Scratch Vidz Review

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Scratch Vidz


Did you know that your videos on their own is not enough to make your online business a success? That’s why “Scratch Vidz” is pure gold!

With so many video creations tools on the marketplace, it’s because viewers are being entertained, but not excited to take action.

If you’re still struggling to transform your viewers into customers then this is definately the missing ingredient to your success.

I’m here to introduce you “Scratch Vidz“. Scratch Vidz is a completely new web-based solution unlike anything that has ever come on the marketplace.

It’s a completely new and revolutionary way for you to get more leads and sales with your videos.

Here’s an overview of what Scratch Vidz can do for you:

  • Get more viral traffic for your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more.
  • Get more optin from your videos using Scratch Cards.
  • Over 40 different Scratch Card Designs to choose from.
  • Powerful video player with 100% design customization.
  • Integrate with a lot of autoresponders.
  • Super easy to use Iiterface.
  • Built-in Facebook Fan Page and Group management automation engine.
  • 100% fully responsive for desktops, laptops and mobile devices.
  • 100% web based, so no difficult installations.

The fact is people love videos and they love to play games so when you combine the two it’s transformed into something awesome, that will truly grow your business.

Scratch Vidz” is available for an Early Bird discount and then the price will be increasing. So lock in your position now before it’s too late!

Kick-Ass Toons Review

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Kick-Ass Toons


The real truth is that videos are the present and the FUTURE of internet marketing, but the PROBLEM is that creating them can be incredibly expensive!

Angel Corman & Lucas Adamski just released a brand new video assets collection called “Kick-Ass Toons” you just can’t miss!

Inside you will receive 150 top-studio quality cartoon characters that will make your videos truly stand out, turn your cold viewers into raving fans, and sky-rocket your profit and authority.

All as easy as drag-and-drop! Here is what kind of modules you will find inside:

* MODULE 1 – Joe “The Suit Guy”
* MODULE 2 – Jenny “The Suit Girl”
* MODULE 3 – Stacy “The Home Girl”
* MODULE 4 – Ted “The Home Guy”
* MODULE 5 – Ned “The Gardener”
* MODULE 6 – Mike “The Electrician”
* MODULE 7 – Sam “The Plumber”
* MODULE 8 – Bernie “The Builder”
* MODULE 9 – Jim “The Locksmith”
* MODULE 10 – Fred “The Glass Repair Guy”

Additionally, the templates can be easily imported to top video software tools, like: Explaindio, EasySketchPro, Powerpoint, Keynote, OpenOffice, Camtasia, GoAnimate and many others.

These characters can be used in any video, including personal promotion or offline business promotion, or just to be sold to customers in need of great videos to promote their businesses.

Hurry up – claim your “Kick-Ass Toons” special launch pricing, and don’t miss out this ridiculous deal before it’s gone for good!

Profit Slacker Review

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Profit Slacker


Today I heard about a new product by Jeremy Kennedy, a long time friend, called “Profit Slacker“. Here is my review for you.

Have you ever heard about a new social network called Slack? Well, it is a wildly popular new tool originally intended to be a real-time team messaging app.

However, we are starting to see hundreds of interest and niche themed groups popup for people to share and discuss their passions. And that’s why I’m telling you about “Profit Slacker“…

Here are 5 reasons you should consider for creating your  own niche-targeted Slack community:

1. You can charge recurring for access… along with a dozen other ways to monetize. For example, one Slack community called Nomads List has over 12,000 members and charges 9.95 a month for access. That’s over $119,000 a MONTH for running a Slack group.

2. It’s free to start and run. It doesn’t cost a dime to have your own Slack community so why not??

3. It’s like having an Email List. Once people are in your group, you can use push notifications to “broadcast” messages out to the entire community at the push of a button. This can result in profits on demand.

4. You can Become an Authority overnight. Just by being the owner of a community, people will instantly place authority on you as a leader and influencer in your niche. People will know, like and trust you which means they will buy from you.

