Shopify Blueprint Review

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Shopify Blueprint


Shopify Blueprint” is a complete training video course on how to sell on Shopify. More, you get also master resale rights on it, meaning you can resell the product as yours with a ready sales page included in the price.

I’m talking about 9 high quality videos where you can learn:

  • Shopify At A Glance
  • Getting Started With Shopify
  • Shopify Dashboard
  • How To Set Up Your Shopify E-Store
  • How To Identify Hot Selling Products
  • How To Create Buy Button and Shopping Cart
  • Launching Your E-Store
  • Other Money Making Ideas
  • How To Migrate Your Shop From Bigcommerce To Shopify
  • And much more.

Shopify is the best tool to run eCommerce sites, and no way for competitors, because it’s easy to use, fast to surf for your customers and manage orders and payments for you keeping you in a secure place.

You have just to pay for the item they order and ship it, nothing else. One of the most easy business ever.

Grab now your copy of “Shopify Blueprint” right now, and you will get my super mega bonus worth really $97, the price I asked for it 4 months ago.

** Grab my SUPER EXCLUSIVE BONUS! I’m definitely gone bonkers because I’m giving you a $97 webinar I recorded 4 months ago completely free with a $2.97 purchase… You will learn the top 10 niches to target on Shopify and the best info to get your store up and running in the best way ever.

Swipe Empire FB Edition Review

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Swipe Empire FB Edition


If you want to make big cash per day and turn that into consistent income, “Swipe Empire” is for you.

And if you want to get PAID UPFRONT while doing that, you really need to read my newsletter.

You see, the main reason why so many people fail to make any kind of money is because they pick a wrong business model. Nothing else.

They usually choose something that’s complex and that requires a lot of learning. What you need instead is something that’s easy to setup and run.

That doesn’t require upfront investment, and that is paying you right away.

And that’s exactly what you will get with this new “Swipe Empire FB Edition” that my friend Peter Garety has just launched.

It will eliminate the guesswork and will give you fast results, by giving you access to:

  • Swipe files of 50 HOT “in-demand’ products that are proven to sell on Facebook.
  • Swipe file of 50 Facebook Pages and respective stores that are selling those ‘in-demand’ products for massive profits.
  • Swipe file of the exact ad copy (text and image) for each of the products.

In short…

  • You get the products that sell.
  • You get the FB ads that bring traffic.
  • And you get the exact stores that are selling them.

This is an easy copy and paste series of FB Ads, full of value.

Just click the link below and get your copy of “Swipe Empire” for the early-bird discount.

** Get an EXCLUSIVE BONUS VIDEO recorded by me, and learn something new about… FACEBOOK MARKETING!

20 Dollar Enigma Review

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20 Dollar Enigma


Today I got a review copy of “20 Dollar Enigma“, an interesting video series about a Fiverr method that you can outsource, so you have no work at all to do on your own, apart say thanks and giving the download file to buyers.

Do you have any idea of what drives each and every one of us to make an online income? Take a simple guess… It’s our desire for what many call “The Laptop Lifestyle.”

It entails living a life that is the sum of two, simple factors: attaining financial freedom and doing very little or even no work at all to sustain your way of living.

My good buddies, Idrees, Ijlal and Saul Maraney have just released a brand new, proven system that will allow you to make an effortless $20-$40 per day, that in a month means $600 to $1,200.

All with almost NO work involved, or at least:

  • No experience required.
  • No techy stuff.
  • And no prior assets needed.

Just set “20 Dollar Enigma” up, and laugh your way to the bank. Don’t believe me? You don’t have to! See for yourself. And thank me later…

** Find my EXCLUSIVE BONUS VIDEO in the Warrior Plus download page, below the download button! You will discover a secret Fiverr gig to offer!

Fiverr Crusher Review

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Fiverr Crusher


My good friend Sasha Ilic released a new training called “Fiverr Crusher“, so for the second time in two days I’m here revewing another Fiverr product.

This course is based on 9 videos, that will guide you from account creation to gig setup, to customization to great strategies to sell a lot of gigs.

