FB Traffic Enigma Review

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FB Traffic Enigma


If you need traffic for your online business I bet you wouldn’t refuse an extra 100 dollars per day in profit with a new crazy video course called “FB Traffic Enigma“, right?

I’m sure that you’ve tested a lot of different traffic sources, like I did too! The ugly truth is that converting cold traffic into sales is not easy. That’s why you have to work SMARTER, not HARDER!

Luckily, my buddies Aidan & Art are sharing all of their traffic SECRETS inside their newest course today.

If you want to discover ALL of the underground hacks and tricks they use to generate Laser Targeted Traffic on demand in ANY NICHE – you’re in the right place.

If you follow the steps outlined in the video series, you will be able to really generate a lot of traffic with just 20 minutes of work over Facebook.

If you want a hint, you will learn the art of branding yourself and how to use your FB group and others to get interest and sales. It’s something huge that crosses with a lot of additional techniques I never used before
on Facebook.

Is it worth your time? If you need traffic and sales, of around $100 per day, the method shown on the “FB Traffic Enigma” videos is really doable.

Making Money with Pokemon Go Review

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Making Money with Pokemon Go

A brand new cheatsheet is live, and it is the newest “Making Money with Pokemon Go” by Barb Ling, that includes a lot of ways in which you can start earning with Pokemon Go.

There is a secret way to promote this game, and many other ways including an offline marketing way to sell the system to shops in search of more customers.

Everyone on planet is joining this Pokemon craze, and a couple of days ago it arrived in UK and Italy plus a lot of additional European countries. If you want to jump on this right now and make the most out of it, this cheatsheet will give you all the keys to start without waiting another second.

Barbara Ling is not new to these cheatsheets, and from them you can take out a lot of information that are not easy to be found online.

Even if this document is just a one single page cheatsheet, the value you can find inside is really phenomenal, with a lot of links to serve local stores and earn your dime, and to offer the right services to online customers.

Go to check “Making Money with Pokemon Go” now, as the price is going up with no pause since two days ago, and he touched today the 1,200 sales!

Magic Tube Rankings Review

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Magic Tube Rankings


Yesterday I followed my friend Arun Chandran suggestion and I purchased a copy of “Magic Tube Ranking“, a super video course created by Alaa Khassa, a great video marketer.

Inside the course download page you will find a total of 9 videos that will guide you step by step in creating the perfect video and ranking it in Google’s first page.

This is something you never seen, something amazing because Alaa is able to rank any video in just a few minutes! And that’s what I see right on screen…

This is a 18-year old guy who is literally dominating Youtube, and that in just 10 minutes can rank videos on top… This course is something you must try, as he overdelivers explaining his method.

Imagine being able to rank your product review videos, your sales videos or just tutorial videos for growing your authority and branding. This is so cool that I didn’t asked a review copy… I bought this myself!

Start getting more recurring revenue for your videos, I guarantee this course will clear you any doubt and help you finally ranking whatever video you want for the keywords you desire!

Grab now your copy of “Magic Tube Ranking” and start ranking all that videos you never been able to rank before!

When Evil Lurks Review

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When Evil Lurks


Hannibal, Darth Vader, Dracula, Jaws, Joker and many many more… If you are like me, you love movies with a good villain, and this “When Evil Lurks” guide will help you a lot. You know, the one who seems unbeatable.

Truth be told, most fiction readers – from Romance to Mystery to Thriller and back – also want to see their hero face off against the most well thought-out, dastardly nemesis possible.

Unfortunately, most of us spend our best creativity on the hero, and the plot. The villain gets our leftovers.

It’s human nature. I myself struggled with this myself in a so bad way!

So after my editor pointed this out countless times, I took the time to find out and master how the Greats create such memorable villains.

In “When Evil Lurks”, my mastermind buddy Bolaji O. has pulled back the curtain, and is sharing how the greatest stories create absolutely timeless villains.

I love this course.  I think you will, too. Doors just opened on this yesterday. Click here to learn more: “When Evil Lurks“.

Pokemon Go PLR Articles Review

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Pokemon Go PLR Articles


Pokemon Go is the new niche to target. It’s something who will stay between us for a lot of times. Yesterday I launched my cheatsheet, and some hours later even Arun Chandran launched his own “Pokemon Go PLR Articles“.

It’s a set of 5 articles going from 549 to 1,248 words. They are titled:

  • Pokemon Go 101: Understanding the Basics
  • 4 Ways to Accelerate Your Fat Loss with Pokemon Go
  • 6 Pokemon Secrets No One Is Telling You About
  • Discover How Pokemon Go Helps Ward Off Depression and Anxiety
  • Is Pokemon Go The Answer to Fighting Childhood Obesity?

A set of articles so recent and powerful that can really call traffic your way, a traffic that can be turned in profits all the way.

Yes, because people is not only crazy about Pokemon Go, but also about Pokemons collectible things! And remember online there are thousands of articles written every day that you can rewrite in your own way and add to your site too.

That’s why my suggestion for you is to grab this “Pokemon Go PLR Articles” as soon as you can, and open your blog with them! Or if you prefer create your new book with the articles and use it for building your list. There are countless way to profit from the Pokemon Go craze!

