2016 Stock Images Bargain Bounty Review

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2016 Stock Images Bargain Bounty


I’ve seen this “2016 Stock Images Bargain Bounty” unbelievable offer a couple of times now and because it is of such high value, I just had to share it with you…

If you’ve been spending endless hours of time seeking that perfect image for your ebook cover, your blog posts, and infographics, or basically any other marketing material need, your search is over forever.

Normally, I’m not easily impressed by seemingly “cheap” stock photography, but this deal darn near knocked me over.

Right now, you can grab 10,000+ royalty-free, stock images and another 3,000 mouthwatering media assets that you can use for anything you want for an incredibly low price.

Yep, you got that right… less than the cost of a good pepporoni pizza!

Even if you only use one image, you easily will be saving yourself plenty of cash in (royalty-free) image license costs, not only that is could be saving you thousands of dollars or more in possible lawsuits that might occur if you use images that you “think are ok.”

My recommendation is to grab this awesome “2016 Stock Images Bargain Bounty” right now, because the price is really low, and you get back a huge set of top quality images!

Azon Hot List Builder Review

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Azon Hot List Builder

If you want one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your Amazon affiliate earnings, then take a look at this new plugin called “Azon Hot List Builder“.

This plugin allows you to easily add a list of the Best Sellers, Hot New Releases, Most Gifted and Most Wished For products from any category or sub category on Amazon.

Why is this so powerful? Well, these products are clearly the products that are in the highest demand and are the product your website visitors are most likely to buy.

This leads to higher conversion rates and more Amazon commissions for you! The plugin will automatically:

  • Add a list of the best sellers, most wished for, most gifted and hot new releases.
  • Add your affiliate link to each product.
  • Format the list for you.
  • Add buy buttons for each product.
  • Update the list and prices daily.

All you need to do is paste a code into your post or page and the plugin takes care of everything for you!

It doesn’t get much easier than that. So go add this “Azon Hot List Builder” plugin to all your sites and starting seeing your affiliate commissions rise!

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: “Azon Paleo Diet Riches”, a complete niche pack for dominating the paleo diet niche!

Vinci3D Review

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Vinci3D” is revolutionary technology that creates fascinating 3D intros, deluxe 3D logo animations, and incredible 3D outros in just a few minutes.

These 3D graphics instantly grab visitor attention, engaging them, and building trust, all key factors of a powerful video.

Video has become the most powerful way for businesses and marketers to sell and engage with their target audiences online. But this is not just about having a video…

Video is an online reflection of your business and visitors judge your business based on experience from watching your video.

All it takes for your visitor to turn away from your website forever is a bad first impression caused by a non-appealing video.

If you think for a moment at how much we’re surrounded by 3D, including televisions, VR headsets, 3D movies and so on… it’s clear the next step was creating awesome 3D graphics. And people love them! Get viewers attached to your video anytime you have something to show them!

With “Vinci3D” software you can start making 3D animations in minutes. And the results are wonderful, and you can use them for yourself, or sell them on many networks like Fiverr, Freelancer.com, Upwork.com and so on.

3 Minute Journals Review

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3 Minute Journals


Today I got the news Amy Harrop and Debbie Drum were going to release a huge new software called “3 Minute Journals“.
One of the best things about being a writer and publisher is the ability to deliver what people want. And one of the hottest niches that audiences are craving right now
are interactive books like journals.

Journals are hot-bestsellers in a huge variety of niches such as:
● Self-help
● Religious study
● Creativity
● Recipes
● And much much more!

Amy Harrop and Debbie Drum have removed the barriers to publishing print journals with their innovative new software and training: “3 Minute Journals”. You can now publish print journals incredibly quickly and reap the profits!
With “3 Minute Journals” software you can:

● Create print-ready journals in as little as 3 minutes.
● Access the training which reveals how to easily include compelling artwork elements like borders and images.
● Prepare your journal for print and get it published fast.
● Tap into the provided best-selling journal topics and examples.
● Discover the fastest and easiest ways to get your journal the most exposure.
● And much more!

See how easy it is with the new “3 Minute Journals“!

PinTrender Review

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Pintrender” by Erica Stone is great for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers who would love to take advantage of affiliate links on Pinterest.

Yes, because Pinterest allowed again its users to post affiliate links again! You will learn about:

  • The right and hottest niches to target.
  • How to plan your boards (this is pure genius!)
  • How to increase your pin engagement.
  • How to get people to see your pins.
  • How to use affiliate links without any risk.
  • The secret list of 30 affiliate programs.
  • How to find trending things to promote and post.
  • The Pinterest Board Planning to automate your boards.
  • And much much more!

Over 60 pages of useful contents to become masters of Pinterest and make cash with affiliate products the right way, without getting banned.

I read all the guide yesterday with pleasure and I started my gardening account, yet with 25 new boards and hundreds of beautiful images.

More, you get access to an affiliate program list for many niches, to start promoting from day one, and to the “Board” document where you can set up you first 25 boards (20 serious and 5 funny.)

