Public Domain Empire Review

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Public Domain Empire


Today I release a product that took me over a month to create. It’s “Public Domain Empire“, and I think this could be my best product ever.

I spent this month in research and testing, to analyze a niche that wasn’t used at its full power, because until know public domain is an old treasure that takes digital dust on the web.

Public domain is a category of works and content that have had their intellectual property rights expired, forfeited, waived or no more applicable. And you can take advantage of this situation by using all these items to create something new and fresh, as I will show you.

Inside my book you will discover:

  • What is public domain
  • How to legally take action with public domain
  • 85 sites where you can find millions of contents
  • 10 secret business models to monetize PD in a new way
  • And much, much more!

With this book alone you can start not 1, not 2 but 10 different businesses, all bringing in money the passive way, because once setup, the methods will work for you.

For the first 3 hours the price is set to $9.95, but after the price will go up in dimesale.

If you want to start building a new business with public domain, this is your best choice ever.

Try “Public Domain Empire” and be amazed by the big chances you get!

** EXCLUSIVE BONUS – Send me an email with your proof of purchase, and I will send you a copy of a scary and fabulous 1920’s Halloween book in public domain, very difficult to find.

2017 Black Friday Solution Sheet Review

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2017 Black Friday Solution Sheet

I’m stunned. She did it again with “2017 Black Friday Solution Sheet“…. And it could help you earn a boatload of cash as well this year, like the last, the next to last and…

You might know that on November 24th, Black Friday (and all its savings) hits the world as we know it.

Heck, Amazon is ALREADY opening a Black Friday portal.

And my colleague, Authority Marketer Barb Ling, has just made it easy for you to profit from it via her new “2017 Black Friday Solution Sheet“.

Barbara is known for always being the first to market and teach buyers exactly how to take a popular trend or holiday and build up their business, easily and effectively.

As always, you’ll receive a quick time-saving solution sheet that covers 3 easy steps for profiting from Black Friday 2017… and more!

There’s no time to waste – Black Friday will hit in only a few weeks… And this easy-to-follow blueprint will have you leapfrogging over your competitors… big time!

See for yourself! But be fast, because “2017 Black Friday Solution Sheet” dimesale and price are rising fast!

** EXCLUSIVE BONUS – Grab my four secret templates to create your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales pages! They are so powerful!


Passive LinkedIN Gold Mine

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The Holy Grail of all Internet marketing is passive income, and this Lee Cole’s “Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine” will show you how. You know, earning while you are not at your computer, while you sit at the beach with coconut juice and with no bad thoughts…

The only problem with this, though, is there are very few legit methods out there that will actually create a passive income for you.

And if you are a newbie…forget it! The learning curve on the systems that actually are legit is pretty steep!

Until now, that is!

Lee Cole has just launched a new product. It’s called “Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine“.

I took a look at it myself, and all I can say is WOW! This is a legitimate, software based system that anyone can use to create a real, passive income today!

I mean real money here…not a few bucks here and there, but the kind of money you can use to either quit your job or buy a second (or first) home with.

Normally, Lee sells this training for a pretty high price, but right now it’s still on early bird. That won’t last for long…

Click on the ling below and learn how you too can create a real, passive income with “Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine” and a software doing all the heavy lifting for you!

** EXCLUSIVE BONUS: LinkedIn Marketing 3.0, to know everything about LinkedIn and how to become a real expert!

16,882 Copyright-Free Animal Photos Review

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Animal Photos


This is an absolutely amazing deal. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

It’s a massive package of “16,882 Animal Photos“, all copyright-free stock images with developers licence included!

It’s suitable for almost everyone, because there’s a massive mix of highly emotional animal images … just the type of images that people love to see and share over social media.

They’re absolutely fantastic for using for Facebook Ads, converting to memes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social sites like Pinterest.

And, they’re also great for just adding general appeal to any website page.

Think about offline marketing, with veterinaries, instructors, exhibitions, shops and much much more that work with animals. This is a huge idea!

You could also use these images inside some PDFs to increase the perceived value of the document.

So, you see, there’s massive potential in these “16,882 Animal Photos“.

