Azon Arbitrage Secrets Review

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The Azon Arbitrage Secrets


Yes, selling physical products on Amazon is very easy thanks to “Azon Arbitrage Secrets” by Pete Bruckshaw. And you can do it with:

  • No product inventory
  • No start up money
  • No previous experience
  • No affiliate sites

This isn’t about making a few pennies here and there. Instead get ready to make bank in the high ticket niches of your choice.

And this is NOT about selling unbranded third world products either. You make the best money with household name products!

Pete Bruckshaw has put together an in depth step-by-step guide for you. It also includes copy and paste templates that will turn your own arbitrage dream deals into reality.

It took Pete from decade long deadly nightshift drudgery to a full-time online success. Let Azon Arbitrage Secret do the same for you, letting you sell many high-ticket and extra quality products for cash in exchange, on Amazon and eBay.

The price on this system is still low, but due to rise very soon. Check the count timer on “Azon Arbitrage Secrets” sales page to see if you can still get this at a bargain price!

Turbo Course Builder Review

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Turbo Course Builder


My friends John Delavera and Jonathan Teng have just released their latest awesome software business pack called “Turbo Course Builder“.

It is a full software business in a box, and you don’t have to write, create, design, code or do anything to have a fully ready to launch business online right now.

This is based on a HOT idea… It’s the easiest way ever to create an online course consisted by unlimited lessons, hence making it easy for you to monetize content and grab a piece of the eLearning revolution!

Whether you’re a newbie or veteran, this is good business sense. And it’s massively effortless to start selling your courses today.

You just download, add your name and order link and it’s ready to use and sell as you please to make profit today. It’s already done, you just have to get it and use it to make the sales you deserve.

You don’t have to waste any more time thinking up new ideas or creating anything or spending time and more money in outgoings.

There is also a discount for early birds that ends shortly, so be sure to secure your copy, because “Turbo Course Builder” is really a gem!

The PLR Playbook Review

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The PLR Playbook


My buddy Charles Harper has been creating PLR for years and is the voice behind lots of big PLR creators.

And now, he’s finally doing some of his own stuff with his newest “The PLR Playbook“. But what he’s doing today is going to be good for you. Really good…

In fact you can grab a 12 module course on how to use PLR products at your best, in a lot of cool ways. Here are the components of this huge package, that comes also with PLR rights too!

  • Sales Pages
  • Expert Interviews
  • Mind Map
  • Cheatsheet
  • 5,000+ Word Presentation
  • E-Book
  • Graphics
  • Banners

You get the possibility to finally comprehend how to use all the PLR you bought over the years, and also sell this amazing course to other people in need by earning cash by doing it.

The PLR Playbook” is really an awesome resource, and if you want to do more with PLR you bought in the past, or simply sell it as yours, grab your copy right now that the price it’s still low.

New Niche Challenge Review

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No one ever did it, but Jeff Baxter is sure of his methods, and on “New Niche Challenge” will show you how to make $100,000 in a brand new niche he never worked in. And the result it’s incredible!

Watch right over his shoulders as he finds a new niche, creates a digital product in under 14 days and takes it to the huge $100,000 mark…

Legally steal his 6 figure business launching strategies that will allow you to replicate and create your own empire from scratch, in any niche you want outside internet marketing.

You also get the exact blueprint revealing how he quickly created the sales pages in under an hour, training in less than 2 hours and get the entire product finished and ready to take payments in a couple of weeks, without knowing nothing about the new niche!

This is great for new internet entrepreneurs but also for internet marketing masters who want to try a new way to make cash from digital products.

The course is delivered through crystal clear videos, and you will be mailed anytime a new video becomes available.

This Jeff Baxter’s “New Niche Challenge” really stupified me, and it’s really a gem you can’t miss!

FB Events for WP Review

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Thanks to Matthew McDonalds “FB Events for WP” now you can stream your live events on your blogs, and this is an incredible news.

Get your audience excited about your next event by setting it up on Facebook and automatically streaming it to your Facebook Events Calendar on your websites. You can create events for:

  • Online Educators
  • Musicians
  • Bloggers
  • Churches and Pastors
  • Product Developers
  • Membership Site Owners
  • PLR Publishers
  • List Builders

And some of the events you can generate are:

  • Training Events
  • Lead Creation Events
  • Product Launches
  • Sales Promos
  • Live-Casts
  • Training Sessions
  • Membership Site Promos
  • Bonus Content

Using this simple plugin, you can have a Facebook Events calendar that automatically updates on your desired WordPress sites. You can place it on the sidebar, with a pocket version, or inside a post or a page with its awesome complete version, that includes title, date, photos and all the information you written.

This plugin is going to be priced at $79, but right now you can get a launch special price for single and unlimited domains versions.

Don’t miss this special pre-launch of “FB Events for WP“!

8 Minute Profits Review

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8 Minute Profits


Yesterday I got the news about Paul Prissick and Mark Barret’s new step-by-step training course that was going to be released this morning.

