Contractor Marketing Confidential Review

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Contractor Marketing Confidential


Drop what you’re doing right now and read the entirety of this email!

A few days ago, Jim Mack sent me review access to his new training, “Contractor Marketing Confidential“.

Here’s the deal. Jim’s cracked the code on selling a specific, easy to deliver, highly targeted niche service to contractors.

The list of prospects is endless…HVAC Repair, Roofers, Lawn Care, Plumbers, Water Damage and much much more!

At first I didn’t believe it either! But I know Jim personally, and I got access to the whole thing, all his testimonials, all the training, everything! It’s rock solid!

It gets better!…

He has a way to click a button and have interested prospects calling you! No more cold calling. Awesome, right?

Well, Jim’s got a very specific way that he uses LinkedIn to find these clients also. This is absolutely freaking genius!

Right now, just do yourself a favor and click one of these links and grab this powerful “Contractor Marketing Confidential“!

** Grab my own “Offline Clients Expo” as a bonus, a
strategy that no one has still published online, apart

Co Embed Review

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Co Embed

Imagine if you could instantly tap into the credibility and trust of the biggest online influencers, without having to pay a dime. This is the power of “Co Embed“!

Resulting in you getting free viral traffic, building huge responsive lists and banking easy commissions with just a few clicks.

Remember the famous celebrity Oprah Winfrey? Thanks to her, all the product creators have gone on to become millionaires and overnight success stories, just shortly after Oprah mentioned their products to her viewers.

Now imagine the impact it would have on your bank accounts if authority figures like Oprah would recommend products for you.

And there are people, organizations and websites that have almost the exact same type of influence to some degree, in almost every niche online.

Co Embed” is the world’s first web based tool that will leverage, embed, share, post and allow you to get unstoppable amounts of traffic 24/7 on autopilot.

You can now add powerful, attention grabbing and high converting call to actions in any video or website online in seconds.

The best part? There’s nothing to download or install, you just simply log in, embed your call to actions on any website or video, schedule to share this on social media – and let it do the rest for you.

Once the “Co Embed” page countdown timer goes to zero, the price will automatically double, so move on this fast to avoid paying more later!

** Get “WP EZ Viral Contest” as a bonus, and discover the power of viral contests done on your blog! Great for building your list!

Quick Start Profits Review

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QuickStart Profits

Quick Start Profits” is a new course by Jeremy Kennedy and Brenden Pierce to show you a way to earn fast affiliate income with a tested technique.

It’s a real step by step plan to follow, and you can see the first sales in first couple of days after you apply their instructions.

This is perfect for newbies, but also good for anyone who wants a solid process to build a $100+/day business.

The focus is on list building, email marketing and affiliate marketing, all with some free and some paid traffic methods that works very well.

Once inside you can count on a series of 8 videos, all coming with description, links and some homeworks for you.

Quick Start Profits” is easy, and stay at the base of what a real internet marketer must do to start generating a constant flow of cash.

** Get “Your First Virtual Assistant”, the best way to get your work done by a professional, and for cheap. It comes also with master resell rights!

Buy Buttons Made Simple Review

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Buy Buttons Made Simple

Ever wish you could short-cut your way being successful online, even if you’ve never made a product by yourself before?

Well, my colleagues Dennis Becker and Barb Ling have just released: “Buy Buttons Super Fast: PLR Profit Making Made Simple – Case Study Volume 2” (I love those titles… that can’t fit where you want them!)

They share with you 5 key steps they took to taking premium PLR, transforming it into new ebooks, videos and more, releasing it and seeing more than 510+ sales!

Even better: They make it so anyone can follow in their steps by adding a “secret sales funnel sauce” to PLR!

The case study is awesome and the enhancements are fantastic as well:

  • 235K Premium IM Expert Content Words
  • 320K Premium IM Expert Content Words
  • With “Amazon S3 Made Easy” (so you can ensure your sites never go down!)

The insights that Barb and Dennis share, plus the extra how to’s on flattening your learning curve are priceless, and you should grab this today! The price of “Buy Buttons Made Simple” increases with every sale so don’t delay!

** Get “Warrior Plus Sales Explosion” as my bonus, the training who help you creating your first winning WSO from zero!

InstaCode Review

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Michelle Thompson’s new course, “InstaCode“, is live. This is one you will NOT want to miss.

Inside, you’ll get step-by-step training that will show you how to start making money as soon as this week and then scale up to a six figure online income within six months or less…

InstaCode” is a system for making money online that will work today, tomorrow, and for many years to come.

There’s no risk of saturation, it’s different than anything you’ve seen before, and this could very well be the LAST course you ever buy.

If you’re seriously looking for a way to start making money online and want to scale it a “job crushing” six figure income… THIS is for you…

Bill and Michelle are also giving you access to an exclusive “Pitch-Free” webinar that will answer any questions you may have and give you even more “insider” tactics related to this powerful system…

To get access to this webinar, you need to get your hands on “InstaCode” now… and it’s all added value!

Challenges Empire Review

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Challenges Empire


What I have here for you today will kill list building using FB ads and solo ads forever, plus all that outdated methods that don’t work anymore.

I know it is a big claim… but it’s true!

Together with my friends Neil Day and Sara Shah, I have released a brand new course called “Challenges Empire”, which shows you how to grow your list by hundreds and hundreds of users every time you open an event like this (1,509 subscribers in a single week!)

