Turbo Instant Publisher Review

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Turbo Instant Publisher


My friends John Delavera and Jonathan Teng have just released their latest awesome and HOT software business package: “Turbo Instant Publisher“.

Here is a BRAND NEW HOT SYSTEM that fits your perfect description.

It is a ‘full software business in a box’ and you don’t have to write, create, design, code or do anything to have a fully ready to launch business online right now…

It’s all based on a great idea. It’s the easiest way ever to create your Instant Articles for Facebook – just like writing in Microsoft Word without the need to know HTML or MARKUP language, or use any other content management system!

And it’s massively effortless to start SELLING it today. You just download, add your name and order link and it’s ready to use and sell as you please to make profit today.

It’s already done, you just have to get it and use it to make money. You don’t have to waste any more time thinking up new ideas or creating anything or spending time and more cash in outgoings.

This is already working, tested and proven. There is a discount for early birds that ends shortly, so be sure to secure your copy.

This is the perfect self-hosted publishing system for your Facebook Instant Articles; no need to depend on other online services and pay more – no need to hire a developer either!

PLUS… YOU GET ALL SALES MATERIALS YOU NEED TO SELL IT! Everything you need to launch it now is there! See you on the other side with this super “Turbo Instant Publisher“!

4 Hour List Building Review

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4 Hour List Building


It’s not a news that paid advertising is sometimes over-priced. There are keywords that costs up to $600 for a single click on Adwords, since the 2005. Something pretty crazy.

But there’s free traffic, and it can support your whole business in a great way. This is “4 Hour List Building“, a set of products to guide you into the creation of your list, and the monetization phase.

Building a list is not easy without the right ideas, and sometimes the well know ways are not cheap, and most of the times they fail.

This course instead focus on the core of list building, a thing no internet marketer can miss, because it’s one of the biggest income streams.

You can start with no expense apart an autoresponder, like the famous ones, and your ideas. In 4 hours per month, or also in 15 minutes per day, you can build your income to a new level.

If you are scared by it, or you don’t want to care about it, you are leaving a lot on the table, because I did you same error years ago, without caring about my list for the first 3 or 4 years.

This “4 Hour List Building” course, for the low price it’s sold for, can be come your flash to a new way to building your profits month by month. And here you get ALL what you need to become an expert.

Easy Mandala Generator Review

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Easy Mandala Generator

Easy Mandala Generator” is a brand new online software that uses a proprietary algorithm that generates UNIQUE and ORIGINAL mandala style coloring books every time you use it – NO TWO DESIGNS ARE EVER THE SAME!

This is one of the few things a coloring books fan or author can’t lose, because thanks to this software you can STOP BUYING MANDALAS PACKAGES, because you will be able to CREATE THEM on your own!

So it will become incredibly easy to create new books, new coloring pages to color on your own or with friends, or mandalas to add into your own membership.

This is also entirely cloud-based, so it doesn’t need any specific operating system to run. It runs anywhere and anytime you need new mandalas!

You can extract the mandalas you create in PNG format or in PDF format ready for the print or for the upload on your favorite marketplace.

This “Easy Mandala Generator” is a software that will change coloring books forever. I saw it in a preview version, and it’s a gem, nothing to say, a killer app that will revolutionize the entire world of coloring books. Will you miss it or will you grab it?

YT Gorilla Review

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YT Gorilla


You’ve heard of all the ways to rank YouTube videos but you have never seen anything like this.

This new video cloudware tool, called “YT Gorilla” cracked the code to YouTube rankings in a huge way, and every other tool you’ve ever heard of just became incredibly obsolete.

It’s so powerful yet it’s an almost hands-off method that makes your videos surge to the top of YouTube rankings with hardly any effort on your part.

It’s a break-through in YouTube video ranking. It’s 100% cloud-based giving you thousands of markets to enter at a click of a button.

The tool does all the heavy lifting while your video rankings simply skyrocket up the ranks of your videos.

Here’s how it works…

STEP 1: Search SEO-guarded keyword tags your competitors are currently using on their videos.

