Profit Motivation Self Care Review

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One of the toughest things entrepreneurs have to endure is to continue earning money when times go bad.

I mean, haven’t you ever had days where all you wanted to do was hide in bed, or just forget about everything that needed to be done?

Well if so, you’re in luck! My colleague, Barb Ling, has only a few limited number of hours each day to work, due to her physical health challenges and she created “Profit Motivation Self Care“, a wonderful cheatsheet about it.

And I’ve a lot to share with her on this topic, so that’s why today I want to talk you about this huge new resource.

No matter what life throws at her (she’s a mom to 4 kids as well) she is *still* able to turn on a dime and support her family.

Folks have asked her in the past, how does she accomplish this? Well, this time-saving 1 page solution cheatsheet shows you basically *how*.

See, no matter how miserable you may feel, as bills still need to be paid! And what if you still have to be a parent, a caretaker, or need more money for yourself but you CAN’T even begin to do that until you pull yourself out of despair.

Bad times do NOT have to mean the end of you pulling magic out of a hat, and Barb shows you how to do that… today!

Profit Motivation Self Care” is in DIMESALE so price is rising with each purchase – hurry! There’s pure gold inside!

Stock Audio PLR Firesale Review

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Stock Audio PLR Firesale

Today I have got something amazing for you! I just ran across a deal I just couldn’t refuse and I’m sure you will feel the same way when you see this.

It is a super discounted and massive package of over 1500+ High Quality Royalty Free Stock Audios, called “Stock Audio PLR Firesale“.

Do you know just how much the popular stock audio track sites charge per single track? About 15$, 20$, or even 30$… AND THAT IS FOR A SINGLE TRACK! OUCH!

That is why this deal is one you don’t want to miss out on! Fact is… Purchasing ANYTHING in QUANTITY is a nice way to get a hefty discount, but this is just plain CRAZY.

Inside this “Stock Audio PLR Firesale” there is well over 5600$ worth of HQ Stock Audios that can be used in ALL your projects for LIFE…

And you can grab all this for less than the price most online sites charge you for just one of this quality.

The Audios have been neatly organized and labeled into many different categories that address the most needs of m every niche on the planet!

Easy Listening, Electronic, Experimental, Jazz, Keyboard, Marches, Relaxing, Acoustic, Atmoshphere/MoodBall, Beats, Bizarre, Chill, Christam Music, Cinematic Classical, Dance, Sci-Fi, HipHop/House, New Wave, Electro, New Age, Power, Loops, Rock/Pop, Simple, Techno, Upbeat, World and more!

Stock Audio PLR Firesale” is simply incredible and worth 100 times the price you will pay for this wonderful collection!

** Get an Incredible Bonus for your purchase! Grab a set of Halloween Audio Tracks, something that’s missing from this package!

Launch Levels Volume 1 Review

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Launch Levels Kam Fatz


Kam Jennings released his new case study, called “Launch Levels Volume 1“.

Just to be clear, when I say this case study is an instant classic and a must have for every digital marketer… it really is.

With this 12 video record of what Kam did, there’s…

–> NO basic “how to set up” filler content.

–> NO secrets held back.

–> NO confusing tech speak that you can’t understand.

–> NO additional advertising of things to purchase.

–> NO fake experts teaching you stuff they never done.

–> NO giant learning curve that will take you forever.

Everything from how he came up with the product idea to JV recruitment and adapting in the middle of the launch is covered in this excellent case study.

You HAVE seen this before… but the last time you saw it…it cost about $997 and was part of a coaching package.

Kam’s taking you behind the curtain of his own personal business with this “Launch Levels Volume 1“…is priceless! Get your hands on this powerful training for less than $10 when you act fast… You’re going to love this one!

** Get an Incredible Bonus for your purchase! You get a copy of “WP Traffic Rescue”, a new way allowed by Google to show popups!


Pixal Evolution Review

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Pixal Evolution

I wanted to tell you about an amazing new rich media ad technology that has just launched today: “Pixal Evolution“.

The creators of this software are long term online marketers with over 40 years online experience between them.

When doing the tests with this brand new ad technology they found that clicks to their banners and graphics increased by over 180% in multiple tests.

