100 Bucks Daily Review

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100 Bucks Daily

100 Bucks Daily” is a new product that show you how to make easy affiliate marketing commissions by using the power of videos in a new way.
Inside you will find 6 videos that will help you to create outstanding videos to rank on Youtube, without showing your face on camera.

The good thing here is you get a fill-in-the-blank template to compile day by day with information about new products you want to promote, and an incredible technique to rank your videos even with competitive launch keywords, that wins the proof of time.

It’s all very easy with “100 Bucks Daily”… you read the words from the fill-in-the-blank templates over the template (good to be edited with Powerpoint), and you’re ready to go with your video in a few minutes. If you don’t have the software to record, you will find a free one on the download page that works pretty well.

This is a solid course that show you one of the best ways to get affiliate commissions, and not only that, becuase it gives a premium way to place your video on the top on Youtube, to be sure to be seen, and to finally make commissions day by day.

If you follow the steps each and every day Monday to Sunday, you can really build up an income over time, and you will get known as a good reviewer to follow. “100 Bucks Daily” is really based on real facts and gives you the key of success!

WP Stealth Ads Review

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WP Stealth Ads


Today, as I promised yesterday, I want to review an incredible plugin that is having a lot of success on Warrior Plus. It’s “WP Stealth Ads“, a plugin that allows you to add your ads to your posts and pages the way it’s done by a lot of websites. It’s a trick they are using only the best and famous websites right now.

It is easy to install, and available in two licenses. I bought front end and OTO 1. Front end allows you to add the super banners to only posts, while the OTO gives you a chance to add them also to sidebar and other places, with a lot of cool add-ons worth the price, like the fact the most clicked ads will be shown more oftenly.

It’s one of my best purchases I ever made in last time, and I’m so happy to finally have my own set of little ads like all the big name websites around the world, and to add my own ads, and not their bad photos and things like that.

The good thing is you can use these ads to promote your affiliate products, CPA offers, your products and posts from the same blog or from others. Check the video on the sales page, it’s pretty short but gives you precise indication on why this is a plugin you don’t have to miss, for your blog future.

Check “WP Stealth Ads” right now!

Agency Masterclass Review

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Agency Masterclass


Agency Masterclass” is a great training released by Eric Louviere and William Fletcher, two guys I generally support on their launches. This is a 3 hour masterclass on how to open your digital agency, with no need to open a new shop, luckly!

Inside the membership area you will get access to 17 videos, recorded live for you. This is the knowledge and experience of Eric, given to you in the most easy way, ready to be absorbed to go over your roadblocks and finally get a chance to become a full agency owner, with all its advantages.

You will learn how to brand your agency, how to get known in the market as a solid presence, and how to be right there in the right moment to get awesome deals. This is advanced local marketing, but made incredibly easy for anyone, including who have never tried before.

In short, you will learn how to run your digital agency, how to let others find customers for you, how to close deals with up to 50 customers per year (there’s a lot of cash here…), how to set you apart from competition, and all the hidden tips and tricks you must know to get your first client in less than a week. And getting a single client here means like working full-time on the web for 6 months…

This “Agency Masterclass” is something new, never seen before and comes from a 5-star offline marketer that is ready to tell you all the truth, and support you on your growth. This could be without any doubt your best purchase in 2017. Pure gold, easy and completely step by step.

Cookbooks Empire Review

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Today I will release at 10am EST my new “Cookbooks Empire” I created with my friend Lucrezia Aria. It’s a guide who show you not only how to create a top cookbooks and how to place it in the bestsellers, but it shows you also the top 10 secret sub-genres worth considering.

Cookbooks Empire” is a 70-page guide that comes together with an extra bonus guide on how to sell your books also on Amazon’s CreateSpace, as a real paperbook. Probably you know I put all of myself into the products I create, but I want to tell you anyway.

