Funnel Secrets Review

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Funnel Secrets


If there is one man who can explain you how a funnel works to perfection, that one is Sam Bakker, one of the most prolific and successful product creators on planet.

What if, from today, you could turn any product into a real success and increase profits by 339% by using the info inside “Funnel Secrets“?

Client products, digital product sold online, PLR, Ecommerce products and even the affiliate products that you sell!

Would that make a big impact?

You could afford to spend more on traffic, jump ahead of your competition and bottom line, and you will make more profits!

How is it possible?

Well… Sam Bakker is a 7 figure JVZoo marketer, and for the first time he reveals to you how he has been able to generate upwards of 339% more profits for each and every product.

This has allowed Sam to turn $79K into $324K. That is an increase of over $245K!

The good news is that this works, whether you’re making 1 sale, 100 sales or 1000+ sales.

You can start using “Funnel Secrets” as soon as you get your copy, and it’s delivered in an easy step-by-step format.

This is Sam Bakker’s new system that’s going to show you how you can use Sales Funnels to make lots of money.

Don’t lose the opportunity to own a course like “Funnel Secrets“, especially for this low price, one of the lowest on Sam Bakker’s trainings!

Henry Gold’s Farewell Package Review

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Henry Gold's Farewell Package


You never seen a product collection like this “Henry Gold’s Farewell Package“. Period.

I think Henry Gold has become crazy, as he’s giving away all his business, all what he built in last years, an impressive package of unique PLR products that sold for thousands and thousands of dollars.

In fact inside the “Henry Gold’s Farewell Package” you get a lot of items. Prepare for an XXL list…

  • 52 PLR Products (All his complete funnels)
  • 52 Sales Pages
  • 26 JV Pages for the 26 funnels
  • 200 Swipe Files for affiliates
  • 1,500 of his Personal eMails to promote a lot of affiliate products
  • 32 Bonus Pages with source code
  • 300 Autoresponder eMails to promote his personal products
  • 100+ Lead Pages he used to build a huge list
  • 6 Premium Strategy Sessions (Sold for $2,500 each)
  • Phone Call Scripts to close high-ticket sales
  • ALL his Webinars (MP3 + Powerpoint Presentations)
  • ALL his Done-For-You Memberships
  • 300+ High Quality PLR Packages
  • 100+ Premium Software with PLR rights
  • 10 White Label Software
  • 500+ Video Courses with PLR rights
  • Copywriting Home Study Course
  • ALL the Interviews he done with Famous People
  • 500+ Royalty Free Soundtracks
  • 200,000 Royalty Free Articles
  • 2,000 Royalty Free Images
  • Traffic Lab materials (100,000 subscribers with this!)
  • Case Study on how to get $25,000 clients.
  • And much, much more!

This is simply the most astonishing offer I ever seen in 10 years of activity. It is something every marketer needs to excel in his/her job.

A set of ready products, proven to be successful and to sell for thousands and thousands of dollars.

With this “Henry Gold’s Farewell Package” you can run your business for the next 3 years or more.

This is your best lifetime investment, no doubt. And only 500 people can access this: no more.

Campervan Commissions Review

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Campervan Commissions


Paul Nicholls and Trevor Carr have released a new course called “Campervan Commissions“, that is really something special.

During the last year Paul Nicholls travelled with his campervan, doing a lot of money during the travel.

This is a thing anyone can do, even with no previous experience, because everything is laid out with real examples and step-by-step tips and tricks to get great results starting in hours.

The great thing about “Campervan Commissions” is that can be activated in every moment, not only when you are traveling, but also if you have any problem and you can’t stay at your computer.

If you think for a moment, being an internet marketer, or someone who works from home, breaks all your chains, as you are free to move everywhere there’s an internet connection, and this is something so beautiful that sometimes my friends don’t trust me, when I tell them.

This is really a lot of valuable information, something precious also for me, and for this reason I’m here to recommend this to you from my heart.

I always liked Paul and Trevor works, but this time they released something excellent, and this “Campervan Commissions” is really a great gem!

DealVids Review

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Today I release with my friend Aleksander Albert a new software called “DealVids”, that creates video deals in a snap.

This software is very easy to use, and thanks to it, in just a few minutes you can generate a variety of deals pages, including:

  • Affiliate products deal pages
  • Personal products deal pages
  • Video landing pages
  • Contest pages
  • Review pages
  • JV Launch pages
  • Lead generation pages
  • And much more!

On the sales page you can check out a few live examples.

