Cyber Security and Privacy Cheatsheet Review

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Cyber Security and Privacy Cheatsheet


Yesterday I did a live webinar for who purchased my OTO2 of Cheatsheet Empire, and I shown them how to create a complete cheatsheet with cover and sales page in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

This is the result. More than 60 resources were included in my new “Cyber Security and Privacy Cheatsheet“, two big things people want to know more about.

Inside you will find links about:

  • 10 Ways to Increase your Privacy
  • 5 Secure Browsers
  • 6 Ways to Secure Your Connection
  • 5 Secure and Private Chats
  • 5 Top Security Email Services
  • 5 Secure Social Networks
  • 10 Secure Search Engines
  • 5 Top WordPress Security Plugins
  • 5 Secure Password Managers
  • 5 Secure Messages and File Transfer Apps

A lot of information that have no price, because being protected today means staying safe.

You will get no more targeted ads shoot on you, no more hacks and viruses, no more blogs hit by hackers, no more privacy issue and you can stay safe when browsing, sending your important things via email and so on.

For just $1 you can get all this, with my newest “Cyber Security and Privacy Cheatsheet“!

Make Money Online Cheatsheet Review

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Make Money Online cheatsheet

If you struggle with making money online, this new Reed Floren’s “Make Money Online Cheatsheet” can be really helpful.

He has put together a 1 page cheatsheet which helps you get tons of FREE information to help you make more cash online, all well presented and with autoupdating links you can click today, tomorrow and even in the next year to get more ideas.

You will be able to search 40 different resources with the click of a button and find the answers you need, in the right moment.

More, you get a lot of eBooks and Reports to get more knowledge on the money making factor on internet marketing, giving you a good learning opportunity.

Reed Floren is not new to cheatsheets, because in the past he was publishing them almost every week. Now he came back, also thanks to my guide, and that’s why I decided to promote it.

In PDF, very easy to use, this is the essence of a cheatsheet. Reed Floren created his “Make Money Online Cheatsheet” just after grabbing my Cheatsheet Empire course, so it’s the second person taking real action, and fast!

101 Red-Hot Email Subject Lines Review

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101 Red-Hot Email Subject Lines


If you spend ANY time writing and sending emails to your subscribers, they MUST pay off.

Otherwise, that wasted time and effort is COSTING YOU MONEY.

Want to know the #1 reason emails get trashed before they even get opened? Simple, that’s why you are using BORING EMAIL SUBJECT LINES!

That’s right: The majority of subscribers delete any email message that doesn’t grab them IMMEDIATELY, and that means as they scan the subject line.

If you want a simple, fill-in-the-blank solution to this problem, there is the newest “101 Red-Hot Email Subject Lines” by Shawn Hansen.

Imagine what your life would be like if your emails were opened with enthusiasm, and readers began to buy your offers because they READ what you sent!

101 Red-Hot Email Subject Lines” can help make that dream a reality!

Turn This:

[Something Bad Happened], Now What?

Into ANY of These:

* Your Product Launch Bombed, Now What?
* You’ve Got a New Puppy, Now What?
* You’re Ready to Start Exercising, Now What?

Turn This:

[Option #1 or Option #2], Which Is Better?

Into ANY of These:
* PPC or Facebook Ads, Which Is Better?
* GetResponse or AWeber, Which Is Better?
* PDFs or Videos, Which Is Better?

And those are just a FEW examples because you can create an INFINITE number of RED-HOT EMAIL SUBJECT LINES with these fill-in-the-blank templates.

Don’t wait to start creating IRRESISTIBLE email subject lines. This guide costs less than $4 right now, and it’s a real steal.

If you’re not afraid to succeed, click the buy button below to grab your copy of “101 Red-Hot Email Subject Lines”, and get started NOW!

IG Hero Review

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IG Hero


There’s a brand new Instagram training course that was launched yesterday by Nathan Zadworny. It’s “IG Hero” and it is really something huge.

