! Make sure your claim your copy of “Fast Video Builder” right now while it’s hot!

** GET MY EXCLUSIVE BONUS ** The Youtube Affiliate with Resell Rights, showing you how to build an affiliate marketing business with videos!

Affiliate Traffic Lab Review

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Affiliate Traffic Lab


Today, Glynn Kosky is releasing a brand new, easy-to-use software tool that makes creating affiliate promo videos as easy as a click of  your mouse.

Affiliate Traffic Lab” is packed with features designed to make it easier than ever for you to create a sales funnel and make money.

With “Affiliate Traffic Lab“, ranking and getting traffic has never been easier, as it finds you the products that will be the easiest to rank for in Google
and YouTube, and gives you EXACT keywords to focus on how to rank
videos fast.

But that’s not all, as it’s “Affiliate Traffic Lab” who creates a stunning review  video in just a few seconds, without the need to get special software or skills.

You’ll have traffic and sales flowing in minutes with just a few clicks of  your mouse! Glynn thought really about everything you need!

There is NO risk when you get Affiliate Traffic Lab right now, so don’t wait. Click the link below now to lock-in your early bird discount of “Affiliate Traffic Lab” and get started!


Post 2 Profit Review

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Post 2 Profit


Today I want to talk about this new product by Helen Doherty and Jeremy Kennedy.

Post 2 Profit” show you a secret method to get up to $916 per week by simply writing on a secret place where you are paid for how much visitors, likes and comments you get.

And the result Helen achieves are extraordinary and repeatable.

Helen is a single mother, so she doesn’t have all the time on this world to build her business, and she was really happy to have found this platform where she is building a real business with just a few posts per month.

You see, it’s NOT just the platform. Helen has a strategy that she  follows that helps her make the most profit possible from her posts.

And “Post 2 Profit” is…

  • 100% FREE. No budget needed
  • No website, no list required
  • You only need an Internet connection
  • Zero experience required
  • Do this from anywhere in the world
  • Focus on ANY niche
  • Earn from day one, seriously!
  • No selling, no marketing needed
  • No list building, no complicated funnels
  • No products, no affiliate marketing

Go now for this huge “Post 2 Profit” method and start applying it. All you need is max 20/30 minutes per day to build up a $3,700/month business!