If you want to start making sales via Pinterest, “Pintrender” is the best guide. All the rest is… nothing!

InstaViral 2 Review

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InstaViral 2

Good products like “InstaViral 2” don’t come out oftenly. That’s why today I want to talk about it. Social media websites attract a lot of traffic these days. I won’t be wrong to say that they are almost all of the web.

The trouble is it’s not easy to get that traffic. You will need to update multiple accounts over multiple social networks, all at once, and make sure all of them are supplied with content on regular basis.

But now with this new software you can create viral images on 100% automatic mode, and then posts them to 15 high traffic websites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Mobypic, Flickr, WordPress and more.

This will help you in the following ways:

  1. Get you more free traffic from social media websites.
  2. Create automated content to power your social media presence.
  3. Get you more likes and engagement on your accounts.
  4. Get you higher rankings and more organic traffic by creating quality backlinks that help you rank higher.

There’s nothing else that parallels InstaViral in power or reach, plus it’s totally hassle-free and hands-free. Just set it up once and it works on autopilot.

InstaViral 2” is the powerful solution you need to create more visual contents to get back a huge traffic.

Flipp.Me Review

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Yesterday I saw a lot of people promoting this “Flipp.Me” product, and generally when I see so much people promoting I never promote because everyone knows about that release and I come late!

Instead after I bought it, I’ve saw I’ve to tell you about that. It’s a technique to sell products that come from Fiverr on Etsy, and it’s well done with a lot of videos and traffic techniques.

It’s one of the easiest techniques I’ve ever seen in the last few years, and when I saw it I thought it was too easy to make over 2,000 sales in less than a day. But if you look at this opportunity from the “business-man” angle, it’s literally huge.

You will see which products you can search on Fiverr, not only digital, but also physical! And you will learn how to put them on sale over Etsy, and how to be sure to start selling in a short time.

The technique works? Sure it works, because Etsy is a network where the buyers are artists and people who love art, not internet marketers. Etsy is a great marketplace, I bought a lot of things from it (including biscuits cutters, art of famous movies and so on…)

If you want to grab a copy of “Flipp.Me“, you will get a good product with a really solid strategy. You can’t miss if you will follow the step by step videos inside!

12 Minute Books Review

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12 Minute Books


Today I present you “12 Minute Books” by Matt Rhodes, a great new idea that allows you to create brand new books in around 12 minutes. This guide turns the book creation process into a snap.

You will get many ideas about what to write, and you will really see there are thousands and thousands of different opportunities in our every day’s life to choose.

These books are easy to write and easy to sell, and Matt will give you the best topics where short books are much appreciated, with the 7 specific categories it’s better to target.

Think for a moment about how many choices there are in front of you: you can choose to write about something you love or you know really better, or start writing about something you don’t know to discover it on your own. There could be trainings for anyone, including kids and adults. This niche is really huge…

Thousands of books of this type are sold just on Kindle marketplace each and every day. But you know there are a lot of other book marketplaces too, like iBooks, Nook and so on.

You will also learn about the right pricing, and with these “12 Minute Books” Matt is earning $304 per book per month. Knowing this, how many of these books will you create? I bet a lot!

Affiliate Video Sites Review

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Affiliate Review Sites


Paul Nicholls presented this “Affiliate Video Sites“, a product that show you how to earn $30 per day thanks to your review website.

This program show you everything from the basics to advanced tricks, and the good thing is you need no previous experience, no skills, no lists or products and no traffic headaches (yes, you have heard right!)

Paul Nicholls owns a huge network of product reviews, and you can really learn everything you need to start getting results since the first few days.

If you can find 20 minutes a day to stick with this method, it will work for you and you can start building your first basic income. When you reach the $30 per day, you can literally skyrocket your business just by getting a few more traffic to your site, following Paul advices.

Another cool thing of this training is that you will learn how to record video reviews in two different ways, and you will find also some example videos with the links to get the free software used.

Affiliate Video Sites” is a really well done WSO, it doesn’t cost a lot and right now is around $5. Get this professional video course and start reaping the benefits of your first review website!

Live Leap Review

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Live Leap

Recently FB opened up it’s LIVE video streaming service, and it’s the fastest growing platform of its kind on the planet. People are spending 3 TIMES as much time watching these live feeds as any other type of online video.

Which makes this the ultimate profit machine, if you know how to cash in. Got a smartphone or an internet connection? It’s all you will need. This “Live Leap software and training takes FB Live and turns it into a cash­spitting monster.

Brought to you by 2 EXPERT software developers who’ve tested this thing from start to finish, and the proof is all over the page. Simply put, this is THE best way to cash in with FB starting RIGHT now. You can talk, show products, make reviews or whatever you prefer on FB Live. And this really amplify your success.

During launch week, there are some INSANE bonuses included that will help you take this to the very next level, including live training and a VIP FB group access, so make sure you get on board while you can!

And remember, when Luke Maguire releases something, it is pure gold! (Instamate is my favorite, but this “Live Leap is incredible!)