Power Mega Profits Review

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Power Mega Profits


If you are an Amazon Affiliate, you will want to pay close attention to this email. If you are not an Amazon affiliate yet… then pay extra attention!

There is a free custom Amazon site waiting for you to claim. Today my buddy Gaz is releasing an Amazon PLR pack in the POWER TOOL Home Improvement niche.

It’s called “Power Mega Profits” and includes everything you need to kill it in this VERY PROFITABLE NICHE.

Home Owners spend over 60 BILLION a year on their homes, so there is tons of money to be made in this niche.

When these packs come out, they have a tremendous value, and in this case the creator has spent well over $1000 bucks creating it and you get it for a couple of Happy Meals.

Power Mega Profits” niche pack includes:

  • 30 Amazon Product Reviews
  • A CUSTOM Built Basic Site in the Power Tools Niche
  • 4000 PLR Articles in the Home Inprovement Niche

For those that do not have a website Gaz is GOING TO GIVE YOU ONE. He will give you a ready to go custom Amazon site in the Power Tools niche, a $97 value as a FREE BONUS when you grab this package.

You will need to be quick on this “Power Mega Profits” offer though… If you want that free website. So get over there now; this is one of the best niches out there and a NO BRAINER!

** SPECIAL BONUS! Get a copy of “Power Tools Video Site Builder” plus “Remodeling Tools Tips”, the two with Master Resell Rights. The first is a video site builder you can monetize with Adsense and banners, the second a good guide you can use as a gift for building list, or to sell on your Power Tools site!

Live Stream Profits Review

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Live Stream Profits

What is “Live Stream Profits“? It is a proven and secret method a former executive entrepreneur used to pull in thousands of dollars online each week. And it still works like crazy.

He’s handing you the exact method and showing everything step-by-step.

It’s rare to see such high-quality training and value at your disposal.

But the best of “Live Stream Profits” is that it is without any doubt the awesome and most comprehensive training I’ve seen, teaching you how to profit big with live stream videos on social media. Something new and fresh.

You don’t need any previous experience for this. Even if you are a complete newbie, with no email list, no tech skills and even no clue, you are covered!

You’ll still be able to start making out like a gangster with with this. Once inside, you will discover two things:

Thing 1: Where the money is on Facebook.
Thing 2: How to get it.

Thanks to “Live Stream Profits” you will be able achieve your dreams thanks to this process. It’s easy and doable, check it out.

Vydlock Review

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There is one secret Facebook doesn’t want you to know about… It is not that hard going VIRAL and bringing in thousands of views to your offers and sites.

And the kicker is? You don’t have to spend a dime in Facebook Ads.

My friends David and Seth have just released a viral video software called “Vydlock“. Thanks to it, you can legally “hack” ANY video on Youtube and put a share button on it to lock it down.

Think about it…. Grab a viral video taking off… click a few buttons… now people are sharing your video across Facebook and bringing in TONS of traffic to your site.

Where else can you get free traffic from, if not by using “Vydlock“? Check out this software, it’s really worth your time!

** Get “WP Video Tube”, a WordPress plugin to import videos from Youtube in a snap, as your bonus for purchase!

Rapid Flips Profits Review

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Today, with the precious help of Gavin Birchall, I released an incredibly new training to learn how to flip eCommerce stores for cash: “Rapid Flips Profits“. And it’s very very simple!

With the step-by-step videos included in this training, you will learn how to create and launch a new Shopify store, and how to resell it for big profits in a short time-span.

Gavin through his videos help you to find a right niche, create your Shopify store from zero (making it wonderful and enhancing conversions) and then he shows how to sell it on Flippa as an auction, making sure you get a good final sale.

You can learn and apply this technique in a few minutes from your purchase, as it is fast and it works great, giving you the first ideas you need to start like a pro.

The advantage? Finally you can make money from Shopify even if you never made one sale. I love this method for that reason… You can make way more cash selling final stores than creating and managing your one! Everyone could make this method work, even who never heard about Shopify before.

If you want to add a wave of fresh air to your income, this “Rapid Flips Profits” is the best thing you can grab.