We created this online software because it’s different from everything we have seen and tested, and because I really the real opportunity it gives you.

It’s very simple to use, and full of options to make your page really unique and converting.

I suggest you jump on “DealVids” right now, before we start the dimesale, as this is a fantastic online software for your business growth!

Instant Text-To-Speech PLR Software

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Instant Text-To-Speech PLR Software


Most online millionaires have built their business around selling software products. It’s not a big news.

Well, today you can get started with your very own software business, and it’s something out from the ordinary.

Francis Ochoco is selling two great software with resell rights:

1) Instant Text-To-Speech Software

This turns all your PLR and contents into MP3 audio files, and it’s very easy. It’s a Windows software that turns this operation into something very easy and fast. It’s a state-of-the-art app to create your own audio files, to sell or distribute.

2) Easy Voice

This software can cut your long MP3 files into small chunks, like chapters for your audiobooks. Very useful, and easy to sue.

The good thing here is you can use these two software for yourself, or you can just resell them one by one, or together for profits.

Click here to learn more about Instant Text-To-Speech Software and what it can do for your business.

They are simply outstanding, and very cheap!

Engagr Review

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The era of ‘Interactive Landing Pages’ begins NOW. Yesterday evening I bought a copy of “Engagr”, and that’s the first thing I thought when I saw it.

Check this example page I created for you:

Engagr is a revolutionary software that allows you to create interactive landing pages and engage your visitors in a one-on-one conversation… Just like customers are greeted in a high-end store by a representative and assisted throughout their shopping experience.

Engagr allows you to achieve all the 3 main goals of every customer-business owner interaction:

  • Sales pitch: Show your products and services based on individual preferences of every visitor.
  • Lead Generation: Ask for visitors email address and other details as a part of the on-going conversation.
  • Feedback: Ask your visitors (again as part of the on-going conversation) about their experience at your website, blog, ecommerce store…irrespective of whether they bought your product/service or not.

With ever shortening attention-span of your visitors, you don’t want to confuse them with a whole lot of offers thrown at them without any thoughts. Everyone loves individual attention, especially when they are prospective clients or customers.

Engagr’s power-packed features are here to change the game forever:

  • Immediate Response Questions: Design the flow and provide the precise information your visitors are looking for.
  • In-App Lead Capture: Interactive conversations to assist your visitors allow you to build a list in the process by collecting Emails and other contact details of your visitors.
  • Unleash The Power Of Visual Medium: Use Images, videos and gifs to respond to your visitors queries. Show them options or take them directly to your sales video.
  • Kick Start Your Campaigns Instantly: Engagr comes with built-in templates that you can customize with just a few clicks and make them your very own.
  • Push Leads To Your Autoresponder: Add contact information like name, email address, phone number etc. automatically to your preferred autoresponder.
  • State Of The Art “Funnel Drop” Tracking: Know exactly at which point your visitors leave your page, so that you can track conversations that are boring enabling you to improvise your pages on the go and maximize your reach.
  • Analytics And Statistics From A Centralized Dashboard: Get all the statistics, track loopholes on your pages and plug them to improve the performance of your page.
  • And a lot more…

Now, If you are online to make money, you need a landing page. The era of conventional boring pages is over. Say welcome to Engagr!

But you need to grab this opportunity fast to get Engagr at this launch special price. There is no doubt that the price will rise as soon as the timer hits “Zero”.

This is absolutely a software no marketer can miss in 2017. Get Engagr NOW with this super exclusive bonus I prepared for you!

* Get “Traffic Fireball”, my exclusive video series to get the right ideas to use Engagr in a snap to build your list or to make sales!

Inboxing Pro Review

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Inboxing Pro


Inboxing Pro” is a new big autoresponder that can substitute your Aweber/Getresponse account in a snap, giving you the big chance to save a minimum of $588 per year from monthly fees.

Inboxing Pro” is a fully featured, end to end solution designed by marketers for marketers so you can import lists with no verification, set single opt-in and loads more unique features with no monthly fees.

Here is the thing, unlike the other autoresponders scrips and plugins you can find, “Inboxing Pro” has been configured to pass all the protocols of ISPs like Google and Yahoo automatically, so the results are outstanding and you get your emails delivered to the inbox, not the spam box!

It has been built with scale in mind and you can connect to 12 major email service providers in minutes using pre-configured APIs, and it’s a little-known fact that 6 of these allow you to tap in to a free allocation of email sends so you can start to send up to 8000 emails per day totally free!