To be clear, this is NOT the same old recycled Instagram stuff you have seen over and over again.

It’s totally different, and it’s created by a guy who I always support, that’s been managing social media for over 5 years.

He knows his stuff, and he reveals everything inside this tell-all training course. Inside, he’ll show you how he was able to go from ZERO to 3,000+ highly engaged followers within 30 days… and how you can do the same.

Nathan shows you how easy it is to get unlimited free traffic from Instagram and then how to turn it into money in your pocket…

Nathan products are always up to date and full of precious tricks.

If you think you’ve seen it all with Instagram… you haven’t. Nathan teaches some methods I’ve never seen before that will help you build a highly-engaged following extremely quickly!

Don’t wait the price of “IG Hero” goes up again before grabbing your copy and starting to get results with Instagram!

Ecom Flips Review

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Ecom Flips

Today I got a review copy of “Ecom Flips“, a brand new method invented by Ivana Bosnjak, a system that will make you happy, if you are like me waiting for some news in this saturated world…

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Shopify is SUPER hot in these last months. BUT another thing people won’t tell you is it takes a little effort to get it going…

However, what if there was a way to easily tap into Shopify without having to sell a single item?

It is a brand new method that shows you how you can easily turn a brand new starter site into PURE cash!

This method is very detailed… Over 100 pages long – explained in an easy to follow – step by step manner. It also comes with 9 OVER the shoulders videos!

Ivana Bosnjak released this method after a lot of months of testing, and it’s something awesome that I want to try on my own, as she was able to sell a lot of Shopify stores for $100 to $400.

HOWEVER you also get a case study on $500 flip – around $400 pure profits!

This “Ecom Flips” is finally something new and really worth your attention if you want to make some fast cash on a huge new trend!

*** You will get a set of super bonuses with your purchase, including how to spy on your Shopify competitors, the best plugins to install, and much much more!


Sean Mize’s 25 Coaching Lessons Review

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25 Coaching Lessons


Imagine having top quality coachings to read for yourself, or to sell as premium contents… it is something huge this “Sean Mize’s 25 Coaching Lessons” package.

They are 25 coachings delivered by Sean Mize, a man that I saw growing on Warrior Forum from zero and become one of the top sellers there.

25 coachings of top level, created with 4 mini reports each, for a total of 2,000 words per coaching.

Here is the list of 8 coachings on the total of 25 you receive, all great topics, right what people want to learn.

  1. How to Outline and Blueprint Their Business.
  2. How to Develop Their Sales Funnel.
  3. How to Create Products.
  4. How to Find Traffic.
  5. How to Write Sales Letters.
  6. How to Write Emails.
  7. How to Create Youtube Videos and Create a Youtube Presence.
  8. How to Create Their Entire Info-Business.
  9. And 17 more up-to-date lessons!

If you multiply 25 lessons per 4 mini reports, you obtain 100 of them that you can give away every 3 days to your subscribers to keep them active for an entire year. Or you can sell them
all in one hit. Or you can build a high-ticket book by joining them all… A lot of solutions!

It’s your choice here, but I wouldn’t lose this huge package of “Sean Mize’s 25 Coaching Lessons” coming from the collection of Sean Mize!

Commission Conspiracy Review

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Commission Conspiracy


Today I’m here to review the newest “Commission Conspiracy” released by Amanda Craven.

There’s something you need to know about all those courses on raking in fat affiliate commissions…

You know the ones. You’ve probably invested in a few yourself, and me too.

And then discovered they don’t work. Or at least, you are not seeing those hundreds and thousands you were promised.

Want to know a secret? It’s because they’re not telling you everything.

You see, those big dawgs in the game don’t rely on piddly physical product commissions here and there. They don’t even rely on those far bigger commissions from digital stuff. Nope – they have a bigger goal.

A system they all follow. One you can follow too… if only you knew what it was…

The good news?

Amanda Craven is blowing the lid off the gurus secrets and sharing that system with you because it’s also one she follows and has successfully followed for a very long time.

