WP Clever Bounce Review

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WP Clever Bounce


What if I told you that with “WP Clever Bounce” you can instantly increase sales, revenue and visitor engagement from your site without getting more traffic or changing any content?

Hard to believe right? Well… keep reading.

Did you know that over 60% of your website visitors leave without taking the action you want them to take? This is called “bounce” traffic.

And today I want to share with you a little tool that is so clever that it actually knows where each one of your visitors should go to get the best possible result for you…

Here are some of the things you can do with this new WordPress plugin:

  • Instantly capture 50%+ of your bounce traffic and redirect it to any offer you choose.
  • Intelligently redirects the user based on their page, post, category or even sitewide location.
  • Increases your SEO ranking by massively reducing your bounce rate.
  • Offer your visitors a more personalized and customized experience, leading to more sales and revenue for you.
  • Instantly gain up to 90% of your visitors back and increase your earnings as a result (all fully automated!)
  • Enable or disable CUSTOM redirects for categories, and specific pages and posts.
  • Fully control external sites (non WordPress) from this plugin and redirect the traffic to whereever you like.
  • And much, much more!

Build your list on autopilot by giving away ebooks that “unlock” as soon as the user enters their email.

This “WP Clever Bounce” is really something different from the usual plugins we are used to see, and can give you a lot of advantages for a really low prie.

Coloring Profits V2 Review

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Coloring Profits V2


Today I will review for you the newest “Coloring Profits V2“, a collection of 50 coloring book designs: 25 mandalas and 25 patterns.

One of the easiest ways to create new adult coloring books is to use existing designs, and integrate them with other designs.

You don’t necessarily need to come up with your own designs; you just use an existing design as the basis, and let your creativity take over.

Easy right?

But how do you get high-quality designs that you can use as the basis for the rest of your designs? You can either create them yourself…but if you don’t know how to, that’s a bit of a hassle.

You can hire a freelancer to do it for you…but that can end up costing you $1000s!

So what do you do? The easiest, and most effective, thing to do is to invest in a pack of designs and resources that is already done for you!

That way you can just download them, and use them to create your own unique coloring books.

And that’s exactly what you can do with “Coloring Profits V2”, the second edition offering you 50 huge new coloring book designs!

It’s a massive pack of premium quality designs and resources that will help you easily create your next best selling adult coloring book.

One that you can be proud to put your name on! So check it out “Coloring Profits V2” right now, as it is on dimesale!

Video Bundle Genius Review

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Video Bundle Genius


Today I want to tell you about this newest “Video Bundle Genius” product, a new and interesting course on how to make money with Youtube ads.

When it comes to driving CONVERTING traffic to your offers, the competition can be so tough. And if you bypass the other million marketers waiting in line, it will STILL cost you an arm and a leg.

Meaning: even if you try your best and darnest, you are still NOT guaranteed to make a profit, but the expenses are just the sure thing.

If I offered you an unfair advantage, would you consider it ?

To be honest, this isn’t technically ‘unfair’, as you will still be playing by the rules BUT it certainly feels unfair to get red-hot targeted traffic for around a penny a click.

Howard Lynch and Frank Liu have just come out with this new product, which will take you by the hand and show you exactly how you can setup your very own Youtube Ads, something gorgeous.

Right now, it is being offered for a ridiculous LOW PRICE, and it is going to go up very soon. Check out this “Video Bundle Genius“, you won’t believe your eyes.

Copy & Profit Review

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Copy & Profit

Inside “Copy & Profit” Jani G and his student Ted Katz reveal the exact same funnel they used to build a list and make money in as little as 24 hours using only 100% free traffic.

In short, you get an exact copy of the SAME funnel that Ted used to make thousands of dollars in just a few days, following their clear instructions step by step.

All done for you! Now you have the big opportunity to grab their same funnel, prepared for you with all the offers, the pages and the things needed for a really little price.

Ready made funnels have a big value, and the fact they are tested put you in an advantage position, because it’s way better to get one working than creating a new funnel without knowing if it will convert.

Consider they were able to get over $1,400 in only a single week, and the fact they are using free traffic is even better, because after this purchase you have to spend nothing, zero!

Copy & Profit” is recommended to anyone who wants to experiment the power of a ready marketing funnel made for you, all inclusive and ready to create profits for you in a short time span.

$4.97 Over And Over Review

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$4.97 More And More

This “$4.97 Over And Over” will give you several different methods to start making $4.97 a day, many times per day.

If you repeat what you learn with this course, you can make up to $30 per day with a few little jobs. And it’s completely scalable.

These are methods the authors have PERSONALLY done and tested, so they know they work. And the good thing is you won’t need a website or any investment to start. It’s all completely free.

And even with $30 per day you can aim at $900 per month, an amount that can help you pay bills, pay TV and other things for you and the family. It’s really something good as a secondary income source.

More, it comes from an author that is really famous for providing REAL ways to earn.

Inside you will find 6 big methods, allowing you to start making these $30 per day without going crazy, as all the orders can be completed in minutes and without any previous knowledge.

This”$4.97 Over And Over” is a good news on the IM battlefield, because it’s something new and doable. In the past I earned with the methods of Tom E., and that’s why I really recommend this to you!

Adsassin’s Guide Review

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Adsassin's Guide


I was looking for a good FB Ads training beacause I got a job just on FB Ads, a thing I never dominated… And I found this “Adsassin’s Guide” written by Samuel Breeze.

Inside you will learn the 7 incredible ways to create Facebook Ads that DOUBLE your conversions and EXPLODE Likes. And I tell you these two things are not easy to be conquered on your own.

