Ignition Review

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Do you want 100 bucks? Or 200? Of course you want them! Who will say “no thanks”? Not me! Everyone on this planet needs some moolah.

But I’m tired of all the IM guys who claim to be able to achieve hundreds or thousands of dollars in a snap with shiny methods.

I really hate it. I like solid income proofs.

If I see real proofs, better if shown on videos, the it’s for me and I always buy a copy to review it for you.

Well, “Ignition” by my friend Brendan Mace, is really based on solid proof, and it works by generating fast moolah.

I won’t tell you how much or how fast you can generate these bucks, because won’t be ethical.

But this method is new and never seen before, and will make you happy, day by day.

Ignition” works for anyone, but be quick or the price will go up fast, as this is a Deal Of The Day!

** EXCLUSIVE BONUS! Get a copy of “Online Giveaways Insights”, the guide who show you how to build your list by giving away something!

Bada Bing Commissions Review

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Bada Bing Commissions

Over the past few months Ed Newman and Reed Floren have discovered a newbie friendly profit generation strategy, called “Bada Bing Commissions“, that has allowed them to earn 2-4 bux per sign up and add HUNGRY BUYERS to our list at the same time!

The best part is… it doesn’t even require you to have a website or create your own products.

This is extremely POWERFUL and the EASIEST way to get paid to build your list that I’ve ever seen.

The beautiful thing about this is you don’t need to learn SEO, you don’t need to create products, you don’t need to have a blog, you don’t need to use social media.

They’re only going to let a few people in on this secret because they doesn’t want too many people doing it.

The price of “Bada Bing Commissions” won’t be anything crazy… just 47 bucks to get the FULL METHOD and they’re making it copy and paste simple with DFY tools.

My goal is to bring the most people in on this golden goose training because it is really a dream for internet marketers like you and me…

This will be extremely step by step, Ed will reveal EVERYTHING so you can copy their success. You’ll get over the shoulder videos and DFY tools. Nothing is left out.

Once you get your hands on this you’ll know exactly how to take advantage of this UNTAPPED traffic source & system to rapidly get paid to grow your list.

If you’re ready to copy what they are doing and tap into all these easy commissions just click the link below. There are only 500 spots and no OTOs for you, so this will fill up very fast.

To cut it short and help you comprehending all of this, “Bada Bing Commissions” is all about promoting Yoonla, a new affiliate network that is making a great success.

I stumbled upon it a few months ago, but I closed it immediately after joining because I didn’t had the time (or better, the desire) to learn it. And that was a big error, because in these months I lost a lot of profits.

Thanks to Reed Floren and Ed Newman today you can build up an incredible business with Yoonla, and grow it up to a real new level.

Once you get to download page of “Bada Bing Commissions“, you will see contents are made available to you after a few days. So today, day 2 of launch, I can watch 4 videos, and copy all the email templates.

The method is very easy and doable. Will you need money? Sure, at least you need a Yahoo! Hosting account and a Getresponse autoresponder to become Yoomla VIP.

And then you will need to use Bing Ads. That’s all for building a passive income that grows of $2/$4 per signup.

For the rest I’m still going through the videos, but with my headache and problems to the eyes I can’t be of much help.

What I can guarantee is after watching, or better hearing a couple of videos and the power behind this, I will put 50% of my money and time on this, because this is an incredible way not only to make money, but also to build your list.

And Ed will guide you through the required steps to become a professional.

Bada Bing Commissions” is without any doubt a killer app, and as this became a WSO Of The Day, the forum asked Reed and Ed to allow 100 more people, and they did it, but it won’t last for long. After that, you will pay it $97 and more, and this is not a joke.

Amazon Health Supplements Store Review

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Amazon Health Supplements Store

I generally skip ready Amazon blogs and stores, because they are generally no good, and it’s difficult to make them run.

But this time I decided to buy the new “Amazon Health Supplements Store“, because it targets a very hot niche, and because it includes thousands of ready products for you to promote.

Last thing, when you get a health customer in search of supplements, it will come back for more.

The blog is very easy to install with the video training, and all you need is a CPanel hosting. Very simple to customize, this store gives you access to a great selection of hot and top selling products in alternative medicine.