It’s called “8 Minute Profits” and now it’s live and available for a very low price, in dimesale. Just to be clear, when I say this method is different than anything you’ve seen… it really is. With this method, there’s:

  • NO Facebook ads
  • NO PPC
  • NO PPV
  • NO Solo ads
  • NO YouTube Videos
  • NO Offline Marketing
  • NO Search Engine Optimization

You have NOT seen this before… It’s a totally new traffic method and the way you quickly make $100+ per day with this is fresh, saturation proof, and it’s so simple.

Inside the course you will find:

  • Step-By-Step Video Training – Inside the video training you will comprehend how to get started with this powerful method, get traffic flowing quickly, and start making money with just a few minutes of simple “work”.
  • Fast-Action Cheatsheets – Their goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to start making money. That’s why they are including some “cheatsheets” to go along with the video training. This makes it easy to follow along and and stay plugged-in until you see success.
  • Over-The-Shoulder Real Life Case Study – Aren’t you tired of all the theory going around? I am too, and this is a clear case study for you created on their results.

To get all the details and lock-in a big discount, click the link below now to grab your copy of “8 Minute Profits“! You are going to love the contents and the strategies shared by the two authors!

Azon Conversion Booster Review

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Azon Conversion Booster


Today I finally released “Azon Conversion Booster“, a WordPress plugin that allow you to add unlimited buy buttons to your review posts.

Each button will direct your visitors to your desired affiliate offer.

If for example you are promoting a gardening book, you will select it from many affiliate networks like Amazon, eBay, Barnes & Noble and more to give your customers the opportunity to check the prices on web for that item, so they will see you are not interested in the sale but only on giving customers the best service.

This is clearly the best way to sell more affiliate products, because customers can choose where they want to purchase the product in your review. They can choose the best price, or simply order it from their favorite place.

This WP plugin has been created by giving you the power to create your best buy buttons, customizable in every thing, including any colors you like, any text and any affiliate link you want to promote. What the user gets is a different experience from what he/she was used to see online.

Check my video on sales page to see how easy it is to use this powerful “Azon Conversion Booster” plugin, and start getting big checks at the end of each month!

Rapid Content Cash Review

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Rapid Content Cash


Rapid Content Cash” is the new guide launched by Garry Sayers, something interesting for all writers and authors around the globe.

There’s always a huge demand for content you create, and this is a cool strategy that can guarantee you more cash at the end of each month. Inside you will discover:

  • How to get the right mindset required to do the job at your best.
  • How to create content fast, cranking out great articles, reports and ebooks.
  • How to select the right niche fast and without any trouble.
  • 7 ways to earn with your writing in 24 hours only.
  • How to set your goals the right way.
  • The 4 pillars of perfect content, to be able to write up to 5,000 words in 3 hours only.
  • How to get sales even without subscribers on list.
  • A common error to avoid to stop your profits flowing.
  • How to earn rapid cash from your writing even if you are not a writer!
  • And much much more…

Earning with your texts is easy, even in your spare time when you don’t have the energy to write a new book from zero. With the techniques inside “Rapid Content Cash” you can really set up a new earning system!

Mailit Review

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Mail It


Do you know you can fire your autoresponder email services to get more opens, more clicks and make more conversions?

This is what the new “Mailit” promises, and I know for sure it’s true. In fact I used for many years an autoresponder on my server, but it had a huge flaw… it didn’t have the “auto send” feature to send emails in future…

But now that there is a brand new autoresponder to install on WordPress, and as it’s made by a master of plugins like Brett Rutecky, I can’t resist and I jumped in.

In addition to learning how to make more money with each one of your email, you’ll be able to lock-in the lowest price possible on the “MailIt” plugin if you act right now without waiting anymore.

Consider I’m paying $49 per month for a list of 3,000 people, so this is a ground-breaking opportunity for you if you want to run your list on your server.

If you want an advice from who did it before you, remember to use a sending service like Amazon S3, Mailjet, Mailgun or others that cost a few dollars and guarantee you the absence of problems. Inside the membership you will find a tutorial video about this.

Grab your copy of the “Mailit” plugin right now, and start mailing your own list without all the typical limits and bad surprises of big name autoresponders!

Ultimate Youtube Cheatsheet Review

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Ultimate Youtube Cheatsheet


Sometimes the best stays in the cheap things, and this is the case of the “Ultimate Youtube Cheatsheet” created by my student Mauro Leoni.

It’s well done, and it includes many interesting links to know everything about Youtube, including:

  • Video Creation Tools & Tutorials
  • Youtube Ranking Techniques
  • Youtube Loopholes, Hacks and Tricks
  • Curiosities
  • Monetization Strategies
  • And more…

This is a pocket cheatsheet to keep on your desktop and to access everytime you want to learn something new about the most used video network of the world.

Youtube was the first video social network before many tried to copy its idea. It’s an evolving thing that every few months add something new or change something other. That’s why it is so important to stay updated on every technique you need to place your video before competition.

Thanks to this cheatsheet you can stop wasting your time searching for information to dominate YouTube. By purchasing this “Ultimate Youtube Cheatsheet” idea you’ll have everything you need to start your Youtube adventure, or get way more views to your actual Youtube videos!