Pokemon Go Cheatsheet Review

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Pokemon Go Cheatsheet

Today I released the new “Pokemon Go Cheatsheet“, to let you know everything about the huge new niche created by the Pokemon Go app.

Inside you will find:

  • The Top 14 News Websites About “Pokemon Go”.
    Receive every day the news from 14 links we have selected for you (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google, Google News, Google Trends, IGN, Mashable, TechCrunch and GameSpot.
  • Latest Updates
    To stay updated on the news touching the evolving world of Pokemon Go.
  • Training
    If you want to create a new resource about Pokemon Go, or you want just to know more about it, here are the most recent game trainings.
  • Curiosities
    All the things no one ever told you about this new game.
  • Crazy Things
    Since the game came out on the market, a lot of things are happened. People go around like crazy to find those new Pokemons, and while doing that happens to find dead people, to fall into a pond and a lot of additional crazy things.
  • 5 Ways To Earn With Pokemon Go
    Discover the best way to earn a dime thanks to the new Pokemon Go. Ideas you can use starting today.

This is new, hot and people are going crazy about it. This “Pokemon Go Cheatsheet” is the right way to know in ten minutes what’s happening in this huge new niche!

Fyre Poster Review

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Fyre Poster

Today I review “Fyre Poster” by Thomas Witek, a good product that allows you to post your updates on how many FB groups you want.

Have you wondered how some people are able to rake in money from Facebook without spending money on paid ads?

The secret is group posting software, but typically this type of software isn’t cheap. In fact most charge monthly fees.

That is until now…  Now you can get your hands on the same powerful automation software the gurus are using without having to pay monthly.

Imagine being able to post your new article to 50, 100 or more FB groups at once… How many visitors will you get to check it? And the same applies to affiliate product reviews, videos, webinars, contests and so on!

But you have to hurry because this offer will only be available for a limited time before they start charging monthly like the others.

And right now it’s on a special early bird deal that’s ridiculously low. I have no idea how they can even offer it at this price…

The good news is you’ll also be getting some pretty incredible fast action bonuses if you get in now during the early bird.

Get this “Fyre Poster” right now for the lowest price available, and you’ll thank me after, when you start seeing the results soon!

Elite Money Machines Review

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Elite Money Machines

There’s a new course that Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett have released that’s called “Elite Money Machines“. I know you probably grabbed it yet, as this sale has gone over the 2,000 sales today, but this is worth your attention.

In fact you can get your hands on this simple method for $2k paydays right now. To be clear, this isn’t some method you’ve seen before… In fact it has nothing to do with many of the things we hear every day.

You don’t want to fight over a few measly affiliate commissions here and there and you want to plug-in to a method that can put thousands of dollars in your pocket in just a few short days. And if you are tired of spending money on training that doesn’t work, and you’re ready to finally start making money, this is the right way to follow.

This method is simple, proven, and it works like crazy. To see all of the proof and testimonials and discover exactly what this method is all about, I recommend you to give a look to the sales page.

Right now, you can get your foot in the door on this easy $2k method for less than $8. But, you better hurry. The price is increasing with every sale, so you don’t wait. Click the link below now and get “Elite Money Machines” for next to nothing!

Affiliate PLR Premier 2.0 Review

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Affiliate PLR Premier 2.0


My friend Eleanor Ruse released her “Affiliate PLR Premier 2.0 Membership” and it’s only going to be available for 7 days in a spectacular Summer Sale.

I wanted to give you a heads up about this because what is on offer is simply incredible value for money, and for every affiliate or internet marketer on planet.

Eleanor is well known for her great PLR packages and she’s going to open up her brand new membership platform so you can get an endless content stream direct to your computer!

Inside you will find hundreds of articles about internet marketing, including over 101 articles and a lot of materials, graphics, websites and more for a lot of other rich niches you can start targeting.

Her membership is usually closed or a monthly fee but for 7 days only you can get access to this incredible value deal for a fraction of the usual price. In fact instead of paying $37/month you will pay $37/year!

The prices will increase on the 15th of July so I wanted to let you know well in advance so you can jump on this in time without losing so much quality for a low price like this.

For PLR content and affiliate campaigns, “Affiliate PLR Premier 2.0” is the best membership out there so make sure you grab your spot before they are all gone!

Wiki Submitter Review

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Wiki Submitter


Get ready, “Wiki Submitter” is live and it is ready to change your SEO and get your site ranked well!

BIG TRAFFIC will hit your sites and videos soon as you start using wiki links to rank your sites BECAUSE Google simply can’t ignore them… It’s huge!

There are services out there that do something like what this software does, but you could pay really a lot of dollars to use their wiki sites to shoot your sites up the search engines.

But now you can easily do it yourself without using any extra service at all, when you grab this Wiki Submitter.

It’s an amazing new automated SEO tool that helps you make cash by ranking your sites and videos with the click of a few mouse buttons!

Go here right now and finally start getting all the traffic you want. But it’s also possible to sell this as a SEO Wiki service to your own clients too.

The price for “Wiki Submitter” PRO version is still low, and you can get a huge advantage from this little but powerful software!