We’re in a $34 billion niche growing at a steady rate year by year, and being ready to offer your products with a very well done ecommerce site is really precious.

Check this “Amazon Health Supplements Store“, and start generating commissions. It’s impossible to not make sales in this niche!

** As an EXCLUSIVE BONUS, you will get 4 exclusive niche sites (hair loss, blood pressure, psoriasis, insomnia) and a green tea PLR package!


Banner Crate Review

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Banner Crate


If you have ever outsourced a set of website banners you will know how expensive they are, especially if you need to go back and make changes.

So with that in mind I’m excited to share something very special with you today…

It’s “Banner Crate“, a treasure chest of 300 professionally designed banner ads with a power pack of eCovers, stock photos and FB covers, to give you even more value!

On the sales page of you will see all the different styles of editable banners, including:

– Square Ads
– Leaderboard Style Ads
– Mini Tower Ads
– Tall Skyscrapers Ads
– Large Rectangular Ads

Plus many more of the 10 different sizes that every banner design comes in!

In total, in “Banner Crate” there are 300 ready-made templates and they include Full DEVELOPER RIGHTS, so you can use them on your own websites and also for any clients you work with. Imagine the power of this package…

And don’t worry if you’re not a graphics wizard, because in the video training in the Member’s Area you will see how easy it is to Edit these Banners using FREE Software!

But when you check them out do me one favor…

Watch the 3 Minute Video on the top of the page because it will show in REAL TIME how valuable these designs are. And I think you will be very pleased by what is shared.

See ALL the 300 Banners Designs and the added deals inside “Banner Crate“! This is too cool to be left on the shelf!

** As an EXCLUSIVE BONUS, I will give you a list of banner exchange sites I’m using since 2008, so you can start in minutes to get traffic to your banners!

Traffic Studio Review

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Traffic Studio


Traffic Studio” is LIVE! If there is one traffic software you should have, then this is it, without any doubt.

This simple software gets free buyer traffic with a completely different traffic method and on complete autopilot…

By tapping into traffic trends, you can get fresh visitors and social media followers using an “under- the-radar” traffic technique that most marketers don’t use, or know about.

Traffic Studio” works in 4 simple steps:

Step #1 – Discover Trends & Trending Content
Step #2 – Compose A Campaign
Step #3 – Automation
Step #4 – Traffic & Monetization

Plus, you get our exact strategy to drive hoards of FREE traffic to your sites – no stones left unturned!

Traffic Studio” isn’t just for traffic generation, but it can also be used as:

  • A software to give you ideas for better ad headlines.
  • A software to automate your current content marketing.
  • A tool to position yourself as an authority.
  • A tool to generate lots of traffic quickly and free.

Actually, there is no software that does what “Traffic Studio” do, and this is going to be the No.1 traffic strategy to follow from today onwards!

Get your copy of “Traffic Studio” right NOW, before the price starts rising at 2 pm EST!

101 Frightfully Fun Coloring Designs Pack with PLR Review

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Did you know that each year nearly 8.4 BILLION DOLLARS is spent on Halloween?

That’s a HUGE market, and you can grab your share of it with a brand new pack of Halloween-Themed PLR that takes advantage one of the other biggest markets on the planet: COLORING!

The “101 Frightfully Fun Coloring Designs Pack with PLR” Includes 101 Original Haloween-Themed Coloring Designs.

And this WHOLE pack of ORIGINAL, ready-to-sell PLR is LESS THAN $10!

Halloween is a HUGE market, and now YOU can combine this BILLION DOLLAR holiday with another ADDICTIVE habit that is taking the world by storm: COLORING.

The “101 Frightfully Fun Coloring Designs Pack with PLR” is a quick & easy way to jump on this opportunity and earn BIG $$$, and at MERE PENNIES PER DESIGN, it’s an AMAZING opportunity to PROFIT.

You’ll get:

  • 101 Original Halloween-Themed Coloring Designs
  • High Resolution, Large (15”x15”) JPGs
  • Commercial Use License INCLUDED
  • PLR License INCLUDED

In other words, you are getting EVERYTHING you need to create an amazing Halloween Coloring product you can SELL right away.

Don’t wait! It’s time to get in on this BILLION DOLLAR Holiday and be lined up for profits, thanks to Shawn Hansen’s “101 Frightfully Fun Coloring Designs Pack with PLR”!

