Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza Review

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Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza

I’ve just finished reviewing Stuart Turnbull’s latest ebook and video course “Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza” and I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts with you!

This course teaches you how to tap into the lucrative online gifts market by sourcing a particular type of art that is available for FREE in the public domain archives. These art designs are simple to customize (the course shows you how) and can be sold as physical products or as instantly downloadable “printables”.

A printable is a piece of art that you create on your computer and sell as a digital file – your customer simply downloads it and prints it at home.

The unique thing about selling printables is that you create your product once and profit from it many times (an unlimited number of times!!)

You never ship anything to your customers and, best of all, you don’t even need a website! This idea is, in fact, the nearest thing I have come across yet to a fully automated business – once you have created your range of printables the selling platform (Stuart uses Etsy) takes care of everything else – that said please don’t think that you can set this business up with no work – of course there is work involved – if you want to sell a lot of printables you will need to create a good range of designs and this will take a fair amount of work.

If you are thinking that this idea is of no interest to you because you aren’t arty – then think again – Stuart’s “secret weapon” is the public domain archives and he shows you step by step how to source your designs for free.

Stuart’s “Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza” also walks you through the finer points of setting up your Etsy shop, listing your printables and driving traffic to them.

The course is chock full of examples of successful Etsy shops that are absolutely killing it with this business model!

Oh! And did I mention the BONUSES – there are several well written bonus ebooks that add real value to this course (NOT your usual rehashed private label rights rubbish thrown in simply to pad out the package).

The whole package is worth way more than the asking price and is topped off by a 30 day refund guarantee if you are disappointed – I’ll be amazed if anyone actually takes Stuart up on this because this package is GOLD!

To sum up, “Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza” gets my full and enthusiastic endorsement – this is a REAL business that ANYONE can set up and make great, ongoing profits

Bonus Vault Review

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The Bonus Vault


I’m very excited to let you know about Brendan Mace and Dalton Scott’s new creation, “The Bonus Vault“. Inside you get everything you need to crush it online as an affiliate marketer, make an easy $100 per day, and land on leaderboards out of nowhere…

The Bonus Vault” is packed with over 40 high-quality bonuses you can use to make easy commissions and land on leaderboards out of nowhere, and with ease.

People LOVE the professionally-created bonuses available inside “The Bonus Vault” and these bonuses make it easier than ever to get people to buy from YOUR link.

To be 100% clear, these bonuses are NOT PLR you can find elsewhere.

These are high-quality products that people will absolutely LOVE to get their hands on… Most of these bonuses are valued at $97, or more, and a lot of people out there will buy from your affiliate link just to get their hands on these awesome bonuses…

Here’s the bottom line…

If you’re not using bonuses in your affiliate promotions right now, you’re missing out and leaving money on the table.

And again, if you jump on this right now, you’ll be able to get access to “The Bonus Vault” at the lowest price possible…

Click the link below now to get all the details and lock-in your early bird discount for “The Bonus Vault“… It’s really a full value here, at your disposal!

*** Get an EXCLUSIVE BONUS with your purchase! Receive a copy of “Wealth Building Habits” with MRR Rights, with the link on JVZoo download page. If you buy OTO1, send me an email and I will send you the OTO too!

Smackdown Profits Review

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Smackdown Profits


Smackdown Profits” went live a few moments ago, and I’m really excited about this method I could check one week before release, because it is so different than other so-called “methods” out there.

Manny Hanif figured out this method able to create a list from nowhere and commissions in the process, and it’s very fast and doable by anyone, in any niche you desire.

This is a solid method I tested also on my Facebook Groups and on a lot of external groups, and it really works.

You have to use 10 minutes a day, really no more, and you can build a good list of interested prospects ready to buy what you suggest them (that could be freebies, your products or affiliate products.)

The “Smackdown Profits” system by itself is so worth it because of how much Manny has fine-tuned and PROVEN this method over and over again.

And for $7 this is a real steal, considering also the three top quality bonuses you will find on their sales page.