I restarted selling on Fiverr ten days ago, and I yet received 10 orders making $40 for me. Fiverr is a great platform, but I’ve forgotten it for some years after I was banned (ehm… I did a big error, so it’s justified they banned me.)

Anyway this course talks about a lot of things, including:

1) Introduction and creating account
2) Account setup
3) How to find a great niche?
4) How to find a Gold Mine?
5) Creating your first gig
6) Creating your gig promo video
7) Deliver your first order
8) Fiverr seller level’s
9) What’s next?

A lot of topics, tips and tricks coming from the huge experience that Sasha got on Fiverr, dealing with customers all days.

If you bought “20 Dollar Enigma” you can leave this where it is, but if you didn’t (and I know most of you didn’t grabbed it) it’s a great training product you can’t miss.

Give it a serious look, “Fiverr Crusher” is a really well done course!

** Find my bonus VIDEO in the Warrior Plus download page, below the download button! You will discover a secret Fiverr gig to offer your customers!

2016 Covert Black Friday Cash Review

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2016 Covert Black Friday Cash


I’m stunned. She did it again… And it could help you earn a boatload of cash as well: it’s Barb Ling’s “2016 Covert Black Friday Cash“.

You might know that on November 25th, Black Friday (and all its savings) hits the world as we know it.

Heck, Amazon is ALREADY opening a Black Friday portal! And my colleague, Authority Marketer Barb Ling, has just made it easy for you to profit from it via its own guide.

Barbara is known for always being the first to market and teach buyers exactly how to take a popular trend or holiday and build up their business, easily and so effectively.

As always, you’ll receive a meaty, zero fluff report that covers in precise detail just how you can set up your profit streams to maximize your Black Friday income.

That includes 8 different newbie-friendly techniques! But that’s not all…..

Because it’s a Black Friday product, the enhancements include over $200 off of Barbara Ling’s premiere masterminds (and I got them ALL during the years.)

Not to mention Black-Friday PLR, product creation resources, 501 Niches attuned to Black Friday and much much more!

There’s no time to waste – Black Friday will hit in only a few weeks…

And this easy-to-follow blueprint will have you leapfrogging over your competition, big time.

See for yourself the power of Barb Ling’s “2016 Covert Black Friday Cash“, and you will be happy about it!

** GET MY SUPER BONUS VIDEO with your purchase!

You will receive an email with the details after your purchase!

Turbo Bot Builder Review

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Turbo Bot Builder

My old time friends John Delavera and Jonathan Teng have just released their latest awesome and HOT software business package… called “Turbo Bot Builder“.

Here is a BRAND NEW HOT SYSTEM that fits your perfect description.

It is a ‘full software business in a box’ – AND YET… you don’t have to write, create, design, code or do anything to have a fully ready to launch business online right now…

This software is based on a HOT idea. It’s the easiest way ever to build a bot for Facebook Messenger and as you may know already bots are “on fire” today!

The package is offered with RESALE RIGHTS which makes the deal a no-brainer indeed!

Whether you’re a newbie or veteran, this IS good business sense. And it’s massively effortless to start selling it today!

You just download, add your name and order link and it is ready to use and sell as you please to make profit today.

It’s already done, you just have to get it and use it, also on your own, to take advantage of real bots for your own business.

You don’t have to waste any more time thinking up new ideas or creating anything or spending time and more money in outgoings.

This is already working!

This is the perfect bot builder system; no need to depend on other online services or pay more money for costly programmers who fail to deliver…

PLUS… YOU GET ALL SALES MATERIALS YOU NEED TO SELL IT! Everything you need to launch it is there for you! And “Turbo Bot Builder” is great also on a personal level, as taking advantage of bots is actually… priceless!

* Buying this software you will get MY SECRET VIDEO on how to test and try hundreds and hundreds of free bots in a hidden website!

Holiday Ecommerce Cheatsheet Review

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Holiday Ecommerce Cheatsheet

Today I want to review a new cheatsheet that was released by Sam England, called “Holiday Ecommerce Cheatsheet“.

This holiday season, consumers will go to spend… 600 Billion of Dollars! Can you imagine that? All spent in Christmas gifts, food, Christmas tree accessories and so on.