5. I’ll show you Exactly how to Do It. Jeremy put together a 5 part video series that shows you step by step how to setup your community and monetize it. You can be up and running before your head hits the pillow tonight.

Click here to start your Slack community right now, it will be fast, easy and really profitable. Go now and check out this “Profit Slacker” course!

Copywriting Software Review

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Copywriting Software

Leon Tran is back with another big software, this time all about copywriting, called “Copywriting Software“. This comes also with PLR rights and with a rebrander, if you plan on selling it for money or giving it away for free with your affiliate links!

But I really like this because it helps me with the  sales letter writing, as it includes over 1,000 swipe files to combine, rework and flip the way you want.

I use this by six months, but I simply forgot to promote it, and right now is yet available for a little price.

Inside there are, as I said, over 1,000 swipe file where you can fill in the blanks. There are:

  • Headlines
  • Introductions
  • Questions
  • Call to actions
  • Guarantees
  • Newsletters
  • Subjects

All important parts of a great sales page or of a great newsletter. With this software you will never miss that word anymore, as this is what I call a “great idea generator”.

Copywriting Software” is huge for your personal use and for the growth of your sales pages and newsletters, but if you plan to sell it you can rebrand it and sell in any way you want, including resell rights, master resale rights and even for free just to build your list.

RPI Check Review

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RPI Check

Today I’m here to review “RPI Check” by Cliff Carrigan, a supreme video marketer with a lot of experience on the field.

What this software does, basically, is to determine the real authority of the video you are targeting. And it tells you the right steps you must do to go over that video, and place your one on top, to get huge results.

It automatically pulls the needed information from the authority site MOZ, to determine what you have to do to beat your competitors step by step.

By entering a video url, you will get all the social media information to know why it’s so powerful and why it ranks so well. You get a result going from “0” to “70”.

If “0” means it will be a joke to get its place on Youtube and Google, “70” will instead means it will be a hard battle. But the software helps you in any case, because you get the right plan to win over any real competitor you find on your way to profits.

In short, with “RPI Check” you can beat any video on Youtube with simple 7 steps that you can see also on the home page. This is pure gold for video marketers!

Instant Lead Magnets Review

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Instant Lead Magnets


Andy Brocklehurst is back with another huge product called “Instant Lead Magnets“, that gives you access to 3 complete products you can give away for free to build your list the simple way.

Consider it’s all automated, as YOU DON’T NEED TO EDIT ANY HTML. In fact Andy created an easy step by step software where you enter a few details to get your customized page to download. This is the easiest way I ever seen to create wonderful squeeze pages!

The three products are called:

  • Zero Cost Internet Marketing
  • Cash Building Strategies
  • Free Traffic Sources Directory

All the three products are exactly what people are searching for on the web, and all is configured to give you a lot of subscribers and to make a lot of backend sales, as inside the products you can also include your affiliate links.

There are no more excuses now with a package like this, coming from a huge marketer like Andy. In a few moments from now you could have your very own lead magnets gathering prospects on auto-pilot.

If you want to get this powerful set of “Instant Lead Magnets“, you have to be fast, as the low price won’t last longer, guaranteed!

Wiki Whisperer Review

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Wiki Whisperer

Today I’m here to review “Wiki Whisperer“, the new SEO software released by Cliff Carrigan to get huge backlinks.

I just wanted to get you in the loop about backlinks, as most people are seriously doing them completely wrong.

Maybe “wrong” isn’t the right word. Let me rephrase it… They are doing it the old way that has lost nearly 100% of its effectiveness.

Not long ago you could slam a few thousand profile or blog backlinks to point at a page and you would get some google love because they seen so many places linking to you that you must be legit.

But, they have caught on to that and now you could point 10’s of 1000’s of those links at a page and get almost zero benefit.

But when one door closes… another door opens! In this case, it is Wikipedia.