STEP 2: Let “YT Gorilla” automatically define their top markets.

STEP 3: Observe every lucrative making-money keyword available you can now incorporate into your own video campaigns and go make bank!

Days, weeks and months are saved in the process. Your competition never sees you coming in to grab your share of the market. And the crazy thing is they did all the hard work for you, because you will be able to see anything they did to get that ranking on Youtube.

You just found a secret affiliate commissions weapon like no other…

Now all you have to do is click below and get ready to start seeing payouts coming in from your high rankling YouTube videos. All thanks to “YT Gorilla“!

Evergreen Affiliate Profits Review

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Evergreen Affiliate Profits


There are so many options online that is becoming difficult to find the right one for us, right? But this “Evergreen Affiliate Profits” is different.

Funny thing is, almost all the courses you see out  there are trying to “stuff” everything in your brain, thinking they are doing you a service.

But if you wanna make profits online quick, you gotta eliminate options and go straight to what is working right now, in this moment.

Want to know some of the problems? Here we go:

1) You’re told the exact network to affiliate with. This leave you to blindly choose between 3 or more networks.

2) You’re told the specific niche, narrowed down to the exact sub-niche, not leaving you with the possibility to choose anything other from the classic health, wealth or relationship niches like other trainings do. Or just internet marketing.

3) You’re told the actual step-by-step sequence of how to piece everything together to build a business that earns extra thousand dollars, but you are not given the working method to do that.)

This “Evergreen Affiliate Profits” instead doesn’t leave you with doubts, questions and problems, because everything is shown to you in action, including proof of income.

Best part is, once you build it, it will pay you over and over again for years to come. Check out how to make cash with “Evergreen Affiliate Profits“, a method that works since 2009 without a pause.

Go on now, you can’t go wrong with this!

Flipping CostCo Review

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Flipping CostCo


Flipping Costco” by Paul James and Jum Peinkofer is a great course that show you how to take advantage of CostCo low price offers in two ways: staying in the comfort of your home, or going to your nearest shopping centre.

It’s a very easy technique that show you how to really leverage low cost offers to sell that same products for 50% to 100% more than their original prices.

This is arbitrage like you never seen before, and the technique is very easy with the secrets of James, a long time arbitrage millionaire.

All can be done in three easy steps:

Step 1: They will show you how to find the perfect profitable items to flip from Costco AND even their online store. (which means you can do this from anywhere in the world)

Step 2: You will load these items into Amazon or eBay and copy their listing format.

Step 3: You earn at least 50% profit (usually well over that) on every flip you do!

This is a gem, and this is so powerful if you follow the easy steps to reach the objective. Arbitrage is a thing I really love doing from the comfort of my house, and now you can do it too, simply by clicking your mouse buttons, with “Flipping Costco” !

Viral Marketing Biz In A Box PLR Review

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Viral Marketing PLR


Do You know that recently Hollywood flick “Deadpool” used viral marketing for its promo campaigns and got a massive $135 Million opening? All thanks to the viral marketing.

That means, businesses are increasing their ROI by harnessing the power of viral marketing. But for many people crafting a successful viral marketing campaign is still difficult.

That’s why Dr. Amit Pareek has just released a latest and up-to-date training called “Viral Marketing Biz in a Box”, a Monster PLR you can learn from and resell as your own with your name printed on covers.

A great PLR like this gives you the opportunity to:

  • Put your name and sell as your own.
  • Use it to create a private membership.
  • Use it to build your own list by giving it away.
  • Use it as high quality bonus for your products.
  • Use it to train your team.
  • Use it as high quality content for your webinars.
  • Use it to prospect your client and close the deals.
  • Use it to grow your own business online.
  • Use it to train your clients and charge them.
  • Use it to offer a professional viral marketing service for thousands of dollars.
  • Or do anything that you can think of!

This comes with All READY-TO-GO Sales Material so You Could Get INSTANT Return of Your Investment by START Selling it Immediately!