Hope to see you on the inside of “Smackdown Profits“, because this is really hot!

* Grab my exclusive bonus with your purchase, a copy of the newest “Video Marketing Made Easy 3”, a really valuable course on video marketing.

VydLock Review

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Today I’m here to present to you VydLock, a new WP plugin I created with Sara Shah.

This plugin is the easiest I’ve ever seen on market, but it’s very, very useful, because in just 5 seconds and one click you can lock your videos with a FB Share button.

So whoever wants to watch your video has no other choice than to share it on their FB profile, where other people will be able to reach it, and share again, and again.

It’s like a snowball rolling down the mountain, because if the first person shares it on his FB timeline, other 5 can share it to their friends, where 25 other decide your article is valuable and share it again, creating a real avalanche… of traffic!

This means targeted viral traffic reaching your site. If you add a good affiliate offer to the video, you can skyrocket your profits with VydLock.

This is powerful but incredibly easy to use software, and from now on your site can go viral in minutes, after you install and use this great plugin.

VydLock is on a special price before the dimesale starts, so be quick in grabbing your own copy!

Making Money With Amazon Video Direct Review

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Making Money With Amazon Video Direct


Look. The world of Internet marketing can be a bit like the “Wizard of Oz” to the uninitiated… It seems like the Wizard (guru) can do anything and wields great power.

But if you get behind the curtain you will see he’s just like me and you.

There’s just one thing he has which most people don’t. His own products filling his wallet with money.

Now you can block off the next six months in your calendar to create your own product, build a website and write a salesletter.


You could just grab “Making Money With Amazon Video Direct“, this done for you money-making video product and website, for a few dollars.

This “Making Money With Amazon Video Direct” was sold for $99 on Udemy, but now you can get PLR rights to it for ways less… Check it out, now!

Plugin Profit Black Ops Review

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Plugin Black Ops


Plugin Profit Black OPS” has finally been released!

A few days ago I’ve had the chance to have a look at “Plugin Profit Black OPS” and if you ask me to describe it in 3 words, I can say it is…

  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Efficient

It shows a proven method to create your own products over and over again, and that you can profit from continuously, even long after you set it up!

In short it shows how to turn PLR plugin you can take for a low price on a hidden website into brand new products that have nothing in common with the original version.

You will be guided step by step throug easy to follow videos, to ensure you get the right knowledge at the end of the course.

So hop over and check it out ASAP, because right now “Plugin Profit Black OPS” it’s HOT, in-demand and still on low price.

Women’s Fitness PLR Bundle Review

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Here is the quickest and easiest way to profit from one of the HOTTEST niches online – “Women’s Fitness PLR Bundle“.

Several of the top ClickBank bestsellers and Amazon bestsellers are about women’s fitness.

Get informative and well-written women’s fitness content – WITHOUT the time, effort and usual headaches.

Any online marketer worth his or her salt knows that good content is king online. To cash in on the popular women’s fitness products on ClickBank or Amazon, you need good content to provide value to your readers.

You can either write it all yourself which can be difficult, tiring and time consuming. Or you can hire someone to do it for you and spend a ton of money on that.

Neither sounds good. However, there is a fantastic solution now.

Arun, from Flaming Hot PLR has just released a package of content on several different topics in the women’s fitness niche. The articles range from 600 to 900 words each and “Women’s Fitness PLR Bundle” is a goldmine of information.

He covers the following topics in detail:

  • HIIT for Women
  • Strength Training for Women
  • Fat Loss Cardio for Women
  • Mindful Eating for Women
  • Fitness Mindset for Women

This is the kind of information that potential buyers are looking for. When you provide value, your readers will be much more likely to buy what you’re promoting.

The problem that many marketers face is that they may not have the time or talent to write informative and persuasive content. The good news is that now you won’t have to. No research. No writing. No nothing. All the heavy lifting has been done for you.

You even have an option to buy resell rights and sell it as your own PLR. If you have a PLR membership site or store, you can profit by selling the content in this package.