It has long been known and understood by the SEO big players that google trusts Wikipedia completely and will give an extreme amount of juice to anyone that Wikipedia links to, but the problem is that it has always been massively difficult to get a backlink from Wikipedia.

A friend of mine recently changed that! The whole sales page is basically a 7 minute video, and about 4 of those minutes are used to walk you through the actual “Wiki Whisperer” software, so go check it and you’ll understand why I am promoting this… and loving this solution!

*** Get my SUPER BONUS! You will get a copy of “Video Economy”, a guide to comprehend how to get the most traffic from the videos (including Youtube, Snapchat and more.)

Instant Affiliate Profits Review

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Instant Affiliate Profits


Today I will review “Instant Affiliate Profits”, a brand new idea in the world of marketing, because you get a package of ready reviews to create your profit-pulling product reviews.

Are you struggling to make headway in your affiliate sales? You know the typical strategy, right?

* Pick a product
* Buy it
* Create a review about the product
* Create follow up email sequence
* Get sales

Well, first of all you have to select the “right” sort of product. In other words, a product that is not only popular but has high conversion.

Then to make a good review, you would have to buy the product before creating a review about it, or asking a review copy if you know the seller.

Maybe you are okay (or not) with writing a review but making a review video can be quite challenging.

But can you imagine the real results a video review can achieve if published on the right time and with the right contents?

If you are struggling with review videos (or just don’t have the time to create them), I have good news for you.

There’s a ready DONE FOR YOU package of popular IM product reviews. This consist of:

  • 10 product review reports
  • 10 video product reviews
  • 40 follow up email sequences (4 emails for each product)

And the best news is that it is going to be less than $10, which is really a no-brainer.

Seems clear that this “Instant Affiliate Profits” it’s something out from ordinary, because you get the work ready for you. And remember, if you are no good in recording videos, you can outsource them on Fiverr, and it would be a joke!

Penny Clicks Academy Review

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Penny Clicks Academy

James Sides and Stephen Gilbert are giving us the real opportunity to learn everything about cheap paid traffic, with “Penny Clicks Academy“.

This is a in depth step by step video course that shows how to build highly engaged FB Pages into the 10s of thousands of fans for just a penny a like – and then how to take this community of fans and push them to your products and services for free with simple posts and organic daily reach.

This incredible and totally out from ordinary. Everything you heard about FB Pages is wiped out by this course, that shows you the truth about cheap FB likes. As cheap as you never seen before!

If you want to see how to achieve these results:

– 4464 Likes In 7 Days, For Just $32.09
– 3234 Likes In 8 Days, For Just $34.64
– 1119 Likes In 7 Days, For Just $33.45

This is the unique solution actually on market. So you can finally start to get awesome results from your FB Ads.

In short, “Penny Clicks Academy” is by far the most PROVEN, REVOLUTIONARY, “INSIDER” training that I GUARANTEE will take you to that next level… Even if you have: no experience, no niche, no contents, no products and a micro budget! Grab it now until the price is so low!

High Profit Products Review

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High Profit Products


Can you imagine selling $28,000 of a product that takes you only 3 hours to create? That’s what’s inside “High Profit Products” by Marlon Sanders!

Well, good news. Marlon Sanders has just released a guide that not only explains how he did just that. But also gives you the 12-steps to banging out your own product in 3 hours.

Here’s what you’ll discover once inside:

  • How to do it with free or dirt cheap.
  • Exactly how to get the right and profitable ideas.
  • The secret to raking in evergreen sales all year round.
  • Why product creation trumps other methods.
  • Why product creation is easier than you have been led to believe.

Prior versions of this guide sold for $100. But this brand spankin’ new version is on a dime sale so grab it before it goes up.

If you want to grow up as a product seller, and get the attention you deserve, this course will help you to grow together with your products. Only in this way you will be able to sell high-ticket products like chips.

I doubt he’ll offer it this cheap again. You better grab “High Profit Products” by Marlon Senders right now!