I normally get my images from Fotolia, but their prices per SINGLE image are higher than the price of this complete package.

So, for the price of what I normally pay for a single image, I got 16,882 images.

That’s a STEAL, if you ask me…

You can use them for yourself …and you can use them for your clients … because the licence gives you a ZERO RESTRICTION usage!

There’s images for almost EVERY NICHE imaginable so there’s something for everyone.

The low price of “16,882 Animal Photos” is for only a limited time, so check it out as soon as possible!

Last Chance Profits Review

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Last Chance Profits

In short, this “Last Chance Profits” by Gaz Cooper is everything you need to cash in this Christmas, a really massive pack of brand new contents and PLR packs.

Inside you will get access to:

  • 20 Amazon Product Reviews
  • 15 Video Reviews
  • Basic Site
  • 500 Gifts PLR Articles
  • 50 Gifts & Christmas Stock Images
  • 3 Mega Articles with Matching Videos and Banners
  • Christmas Gifts for Game of Thrones Fans
  • Christmas Gifts for Disney Lovers
  • Christmas Gifts for Star Wars Fans

If you start building a review blog, or an eCommerce store, with all the contents and ideas inside “Last Chance Profits” you can really start making money from this Christmas and beyond.

There are countless people searching for Game of Thrones, Start Wars and Disney gifts, and this pack has all what you are searching for, and even more, including that 500 PLR articles pack, that means 500 new articles on your blog!

Go now and don’t lose the opportunity to grab your copy of “Last Chance Profits“!

** EXCLUSIVE BONUS: A set of 20 Christmas PLR Articles never published before. 10 about Christmas and 10 about Christmas Crafts, ideal to be used with “Last Chance Profits”!

InstaContent Generator Review

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InstaContent Generator


What if you could ‘drag-and-drop’ your way to unique professional content people love? Well now you can, with “InstaContent Generator“.

People are constantly looking for short, concise content that’s entertaining, informative and quick to read/digest.

But where do you even begin? Do you hire a designer? Or try to design it yourself?

This is where Deb and Amy come in. They have created an easy to use drag-and-drop tool that creates in-demand lead magnets fast!

InstaContent Generator” is the latest tool from Amy Harrop and Deb Drum. This drag-and-drop, easy to use tool allows you to create and publish:

– Journal Pages
– Card Decks
– Checklists
– Worksheets
– Cheatsheets
– Guidebooks
– Workbooks
– Templates
– And Much More

Want to know the best part? This works for virtually any niche!

It’s up to us marketers to come up with content that’s informative, educational and entertaining, so let “InstaContent Generator” get past design challenges and do the heavy lifting for you.

See how you can create high-quality content in under 10 minutes in their video demo!

Taskr Review

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Today I want to review “Taskr“, a new product made by Jeremy Kennedy and Ron Clark.

When someone has tried and tried, taken massive action, put in the hours but still has nothing to show for it, I call this the worst scenario.

I feel bad when I hear story after story like this because I know EXACTLY why it’s happening.

Some people are working a flawed method and do not have a reliable SYSTEM to pursue.

If this sounds familiar here is something that will help you remedy that situation. It’s “Taskr“, a COMPLETE, step-by-step system that nobody is doing (at least not this way).

I love material that does NOT leave unanswered questions, has a real case study and it can easily be duplicated. Those qualities are a BIG THUMBS up.

And more… This method works, around the clock. When I got the review copy I thought: “The usual system with a lot of smoke…”. Instead not this time.

This is a gem, a big brilliant gem that can bring you around $600 per month. You won’t become the next rich, but this helps at the end of the month.

While this is available, “Taskr” it’s a MUST see.

WebbyVid Review

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How would you like to insert a keyword and have a full video created for you within just a few seconds?

Better yet – what if you could turn your website pages and old articles into traffic-generating, money-making videos?

Now you can! And I jumped on my chair when I saw this software!

WebbyVid” is a brand new software that lets you create video after video in as little as 60 seconds. It works by turning web pages into videos!