That being said… there’s MORE than enough cash flowing around for you to get your share! Sam England and Cristopher Pendergraft have found the “secrets” that the experts use to tap into this nearly unlimited supply of profits.

Truth is, ANYONE can profit from eCommerce in the holidays, even if you’re a complete newbie.

The “Kings of Arbitrage,” eCommerce experts have teamed up with marketing virtuoso Saul Maraney to bring you their exclusive tips and tricks that they have used time and time again to generate massive revenues throughout the holiday season.

They don’t normally release these powerful, life changing strategies… So, consider it an early Christmas gift!

Grab your copy today. Everyone else is getting theirs — don’t let ‘em beat you to the punch!

They don’t want this information floating around for too long, so they may take “Holiday Ecommerce Cheatsheet” down at any time. Don’t miss out!

* Buying this guide you will get ALL MY 2015 RELEASES FOR FREE! Find them on the Warrior Forum DL Page!

Instant Book Promotion Review

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Instant Book Promotion


Today I want to let you know about “Instant Book Promotion“, because I heard that one of Rob’s book clients got more than EIGHT THOUSAND (8,974) buyers sent to his book. They took five minutes to do a quick search on a certain social media site and typed a few things in…

And then the traffic started pouring in. They started seeing buyers actively viewing their book like they had never before.

And it took 5 minutes. The author did it simply by following what Rob is going to teach you in this guide, Instant Book Promotion. Inside, he is revealing:

  • This 5-minute trick to find where the competition is.
  • How to drive never-before-seen traffic to your book with such a simple technique.
  • It’s not about keywords this time! This technique uses a simple type of search to see where potential customers are hiding, and how to reach out to them.
  • And much more!

He covers everything you need to know and more. It’s a PDF with a video walkthrough showing how easy it can be to infilitrate your competition.

Right now, the price is super low. But it’s going up every four hours. And I don’t want you to have to pay more.

There are zero risks for you with “Instant Book Promotion“, as it offers 30 days money back guarantee, so why don’t you seriously think about it?


150 Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins Review

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150 Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins


Bitcoins are the money of the present and future. They go over countries, cultural differences and they can be sent everywhere without limits. That’s the real power of digital coins!

Today I launched my exclusive “150 Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins”, a super guide with more than 150 links to free websites where you can earn real bitcoins in exchange for your time.

There are services of every type, and you can be paid for:

  • Faucets
  • Pay To Click Sites
  • Completing Tasks
  • Creating Content
  • Answering Surveys
  • Tipping
  • Freelancing
  • Streaming Videos
  • Sharing Files
  • Getting Sales on Ad Networks
  • Gaming and Mobile Apps
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Auction Sites
  • Social Media
  • Selling on Forums
  • Revenue Share
  • Interest Payments
  • And more things!

You will become a Bitcoin expert, and no one will stop your earnings. Consider this. The first sold Bitcoin was costing less than $0.01 per coin. Now its value is over $640 each!

You can become a Bitcoin owner in your spare time, getting digital coins to spend on what you desire, or to convert easily into Euros, Dollars or Pounds with my secret method.

Grab your copy of “150 Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins” as soon as possible because the price is locked for only the next 3 hours!

Vidicle Review

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Vidicle” is the new video creation software by Andy Brocklehurst, a cheap solution to convert text articles into super videos with music and backgrounds.

This Windows compatible software is the easiest I’ve ever seen, as you only need to paste in your content, add a background image and audio, if you want. Just one click and you will get a ready video.

And you can post it to Youtube and Vimeo directly from the software, with the right keywords and the right description to get it on top of Google results for the desired keywords.

Andy is a good programmer, and this Vidicle is really a well done product that we were missing, because 9 times on 10 I see software really difficult to use. This instead is the easiest on market, and it’s really something special for anyone who want to convert some PLR contents that are taking digital dust on our hard drives into new action videos.

That’s why I recommend you to don’t lose this “Vidicle“. Because it’s a new wave of fresh air, and you can start using it in the next 10 minutes to start using the power of videos.