2017 FB Live Cheatsheet Review

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2017 FB Live Cheatsheet


Today I want to review the new cheatsheet by Barb Ling, called “2017 FB Live Cheatsheet“.

It’s insane. FB reports they now have over 1.7 BILLION users each month… a huge audience!

More, FB is now pouring millions of dollars into their free live streaming product, “Facebook Live”, that makes creating and sharing profitable videos simple!

The best part about this is anyone can use FB Live, also I did a lot of live videos with it, even if I don’t love being on video.

So, een if you’re shy and don’t want your face on the camera, you can do them!

Well, my colleague, Authority Marketing Innovator Barb Ling, has just released a quick, profitable one page cheatsheet on how to make the most from this easy to use tool.

And get this – the enhancements she offers after you purchase… well, they haven’t yet been released to the public yet!

She’ll reveal 15 prompts to help you start with FB Live, and even includes her own personal case study! As well as her trademark FB Live Product Solution Templates, 501+ Niches for Live Streaming, resources to become “THE FB Live Authority” and…

You will also be offered $200 and $250 off her popular bootcamps as well!

Barb is always the first one on new profitable trends and since is so quick and easy, it’s a no-brainer for you to check out today.

People are already cashing in with her “2017 FB Live Cheatsheet“… shouldn’t you profit from it as well?

Social Daddy Review

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Social Daddy

If you really want to become a social media authority, you have to spend a lot of time on every platform, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr and so on.

How can it be possible? Do you think social media gurus do that all the time? No, for sure!

Because they use automation tools that cost up to hundred dollars per month to manage their posts and a lot of additional things.

Today there’s “Social Daddy“, an incredible top tool for everyone who wants to save a lot of time from social media sites.

It is a cloud-based platform that centralizes the management and control of six top social media platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumblr and WordPress Blogs as well.

It allows you to manage & schedule all your marketing and social content from one easy to use dashboard.

Apart this, you can use the power of bots to reply automatically to users leaving you messages, you can receive real-time notifications, autopost and manage your FB Pages and FB Groups as well.

But to check all the options available for you, it’s better you check “Social Daddy” sales page right now, before the price skyrockets!

FB Video & Commission Profits Review

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FB Video & Commission Profits


If you are into making money online and you want to really take your business to the next level, you have to see this new Mario Brown idea.

He launched an incredibly powerful and affordable product called “Facebook & Video Commission Profits“, teaching you his exact system to dramatically increase your commissions and revenue in just 7 days, a single week.

This is a battle tested formula which he uses on a weekly basis to promote products, earn big commission checks and win JV contests as well.

It’s called “Facebook & Video Commission Profits“. Here is the best part – to get started you don’t have to have a list, you don’t need a big marketing budget and you don’t need a website or product, nada!

Mario created high quality videos (short and sweet) showing you step by step how to implement the formula, how it works and how you can quickly and easily get started the moment you checked out the course.

Quick warning though – they told me that this is a launch special, so they’re selling this right now at a ridiculously low price, but only during this launch special and every handful of sales the price goes up already.

This is a powerful course, newbie friendly and very step by step holding you by the hand on your way to massive commission checks & revenue.

I love it when I find an amazing deal, when I find something that is just so incredibly valuable while still so affordable and I had to tell you about this.

Grab your copy of “Facebook & Video Commission Profits” before the price goes up again!

Nichy Profits Review

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Nichy Profits

Christine Kinally launched this new “Nichy Profits” yesterday, and I bought my copy just to know if this was enough valuable to let you know.

I always loved to create niche blogs and niche websites, and through the years I created more than 30 delivering a passive revenue and about the most strange niches on earth.

Christine constructed a secret resource that not only provides the ingredients required for success, but also provide an accurate indication of where you need to invest your time, to create success online.

Her step-by-step system provides exactly that, a shortcut to targeted success in any niche you love, or you want profits from.

Inside the ZIP file you will find the core 21-page guide, a niche selection tool to be sure to not choose a too broad niche and three quality bonus guides as well.

If you want a real help in building a new business, Christine can give you a big hand with this “Nichy Profits“, as he did this before you and got a huge success doing what she was enjoying.

PLR Into WSO Of The Day Case Study Review

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PLR into WSO Of The Day Case Study


PLR Into WSO Of The Day Case Study” is one of the most useful case studies I ever stumbled upon…

You probably knew Barb Ling and Dennis Becker have purchased the whole business of Sean Mize, including all his products with PLR license.

Well, last week they got the first product “as is” by adding just some interesting bonus and.. boom! WSO Of The Day, without difficulties with a product you can literally create and upload in less than 2 hours.

This guide is a precious thing, a guide that show you the exact step-by-step process to achieve the same results.

In the 37 pages of this guide you will discover every trick they used to give new life to an old product that sold yet a lot of copies just a couple of years ago.

You will see how to find the right PLR, how to add value to them, how to create the few quality bonuses to add and how to packet everything and be ready for the sale.

In short, this “PLR Into WSO Of The Day Case Study” project is really a gem, something worth your time if you want to create a new income from the mass of PLR products we purchased over the years!

1-Page Cheatsheet Generator Review

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1-Page Cheatsheet Generator


Today is the big day and I launched “1-Page Cheatsheet Generator” with the precious help of Dirk Wagner, a serious guy when you talk about software.

This software can create a cheatsheet with 45 links about any topic you have in mind. Consider you will need two steps to create them: inserting your name and the keyword/trend/topic. Nothing else!

In 27 seconds you will be able to download your own ready-made cheatsheet, compiled in HTML, an editable format and with 45 live links!

