International Disruptor Review

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International Disrupter


We all know the power of Bitcoins, right? And a couple of days ago James Renouf released “International Disruptor“, his new course showing how to open your bazaar of digital and physical products inside the Bitcoin world.

The good thing is people are buying like crazy to be part of this new movement, and you don’t have to pay commissions to Paypal or eBay like you do normally, as the sales are free of charge.

You can sell your garage stuff, undesired items, or your ebooks, courses and files. And think about the price of the currency: it’s going up without a pause, and since 2015 the value has grown almost three times.

Selling on a portal accepting only Bitcoins and without paying a cent for your auction is something awesome, if you add that you will be earning Bitcoin, this is just something huge.

You can convert them in dollars with a free service like or, so it’s like selling in dollars, or you can keep them away hoping they will go up over time.

This portal has a lot of traffic, and from today you can start experiencing a new way to sell, a place where Bitcoin possessors love to stay, surf and buy.

Make your move with this awesome “International Disruptor“!

G.A.I.N. Review

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Are you still struggling to get new leads with free baits? This “G.A.I.N” course released by Britt Malka will help you.

You can’t sell anything until people get to know you. The free products you give away to add new leads to your list are seen as worthless. So what do you do?

Most people build that squeeze page, set up a free bait, send traffic, and hope against all odds that new subscribers will value the gift, open your mails and allow you to build trust between you.

And when that trust is in place, you can finally sell to your new list member. But alas, in most cases, IF the person signs up at all, he doesn’t care enough for his “gift” to open the mail.

Which means you have no way to obtain that relationship you want. Unless you follow the blueprint that Britt Malka has come up with.

You can read all about that and how she had a 74.85% opening rate and made $112.36 to a tiny list, and much much more.

If you’re tired of struggling with low opening rates and lack of sales, then this method will be a nice fresh breath of air on your list.

Remember, no pain… no “G.A.I.N“!

Endless Content Formula Review

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Effortless Content Formula


Nathan Zadworny is back, and I’m so excited to bring this “Endless Content Formula” to your attention!

This is a video course, made with one 30 minute video, PDF transcripts and slides. And if you want you can also download the video for offline viewing.

What Nathan reveals inside this course is how to grow an audience via the creation of wonderful contents. Here is what you can learn inside the amazing video:

  1. The Automatic Idea Secret
    Thanks to this idea you can generate upwards of 30 exciting content ideas every single day in as little as 15 minutes… with almost no effort!
  2. The Idea Expansion Matrix
    How you can turn your new ideas into epic content masterpieces that will compel your followers to like, comment and share with others.
  3. The Content Skeleton Key
    So you will know exactly what formats to use for each new content piece you make, so you can maximize audience growth and engagement every single time.

This is an in-depth training so you can become a master of the entire method in no time flat.

This will get your mind working better to create state of the art contents that your followers will love. Jump in right now and start using the methods outlined by Nathan, and you will see a growing audience, day by day!

That’s how the pros – Vaynerchuck, Brogan, Garst – are everywhere nowadays: they use the power of contents! They take an idea and adapt it for maximum reach and impact, and now you can do it on your own!.

Keep doing it, keep getting better. Keep listening to yourself. Keep listening to your audience. And look after them. That’s the real key!

Endless Content Formula” is a fast, fun and simple method that gives you huge results!

Easy Publishing Profits Review

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Easy Publishing Profits


As one of my valued subscribers I wanted yo let you know about this new “Easy Publishing Profits“. It’s an exciting and genuine method of earning $162 per day, virtually passive income by publishing short simple videos on… Udemy!

Watch Theo McArthur demonstrate how her income has increased from $33 per day to $162 per day with no more than 15-20 minutes work a day.

t details the exact steps required to create a simple product, publish it on Udemy and get tons of sales without ANY advertising and without any outlay. Everything is broken down step-by-step to show the user the easy way to pick a profitable niche and the EASY way to create a product (the way Theo does it).

To make sure every step is covered, you get 18 video tutorials and a 36-page report that will guide you in a step by step way to the final objective, that is launching professional Udemy courses in literally no time.

As an added bonus for my subscribers I’ve managed to secure a special “Getting Started” webinar for those of you who decide to make the small (but potentially life changing) investment in “Easy Publishing Profits”.

Simply email your receipt to to claim your place on the webinar!

Try the power of “Easy Publishing Profits“, and you will be stupified about the results you may get on Udemy, with your new video courses!

Commission Siphon Funnel Review

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Commission Siphon Funnel Review

Yesterday I bought this “Commission Siphon Funnel” just because I was curious, and it is a great course!

Once inside you will find 5 videos for a total length of 1 hour, all good contents, tips and tricls and gems coming from Jason Fulton and Saul Maraney experience.

You will learn how to build a new list from zero, and how to sell to that list just from the first click they do on your website. It’s something new, as I never saw this type of funnel before.

You will learn, in an easy step by step way, how to:

  • Choose an affiliate offer that converts.
  • Build your own profit pulling squeeze page.
  • Getting leads for free from a secret site to send versus your squeeze page.
  • How to segment your list for getting more profits.
  • How to run a business in which every month you will grow your commissions.

It’s something incredible, trust me. You can follow it day by day and get a real and constant flow of visitors that will signup and receive your emails. They will grab whatever you suggest, because what Jason tells you is simply coming from his experience.

You can stop making errors right now and follow the right path, if you want. The “Commission Siphon Funnel” 5 videos will guide you into a professional way to get cash with your new list. A huge opportunity for the low price it’s sold for…

Author Email Recipe Book Review

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Author Email Recipe Book


Today I want to review you this brand new “Author Email Recipe Book“, a new gem that comes with 28 ready emails for fiction authors.

