Domain Bot Review

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Domain Bot

Domain Bot” is an easy to use software to hunt for expired and top ranking domain names, a great idea for making easy cash by selling them on Flippa or directly to customers.

With the push of a button the domain software can find hundreds of recently expired domains that you can check and, in case they are powerful and with value, you can register on your own.

Then you can resell them one by one, or in packages, through Flippa or directly by asking business people if they are interested in that specific domain name.

I did this business for around 5 years in my first years of marketing. Most of the times I attached a new site to each domain, and I sold it on Flippa. Other times I sold just the domain name “as is”, always on Flippa, for good prices.

Prices for a domain name can go from $50 up to a real lot of cash, based on their PR, that goes from 1 to 10, and on their age (the more, the better).

That’s why I recommend you this “Domain Bot“, because in every case, if you keep the domains for yourself, or you sell them, you can really earn very well.

Stealth List Building Formula Review

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Stealth List Building Formula


Stealth List Building Formula” by David Dekel and Reed Floren is a new course in which you learn how to read your customer’s minds in an ethical way!

Yes, because after watching all the videos in the eight chapters of this course I learned you can build your list via surveys… Yes, you heard right. What if they flat out explicitly told you what they wanted, needed, and how you could help them the most?

Yesterday I was convinced to purchase this by reading my friend Tiffany Dow’s review, that uncovered all the secrets of this course, that is really valuable.

I generally skip list building courses, as in the years I learned all these methods, and that’s whay I usually avoid promoting them. Because they always show the same things. But this was so different and new that I couldn’t skip it.

David has built a multiple six figure business using this as his primary strategy to uncover what his clients want. And he wants to show you how to do it, step by step with easy videos to watch one after the other.

So “Stealth List Building Formula” is really a valuable course made for newbies and experts all together, to take a serious advantage of a new technique!

WP Sticky Funnels Review

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WP Sticky Funnels


“WP Sticky Funnels” is WordPress plugin that allows anyone to schedule multiple sticky bars on autopilot.

When a Sticky Bar expires and its counter reaches the zero, it shows the next one you set up and so on. Not like the other sticky bars done until now that finish to do more damages than other when counter hits the “0”.

The best part is these sticky bars work together with your content. This means that, for example, you can set a sticky bar to show a product at $17, then when the timer expires you can show a new sticky bar for some extra hours but at a higher price, $27 for example.

This way, your sticky bars create real scarcity on autopilot like it was never possible in the past. But that’s not all, as you can create date based sticky bars and cookie based sticky bars with the new cookie rules in place.

“WP Sticky Funnels” is an incredible plugin I never seen on market before, an advanced sticky bar creator that gives you the power to run your offers with scarcity, to care about your cookies and to run date based offers!

2016 Mega PLR Deal Review

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2016 Mega PLR Deal

It’s just passed another year… I remember the 2015 Mega PLR Deal like it was yesterday. And now it’s yet time for a “2016 Mega PLR Deal” by Rob Stafford and Paul Nicholls!

In this huge package they included 8 of their best releases on Warrior Forum during 2015 and the first months of 2016. Big products like:

– Bing Brings You The Bling
– Inner Circle Solo Ads Case Study
– No BS Ultimate Targeted Traffic
– List Smasher X
– Email Insider
– Email Maestro
– Relationship Building Emails
– WordPress Squeeze Page Creator Plugin

All great titles, proven to convert and sell like a few on market, can be yours for less than $15!

You can repackage them, sell one by one or add them to your one time offers behing your main product, or to your membership, just to give you some ideas. They all come with their huge sales letters, done by copywriters, and with sales videos, download pages and graphics. And you can count also on a super powerful WordPress plugin to create squeeze pages.

With “2016 Mega PLR Deal” you can be up and running in just minutes. You get 8 ready products to sell like yours!

Ecom & Youtube Connection Review

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Ecom & Youtube Connection


Do you know that Youtube can give you a big hand in selling more of your ecommerce products? If you run Shopify stores, or your sell ebooks or other things from your site, “Ecom & Youtube Connection” includes a really huge set of resources.

You will learn:

  • How to sign up for YouTube.
  • Where to create your custom eCom channel on YouTube.
  • How to customize your eCommerce channel on YouTube.
  • How to create your Adwords account.
  • How to link it with Youtube (it was impossible before!)
  • Where to grab a guide to build a professional Youtube channel.
  • Where to grab your guide to “Remarketing Campaigns”.

But the best things you can learn are these:

  • How a YouTube video helps your eCommerce.
  • 7 ways to leverage YouTube marketing for eCommerce.
  • A collection of eCommerce video tutorials.
  • Tips and tricks to optimize your YouTube channel.
  • The ultimate guide to eCommerce video marketing.
  • YouTube marketing for eCommerce.
  • YouTube marketing simplified for products.
  • And much much more!

These information were researched for you over the web between thousands of results and carefully selected for you. “Ecom & Youtube Connection” is a gem for the low price it’s sold!