These women’s fitness articles are well-written and are exactly what you need to fill up your blog/site, build a list, add value and boost your affiliate commissions.

Here are some ideas on what you can do with the content from “Women’s Fitness PLR Bundle“:

  • Upload it all on your blog, sites or social media.
  • Compile the content into an ebook and sell it.
  • Populate your PBN sites (if you have any) with the content.
  • Use the content to promote other offers on ClickBank and Amazon.
  • Repurpose the articles into short reports and sell them.
  • Convert these articles into audios and/or videos.
  • Add the packs to your PLR membership site or PLR store.
  • And so much more!

Go now to grab your copy of “Women’s Fitness PLR Bundle“!

** SUPER BONUS! “Self Defense For Women” with Master Resell and Giveaway Rights!

Offer Into Cash Review

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Offer Into Cash

Marlon Sanders is back, and what a product this new “Offer Into Cash“! But let me explain with order…

I’ve finished reading his new PDF and let me admint it is totally mind blowing!

The headline of his page reads: “How I Created An Offer In 3 Hours That Brought In $15,234.21…”

And he proceeds with: “And everything you need to know to create, promote and sell your own 3-hour offers”

What’s more, this offer was launched in only a few days and had money coming in. And how many!

Of course, those results are a case study and not average. But if that interests you, you’ll want to check out the NEW PDF from legendeary marketer Marlon Sanders, one of the few always on my top list!

But be fast because this “Offer Into Cash” case study is a dimesale, as usual.

** SUPER BONUS! 101 Backend Marketing Offers, an incredible set of ideas for your marketing adventure!

Leader Boot Review

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Leader Boot


I am writing this email to let you know about a new software that truly has the power to help you generate more money than ever before, and FASTER.

It’s a new incredible idea, something really needed like bread in the affiliate marketing world…

Leader Boot” just went live, and from looking on their page and seeing all the proof that these guys have, I was VERY impressed.

Leader Boot” has been created by three top marketers looking to crush their competition.

Here are a couple features of this one-click software!

  • Instantly overlay your bonuses (or any link) on any webpage.
  • Promote CPA offers like never before.
  • Create impressing forms and optins and overlay them on any website.
  • Completely remove traffic leakage and improve your campaign’s performance by up to 350%.

Yes you read that right.

In short, I will be using this to showcase my exclusive bonuses right on the sales page I will promoting to you and to others, so it will be easier for you to know which bonus you can get, and conversions will improve that way.

Imagine, you can use it for generating bonuses tabs that can be viewed on every page, including affiliate marketing, Shopify, squeeze pages and more, or direct offers to show on third party web pages and much, much more.

Veteran marketers and newbies alike are profiting wildly from this software.. and it just went LIVE!

Awesome, eh? This literally just went live meaning that as of right now you can grab “Leader Boot” at a huge discount if you act fast. I love it yet!

** Get “Banner Ad Bomb” bonus with your purchase, to learn how to get fast and targeted traffic with your banners! It comes with master resell rights.

Flip Flop Profits Review

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Flip Flop Profits

Let me be frank with you.

If you’re not creating and launching products then you don’t have a real sustainable online business. It’s what I learned on my own skin.

Demetris’s latest course, called “Flip Flop Profits“, takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what you need to do to create a real sustainable online business that you’ll be able to run virtually on auto-pilot, and help you make money in the long run.

This is his exact custom affiliate marketing and blogging blueprint he uses to make $200 to $400 plus a day. Really depending on how much work he puts in.

It goes without saying, this is an absolute bargain, so if you want solid guidance and help creating and launching your own products, look no further.

Right now you can get “Flip Flop Profits” with a good discount price, but you have to be quick, as this is ending soon, and it’s pure value that Demetris learned on his own, and now it’s ready to pass you. Top value here!

** Get “Business Booster” bonus with your purchase, to learn how simple tweaks can bring significant change to the future of your business!