Review Wizard Review

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Review Wizard


Review Wizard” is officially live. Inside, you will get a proven, 2-part system for building a better online business.

Open only for 3 days from today, this plugin is incredibly cool, because when you will start a new post on your blog, you see a new section below your article.

This section allows you to configure and create a box to support your review, with:

  • Rating
  • Price
  • Concept
  • Execution
  • Value

Consider you can rename each one of these options the way you like, so this plugin works not only for internet marketing product reviews, but also for any other niche you are promoting.

Then there is a “Pro & Cons” area where you can enter your details, and a “Call to Action Bar”, to optionally enter a text for the bar and a link to send people to. Easy and smart!

Finally there’s a SEO area, useful for inserting keywords together with a solid SEO description.

Another good thing you can find is the color scheme, so that you can set favorite colors for the review box.

If you don’t like to enter star ratings you can also change the look of your icons, selecting a crown, heart, thumbs up, trophy, person or lightbulb.

At the end of this deep review I did thanks to the review copy I received, I can tell you this plugin is very easy to use and not intrusive, as you can choose in which posts put the review box and in which ones avoid to insert it.

This is an excellent way to make your review more professional to the eye of your customers, and finally convince them to purchase a product or another. Being a review plugin, I give 5 stars to this “Review Wizard“, lol.

Evergreen Commission Machines Review

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Evergreen Commission Machines


My friends Jason Fulton and David Kirby just released a new method called “Evergreen Commission Machines” that lets you build up a new business from zero in just a few days.

When I checked the first video I told myself: “Oh my God, this is the usual rubbish with no sense for marketers like me…” but I take courage and I checked even the second video, then third and so on until the end.

This system gets you extremely targeted and HIGHLY engaged traffic in ANY niche. But there’s more apart the traffic strategy, because you are given access to a wonderful method you must copy and paste as much times as you want, in every niche also outside the internet marketing.

You can use it for making cash with affiliate offers and also with CPA marketing.

You don’t need ANY experience and you don’t need a anything other, you can start even as a complete newbie if you want.

This is pure gold, and everything is explained clearly even if by an Indian with a particular accent…

For the low price it’s sold for, I recommend you to grab your copy of “Evergreen Commission Machines” right now, or the price will go up in no time.

Traffikar Review

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My friends James Renouf and Jeremy Kennedy just released “Traffikar“, a new method that lets you get in front of millions of people in a way that you’ve never seen taught before.

This system gets you extremely targeted and HIGHLY engaged traffic in ANY niche. You can use it for list building, affiliate and CPA offers, eCommerce, local/offline and practically anything you want.

You don’t need ANY experience and you don’t need a list, a website or products to sell. You can run with just an affiliate link if you want. And in fact, they actually guarantee that you WILL see results within 24 hours of implementing.

Inside the PDF you will find links to 12 videos, that will show you an incredible method to get a lot of targeted traffic… This is a gem if you use it like James tell you!

That’s just crazy. The price is low but HURRY because it’s rising with every sale. Grab your copy of “Traffikar” right now!

Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus Review

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Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus

Get ready to take your video marketing to the next level with this awesome and newest “Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus“.

Vlad and Stoica have made their original software even more powerful and at a cheap price!

Imagine having at your disposal a software able to create fast videos and spin them to 100s of unique videos with just a couple of mouse clicks… It’s literally devastating…

More, you can access up to 40 new text-to-speech voices for your videos, in multiple languages, and they have a real natural sound.

If you think about the fact the original product has been released three years ago, and that it got over 70 updates, this means these two guys really care about their software business…

This software literally removes the time consuming sessions of video marketing and changes them into a minute job: you upload images, videos, texts and translations and you can have your video ready and spinned into a lot of different copies, also in other languages if you get your text translated.

If you really want to bring your video marketing to the next level, don’t think twice. This “Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus” is right what you are searching for, and it’s so awesome to grab this at a low introductory price!

Done For You Social Media Funnel Review

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Done For You Social Media Funnel


Barry Rodgers is back with a brand new “Done For You Social Media Funnel” to help you build your list with ease, by making some sales in the process.

You know what successful online marketers all do? Well, I’ll let you in on the secret…

They all have structured funnels set up to gather leads into their business and then take those leads and turn them into loyal, longstanding customers.

You are probably in more than one online funnel yourself right now. I’m in a lot of funnels, by at least 60 different marketers to tell you the truth!

Setting these things up can be both time consuming and overly technical. It’s little wonder that most people never get a converting, professional funnel in place.

That’s why Barry has come to the rescue with a complete “done for you” solution including all what you need to create your new stunning funnel even if you are a newbie.

He has put together a complete funnel about social media, with a wonderful opening squeeze page that includes a video he had outsourced and a great message that let people signup just for curiosity.

All by using an online software Barry created for you, no HTML editors, no headaches with technical stuff. Just a few clicks and your funnel will be ready.

There is also a demo on the sales page where Barry makes a funnel in around 3 minutes using this software!

It’s at a really low price right now (increasing all the time, though) so head on over and check it out!

Hope this “Done For You Social Media Funnel” helps you start to build your list!