Getting likes and results from FB Ads has become increasingly difficult, not only for the competition, but for the continuous change of the platform. Consider last weeks I spent $60 in ads to get 3 likes! It’s crazy!

This is a guide good for total beginners and for people who have tried but didn’t got the expected results. It teaches you how to get started using Facebook Ads and also show you these 7 ways to get more powerful ads and conversions.

Samuel don’t stop there, as he also prepared a secret case study for you, guiding you through the process, so you can follow along at your own pace (without the need of complicated coding, technical skills or even a high budget…)

You can start from as little as $20 and see great results, guaranteed. “Adsassin’s Guide” is a new course to try if you always wanted to get FB Ads running and creating results for you.

Easy Profits P.I.E Review

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Easy Profits P.I.E.


Today I want to review “Easy Profits P.I.E.” by Amanda Craven, a really new and interesting guide for all marketers.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to be able to control the minds of your prospects and customers… More than that – how wonderful would it be if you could control their hearts as well?

You see, most marketers are missing the e-factor… And that ‘e’ stands for: Emotion.

Now before you think I’ve gone all warm and woolly on you, let me share with you some cold, hard facts. Emotion is the driving factor behind most successful marketing.

Scientific research shows that twice as many people buy through emotion than through logic…

So if you can tap into those emotions, just think how many more people would buy from you.

The trouble is, you need to access the right emotions. And those are not necessarily the ones you might pick. But luckily for you, Amanda Craven does know exactly which emotional buttons to press to turn more prospects into customers.

And so she should because she’s been a successful 6 figure marketer for years. Now she’s sharing some of her best kept secrets in her brand new course, “Easy Profits P.I.E.“, which teaches what is working right now based on proven scientific research.

No fluffy stuff here – just the techniques and strategies that turn browsers into buyers and put a whole lot more cash in your pocket in the process.

Click on the link below to discover more about “Easy Profits P.I.E.“, but be quick! This has just been released but it’s on dimesale and you know what that means: higher price!

Commission Toolbox Review

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Commission Toolbox

Today I decided to buy a copy of “Commission Toolbox“, and I’ve to confess that for 2 parts on 3 is not what I expected. In the sense I bet you know yet how to install a blog, how to build a squeeze page and how to use an autoresponder…

To find something really valuable I’d to skim over 25 pages of the guide until I found the section “Free Traffic”. There you will find some interesting links that can provide you completely free traffic but in exchange of some clicks done by yourself.

Then, at page 43 there are hundreds of free resources that you can use to generate even more free traffic, from less known social sites, web 2.0 sites, video sites, tutorial sites and so on. This list is pure gold, and you may activate one site per day to bring even more traffic to your site.

I can say this “Commission Toolbox” is made for the 60% by fluffy information you can find everywhere on the web, or that you know yet. But for the remaining 40% there are cool free traffic sites I never heard and that I can start using right now to generate way more traffic to my squeeze pages.

Once you have a big list you can start mailing, and you can count on a step by step training here, with screenshots.

At the end this “Commission Toolbox” can be useful, but only for the list of free traffic websites, and nothing else. Anyway, this got the WSO Of The Day…

Self Help Empire Review

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Self Help Empire


Today I launched with Stefano Del Grande my new Kindle course called “Self Help Empire“, all about how to create a winning self help book and how to sell it on Kindle platform.

This course includes a 42 pages guide created to help you understand each necessary step on how to launch a winning Self-Help guide. Inside the eBook we’ll talk about:

  • Ideas about self-help book niches (with over 50 topics.)
  • How to establish your credibility.
  • The best tricks about the genre.
  • The 3 steps to brainstorm your books.
  • Step-by-step process to create a Self-Help book (examples with chapters).
  • Self-help book proofreading and publishing explained.
  • 5 free and paid methods to start getting sales.
  • And so much more!

This is an excellent course which also shows you how to build a book from scratch chapter by chapter with real examples, links and methods to complete it professionally, from cover to description in a short time.

The OTO1 is all about starting a membership on Self-Help. It is comprised of actual techniques and ideas on how to become rich with your own membership. You will learn how to create fixed term memberships, or monthly memberships with contents for people in search of help in the self-help niche.

The OTO2 is a live webinar about the 5 most converting niches in the world of Self-Help. It can be real easy to miss the right sub-niche, but with our help your customers won’t miss their chance to publishing a bestseller.

This is your opportunity to be a part of something new and unprecedented. Something that will bring a wave of fresh air in the saturated Kindle niche market! Start now creating your first successful self help books with “Self Help Empire“!

Affiliate Edge Review

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Affiliate Edge


Today you can find on market a new guide called “Affiliate Edge” that will let you change your point of view on Amazon Associates commissions…

Erica Stone is one of my favorite product authors, because she release less than one product per month, and because she really tries on her own what she tells to her students.

By following her instructions you can start making Amazon commissions by leveraging one of Amazon’s biggest weaknesses, an area in which their site doesn’t help consumers find what they want.

You can fill that gap, rank well, and be helping consumers all at the same time! In short, this is what you will learn from “Affiliate Edge”, a really great guide to keep always on your desktop.

You will learn:

  • Why the “Edge” exists.
  • All the golden keyword research steps.
  • How to find the products customers can’t find.
  • The list of words to start searching.
  • Strategies to expand this business to a new level.
  • And much more!

The last good news is there are no OTOs, because all what she wanted to say canbe found on the main guide.

Affiliate Edge” is a huge tutorial that can really make the difference in letting you earn a dime from Amazon Associates. Go for this if you want to earn more!