Holiday Profits Cheatsheet Review

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Holiday Marketing Power Cheatsheet

Barb Ling is back with her new cheatsheet, called “Holiday Profits Cheatsheet” and ready to change the way you look at holidays and festivities.

In fact every holiday is profitable, all over the world, and nothing it is like Halloween, created just for making profits… This is you first big festivity to target, right now that is the perfect time to be in line for a huge return.

But there are other big festivities to target, like Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 4th of July, Hankkah and much more if you look internationally.

As usual, you can stay updated on a lot of news coming to the biggest networks:

  • Latest Breaking Holiday Marketing News in forums, social media sites, Google and more.
  • 10 eMail marketing techniques for winter holidays.
  • 1,001 creative holiday marketing ideas.
  • 10+ crucial Black Friday marketing strategies.
  • 14+ awesome Halloween marketing campaign ideas.
  • Succsessful Black Friday marketing techniques.
  • And much, much more!

For the price it is sold for, this cheatsheet is really something useful you can keep on your desktop and go to check anytime you see a new festivity or holiday on horizon.

Holiday Profits Cheatsheet” is really a nice product for who is in business and want to make cash from the incoming holidays!

Color Harvest Review

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Color Harvest

Color Harvest” is a new collection of adult coloring designs to use in your own coloring publishing projects, including coloring them, reselling them in a pack or inside a membership, selling to coloring groups around the world or publishing them inside a book and much much more.

This package includes 75 new designs, all really well done and beautiful to color. I bought this package too with his OTO1 that includes 100 more designs.

I love coloring these drawings, and for now I’m buying these packages just for me, but there are so many things to do with these drawings…

Think about customizing them with the name of a company and selling them an exclusive book to gift their workers or to make advertising. This is a brand new idea I got right now, but there are countless other ways to sell them.

More, as you know – the holiday season is approaching and soon there will be a HUGE increase in demand for adult coloring related products for gifts. So it’s important to be ready in place with your collection.

Color Harvest” is the latest package created by Yuko Wakita, an experienced Japanese designer who loves to create new and stunning coloring designs for her customers. Grab your copy before the sale will be closed!

WP Traffic Up Review

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WP Traffic Up


There’s a new WordPress plugin that just launched and you will definitely want to check this out: it’s “WP Traffic Up“.

Due to recent changes made to both the Google Chrome and Safari browsers, the exit popups on your site no longer work. So, from what I read, around 75% of your visitors are not seeing your exit popups properly.

And this plugin comes at the right time, with a really aggressive price.

As visitors attempt to exit your site, any page you choose (even if you don’t own the site) will slide in using one of the 9 built-in animations.

What makes this unique and not like any other “exit intent” type software out there is that not only can visitors see a full page, but that page can even have an autoplay video on it.

This is the unique software that I know that has this kind of technology, that they call it “Autoplay Ready”. It’s a brand new technology.

Imagine how effective this will be in bringing in more subscribers or making more money when you can show people full page offers.

For example, if you are an affiliate marketer, you can place your affiliate link within the plugin and all the visitors will be shown an affiliate offer as they leave your site… It’s so cool!

Right now, it’s under $10 and includes access to a private Facebook group that will take life in the next few days.

WP Traffic Up” has a TON of value and everyone of you reading this should take advantage before the launch ends and the price doubles. This is the new way to do exit popups in a way Google loves!


ConnectAudience Review

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In Italy I’m preparing by a whole week to alert my list about how powerful this ConnectAudience is, and today I want you to know it too!

As effective as FB retargeting is, there’s been one big drawback until now. There’s been no way to easily build custom audiences based on how people respond to your emails.

Imagine how effective it would be if you could send one retargeting ad to someone who opened your email, and a different one to someone who didn’t. Your conversions would be off the chain.

Wilco de Kreij has come up with an ingenious solution to combine the power of an email autoresponder with FB Retargeting ads in one simple-to-use tool. It’s called ConnectAudience, and it’s about to change the face of both email marketing and retargeting forever.

Now, without lifting a finger, you can build laser targeted FB custom audiences based on how your email subscribers respond to your campaign. No exporting from your autoresponder and uploading to FB – ConnectAudience does it all for you without lifting a finger.

Because you can retarget your email list with such precision using ConnectAudience… your ad costs stay rock bottom and your conversions are sky high – leading to a MASSIVE return on investment for your ad dollars.

Plus, you can get special launch savings for a limited time, so be sure to check out ConnectAudience right now! ConnectAudience is not a gem, it’s way more!

Shiny Object Lemonade Review

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Shiny Object Lemonade


Lee Murray’s “Shiny Object Lemonade” show you a new way to get more affiliate commissions, a way you couldn’t have found anywhere, because it’s brand new!

The power in this book is to show you a method that really works, and that is different from whate you have seen until today.

In fact it shows you how to build a “Goal-centric Foundation Site,” which is just a fancy term for an “online journal.” In this blog you can teach your visitors how to reach the goals stated by the product you purchased.

It’s not just doing a review, but it’s showing if the method works or not. You have to blog about all of the steps they’re taking to reach these goals, for all the “shiny objects” your visitors could purchase from your link after seeing the methods illustrated work well.

Imagine the power your blog can reach… Stopping to publish the old reviews and instead showing if the method A, B or C works fine to make cash, to get on top of Google, to get clients and so on.

You can really get a lot of cash with this method, and all is shown you step by step by who is using this huge method to live a great life, Lee Murray.