Yep you read that right, same traffic, but heaps more clicks to your offers. So what was this amazing technology they where using?

Introducing “Pixal Evolution“, a brand new HTML5 & Rich Media ad & graphics creator that has taken over 2 years in development.

Now what is “Pixal Evolution“? this is a HTML5 & Rich Media banner and ad creator that creates interactive banners and graphics with some amazing features built in.

It has a full media library with over 250,000 graphics to use in designs with more being added all the time.

It has an embed and banner rotator built in with full statistics – PLUS here are just a few of the amazing features:

▪ Tons of different fonts to use
▪ Animated text
▪ Transitions built in for any element
▪ Add video to the banners/graphics
▪ Add shapes and edit them
▪ Built in 3D button creator
▪ Built in menu creator
▪ Add in live Shopify buttons
▪ Geo IP personalise the banners and ads
▪ Add in autoresponder forms
▪ Add in Google maps
▪ In app image editor
▪ In app image filters
▪ Built in popup creator
▪ Create campaigns and split test
▪ Banner and graphic rotator
▪ Totally drag and drop
▪ Plus many more features

The great thing about this software is that it not only builds the banners and graphics and hosts them for you, but you can also start your own agency (as they are adding in the agency module as a bonus for free) in their you can split test, rotate, check clicks and much more of any banners and graphics you create & your clients get their own login to see the banners and stats win their own dashboard.

I also wanted to tell you about another amazing extra bonus that they added in the last day and that is the Overlay Module. This was going to be part of the funnel but they have included it as part of the front end and as an extra bonus if you act quickly.

Plus take a look at the unique bonuses I have for you when you purchase “Pixal Evolution” through my link which will empower your copy to a whole new level, with all my bonuses!

** Get an Incredible Bonus Set for Pixal Evolution! A series of software created by the guy who created the software! Check the bonus page here:


One Stop SEO Review

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One Stop SEO


One Stop SEO” just went live! This cloud based app allows you to create a fully fledged online business within few clicks of your mouse.

The best part is you can have zero knowledge about it and be in profit.

This software has a lot of incredible functions that are useful to be sold in a single document to business and people in search of better SEO rankings.

Especially, it is:

  • Fully loaded within 44 features that you can plug and sell as services.
  • All cloud based, nothing to install, works on any device.
  • Ranks any website to the first page of Google.
  • Easy to use with premium support.
  • This is everything you need to launch a successful online business and turn your days into gold.

Push some buttons and collect the money, how can it be easier than this? All people need a service like this, and you can sell it on Fiverr for $5 a hit, or to companies as a private service for $250 or more. Imagine the power of this cloud app!

Click here to get “One Stop SEO” with early bird discount and my incredible bonus!

** Get an Incredible Bonus for your purchase! You get a copy of “WP Traffic Rescue”, a new way allowed by Google to show popups!

Shopify Cash Momentum Review

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Shopify Cash Momentum


Shopify Cash Momentum” is the new video course by Liming Wu and Flemin Goh that shows you the way to get over $51,000 in a single month with just one single eCommerce store.

Inside you will discover their case study, and much more, including:

  • How they easily make $50K per month with ecommerce.
  • How you can do the same without knowing a thing.
  • How to find profitable opportunities in the eCom space the simple way – the way others simply don’t know how to do!
  • How this method consistently produces income month after month. Anyone can do this, regardless of their skill level.
  • How you can scale this up to new heights, opening more than one store to get a lot of cash and finally aim to the famous seven figure income.
  • And much, much more.

More, you will receive three exclusive bonuses including two of them about arbitrage, giving you the right places where you can find what sells.

Shopify Cash Momentum” is without any doubt a solid business to finally comprehend what a lot of people say about Shopify is true: that it is one of the new ways to earn a real lot of cash!

** Get My Exclusive Bonus, a copy of my “Ecommerce Trends”, with a lot of niches for Shopify totally uncovered! Find it on WarriorPlus download page!

Fast & Easy Content Creation Review

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Fast and Easy Content Creation


How to create fast contents if you hate to write, or if you never do it creatively? Simple! There’s the new “Fast & Easy Content Creation” by Tina Golden!

This is a step by step video series helping you to craft quality pieces of contents with ease, just by following her method who worked for years.