You can Sell unlimited copies for life and with:

  • NO Monthly Charges.
  • NO Secret Unnoticed Charges.
  • NO Profits Sharing.
  • You’re going to keep 100% of the money!
  • Keep all leads generated, including the buyers!

This Done-For-You Viral Marketing Biz in a Box comes with:

  • 1: High Quality Training Guide
  • 2: Cheat Sheet
  • 3: Mind Map
  • 4: Top Resources Report
  • 5: High Converting Sales Copy
  • 6: 6 Professional Minisites
  • 7: Doodle Style Sales Video
  • 8: Swipe Emails for Affiliates
  • 9: Complete Set of Animated Banners
  • 10: Complete Set of Professional Graphics

Go now to grab this mega “Viral Marketing Biz in a Box PLR and start learning the art of viral marketing (or start to sell it for profits!)


Traffic Fireball Review

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Traffic Fireball

Today I released “Traffic Fireball“, a video series I recorded about… targeted free traffic. In fact with my 5 videos you will learn techniques able to change the way you drive traffic.

Inside there are 5 videos about resources I use by years to ensure a constant traffic flow anywhere I need it, for:

  • Affiliate offers
  • Product launches
  • Videos
  • CPA offers
  • List building
  • Slideshows
  • Blog posts
  • Ecommerce
  • Offline marketing
  • And much much more

This is powerful, new, fresh and sold for a very little price, as we start from $7.95 locked for only 3 hours. Then the price will go up with no pause.

If you need traffic, like the 99% of marketers, this is a really well done offer. I created it together with my friend Stefano Del Grande in 2 months.

OTO1 is about cheap paid traffic instead, with 10 additional videos. OTO2 will be about Bing Ads, and OTO3 about Youtube Ads. Something crazy here, a lot of value and a lot of my time for you.

Go now to view “Traffic Fireball“, don’t lose the opportunity to get one of my best release (it’s for sure the best sales page ever created by my friend… check it out at least!)

Video Titan 3 Review

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Video Titan 3


He is known simply as Chris X, and this is the third edition of his own “Video Titan 3” solution.

What it does is the most profitable thing ever: he makes over $12,000 a month as a Video Marketer, “skimming cash” from his competitors.

Some of his “victims” even know about him – and do you know why they can’t do a thing to stop him? Because, despite his ‘thieving’ ways, what he does is 100% legal.

And now he wants you to become his partner-in-crime. Are you ready to copy his video tactic?

The video tactic I’m talking about have the proven potential to turn you into a competition crushing video whizz kid.

I don’t expect you to make anything like the $22,000 dollars a month that he makes, but with “Video Titan” it’s certainly possible to pump a consistent second income using his video marketing system.

This guy has found a NEW way to make high quality, popular videos that command eyeballs like moth to a flame: thanks to Video Titan 3, his new software.

Something that side-steps the ‘guesswork’ and time consuming parts of making powerful, engaging videos.

Something that will transform the process of making videos forever.

And he’s about to give you the exact same video tool that he uses to bust out his videos.

You can get all the juicy details right here, and this is huge even if you never recorded a video before!

This offer will disappear as quickly as snowflakes on a bonfire, so be fast in grabbing your own copy of “Video Titan 3“!

Rapid Profit Ninja Review

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Rapid Profit Nimja


Rapid Profit Ninja” by Art Flair is one of that products that you can read in 5 minutes and which at the end will let you say “ah-ha” many times.

Because the method is so easy that for a moment you will reject it. It’s too simple, but it works like crazy… And we didn’t thought about it.

This is the first thing I thought after reading the guide and watching the 3 videos of this product.

The great thing is that to run this project:

  • You don’t need any particular tech skills.
  • If you can “copy and paste” you’ve got everything you need.
  • You don’t have to create information products.
  • There’s no affiliates to recruit.
  • You don’t need any money in your pocket to start.

This “Rapid Profit Ninja” uses a real 100% FREE traffic that is built into this system. It’s very easy to do and it will give you a lot of satisfactions over time.

*** Get my EXCLUSIVE BONUS VIDEO where I show you a new method similar to this one, to give you the opportunity to get more from your work!