Serplify Review

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Serplify” is finally live! A complete software that creates a perfect local niche site on complete autopilot in only 1 minute, ready to rank on Google Page 1.

Seriously – there is a demo video of them setting up an entire local niche site in only 60 seconds, I’m not kidding.

All you have to do after that is sit back, relax and watch the free traffic and sales come in, without ever having to touch the sites again.

Today only you can get a whopping 62% discount on the price of this software.

I know what all the hype there’s around this product, but let me tell you how “Serplify” will change the way you make money with local SEO.

Imagine targeting thousands of cities and zip codes for your keyword that are super easy to rank for (like plumbers, dentists, lawyers, etc…), then automatically adding thousands of optimized pages full of themed content for each keyword, ranking them all on page 1 of Google, and being able to build this all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Well, that’s exactly what “Serplify” will do and more. This is the ONLY web based software that mass builds, customizes, GEO-Optimizes, monetizes, schedules, syndicates and builds you fully fledged unique sites that rank on page one on Google.

The best part? There’s nothing to install, a literally campaign takes a few minutes to setup on “Serplify“. After that, you’re done.

This software will totally change how you do local client SEO… Especially considering the price is going to double soon, it’s crazy to leave this on the table…

Serplify” is on a special “Introductory Price” since it just went live a few minutes ago, and you have only 48 hours to seriously think about it. It’s powerful, it’s what Google loves and it’s what people want!

Zen Titan Review

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Zen Titan


Today I’m here to present you a new set of software called “Zen Titan” that will allow you to make powerful commissions on Amazon Associates, all via videos…

Have you heard how a few “elite” affiliates are profiting with Amazon? And doing it with a weird new “YouTube loophole”?

They just pick a hot product, get free traffic and earn fast affiliate commissions.

With over 256 million products to promote, and $300 million in sales revenue every day it’s not a secret that Amazon’s affiliate program is THE #1 way to make money right now.

But, how do you actually earn huge Amazon affiliate commissions, quickly, easily – and with 100% free traffic?

Well, that’s where the YouTube “free traffic loophole” comes in…

See, YouTube is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine with over 3 billion searches a month. Many of these searches are for the exact kinds of in-demand products we can promote on Amazon.

And by using a unique “drag and drop” loophole I’m about to show you we can get FREE YouTube traffic for ANY of these ecommerce keywords.

And each keyword lets us earn passive affiliate commissions for over 250 million Amazon products!

So how do you take advantage of this loophole? With a NEW system that came out this week called “Zen Titan“.

NO-ONE else has this “Zen Titan” system – and it’s 100% automated. So hit the link below and watch the short video to see how to do it in the most simple way!

Simple Laptop Lifestyle Review

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Simple Laptop Lifestyle


Is it possible to really live the life of your dreams? For Fred Barton this is possible and doable with ease, thanks to his method included in “Simple Laptop Lifestyle“.

Inside the course, Fred and his team reveal all the facets of the online business he has built, which brings in commissions of over $100 per day with ZERO investment and very little effort.

They show students every aspect of the business from the ground up and how you too can replicate his success to build a comfortable 5-figure income online. Every aspect of the process is explained with great clarity as he provide an in-depth look behind the scenes of his internet marketing business and campaigns.

The course is unrivalled in the breadth and depth of the information that is revealed. Fred and his team are giving away all the knowledge and expertise he has built up over his years in the internet marketing game.

For content that has taken years and thousands of dollars to accrue, he could be asking hundreds of dollars, not the outrageously low price point he’s asking! Because of the amazing quality and value of the course, it is guaranteed you will absolutely love it.

If you need an easy step-by-step process to follow, “Simple Laptop Lifestyle” is one of the most suggested for who want to start getting money from online marketing. And once you start, there’s no actual way to stop them!

Children’s Creepy Short Stories

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Children's Creepy Short Stories

What about “Children’s Creepy Short Stories“? They love horror short stories too! Do you remember stories like “The Goosebumps Series”? I think to have read them all when I was young.

But here is what you will find inside the book:

  • The 3 key points of a creepy short story for children.
  • The right age to target.
  • How to get a lot of ideas for your next story.
  • How to create a special main character.
  • How to create a tough villain for kids.
  • The top 26 villains we selected for you.
  • 11 huge locations for your story.
  • 2 websites to find locations ready for you.
  • How to brainstorm your story.
  • The 4 parts of a great story.
  • The 16 questions to answer for a perfect book.
  • 22 lessons to insert into your book’s ending.
  • Over 100 children’s creepy short stories to check out.
  • 4 advertising methods focused on children books.
  • Your 4 next steps to take after reading our guide.
  • And much, much more!

As you can see there’s a lot of content inside this guide, and creepy short story for kids are easier to create and market than adult ones.

Check out “Children’s Creepy Short Stories” right now, and let me know what do you think!

Creepy Short Stories Review

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Today I’m finally back with another huge Kindle product called “Creepy Short Stories”, a super guide on how to write horror short stories!

It’s simple with my step by step guide to write super easy horror short stories to pack into books to sell on Kindle marketplace.

On my guide you will discover a lot of tips and tricks and the necessary strategies to become an expert in the hyper-requested horror genre.

Creepy or horror short stories are everywhere nowadays, but only a few Kindle authors noticed that and took advantage of this. This niche is growing over time and calling in even more readers month by month.

People love horror and creepy short stories, because sometimes we need to feel scary sensations on our skin, and the best thing to do that is reading one of the books in the comfort of our house, when we are quiet and we feel a sense of security.