Max Daily Profits Review

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Max Daily Profits


Are you ready to discover the most effective way to create sweet passive revenue? I present you “Max Daily Profits“.

Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick are ready to show you how to earn $500 bucks a month in their latest case study. All on autopilot, starting from scratch.

It’s easy to follow their footsteps with this well-done case study, that is easy to follow, real and actionable.

All you need is a simple process that needs just a few minutes per day.

If you are searching for a strategy that you can:

  • Set up once and keep it alive to bring profits.
  • Give away highly valuable stuff to people who are hungry for it.
  • Require no selling at all.

The good thing is it only takes a few minutes a day to run, and Paul shows you step-by-step in this video case study.

If you’re not doing this, you are leaving easy money on the table. This is a strategy every successful marketer uses… sometimes, the only strategy they use.

See how you can create and build truly passive revenue streams easily, and have hundreds, even thousands, coming in like clockwork only with “Max Daily Profits“!

Video Explosion Review

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Video Explosion


Today I’ve released with Candace Chira “Video Explosion“, a set of 19 videos you can edit and sell to offline marketing contacts in need of video marketing.

Having videos ready, where you have only to add company name, address and website is a thing you can complete in 5 minutes.

If instead you have to start from zero, the creation process of a whole video is so difficult and time consuming that sometimes we decide to leave.

Instead, thanks to this awesome package you can target new jobs, as the series includes:

  • Book Promotion
  • Community Event
  • Business Grand Opening
  • On Sale Now!
  • Product Launch Announcement
  • Daycare Center
  • Dog Walker
  • Family Counselor
  • Handyman
  • Magician

But that’s not all. “Video Explosion” includes also 5 video articles:

  • Goal Setting Tools
  • Paleo Kitchen
  • Say No to Depression
  • Twitter Fun
  • Going Green at Home

And finally special occasion ones, easy to sell like hotcakes:

  • Birthdays
  • Engagements
  • New Babies (1 for girls and 1 for boys)

With something like this ideas will never dry up. You can modify them and sell them to business and people, or upload the demo videos for selling them over Youtube.

All you need is a Powerpoint template editor, like MS Powerpoint, Apple Keynote or one of the free products available on market.

Video Explosion” is sold for a limited time price, be fast if you want to ensure this golden coated package of videos!

Commission Magnet Review

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Commission Machine


The “Commission Magnet” video course details a super simple system that Glynn uses in his business on a daily basis to generate fresh leads that are going to generate cold hard cash in CPA and affiliate commissions, day in and day out, pretty much on autopilot.

We guide your customers in how to set up a system that is ready for FREE TRAFFIC. You will know by the end of the guide how to get really good traffic for FREE and make CASH with it.

It’s not difficult or impossible, because you can proceed step by step through the entire course and activate the enclosed free traffic source anytime you need it.

The OTO1 instead is a done-for-you package, that you can use to plug into the free traffic source. Everything you need is in this package to fast track your success.

OTO2 is an email marketing course with ready swipes to email to your new list each and every day.

This “Commission Magnet” is an easy traffic source you can use anytime you want to make affiliate sales, or to get CPA commissions.

Quick Pages Review

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Quick Pages

If you need video pages, “Quick Pages” by Andy Brocklehurst is the right software for you.

This software in fact can create wonderful and clean video pages to use as:

  • Bonus pages
  • Review Video pages
  • Webinar Replay pages
  • Sales pages
  • Video Email pages
  • Third party video pages
  • And so on…

They are useful as they include price button that can appear at your desired time, or as soon as visitors enter the page. For the price it’s sold, only $5.95, this is a great software to use the power of videos for:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Personal products
  • Video trainings
  • And much more.

Below the video you can include also a FB comment section where people could ask questions or comment about your product.

Creating these pages is the most easy thing in this world, as you have just to choose page colors, enter a good headline and sub-headline and insert your video code and the call to action button. Nothing else.

This version allows you to create unlimited video pages for your own business. OTO1 gives you the rights to sell these pages to developers.

I love these video pages, and that’s why I bought a copy of “Quick Pages” and I recommend it to you.

Archon WP Theme Review

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Archon WP Theme


Not every day I take a look at the marketplace, and I find something great like this “Archon WP Theme“.

But today is that day. Because what I’ve come across I have not seen before, and that’s why I’m going to recommend this to you.

The two authors have built a solution for anyone with an online presence. ONLINE or OFFLINE based. And it doesn’t matter what kind of website you have or want to build.

Archon WP Theme” is a creative business WordPress theme able to take care of it all. Its characteristics are:

– 32 premade business page layouts
– Amongst the fastest loading themes
– 100% mobile responsive
– SEO optimized
– Ready to use templates
– Inbuilt Google Analytics
– And a lot of great characteristics as well…

I can’t really explain how much features there is… Because on top of all of these features also, there’s a ton of training that you get as a bonus to make the most of this theme.

It’s not just about how your website looks, it’s also about how it performs for your customers, and this one is excellent.

It comes also with Developer’s License, to give you the opportunity to sell it and install it on customers websites.

Archon WP Theme” is the best way to give your blogs a beautiful appearance and full usability to your own customers.