Prepping For $100K A Year Review

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It’s maddening, isn’t it? I mean, how long have you been trying to crack the code to earning over 100K via your online efforts? Probably awhile, right?

The best way to build up to that ability is to profit from eMail marketing, product creation, affiliate marketing, high ticket coaching and so on.

And once you’ve gotten your feet wet, so to say… it becomes easier and easier to accomplish! But what if you’re not yet AT that point?

What if you’ve heard about lead magnets and autoresponders and sites and …. and don’t know how to start first, and in what order?

Well, you’re in luck today because my colleagues, Barb Ling and Dennis Becker, have just released: “Prepping For $100K A Year“.

You see, Barb and Dennis bought Sean Mize’s previous IM business… and one of Sean’s favorite techniques is to build and stack value, day after day, month after month.

But Barb and Dennis realized that not everyone has given themselves permission to achieve that… Which is why they just made the path super simple for you to follow.

Prepping For $100K A Year” will show you:

  • 10 “paint by numbers” steps to follow in order to help you prepare for 100K in 2018.
  • How to generate cash even if you don’t have any products of your own.
  • The “foundation” required to earn 100K/year.
  • And it gives you an easy to follow step by step plan – that will help you banish fear and shyness and start you on your way!

But that’s not all! To stack up the value, Barb is ALSO including a freebie funnel (and customizable report!) you can use for your own lead magnets AND a cheatsheet for one of the easiest ways to put buy buttons out there today!

Actually it’s less than the cost of a pizza… but dimesale so price is rising with every sale!

Imagine how you will feel once your “Prepping For $100K A Year” is well on its way…

** Get “Using FB For Your Online Business” as a bonus for your purchase! As you know Barb Ling is an expert of using FB for doing business… so what’s better bonus than this one?

AutoVid Profit Review

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AutoVid Profit


Let me ask you a simple question… If you could create passive income sites that auto update themselves, add high quality content automatically and are completely set and forget commission machines… How many would you create?

My friends Mosh & Jason have just released a brand new WordPress plugin called “AutoVid Profit” that does all the above for you…

In less than 59 seconds, the plugin launch a brand new autopilot affiliate site in front of you. And it’s not rocket science.

It’s literally 3 SIMPLE STEPS…

Step1 : Add two or three keywords you like.
Step2 : Add Your Credentials & Video Preferences.
Step3 : Push ONE button and your site is READY!

The site builds itself without any manual intervention.

The best part is it fetches really high quality videos that actually help your visitors, engage them and make you more commissions from your affiliate offers.

AutoVid Profit” is one of the best affiliate site builders I’ve seen and highly recommend you to grab a copy, as the earlybird discount is yet ACTIVE and you need to get in at the lowest price!

** Get “Affiliate Marketing Action Plan” as your exclusive bonus. It’s a super course that comes with MRR Rights, including giveaway report, list building page, email swipes and social media posts!

Dropshipping Cheatsheet Review

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Dropshipping Cheatsheet


Do you know which is the biggest reason why people fail with their dropshipping stores?

It’s not their theme or design and it’s not their fancy ad.

That’s why they are selling the wrong products, and nothing else. I discovered this error a few time ago, and from then I started selling my products.

This “Dropshipping Cheatsheet” guide helps you discover the best products to sell on your Shopify store on your dropshipping site or network (eBay, Amazon, Etsy and so on).

Choosing the right product is priceless, if you consider you can make around $80k profits a year…

This is an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to start dropshipping with the right foot, or for who wants to increase earnings the easy way, knowing exactly what sells.

There’s a thing you have to take into consideration: what you personally like is not always what your public desires. Me and my mom discovered this when we had a gift shop (and sometimes what we really liked stayed in store for entire years, price reduction after price reduction…)

If you know what sells, you can focus on promotion by knowing you did the first step right.

Check this powerful “Dropshipping Cheatsheet” now, if you really want to dominate with dropshipping and build a new source of income. It’s made of proven products that really sell like hotcakes!