Imagine, now you can save at least 2 hours per cheatsheet, and including our bonus “Sales Letter Generator” you can really add up even more hours saved, as you can build your sales page in minutes…

This is the best idea of 2017, and many people will try to copy us creating products that have no story and no love inside. And for sure a bigger price, because we did everything possible to keep your final price as low as possible.

Don’t lose the opportunity to check out “1-Page Cheatsheet Generator”, the best cheatsheet creation software to date, because there won’t be a second time. Be fast, or you will see the price growing in next few days!

Shot Messenger Review

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Shot Messenger


What is the one thing that even your double optin list cannot guarantee you? It is the ability to give you 100% open rates!

But what if I tell you that there are marketers who are getting 100% open rates every time they send a promotion or sales message to their list? Don’t believe me?

With “Shot Messenger” you can actually do a lot of different things with ease:

  • You can convert your entire email list into your FB Messenger audience.
  • You can send message to your entire Facebook Page audience in just one click.
  • Build unlimited subscribers list right inside Facebook.
  • Send autoresponder like smart sequence messages to your complete list.
  • Message your complete FB Page in one click.
  • Send fully automated – emoticons and keywords based rich media messages.
  • 100% Facebook Compliant – FB approved this app.

Shot Messenger” software is brought to you by 2 expert software developers who’ve tested this thing from start to finish, and the proof is all over the page.

During launch week, there are some INSANE bonuses included that will help you take this to the very next level, including the live training, so make sure you get on board while you can at the special launch price!

** The links bring you to my exclusive bonus page, where you can get 10 bonus products, including free hosting and a lot of whitelabel plugins you can resell or use as yours. This is a time limited opportunity, be fast!

BuilderAll Review

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What I’m about to tell you may seem both far fetched and overwhelming, but stick with me because what you are about to see will make your internet life easier and will add to your bottom line.

Let’s face it. Some webmasters and designers may love WordPress, but average people (usually clients) hate it.

Not to mention it doesn’t integrate well with your social media, mobile, video, and email needs.

As long as I’ve been an internet marketer, I’ve hated how we had to go to a different company for hosting, another one for email list management, video, website templates, ecommerce, etc…

Not only do you have to pay money to a bunch of companies, you have to figure out how to integrate their APIs and plugins. Then you have to hope they don’t break or have security flaws that might get exploited.

Starting today, you get everything integrated in one secure place.

You can build a landing page with an ecommerce funnel and or a lead capture form and integrate everything so it works in minutes.

What people love about “Builderall“:

  • Easily build any web page, website or blog with over 1.000 templates.
  • White label option for reselling to your clients.
  • Membership websites.
  • Sell online using JVzoo, ClickBanck, Paypal etc.
  • Responsive website designs.
  • Unlimited domains and unlimited sub-domains.
  • Built in email list management and auto responder.
  • Responsive email templates.
  • Facebook integrations for apps, leads capture, video posts and auto answer.
  • Easily build your own iOS/Android apps.
  • Easily create animated videos.
  • Exclusive floating videos tool.
  • SEO reporting tools to help you fine tune your strategy.
  • Unlimited browser push notifications to your visitors.
  • WYSIWYG design tools.
  • It’s NOT WordPress.
  • 24/7 Chat Support.

I could go on and on about “Builderall“, but I want you to dig in and try it yourself.

It’s less than $20 per month and there’s an option to purchase a reseller license where you can put your name on the service and collect monthly commissions from the clients you build into the platform. I highly recommend you grab the “Builderall” white label reseller option too.

68K In 57 Days Review

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68K in 57 Days


Ever wish you possessed the insider blueprint to a real 6 figure business in internet marketing? “68K In 57 Days” will give you permission to do so!

One that not only is proven… but evergreen… meaning that it worked years ago, it works today, and it will still be popular in 2020?

Let me explain.

My colleagues, Dennis Becker and Barb Ling, bought Sean Mize’s previous Internet Marketing Business… and not only are they unveiling the best of the best, a bit at a time, but also including extra added attractions from the original!

How would YOU like to generate more than 68K in sales in the next 3 months? Or even 6 months… or even just $14.7K this month?

Sean kept track of everything he did, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the case study blueprint ended up at 115 pages of pure value.

Check this huge “68K In 57 Days” right now.

And to stack up the value, Barb is providing one of her never-before-released cheatsheets called “How To Compel Power JVs To Promote For You”.

And Dennis is including a personal copy of his bestseller “Abundance Mindset” (which shows you how to seize the confidence that it really IS all possible).

Sean showed it. Demonstrated it. Shared with you his thoughts, ideas, what worked, what failed… And Barb Ling and Dennis Becker added way more value to the original package.

Last but not least, you will receive also Barb notes he took while watching the video. This is another big bonus for you.

For less than the price of a pizza you can take this “68K In 57 Days“, an incredible strategy with all the bonuses created for you by Barb and Dennis, and really add some salt and pepper to your actual marketing strategy.

Commissionology Review

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When I saw this “Commissionology“, I couldn’t resist. I bought it and I’m extra happy, even if I have a good self-control over new products.

Why I bought it? Because Michael Cheney decided to sell ALL his MOST CONVERTING emails he written in last two years.

It’s a set of 440 emails in 25 products you can promote to your list. A set of professionally written, 101% converting and awesome email written by a marketing guru like Michael Cheney, that is one I really respect for the work he did.

I bought it and I’m ready to add them to a new list I created from zero, just for working less and try to achieve more with these ready emails you can really copy and paste into your autoresponder.

This is a great advantage you can get, and the emails by Michael always sell like hotcakes every type of products, even stones!

Grab now your copy of “Commissionology”, where apart the 440 emails you will get a traffic strategy to build your list and more bonuses.

Commissionology” is a sparkling gem, call it a diamond if you like! You can’t really lose it.