Inside you will find:

  • Why this is the right moment to sell cookbooks.
  • The Top 10 most sold cookbooks on earth.
  • The 2 steps to write a perfect cookbook.
  • 17 stock photo sites where you can grab thousands of free and paid photos.
  • 10 golden genres for your cookbooks, each one with a lot of different book ideas, example recipes and fundamental information.
  • 10 additional ideas.
  • The cookbook creation process.
  • The secret ingredients to turn a simple cookbook into one marked, ‘Sold Out’!
  • How to create a winning Kindle cover for free.
  • How to publish your book on the Kindle marketplace.
  • Category selection tips and tricks.
  • 4 cookbooks-only advertising methods.
  • And much, much more!

This is the right time to target the niches I give you, and make sales in one of the most followed genres on the world. Consider each one of us has at least one cookbook at home. This is a big big niche with a lot of hidden power.

OTO1 will show you how to start a “minimal membership” without any membership software (easy to create, you need 3 minutes!), while OTO2 includes over 63,000 recipes you can use the way you want for anything you want, plus some books.

This is something to explore, something to grab if you have one old mother or grandmother recipe book at home, or if you keep your recipes for you, and want to show them to the world. Don’t lose the opportunity to get your copy of “Cookbooks Empire”!

LetSocify Review

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What is the best way to turn visitors into customers? Simple, talk to them! And “LetSocify” help you to do just that…

Sounds easy enough, but you know that’s not always the case. In fact, one of the most difficult aspects of reaching your customer base is actually getting the chance to communicate with them.

So it only makes logical sense than, the more chances you have to talk with your customers the more opportunities you have to close them… right?

Well, what if there was a brand new avenue to talk to customers that 95% of the competition is missing out on… that would be HUGE.

Fortunately for YOU, this is all possible with “LetSocify“! The powerful, yet simple cloud based software allows you to capture the Facebook profile information and the Facebook email address of subscribers with the click of a button.

Once you do that, BOOM you are done and you can start sending out clickable Facebook notification messages to your customers right where give most of their attention. It’s that simple!

Add rocket fuel to your business and watch those sales skyrocket with this ingenious and influential tool.

Stringently tested, “LetSocify” comes primed and ready to be implemented in minutes!

Click the link below if you want to see “LetSocify” in action. You’ll be blown away at how immediately effective this tool will be in retaining and growing your customer base!

Instant Profits Machine Review

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Instant Profits Machine


Getting traffic and sales at the same time is the most challenging things for many marketers. But now there’s a new LAZY way of doing it… it’s “Instant Profits Machine“!

The traffic method they’re using is right under your nose in fact, and needs no more than 15 minutes per day to be run. But these guys are doing it their way and boy oh boy it works!

Imagine setting up a traffic tap and then turning them into 100+/day autopilot machines. I always trust my friend Gavin Birchall because I launched a couple of products with him in the past, when it was starting from zero. I saw his growth, year by year.

Today, you get to replicate what they’re doing and you’ll see results in first 24 hours. And it’s great also for newbies.

Consider you won’t need so much traffic to make good days, by selling your products, your services or affiliate marketing stuff. All you need is just one strategy that is proven to drive interested and targeted people to your link, right? And here it is.

Gavin will help you step by step to comprehend this new traffic strategy, and to configure it to your needs. If you want a fresh method to get more sales, “Instant Profits Machine“ is one of the keys for success!

Turbo Zon Builder Review

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Turbo Zon Builder


Today I’m here to review the next installment of the Turbo Software series, that is “Turbo Zon Builder”. Finally a product made for Amazon affiliates all over the world, and made easy for us…

It’s based on a hot idea… It’s the easiest way ever to display Amazon books with your affiliate link to any page online with just a few clicks!

But add the fact you can also resell this software as yours, with your name printed on sales page, to build your authority. It comes with full MRR rights, and it offers you also the sales page. What’s more?

This is the dream of every Amazon Associates affiliate, being the easiest way ever to display Amazon Associates books online with just a couple of clicks. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced user, this makes Amazon products easy to sell, with a good page design.