In her brand new course, “Commission Conspiracy“, she shares her exact blueprint for building out authority sites the easy way while doubling or even 10x your commissions from the get go…

So long as you follow what she teaches you here. This is the way forward. The way to build a real, sustainable business…one that will give you that fabled passive income… And some very active income too!

Welcome to “Commission Conspiracy” – just launched and at its lowest price, so get on over there now.

Stream Store Complete Pack Review

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Stream Store


I use “Stream Store” by some months. It’s an Amazon software to create stores made with Amazon Associates products in automation, very fast and easily.

Consider I bought this software some months ago for more, and without all the items included in this huge offer launched just a couple of days ago.

In fact this time you get a lot of paid add-ons that just a few days before were sold for more, and for a very little price.

Check this store I made about toys: It’s making sales each and every month.

Consider you get the store builder, where in no more than 5 minutes you can have your store ready, and:

  • 30 Store Templates
  • 30 Dynamic Ads Templates for Social Media
  • Viral Traffic Pro Plugin for getting traffic.

All these things included for a little price, and the stores you can create with this app are really marvellous. No more time spent to create categories, to import products, to change descriptions and so on.

One click, two clicks and your store will be ready to earn commissions, thanks to “Stream Store“!

Cheatsheets Empire Review

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Cheatsheet Empire


What I will let you know today should be kept as a closely guarded secret… as it’s too valuable to be told everywhere.

Today I’ve released “Cheatsheets Empire” with Neil Day, a new step-by-step training package on how to create cheatsheets that sell like hot cakes, or to give away to get leads.

It has been selected as WSO of The Day by Warrior Plus!

I show you how I got $999 and 300 sales with a single cheatsheet, and how I got 1250+ leads with another one I gave away for free…

Cheatsheets are easy resource documents you can create by copying and pasting contents from the web. You don’t need any pre-launch phase, and you don’t need proofreading.

It’s the easiest way to build a followers list and to make money in a creative way that you will enjoy.

In 30 minutes you can have your cheatsheet ready and start to get sales.

But let’s check what’s inside “Cheatsheets Empire”…

  • Why cheatsheets work like crazy.
  • The 9 sections of a good cheatsheet.
  • Live example of a winning cheatsheet.
  • My best one included for free, for you.
  • Where to find news, ideas and trends.
  • The four different types of cheatsheet you can create.
  • Four places to get your ideas.
  • The sales letter step by step (you get mine to use!)
  • Sales page creation notes.
  • How to find ideas for One Time Offers
  • The step by step sale process on WarriorPlus.
  • 4 ways to get traffic to your cheatsheet.
  • And much, much more!

And with your purchase through my link you will be able to get, as bonuses:

  • My video series about cheatsheets.
  • My webinar series about product launches.

A value of over $127 exclusively for you.

Go now, don’t lose the opportunity to create the easiest internet marketing products! “Cheatsheets Empire” won’t be available for longer at the ridiculously low price it has been launched for.

The RF Method Review

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I’ve been lucky, because “The RF Method” by Andy Brocklehurst was included free in the Society11 membership… And you are still in time to join, here is my vide review:

But coming back to “The RF Method“, it is a webinar recording of 1 hour and 20 minutes, where he shows an incredible strategy to build a list and make a lot of sales in first two to three days.

How does it work? Simple, you follow his advice on how to learn a “Curiosity Magnet” squeeze page, and then you prepare some emails to drive them again to that page while building trust and by branding yourself.

You are guided into each step, as Andy works with this method by years and makes a lot of sales by growing his list on daily basis.

The good thing is you can use a lot of free targeted traffic, by following his advices, or trying using a paid traffic source.

This training is really well done, and after my 10 years in marketing I can confess I never thought about this method, that for me it’s totally new, and also very very easy.

Trust me, this is a gem. Don’t lose the possibility to finally build your list and increasing your sales with no efforts at all, once “The RF Method” runs for you!