The app is copy and paste simple to set up and because it’s cloud based you have nothing to install on your computer or on WordPress.

The features are endless, so click the link below to check out the comprehensive demo of the app in action.

Inboxing Pro” is absolutely an investment in your business you do not want to miss, in fact I jumped on it yet!

** Your EXCLUSIVE BONUS is a text file where I added the
cheapest sending service you can put to work in Inboxing Pro,
that will let you save thousands of dollars per year…
Something huge!

Sky High Profits Review

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Sky High Profits


Gaz Cooper has just released “SKY HIGH PROFITS“, a PLR package all about Drones and Quadcopters.

You might have heard of drones being used for military use or how Amazon are planning on using them to deliver parcels but they are also becoming sought after toys for kids, a must have for amateur and professional photographers as well as cash ready remote control hobbyists who are spending hundreds of dollars on them.

You know drones are hot because I also released a huge PLR package the last year, that was a great success.

On the sales page of SKY HIGH PROFITS” you can discover why this is such a hot niche and also how you can make money in this niche with just an ugly website, as people are just interested in drones, and nothing else!

But why not take advantage of the low price and get a head start with this quality niche pack?

Inside you can find:

  • 50 professional Amazon Product Video Reviews
    They are ready to upload to YouTube, they are in full quality and ready to be monetized with your link on description
  • 20 Amazon Call to Action Banners
    They are well designed and ready to be added to your blog sidebars, or at the end of the reviews, like I love to do.
  • 2 E-Books on “Remote Control Cars and Planes”
    So you can build a targeted list by giving them away as bonuses.
  • 50 Free to use pictures for your website
    Always great to receive copyright free images to use the way you love!
  • A Free Custom Website
    To install and use as your one, professionally designed.

All this for a really good price.

If you want to get in early on this trending niche that is going to be massive in the near future, then grab this super Drones and Quadcopters pack without waiting.

Remember, SKY HIGH PROFITS” is going to double its price after 5 days only!

Profit Whirlwind Review

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Profit Whirlwind


Imagine making $1,195 everyday, WITHOUT the need to have a mailing list to get started or any experience: this is “Profit Whirlwind“.

I know this seems a dream, but with just 30 minutes a day you can really do it.

Profit Whirlwind” will show you the way to work, and by copying their method you can get great results too.

Jason is exposing a top SECRET formula for making money online that is super easy and doable by anyone.

Forget about wasting your time with the same rehashed garbage that you’re sick and tired of seeing (at least, I am tired too.)

When you pick “Profit Whirlwind” up, you’ll be able to start getting results in just 30 minutes per day. Try it and let me know about your great results!

WP 1-Click Review

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WP 1-Click


My friends Dan & Ankur have just released a brand new software called “WP 1-Click“, that can get you Unlimited Traffic from Facebook and Twitter ON COMPLETE AUTOPILOT.

I thought it was the usual joke, instead this works and do it in really a couple of clicks. I stayed for 5 minute with my mouth wide open and a smile, because this is real traffic, and it works like crazy!

Yes that’s right – You’ll 100% Real Visitors to your website, and a good 90% of them is from USA and Canada, meaning this is T1 traffic, the most valuable one.

They tested this on a brand new website and got more than 300 visitors in under 24hrs, on a wrestling site and on an iPhone 8 site. This is terrific!

Yes, 300 REAL People to a completely new site with very little content. Not only that, they got another 12,000 people to that site in the next two weeks, and they will show you real Google Analytics.

Imagine how many leads, sales and commissions that can bring for you. In fact on WordPress you can have posts, but think about sales pages done on WP. This is incredible, and I bought front-end and OTO1 to test this out on my sites.

It’s 100% Newbie friendly and is basically a PUSH BUTTON solution. Never before you would have seen something like this, you have my guarantee on this.

Just 3 simple steps and you can start getting traffic with “WP 1-Click“….

Step1 – Setup the plugin
Step2 – Add 2/3 keywords to each of your posts.
Step3 – Click on the “GET TRAFFIC” button and you’re DONE.

Now you can just sit back and relax while the software works in the background and gets you unlimited traffic from the top social sites.

These sites collectively have billions of users. And now you can leverage that to get you unlimited traffic for FREE!

So take action now and get the early bird discount before the price skyrockets.

WP 1-Click” is super, trust me. You have never seen something so powerful (at least I didn’t in the last 10 years!)

** Get 10 Full Software as my bonus, all for WordPress. This is the best bonus I can give you for this huge plugin!