Create Planners Review

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Create Planners

$13,295.11. That’s how much Marlon Sanders sold the first time out the gate with his Planner for the new year. One planner to be exact, a single model.

The great thing is, every year a new year comes along. So you have the opportunity to make repeat sales every year with new planners.

How do you think companies like Franklin Covey clean up? They have repeat business built in. And this is one of the best businesses around…

And you can do these with ease and no headaches! They are simple to create. No printing. NO shipping. Only 1-2 minutes per order. Done and money banked.

Create it once. Sell it every year. That’s the hidden power of planners, that sell like hotcakes! And you can create a planner for every niche on market, without stopping at internet marketing…

Imagine a planner for cooking and recipes, another made for fashion, another one for bloggers and so on!

There’s a lot of value in this “Create Planners” by Marlon Sanders. He’s a guy I respect because his ideas are always outstanding… and easy to replicate.

If you are ready to print planners without going crazy with shipping, costs and number of copies, this method is for you!

Rapid SEO Indexer Review

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Rapid SEO Indexer


With “Rapid SEO Indexer” you can rapidly index all your WP blogs pages in Google with an easy to use WP plugin. Just 1 click and your new articles are on the search engine. It’s something incredible I never seen before…

I grabbed my copy because you can see on video how the software works, and that’s terribly easy to get all your recent and past articles on Google, all that articles that were not taken by Google.

This is extraordinary, something worth 100 times the little price it is offered for, because with just a couple of urls submitted you can recover your little expense.

More, it includes a built-in real time sitemap generator to create your brand new sitemap for easy rankings. A great function that alone is worth the price of this plugin.

Imagine… All your product reviews, articles, video posts and everything else on Google in 1 click, without getting crazy for SEO, for optimization and so on… For me “Rapid SEO Indexer” is the best deal ever talking about search engine optimization!

Christmas Master Resale Rights Blowout Review

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Christmas Master Resale Rights Blowout


Sean Mize’s “Christmas Master Resale Rights Blowout” is the best purchase you can make during these days of festivities, because you can grab 95 products with MRR.

That means you can use them in multiple ways. You can resell them as is, as they are all audio recorded. Or you can turn them into eBooks, Reports, Videos, Slides, Memberships or Newsletters to sell with your name.

It’s a big value just for the size of information included in these high quality trainings he recorded in 2016.

For only $9.95 you get one of the biggest firesales ever released, and made only with top quality products that Sean Mize sold for up to $97 each, as the pack includes coachings, calls and MP3 lessons that are a real goldmine for your business.

If you want to learn more, or just to build your moolah by reselling them as is or in different formats, this is a timely opportunity to do that.

But be fast, as the Sean Mize’s “Christmas Master Resale Rights Blowout” will be available until the midnight of 31st December!

Hyper Traffic Machine Review

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Hyper Traffic Machine


Hyper Traffic Machine” by Timothy Miranda is a brand new course on how to use tiny $5 ads to quickly generate high converting traffic while consistently banking $400+ per day.

Timothy pulled in several 5 figure months using these methods, and he will teach you proven, detailed and reliable strategies in this training.

He reveals everything from start to finish and organize all steps so that everything is easy to follow and implement on your own.

His main priority is getting you to achieve your goals. He provides real value in this course, and if you stick to the steps he outlines, you can be sure to make big profits.

Inside this course you will discover:

  • A complete training on using small $5 ads to generate massive amounts of traffic.
  • Detailed step-by-step strategies.
  • Campaign analysis and optimization.
  • How to maximize profits with higher margins.
  • How to maximize CTR and conversions.
  • And much, much more.

The great thing here is that this course is based on real proofs, on the real earnings done by Timothy through the last months. Proofs that you will be able to check on your own.

You are going to love this “Hyper Traffic Machine“, because it’s a simple course offering you a big opportunity overlloked by the most.

Writing Real Characters Vol.1 Review

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Writing Real Characters


Today I’m here to review the newest Chris Pendergraft book, called “Writing Real Characters“, the first volume of a series.

You ever wondered how some writers just seem to have an “it” factor when it comes to creating incredibly interesting, memorable characters? They just write story after story, chock full of amazing personalities that you just can’t forget?

Turns out that there’s nothing “magical” about that process, nor is it some kind of “talent” that you have to be born with — AT ALL. Many of them have been relying on a little-known strategy that lets you easily and quickly develop characters that are guaranteed to stand the tests of time.

Here’s the thing: they don’t want you to know that strategy. Why? It keeps the competition down by making writing awesome characters seem mystical! But, that secret has now been exposed.

Christopher Pendergraft first learned this secret strategy from a famous Hollywood screenwriter while hanging out at the Writers’ Guild in Los Angeles, who told him that both authors and screenwriters alike use this strategy to easily and quickly create memorable characters guaranteed to draw millions of fans (and profits too)!

And now, he’s passing that secret on to you. And there is a lot of people mad at him about it — that’s how I knew we were dealing with some potent stuff!

Darth Vader, Hannibal Lecter, Rocky Balboa, Michael Corleone, Count Dracula, Huckleberry Finn, Ebenezer Scrooge, Hercule Poirot… All great characters we all know well.

They were ALL created using the strategies inside “Writing Real Characters“. As a writer, you owe it to yourself to check this out. Take a leap of faith and have your writing transformed forever!