Coloring Paradise Review

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Coloring Paradise


I’m the king of coloring books. I’ve been the first to release a guide to the public to show you the power behind these books.

And now for me it’s time to close the loop, releasing “Coloring Paradise“, a collection of 100 mandalas I created on my own and never released to the public all together.

These 100 mandalas have been created with attention, one by one by me, in around 12/15 hours of time, all from royalty free images to avoid any problem.

To tell the truth I created them to use on my own, to color in my (few) spare time, but at the end I asked myself: “WHy not making more people happy with these beautiful mandalas?”. And so I decided to package them all for you.

If you are curious about one time offers, I can tell you OTO1 is a pack of 100 patterns, from easy ones to intricate ones, and OTO2 is a pack of 80 black and white images I converted from color with a long process.

If you act right now, you can be sure to grab all the mandalas included in “Coloring Paradise” for a little price.

Breakfast Embed 2 Review

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Breakfast Embed 2


Today I want to let you know about a Lee Murray super product, called “Breakfast Embed 2“.

If you knew that you could just perform a simple action a set number of times (a very specific number)…

And that after you completed this action that final time, you could just walk away from your business…

And not only would you still keep getting paid…

But your income would actually GROW without you needing to do any additional work…

Would you do it? Would you do it lots of different times across lots of different niches?

Of course you would!

Lee has created a system that has an actual “end game” built right into it. It’s super easy, and you can start seeing results in as little as 1 day.

The best part? You don’t need to even create your own content!

This is really a copy and paste system that anyone can follow with great success… no matter if you’re a newbie, a struggling affiliate, or a product creator who’s tired of being stuck in the “launch cycle.”

This “Breakfast Embed 2” is very powerful. Very powerful. This is sincerely something that can change everything the world for you. Don’t miss out.

Commission Code Review

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Commission Code


Today I’m here to review the newest “Commissions Code“, that I really like and think it will be very very useful to you too.

First it come by a marketer I really respect and that is on my favorite list. He’s Ben Martin, that came out from nowhere a couple of years ago and now is a real leader.

Second, this is something I really never seen before, if not for 10 time the price…

In fact you will get access to:

  • 7 Done for you bonus pages
  • 7 Done for you review videos
  • 7 sets of Done for you custom bonuses
  • 7 Done for you bonus delivery pages
  • Done for you email swipes
  • Done for you Facebook posts
  • Done for you Blog posts
  • Free and paid traffic methods
  • Guaranteed approval on each of the 7 offers.

This is outstanding because you are getting everything from a guy who is really making a big income from list building, and he’s an expert in affiliate marketing.

For this reason I will never miss a pack like this, built to be successful for newbies and experts. And consider how much you can save, as outsourcing all these contents personally will cost a fortune…

This is great if you have a blog, if you are a video marketer or if you have a list, or the three together, as you get all what you need to create a perfect approach to the 7 offers.

For less than $10, “Commissions Code” is without any doubt a real game changer!

*** For you, Limitless Lead Generation with Maste Resell Rights as a bonus for your purchase!

Bonus Monkey Review

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Bonus Monkey

When you purchase something online, I bet you search for good bonuses before the purchase, right?

That’s what I do on my own, at least, and for this reason, apart the last week I’ve been away, I generally offer a bonus with the product I suggest.

Today Dan Ashendorf release “Bonus Monkey“, a monthly package of exclusive bonuses with ready stunning graphics you can use in your bonus page to get more sales.

With good bonuses you can really improve your conversions by 50% or more, because as I told you bonuses are fundamental.

When readers see these, they will reach out to their credit cards to purchase your products or your affiliate offers.

I generally lose 25 minute per day by searching for a good bonus with the right rights to be given away. With “Bonus Monkey” you can really save that time, and use it for something better.

Add to it the fact I pay $20 per month to be in a so called “MRR Membership” of the products I pass you, and most of them are complete rubbish, so I’m always happy when I see package like these sold for a convenient price.

Try “Bonus Monkey“, and let me know about the improvements!

*** Grab “Link Exchange Done Right” with Master Resell Rights to use for yourself, or as an additional bonus for your affiliate promos!