If you can just overlook the bad language used inside the book, you can take a lot of advantages from this fresh “Shiny Object Lemonade“, guaranteed!

Free Traffic Masterclass Review

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Free Traffic Masterclass


Jeff Baxter is back with another cool product, called “Free Traffic Masterclass“, all about free traffic techniques to use in your daily business to get more leads and to sell more.

Once inside you will find a 56 minute video, where in short you will learn how to open your blog, how to create a funnel through it and how to drive 100% free traffic via Facebook, Youtube and free affiliates.

He will show you how he built a branded blog from zero, made to drive readers in. You will learn what your branded blog can’t miss, and are things that we generally overlook when we open a classic blog.

You will learn how to place a squeeze page inside your blog to get subscribers each and every day, and that is a genie’s touch I also overlooked… In short, this is a better training on how to run a blog to get results than anything I bought until today!

At minute 14:57 he starts talking about the funnel creation, and he talks about every step you need to complete the funnel in a strategic way to guarantee you not only subscribers, but also a good number of sales.

At 25:40 and till the end of video he talks about free traffic, the core module of this training where he presents three strategies about Facebook and Youtube.

The first technique shown tells you how to generate leads from internet marketing VIPs profiles, and it’s good. The second is a “FB Launch Strategy”, that is about how to get people to promote your funnel for free, or to get traffic to your affiliate offers too.

The third technique is about Youtube, and shows you how to get from 50 to 100 free subscribers into your list with ease. A really special method I never used on my own and that I will be happy to follow.

At the end, this is a really good video, made with care to show you Jeff Baxter way to profits, something that worked for him and that will work also for you.

Be fast to grab your copy if you are interested, because “Free Traffic Masterclass” will be available at $9.95 for only a few hours, then it will jump to $17.

Fantasy CPA Profits Review

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Fantasy CPA Profits

Seth Bias released “Fantasy CPA Profits“, a cheap cheatsheet that guides you on setting up an incredible strategy to earn from fantasy football players, a big targeted group of people.

Fantasy football is a huge 3 billion dollars industry that has seen no pause on its growth in the last years. And this method is really a wave of fresh air into the saturated world of CPA.

Inside the cheatsheet you will learn how Draftkings works, the best fantasy football provider, and you will get links to check for their news.

Then, you find links to 5 CPA resources where you can promote it and a list of sites giving you 45 ways to get traffic to your CPA offers.

For the price it’s sold, “Fantasy CPA Profits” is a gem, something fresh you can start doing today or tomorrow, that works like crazy.

Inside the OTOs, I recommend OTO2 that gives you access to 12 articles you can use on your blog to target the players of this digital game, a good idea to get more profits. Instead, I recommend you to leave on the table OTO1 and OTO3, not worth your attention.

Go now, before “Fantasy CPA Profits” closes its doors!

1 Hour Insta Profits Review

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1 Hour Insta Profits


Tyler Pratt is back with another really good guide about a 1 hour method able to send you commissions of up to $150 per day, called “1 Hour Insta Profits“.

The setup is pretty easy, as you can be ready to go in less than one hour to create a commission generating machine going automatically with the time.

This entire business can be scaled up easily to get whatever you want from your work, and it’s perfect for everyone involved with IM and affiliate networks.

If you are tired to work on a lot of methods that don’t give you what you are searching for, try this one and stick to it until it porduces your income day in and day off.

The technique is good, easy to be implemented even for newbies, and results are guaranteed. Try the power of “1 Hour Insta Profits” and let me know what do you think about it!

Targetr Review

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Joshua Zamora released a few days ago this “Targetr“, a software that allows you to extract interests for your FB Ads from your keyword search.

For example this morning I extracted a lot of leads that are interested in coloring books for adults, and now I’m ready to create an ad to sell my coloring books t-shirt to them. It’s so easy!

Yesterday I used this to promote an old affiliate campaign I did with success, and with only $10 of expense it brought in $32, with more than 300% of return!

After trying this I asked immediately the refund for “Smart Ads Builder” that is no good for my FB business. This instead is a state of the art software that acts just on “Interests” for your FB Ads.

A real gem because more targeted ads mean a lot of more success in terms of sales, signups, likes or shares, depending on what your ad is trying to achieve.

Easy to use because it’s online, give you an easy platform where you can generate your interests with only two clicks: one for the research and one to extract all the results in a text file.

This is a gem, don’t let this “Targetr” software go without trying it!

Word Search Book Creation Review

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Word Search Book Creation


Word search books are the new craze on Amazon’s Createspace store, and Andy came in our help with a new amazing guide on how to create them in the easiest way possible with “Word Search Book Creation“.

This 77 page guide turns yourself into an expert of word search books, guiding you from the creation phase to the CreateSpace publishing with ease, making the entire process easy and doable for anyone.

Imagine having your collection of Word Search gmaes that people can order from all over the world and play during holidays or free time. It’s pure genius, and you don’t have to write a word, because they are
generated by software automatically by inserting a simple list of words.

I love word search games, I’m a long date player and I will be happy to create them and selling them, as the process it’s easier that what I thought and really everyone can create his amazing books.

Imagine how beautiful is to create themed word search books about sports, recipes, characters, hobbies and so on…

This guide is complete because give you also the way to create your physical book and sell it on Amazon.

If you want to jump on this new train, it’s time to act! Grab “Word Search Book Creation” and start creating your wealth through word search books!