Inside their special guide you will discover:

  • Why this is the right moment to write creepy short stories.
  • How to get easy ideas for countless stories.
  • How to create a superb main character.
  • Over 50 top villains to choose from.
  • How to create a nightmare villain for your story.
  • How to select your creepy location from a choice of 100’s of places.
  • The easy steps to brainstorm your short story.
  • The right 17 questions to answer before closing your story.
  • 100’s of different short stories to read to get inspiration.
  • The right categories in which to publish your book.
  • How to create a winning Kindle cover for free.
  • How to publish your book on Kindle marketplace.
  • 5 advertising methods.
  • The 3 next steps you must take after reading the book.
  • And much, much more!

The horror genre is ready for you to be acknowledged and dominated. Are you ready to enter a new, big and ever profitable niche with “Creepy Short Stories”?

Designer Profits Review

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Design Profits Unleashed

Design Profits Unleashed” is a step by step system that shows you how to design and sell your own canvas prints online.

Everyone loves an absorbing hobby that can become a real full time living, and Pete Bruckshaw is an expert on this.

Let Pete show you how to sell original products of genuine quality. You will enjoy creating and producing them, and the good news here is they are uniquely your own.

You can finally pursue your hobbies by creating a lot of wonderful products with images, logos and everything you like or that is trending on the web.

Pete shows you the fast and easy way to create designs. He has some simple to follow systems that will help you create designs that are highly saleable, quality works of art that people love.

If you don’t think of yourself as an artist, don’t worry. You’ll be using some widely available software tools to do most of the work for you.

Design Profits Unleashed” unveils a great real method, and Pete sold over 2,000 canvas prints in this way. Are you ready to follow his detailed step by step action plan and create and sell your own custom products?

7 Ways to Use Audacity Review

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7 Ways to Use Audacity


Today I stumbled upon a short report called “7 Ways to Use Audactity for Audio and Profits“, a really good guide for opening your mind to new ideas.

Who needed to edit audio files or record new ones in his life has heard for sure Audacity, a free software available for PC, Mac and Linux.

In short you are getting access to an easy to read 10 page guide that highlights 7 ways you can use Audacity to build profits on the short run.

In addition to listing all these ways in just 10 pages, for easy reading, the author gives step by step instructions showing the right steps if you never used the software before.

You can build your own business with the ways you will see in the book, or create services to sell to people in need of services or to create brand new products from zero.

I’m sure that between the seven ideas you will find at least a couple to develop to start building up a new business selling them, or using them on your own.

I always love this type of books with clear info and instructions to follow, and “7 Ways to Use Audactity for Audio and Profits” is the right ebook for starting some new awesome services.

100 a Day Code Review

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$100 a Day Code


This “100 a Day Code” WSO is one of that WSOs that can’t be seen by many people because a lot of affiliates don’t stop to check products like these. They go only where the big names are, even if sometimes their product are total rubbish…

This guy, called Lyfe, is a surfer I know by some time in the world of IM. He goes around the globe, eating in different places, staying at the beach by hunting down his next wave.

He does all this because he sets up many automated methods that work for him, so he doesn’t have to.

He just released a course showing you a method you can use to get to $100 a day that requires no website, no email list and it’s 100% free traffic.

This method is truly 100% free, that’s a rare thing. And if I say it’s rare and valuable, it really is…

This morning, here in Italy waiting for the first snow in the north, I took time to read the fast method, and I got excited like I wasn’t by at least 2 years.

It is all based on videos, but I can tell you YOU DON’T HAVE TO RECORD ANY VIDEO, because Youtube will do everything for you, automating the process and reducing it to no more than 3 minutes per video.

If you want to start growing your income, this is for my opinion one of the most viable options I ever found online, and I’m going to start right now with the method.

He has it laid out everything in a very, very simple step-by-step method with screenshots.

That’s why I strongly recommend you to grab your copy of “100 a Day Code“.

Piggyback Cash System Review

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Piggyback Cash System

Earnings by leveraging the work of others is the dream of many, and this “Piggyback Cash System” by Jason Fulton is something out from ordinary.

This is completely different from other methods, because you can choose your way between different ones available. The aim of this method is $100 per day, and the setup requires no more than 30 minutes.

This technique is based on 4 different steps involved websites I never thought can produce so much targeted traffic alltogether…

The first choice you have is to start building your list, or making sales via affiliate commissions. Then you can implement one or the four methods to start getting cash or signups. It’s very easy and once you start, until you stop it, this method will continue to work.

This video course is very well done, and I got excited watching each videos to see the system take form and start to bringing in traffic, signups and cash. It’s incredibly easy once you get the hand at it.

If you want to build an easy business from zero, and start to finally get the list you always desired, or just commissions, in every case this “Piggyback Cash System” is incredibly powerful… and cheap!

WP Chat Live Review

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WP Chat Live


Ariel Sanders recently released a brand new WordPress plugin called “WP Chat Live“, that is very interesting for who has a website or blog.

There’s ONE single thing that can make the difference between having a failing and dying business and one that’s producing spectacular results over and over again.

And while this little “secret” goes under the radar for the vast majority of sites out there, it’s pretty evident in stores that are pulling massive profits each and every month.

I am talking here about the big boys that are getting really heart-stopping profits with just ONE single thing. If you pay a close look, you will see that all over the world stores and sites which are famous and are receiving massive amounts of traffic are all using this…

If you are not communicating with your visitors in a proper way, you are leaving money on the table… and that’s why Ariel Sanders created a huge plugin like this.

To give you, for an amazing low price, the opportunity to offer chat with your visitors and customers! Don’t lose this huge opportunity, make your site more user-friendly with “WP Chat Live“.