Flashing 5rr Profits Review

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Flashing 5rr Profits

Flashing 5rr Profits” is a failproof system to build your own full-time business on Fiverr network. The book is based on 5 chapters that will clear any doubt you may have. You will learn a lot of things no one has ever told you about Fiverr, including:

  • How to build a 4-figure per month business.
  • What you should and shouldn’t sell on Fiverr.
  • Learn everything about Fiverr to build your profits.
  • Discover how to get customers and grow your level.
  • How to kickstart your gigs to see results really fast.
  • And much much more!

Idrees Farooq, Nishkarsh Sharma and Rohit Kashyap will show you how much they earned on Fiverr, explaining everything they done to get that results. And not only $5 per sale, but up to $75 for a single order!

More, you will get some amazing guides as bonuses, like: Fiverr Blueprint, Fiverr Brokering Secrets, Traffic Flow, Zero Cost Traffic Strategies and Social Media Domination, to learn how to get more gig orders with ease and completely free.

Flashing 5rr Profits” is jam packed with golden nuggets and value, and by reading it all you will get many ah-ha moments, learning the hidden tricks to run an incredible business over Fiverr.

Drone Secrets PLR Pack Review

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Drone Secrets PLR


Today I released “Drone Secrets PLR Pack” together with Thomas L. Holley, an incredible package of contents to really make cash in the new trend of the market like drones and quadcopters. Inside the package you will find:

  • A complete ebook with 3 covers.
  • A sales page with sales letter written by copywriter.
  • The 10 articles used in the book.
  • 25 high quality photos with commercial rights.
  • 4 keyword searches.
  • 3 hand-drawn videos.
  • 12 promotional tweets.
  • A set of 6 banners.
  • Resource list.
  • And more bonuses on our secret FB Group.

An incredible package in a hot niche like drones, where you can sell different models, and get clicks on your ads from visitors that want to know more.

And you can use this PLR in any way you like, for your websites, uploading videos on Youtube, banners on some banner exchanges, free photos to create slideshows, or for the articles and so on!

No one has ever offered something so valuable and for a price like this! Grab “Drone Secrets PLR Pack” before we decide to sell for a higher price!

Azon Early Bird Review

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Azon Early Bird


I have to say I’m astonished by this new “Azon Early Bird” by Gaz Cooper and Stevey C. The reason for that is Gaz shows how he kills it with Amazon and gets all the products he want on Google first page, in just 3 minutes each!

He will show you 2 early bird Amazon products and how  he’s able to ranks them on Google first page. The first one goes to position 3 in 3 minutes only, while the second one ranks in only 5 minutes.

If that is not enough, he takes 4 students and shows them how to do it, and they ALL rank products on Google page 1 in as fast as 4 minutes.

This is the most INCREDIBLE AMAZON SYSTEM I have ever seen online. If you are an Amazon affiliate then this is a real must have if you want to dominate Google rankings in a really amazing way, in just 3 to 5 minutes.

More, you get access to some incredible bonuses like a list of the most converting Amazon products, a step by step Amazon course for affiliates and a complete affiliate site about survival and preppers items, and much much more.

This is ONLY going to be available for the next 7 days, then it closes. You must act right now and grab this incredible “Azon Early Bird” to start placing your product reviews on Google first page everytime you want!

Geared For Profits Review

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Geared For Profits

Jenelle Livet have released “Geared For Profits“, a really interesting training made of 9 videos that show you a new marketplace that allows you to create and sell customized:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Mugs
  • Hats
  • Beanies
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Cell phone covers
  • Tablet covers
  • Pillow cases
  • And much more coming!

This resource has been launched by a great marketer, well known all over the internet marketing. It pays you well, and it can be a new way to resell your same t-shirt designs in a brand new way.

In fact I didn’t knew it was possible to sell my image in many different ways, uncovering a lot of new items I can customize with my brand and drawings and resell for profits. If you are into Amazon Merch or Teespring, this is pure gold!

Even if you see the video made by Mark Barrett, the product has entirely been created by Jenelle Livet with a lot of attention and also creativity. This “Geared For Profits” is a huge product, and Jenelle will guide through each step with much care, to ensure you will be running and successful in the shortest time ever!

Niche Moolah Review

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Niche Moolah

A few days ago Matthew Neer released “Niche Moolah“, an incredible package of goodness to dominate some incredible niches. Here is exactly what you will get, if you take action today!

  1. Matthew’s “Profit Pockets Method” that gives you the secret to jump up on Google first page with the most secret and valuable keywords, able to give you more traffic and conversions. This is a 50 page book.
  2. The “Niche Moolah” Magic Template. A real plug and play WP Theme that is really easy to install and is designed specifically to help you dominate the search engines.
  3. DFY Niche Pack! This is probably the most valuable thing in the entire package. Once you enter you will get access for your first niche, completely mapped out for you. Just copy what’s inside in your site, and you are ready to go with your website.
  4. You get also header graphics for your blog, designed for you, keyword research made of buyer keywords you can choose, keywords to avoid, access example website, and get high value backlinks for your site growth.
  5. Professional Training. The member’s area is packed with tutorial videos that will help you step by step in setting up your website from zero.

All of this is included inside Matthew Neer’s “Niche Moolah“. Once you join it, you will be able to dominate the search engine rankings like you never did before!