Niche Marketing Kit Review

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Niche Marketing Kit

Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill have been evaluating 2016 and have had one of their best years ever.

To celebrate they have made all the tools and strategies that is responsible for their success available so you can start 2017 with a bang.

They’ve called it “Niche Marketing Kit” and unlike most ‘collections’ this is not just a bunch of digital products thrown together and sold at a discount. The have actually worked out all areas of their success and what is required to become successful online and the result is amazing.

They have everything covered in areas such as:

  • Website Traffic
  • Video Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • List Building
  • Social Media
  • Internet Marketing Essentials
  • And much much more…

This collection of tools contains everything you need to succeed and is valued very very much, but if you act now you can grab this amazing toolkit for just a fraction of the price.

This really is all you need for success in 2017 and I highly recommend you check it out.

Make sure you grab “Niche Marketing Kit” quick, it’s only available for the next THREE DAYS!

Cutie Toon Pals Review

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Cutie Toon Pals


Cutie Toon Pals” is a package of digital characters created by Candace Chira. Each one of the 10 characters she created is available in 10 poses, and you can use those friendly and funny people on a lot of projects, including:

  • Ebooks and Reports
  • Videos
  • Presentations
  • Websites and Squeeze Pages
  • Blog posts
  • Documents
  • Printed Materials (flyers, ads, business cards…)
  • And much, much more…

For the price it’s sold, this package is a steal. Consider inside you will find 10 characters, including men and women, in 10 different positions, making exactly 100 options for you.

These animation are really useful to give a different touch to all your new projects. It’s proven that people love these cute animations.

And they are top quality, not like the garbage sold by some guys. The animations are fluid and beautiful to see.

The “Cutie Toon Pals” can be used for a lot of various projects, and for a really convenient price.

Vector Giant Review

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Vector Giant


I just found out a new massive vector graphics package that just went live to the market. It is called “Vector Giant” and it features a never-seen-before number of vector graphics: more than 15,000!

I think at the moment, talking about graphics, this is one of the best deals of this year.

In fact this is the biggest vector graphics pack I ever seen online, featuring more than 15,000 vector graphics in hundreds different categories and themes.

These are all scalable vectors, and each vector is included with its original SVG file allowing you to scale the vector image to any resolution you want without distortions on the final graphic quality.

You get an easy license too: you can use these vector graphics in your personal and commercial project (including those for your clients) without any restriction.

Some the big guys out there still selling one vector graphic for $10 to $50 each. “Vector Giant” is priced at an ultra-affordable price, you can get all these for a very little price.

With the extremely low price and the values you can find in “Vector Giant“, I think this is a deal you definitely don’t want to miss.

Offline Clients Expo Review

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Offline Clients Expo


Today I released a superb offline marketing guide called “Offline Clients Expo“, with the help of my dear friend Stefano Del Grande.

This unique guide uncovers two incredibly easy techniques to get unlimited clients for your offline marketing services, two lead generation tactics that are smart and groundbreaking, and that can be activated in 15 minutes only.

Wherever you live in the world there will be 1000s of available businesses waiting for your services. And not just small, little shops, but big and high profitable businesses ready to pay big tickets for your help.

The contacts in this field in fact are difficult to reach for people that don’t know our trick, and they consequently receive zero messages about offline marketing services. That’s why we have incredible percentages of approval.

Any service you offer, including website creation, eCommerce site creation, SEO, flyers and business cards, mobile sites, graphics and ads, this is one of the most excellent ways to get customers. They are all lined up for you, waiting to say “YES!” to your requests.

Inside the package we included for you two ready letters and a tutorial to show you how to find a company in need of help in 1 minute flat, so that you can start accepting orders in 10 minutes from your purchase.

Check “Offline Clients Expo” out now, before the dimesale starts! It’s something incredible.

Video Ads Formula Review

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Video Ads Formula


Today I’m here to review the new “Video Ads Formula” video course by Mario Brown, all about FB Video Ads.

Facebook just announced that they’re getting 8 billion video views every single day. This is a MASSIVE growth and we are silly not to leverage that power and the fact that everyone and everything is about wideo right now.

Mario Brown launched today an amazing case study about how he is doing Facebook Video Ads generating Leads for as low as $1.40, getting video views for a penny and converting his landing pages at over 53% with cold traffic.

Those numbers are just insane, and they are real.

Imagine how much targeted traffic you can drive to your website for your offers, services, products, eCommerce stores or anything that you want to promote.

Inside “Video Ads Formula” Mario is letting you look behind the curtains. He spent his own money to test everything when it comes to FB Video Ads and now he’s handing you all the info on a silver platter:

  • His exact landing page that converts at 53%.
  • The best form to bid with video.
  • The exact interests that he targeted.
  • His video ads and retargeting ads used.
  • And much more!

If you could use more traffic and you love to jump on this major opportunity, check out Mario’s case study immediately!

Please be aware that this product is only on a special for 3 days. There is a countdown timer on the page and Mario is doing a special till Monday, then all the bonuses expire and the price triples.

Every business needs traffic and high quality leads. In this case study you get everything on a silver platter.

Copy Mario’s approach, swipe his targeting and landing pages and you’re up and running – he created the “Video Ads Formula” case study so that YOU don’t have to do the work.