Inside the 15 step by step videos you will discover a lot of tips, tricks, hacks and secrets:

  • How to develop your unique brand so you attract the customers most likely to turn into fans.
  • 43+ different types of content, many with little to no writing.
  • How to get loads of content ideas delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Two methods of semi-automating your content that most people forget.
  • Why and how you should be using content curation (saving time that you can spend creating more books.)
  • Save even more time by using smart automation tools.
  • Over a dozen types of blog posts that take little time but readers love.
  • And much, much more!

More, the videos and contents at your disposal are expanding over the time, as Tina releases new gems for you from time to time.

Last but not least, you will get access to a bonus FB Group where you can meet other people creating content like you. A place where you can exchange ideas and get the support you need to finally craft top quality content!

Remember this “Fast & Easy Content Creation” product will get a higher price soon, so don’t leave this huge deal on the table!

* Get “Instant Content Creator” software as my bonus for your purchase, with PLR Rights!

Payment Defender Review

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Payment Defender


Today I’m here to review the new “Payment Defender” video course by Jonathan Teng.

Here are some interesting facts you should seriously consider…

  • Paypal has over 203 MILLION USERS.
  • Paypal has over 8 MILLION business accounts.

Everyday thousands of people are having their accounts being reviewed.

Many of them are being frozen and limited. Why?

Simply because those people do not follow the strict guidelines set by Paypal. But what are they really these ‘guidelines’?

Well, they are all listed on their website but there are hundreds or even thousands of pages to read.

This is endless. That is why many users skip this step. Result? They pay the consequence.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have this simplified? How about you can also help others as well by showing them how to keep their paypal account in good standing?

Plus you get to make full profits while reselling this training.

This is totally a unique 12 part video series. All provided to you to learn in first place, and to start selling it, being a PLR package.

Payment Defender” goes down on Tuesday 25th July at 9:00 AM EST… so be fast if you want to keep your Paypal account safe!

Viral Video FX Review

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Viral Video FX


Viral Video FX” is a desktop software for Win and Mac that creates videos by putting together trending video clips from Facebook and YouTube link, editing them and then publishes them natively on your Facebook Pages automatically.

It is more than easy to work with this software:

  • You find trending video clips from Facebook and YouTube then input link in software to download.
  • Adds your text, emotion, watermark on video, header, footer, and choose quality to export then automatically upload them to your Fanpages easily.

Some exciting features of “Viral Video FX” are:

  •  Window & Mac desktop software.
  • Add watermark, emotion, add text, background color to the header & footer of the editing video.
  • Automatically create viral videos.
  • Publish videos on Fanpages.
  • Export with high quality videos & save on your computer.

There’s no doubt that your videos would go viral!

Because their viral compilation video is already loaded with proven viral video clips that are trending online, it’s almost guaranteed to get likes, shares and tons more views than with regular videos.

And you don’t need to waste your time with YouTube, as there’s a much easier way for your videos to go viral by posting on Facebook, because there’s more engagement on it, it is made for viral videos, there’s less competition and Facebook videos get 8 billion views per day.

And on FB they are planning to share the revenue with publishers too, just like YouTube videos. This will happen very soon, before you may expect.

So it’s only a win win situation for you! Pick “Viral Video FX” up right away with my bonus set and the exclusive early bird discount right here!

Quick Online Shop Review

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Quick Online Shop

Frustrated with lots of manual work involved in creating Amazon affiliate stores? Now this is no more a problem, as “Quick Online Shop” allows you to start and complete your store in minutes!

If you ever tried building an Amazon affiliate store, you might know what I’m trying to say…

  1. You have to parse large organized data feeds to choose your best converting products.
  2. You have to paste all your affiliate links manually, and write something interesting about each product.
  3. Then wasting way too much time in organizing and categorizing all these products.

Quick Online Shop” handles all of the hard, manual and time-consuming stuff for you. And the final site you will get is fantastic, because the template has been designed to please the eyes of buyers and get them focused on the purchase.

You can load how many products you want on the shop, with keywords, categories and images. Customer reviews will be added for you.

With it you can create real income Streams from Amazon on autopilot, because the tool will import and organize all your desired products in a matter of few minutes.

Go now to check out this super “Quick Online Shop“!