Even more, you will be able show how to make cash in the process, to make this one of the best techniques shared in the whole of 2017 (I made $2740 with my first challenge, but I didn’t added screenshots because people will think it’s a fake).

Challenges are very easy to be created, using our fantastic method, and you will discover how to advertise them to a public of 306,000 people, for free.

Plus, you will also learn how to get them in the news, including Fox News, NBC, CBS News, The Times, Associate Press and much, much more…

Don’t lose the opportunity to grab your copy of “Challenges Empire”, especially while it’s on early bird release and the price it’s still low!

Traffic Problem? Solved! Review

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Traffic Problem Solved


In short, this new “Traffic Problem? Solved!” is a new product by Fergal Downes that show you an incredible and evergreen traffic source to use at your advantage.

You will learn how to open a super passionate niche FB Page, and how to drive huge traffic to it for less than $5 per day, with easy and targeted ads.

But this is not what you are expecting, because this product is unique, and has an incredible idea for using it in a lot of ways.

The tutorial is huge, with 10 tutorial videos, a good Fiverr gig and ready sample script to use to make this one of the most amazing methods I ever seen.

Fergal clears any doubt in the videos, and help you not only to choose the right niche for this method, that should be “particular”, but he also gives you the method he use to generate a lot of traffic to your FB Page, so it will grow fast.

And at the end, through your FB Page, you will be able to generate many many sales. Try it and see the power of “Traffic Problem? Solved!” method!

Gram Academy Review

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Gram Academy

There’s no denying Instagram is the next big thing! But with “Gram Academy” all will change in a snap…

Have you noticed all of the Instagram Trainings teach the same follow / unfollow method for growth?

Now that Instagram has cracked down on the bots that do this method all of these trainings have become obsolete and totally useless…

Luckily, these guys saw the trend was on it’s way out and they’ve prepared a groundbreaking new Instagram training.

It took a team of 3 developers and marketers to build it, and it’s safe to say this is as cutting edge as they come.

The cool thing about this system is you get step-by-step, over the shoulder training combined with software tools you never seen before.

So you have everything you need to actually take action.

It’s a 100% unique system that’s guaranteed to blow up your Instagram followers and turn you into an Influencer.

Meaning you’ll be the one in your niche that everyone looks up to (and more importantly that gets the sales).

You have to check this out for yourself and watch the video on this page so you can see the program yourself.

Here’s the catch though… You have to hurry because they’re only offering this special JV Zoo launch price for the first two days and then the price is going up!

So if you wait you’ll only end up paying more for it.

After this launch closes the bonuses plugins will no longer be offered either so now’s the time to get in and grab them all.

Don’t miss your chance to get in on this “Gram Academy” training!

If you get in now you’ll also get access to the special early bird bonuses they’re including for a limited time.

* Grab my Special Bonus with your purchase, a great guide about… Snapchat! It’s new and not yet for sale!

Stock Music Ace Review

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Stock Music Ace


You’re going to absolutely love “Stock Music Ace“!

This is a brand new giant collection of over 3,000 high quality and royalty free audio tracks to use in your projects.

​Inside you find 4 collections:

  • Music Tracks
  • Music Tracks Collection
  • Music Loops Collection
  • Musical Series Collection

And all with a COMMERCIAL DEVELOPER’S LICENSE, meaning you can use them in your own projects, but also for your customers!

All the 43,000+ audio tracks in this huge collection are formatted in either MP3 or WAV format, which means you can literally use these tracks in any video editor of your choice.

In addition, a majority of the tracks are named and organized into a range of genres so you can easily find exactly what you need.

Stock Music Ace” is on a dimesale which means the product price is increasing substantially with each product sold.

So grab this amazing bundle now as you don’t want to miss out on the best price.

Additionally, if you invest in “Stock Music Ace” through my link, you’ll also receive a HUGE early-bird special package of bonuses, which includes a collection of sound effects and audio loops!

* GET MY EXCLUSIVE BONUS PACK! Find hundreds of new tracks, loops, collections, drops, stingers and beats! You will find them on the product’s download page!

Video Ads Mastery

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Video Ads Mastery

If you ever did retargeting on Facebook, know what I mean, right? It’s a mess to proceed with options, to select the funnel for your customers and especially to get interested people inside the funnel…

Video Ads Mastery” is an in depth step by step video course that shows how to quickly and cheaply build a huge retargeting list of niche passionate people using  Facebook video ads…

And then how to quickly profit from this audience with evergreen, scarcity driven retargeting promotions.

This is something incredible and able to change the way we watched at retargeting.

James Sides and Sam Finlay will guide you through every step with videos, making each lesson easy to comprehend and apply for your business growth.

Now you can start selling a lot of eCommerce products, personal products and affiliate products of any type.

This is absolutely the easiest way to get people into your funnel, and it’s so rewarding to see sale after sale in your product funnels.

Inside the training you will learn:

  1. How to quickly build a highly targeted niche audience from SCRATCH.
  2. The CHEAPEST, Facebook approved way to run ads.
  3. The correct way to apply this technique to your store.

This is huge for Shopify, BigCommerce and for your personal store site. Don’t cry anymore because of no sales, now there’s “Video Ads Mastery” to give you a big hand!

** GET MY EXCLUSIVE BONUS PACK! Find it on your JVZoo download page! Inside you will find 50 FB Ads templates, a cheatsheet to FB Retargeting and a customer worksheet!