You heard that right – all you have to do is insert the URL of some old article or site you have and WebbyVid will grab all its content, let you add images and create a stunning video out of it in no time.

Not just that – you can also simply insert your keyword and “WebbyVid” will go and fetch a readymade article for you, then turn it into a video.

But what if you sell this service to other businesses in need of more visibility? This is unbelievable!

Listen: you probably always wanted to truly tap into the potential of video marketing, but never had enough time or patience to create video after video.

Now you can do all that with just 2 clicks. How cool is that?

WebbyVid” is perfect for anything from viral videos, to blog reviews, sales videos, presentations, explainer videos, local marketing and even ads.

The early bird makes this a no-brainer – so take action now and grab it at the lowest price!

** EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Get my VydLock with White Label Edition! A $100 value to start generating traffic from your videos in a snap!

Spin Rewriter 8 Review

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Spin Rewriter 8

What is the number one thing we need online? For websites, for links and for rankings? Let me tell you: Content!

The more content you have, the better you can rank, the more traffic you get. It’s easy, at least. Easy as long as that content meets a certain standard.

That’s where most spinners (even some writers) fall down. They turn out trash. Anyone can see it was automated.

And when Google sees that, that’s it. You’re out and your site gets burned.

But this “Spin Rewriter 8” is different. I use it by a lot of years for my sites, and today the version 8 is finally available to the public.

This one delivers content that you can put next to a $7 article and not be able to tell which is which.

And it can create 500 articles like that in just 45 seconds. I know it seems crazy, but it’s real.

Thing is, this isn’t your common or garden variety spinner. “Spin Rewriter” is the market leader, and I’m extra happy to pay for it once a year. So I can save almost unlimited cash from article writers.

It has got over 100,000 users. It has been around for years, constantly developed and updated. It integrates with damn near every SEO tool available. Why? Because it’s the best!

Because it can produce content you can actually use. The algorithm on this beast is so smart, it’ll spin you an article and you’ll think a human wrote it.

It has got a whole set of amazing new features. And you will be able to try them all out for free.

Seriously, free. There’s a 5-day free trial available during the launch. So you can see exactly why 100,000 people think it’s the best spinner available.

Now make sure you check out that “Spin Rewriter 8” video on the sales page, so you know what you are getting!

** EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Article Indexer Software, to index all your new articles in a snap. You will get this bonus at the end of the 5 trial days.

Mini Site Builder With Resell Rights Review

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Here’s a brand new software that your buyers will surely love to have: “Mini Site Builder with Resell Rights

It’s a full done for you software package that allows anyone to easily build responsive mini sites for any niche with just some clicks.

And each mini site can be instantly monetized with affiliate offers from ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus or any kind of offer.

And you get the “Mini Site Builder with Resell Rights” with everything that you need to start making money with it in no time.

Let’s see what’s included:

# MODULE 1: Software with Resale Rights

This is the core of the package, a new hot software that you can sell for 100% profits.

This module includes…

–> Mini Site Buider (Software with Resale Rights)
–> User Manual (Editable, with Source)
–> Unbranded Video Training Video (MP4)

# MODULE 2: Ready to Go Content

Help your customers build their mini-sites in no time with this awesome module. Includes:

–> Content For Mini Sites (+100.000 PLR Articles)
–> 500 Stock Photos.

# MODULE 3: Niche Domination Training Course

With this module, your customers will learn how to conquer different niches from zero (great companion for newbies)

–> Niche Domination Training Guide (over 60 pages)
–> Niche Domination Mindmap
–> Keyword Domination List.

# MODULE 4: Complete Done For You Website

You get a complete website to sell the package right away, including:

–> Sales Page.
–> Download Page.
–> Affiliate Page.

# MODULE 5: Lead Magnet and Opt-In Page

You get a lead magnet (PDF + Editable Doc), that you can use to build your list.

# MODULE 6: Professional Marketing Graphics

Finally, you get multiple marketing graphics for your websites, Facebook Ads, PPC Ads and more.

Awesome? It is! I love this software and I really like the sites that come out.

Make sure to claim your copy of “Mini Site Builder with Resell Rights” right now, while it’s hot and available for a low price!