Two self-publishing legends have teamed up to produce an incredible training for authors that just went live. Truly, this one is delicious!

Geoff Shaw and David Lee Martin stepped into the kitchen to cook up something I know is going to be a tremendous help to indie authors and publishers everywhere.

The training is called “Author Email Recipe Book” and clearly lays out the strategies that David and Geoff are using themselves to build flourishing author email lists, promote their books, and bring in five and six figure royalties from Amazon.

Not only does the report simply and clearly lay out the practical elements required to start building a list – they also share 28 specific “recipes” showing the different kinds of email that you can send to your list to keep them interested, engaged and reading and buying your books. No more struggling or wondering what to send!

The “Author Email Recipe Book” shows the principles and practicals of gathering subscribers, engaging your audience, multiplying your fanbase, building relationship and connecting on an ongoing basis with your subscribers in creative ways.

This is really a top-notch material put together in easy to follow steps, from two successful gurus who I know and trust. This information is for old as well as new authors or publishers. It has taken me months of time and lots of money to put together my list strategy, and here it is laid out in one simple super valuable book.

I wish this book were available sooner. But it is here now for your benefit!

The “Author Email Recipe Book” is a must-have for any self-publisher looking to build an email list, and put it to use successfully. Get your copy today!

Juggernaut Mind Typing Review

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juggernaut Mind Typing

Today I stumbled upon a really well done product for Kindle authors, called “Juggernaut Mind Typing” and coming from John S. Rhodes, brilliant author and course creator.
Typing fast is really important if you are an author, consultant or do any “word stuff” online. So how fast can you type?

The typical speed is 42 “WPM” or words per minute. Stella Pajunas is the record holder at 216 words per minute. Oddly enough, John S. Rhodes is not too far behind… because he gets 150 words per minute without any errors.

Seriously. And it’s get even more strange.

John is 100% accurate – every time. No typos at all. Ever. Most people have at least 3 errors every minute. Not John, obviously! Of course he “cheats” but he’s going to show you how to do this.

Even more important, he’ll show you how this is a money skill because you can launch new books fast, and have a great line-up of titles in literally… no time!

This is the power of his new “Juggernaut Mind Typing” video course, made of 2 videos with PDF files.

My Coloring Books Membership Review

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Coloring Books Membership

Finally, after being the first person to release a coloring vooks for adults course on Warrior Forum, I decided it was the right time for releasing my own “Coloring Books Membership“.

Every month you can grab 50 new designs to do a lot
of things. There are 20 mandalas, 20 patterns and 10
new illustrations every month.

You can use them for:

  • Color them on your own or with friends.
  • Sell them in books, ebooks or as single drawings.
  • Build your own membership or coloring club.
  • Use them in online and offline projects.
  • Print them on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and more.
  • Print them out as many times as you desire.
  • Resell them on eBay, Etsy or your personal website.
  • Sell them to schools, clubs, coaches and therapists.
  • Give them away as gifts.
  • Create festivity cards.
  • And much, much more!

You get full PLR rights on this package, so that’s why you can do everything. The unique thing you can do is reselling them by giving away with my package “as-is”.

Nothing can relax you like coloring, and this is without any doubt the hottest trend on 2015. It’s time to start making cash from coloring pages, or color them on your own to reduce stress!

For the first few days you can grab your access to “Coloring Books Membership” for a really low price (probably the lowest ever offered…) See you soon on the inside!

Wealth Ascension System Review

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Wealth Ascension System

Matthew Neer released his secret “Wealth Ascension System“, a secret sales funnel he used to make his appearance on the internet marketing and get a lot of sales for each one of his products.

Yes, the Ascension Funnel is a high converting sales funnel system that converts targeted traffic into cash, over and over again. He leverages the power of a sales funnel system, that acts as a digital ATM. Everytime he sends some traffic to it, it works like a charm.

The good thing is that the funnel is designed to work on autopilot, giving you the freedom to do whatever you want in your free time. When you set it up, it will work for you automatically.

You will work side by side with Matthew, you will learn the tricks to make real profits. Conside he made $500,000 in his first year with the same funnel you are receiving…

You will get all the support you need, and also the training you need to setup everything in a breeze. You will also receive 5 huge traffic sources he uses on daily basis, 7 training videos for starting to build your list and a free webinar.

This “Wealth Ascension System” is the right type of funnel for newbies and for advanced users, as it was made by a master and it’s working day by day to bring you more profits.

Ali Prospector Review

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Ali Prospector


If you run any ecommerce made with AliExpress products, that you can purchase for cheap on and resell for 8 times their value, this “Ali Prospector” is made for you.

This software is able to tell you which products are the best-sellers and the most desired by people around the globe.

This software, with a single click, gives you “speed of light” access to the hottest, most profitable products you can turn right around and sell for a lot of profits.

It uses a secret algorithm to search (the largest and most popular database of wholesale products) and automatically shows you ONLY the products that are really guaranteed to sell on your own websites (or also e-mails, or social media accounts, brick and mortar stores, etc…)

Ali Prospector” lets you bypass the hundreds of hours of grueling research you normally need to identify massively profitable products. The software handles all the hard work for you, leaving you with three simple steps to generate massive profits: click to choose your own category, and then select and sell!

There are thousands and thousands of people on the web making a living from Shopify or their favorite selling methods. Discover what really sells with “Ali Prospector“, and you will be ready to join them on your own terms!