Once you create your page, you can show it as-is, or just embed it into your WordPress blog or in a HTML page.

You don’t have to spend money on WordPress themes, on domain names and so on. You can also install it in a folder of your actual website.

I love this “Turbo Zon Builder” by Jonathan Teng and John Delavera, and I love more the fact you can use it for yourself, or resell the package for profits!

Crash The Party Review

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Crash The Party


Crash the Party” is a video course released by Kam Fatz that offers you 120 tips and tricks, and strategies to grow a bigger audience and making more money using the YouTube video platform. It will show you how to get ready to stay on video, but also how to record beautiful videos without being visible and much much more.

It includes 12 modules worth of hacks. 10 hacks in each module respectively. The areas covered are:

  1. Content Strategy.
  2. More Views.
  3. More Likes.
  4. More Subscribers.
  5. Channel Optimization.
  6. More Comments.
  7. More Shares.
  8. Content Optimization.
  9. Watch Time.
  10. Scaling and Sustainability.
  11. Scared to be on camera.
  12. Making sales on video.

As you can see this is totally out from ordinary, something new and worth your time, guaranteed. I found a lot of tricks I didn’t knew and I will be happy to use in my next few videos.

Kam Fatz is one of the few guys that when delivers a new course, that’s why he tested on himself some new techniques. So you can expect real results from his products, including this awesome “Crash the Party“, that is still on early bird in the minutes I’m writing this review.

Image Profits Explosion Review

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Working online with photos found on the web is a very risky business. With this “Image Profits Explosion” you will discover how to get cash by using royalty free and public domain photos the right way.

Inside “Image Profits Explosion” you will discover:

  • The exact instructions on how and where you can find 100% free, awesome photos, images and other content online – that you can use a re-purpose into your own products and PLR packages. You can make money selling the packages you make – I have a lot of friends doing this very successfully and this will show you exactly how to do it yourself!
  • A precise formula on how to get beautiful, royalty free imagery to help you sell ebooks on Kindle! You can create an entire income stream from Kindle with beautiful, attention-grabbing ebooks – not only the covers, but make the inside pages beautiful as well for more sales and engagement!
  • A 100% fool-proof method for pulling money out of the air by shooting and selling your own photographs. You’ll never get stuck not knowing how to make money again if you have any kind of digital camera (even your phone!)
  • Over 130 sources for you to obtain free or royalty free photos, images and other usable content – you’ll have a never-ending source of media content for your ebooks, blogs, PLR bundles, videos, or anything else you’re producing in your business.
  • A very streamlined way to get all the images, photos and media content you’ll ever need which is good for you because you won’t spend a ton of time trying to find the photos or images you need – and time is money!.

For the cost of a breakfast you can grab this huge 100+ pages resource that comes together with huge bonuses and video bonuses.

I never found all these information in one resource, don’t lose “Image Profits Explosion” if you work with images and you want to build a new business from zero, or if you want to finally stop paying for images!

2017 IM Trends Cheatsheet Review

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2017 IM Trends Cheatsheet


Barb Ling is back with an awesome cheatsheet called “2017 IM Trends Cheatsheet“, a set of powerful links to know what will rock in internet marketing before the masses.

The advantage on getting this is you can jump on new trends as soon as you discover them, without coming second, third or fourth on the news. Think about my Coloring Books training, that has been a success (look at the marketplace now, full of coloring books offer…).

Think also about Pokemon Go trend, that now is going to get a bump with new features, think about all the new things I present when I launch a new product…

Coming first means having all people by your side wanting to know more about a new trend, and it’s priceless!

I’m a trend seeker since my first products, and I learned this from Barb Ling. She has been my coach and she was so precious when she told me how to check the trends before the masses…

Don’t lose the possibility to look exactly on the future of marketing: think what does it mean having an article written before the times, having a product ready before he gets published by gurus and so on.

Barb Ling’s “2017 IM Trends Cheatsheet” is your best possibility to get your place into the trend seeker’s club!