** Get “Dropshipping Secrets”, a video series on how to start a profitable dropshipping business from zero, with PLR Rights, as a bonus for your purchase!

Serpscribe Review

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SERPScribe” just went live for an earlybird discount, and in my opinion it is the BEST traffic app this year.

It’s an all-in-one solution that uncovers profitable keywords, does unique content creation and bulk submission to WordPress, perfect SEO optimization, creates safe ‘authority’ backlinks and more.

PLUS comes with commercial rights, meaning you can sell the services! You won’t even believe how low the introductory pricing is right now.

But what all can “SERPScribe” do?

Instead of trying to ‘trick’ Google into sending you traffic, give it what it wants with “SERPScribe“… legible unique content and authority links for traffic to your sites or videos forever.

There’s really everything here to rank powerful ‘one-off’ sites to build up passive income from or even ‘rent out’ to clients…

Or you can do full linking pyramids (you have full control over) that point to something like your YouTube video for serious ranking power.


[+] Keyword & Competition Analysis – Instantly find 100s of longtail keywords (locally and globally) and key data like bounce rate, searches, and even how hard it will be to rank #1 for that term.

[+] Unique Content Creation – Search the “SERPScribe” database of 100s of articles, then open it up in an editor and edit it however you want or spin the article. Find ’local’ articles like content about plumbers, or affiliate type content like Heath/Fitness.

[+] SEO Optimization Wizard – Let our wizard grade your article to see what else you need to add to rank on the first page of Google for that keyword term.

[+] Bulk Submit to WordPress – Once you have your article how you like, submit once to your WordPress site or ‘bulk submit’ to many WP sites you have connected

[+] Safe Authority Backlinking – Get social signals plus find do follow blogs to leave safe comments on & ‘broken backlink’ opportunities to land your link on a high PR, do-follow site in a whitehat way.

[+] Build Powerful, but Safe Link Pyramids – Between the bulk WordPress submission feature, built in spinner, and back linker you can great powerful linking pyramids to point to any property you want for fast #1 rankings.

SERPScribe” is without any doubt a wave of fresh air to make your ranking efforts easy!

** Get Unlimited License for VidProtect, the tool to protect your videos and avoid they are stolen as a bonus for your purchase!

YT Affiliate Formula Review

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YT Affiliate Formula


Many people will say free traffic does not convert… And that is just NOT true!

My friend Edwin has a proven strategy that turns F.R.E.E. video traffic into SALES. And he backs it up with a real case study: “YT Affiliate Formula“.

But case study is not all you get! You will learn howvto do this yourself following few simple steps. So you can rinse and repeat as many times as you want!

Plus there is a custom built software that will boost your success. All is done for you…

Without any doubt this is the most idiot-proof method every, a way to page one rankings that converts into sales day in and day out.

You get a strategy plus a custom software to start generating up to $210.62 per day, as registered by the author, by giving YouTube exactly what it wants…

Take a look, it’s very very easy with “YT Affiliate Formula“!

** Get “True Tags” software as your exclusive bonus for your purchase! A software actually sold for $47 to find the right tags for your Youtube videos, to get them on first page!

MailGet Review

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Today I want you to know more about a new solution for sending your emails for cheap: the email marketing software “MailGet“.

MailGet” is a great software for email marketing and is quite affordable at the same time.

Just to update you, the average price for sending emails to 10,000 subscribers with any email marketing company is roughly $74 per month.

MailChimp or Aweber charges roughly $74/month for 10,000 Subscribers. ConverKit charges $110/month for 10,000 Subscribers. And Constant Contact is $125/month!

But for “MailGet“, you’ll pay $29/month for 10,000 Subscribers, making this unbeatable.

You can then connect Amazon SES with them and pay $1 for 10,000 emails.

So if you send 15 campaigns to 10,000 Subscribers, it will be $29/month with “MailGet” and $15 at the Amazon SES end, totaling less than $45/month. That’s the saving on the smallest plan.

You can check out “MailGet” through the link below.

** Get as a Bonus “Tab Alert”, a WordPress plugin that places blinking messages to deliver your messages to your visitors!