Tube Traffic Mantra Review

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Tube Traffic Mantra

Are you tired of not making any money from CPA, or you want to make more? This “Tube Traffic Mantra” is really a good product based on the real experience of Jason Fulton with Youtube and CPA ads.

It’s an extremely unique method that is based 
on a  real case study where they show they can earn up to $200 per day with the simple use of Youtube video network.

Their method will work for anyone, even with:

  • NO need to have a mailing list to get started. You will build it with this method, if you want.
  • NO paid traffic required. All the traffic you will use for this method is 100% free.
  • NO experience necessary, as it’s completely newbie friendly. But it’s great also for experienced users.

If you want to put an end to the missing commissions, I highly recommend you to pick this “Tube Traffic Mantra” right now, until it’s so cheap, and start getting results in just less than a hour a day.

And when you start getting paid, I bet you will start staying more hours on this method!

Buried Treasure Review

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Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure” is a treasure map to get more traffic and sales for your affiliate marketing websites, created by Erica Stone, a professional of review websites and social media like no others.

If you are not ranking well for the keywords you are targeting, if you get some traffic but they don’t buy or you want to make more from your own websites, this is the key.

This is a 70 pages guide that includes detailed descriptions together with clear screenshots. There’s no confusion at all, and everyone can get advantage from this book in minutes.

Newbies can find all the information, while the experts can just check the chapter they need. More, there are no upsells and nothing else to buy to make the method work.

After you read this, your blog or HTML website can start to generate commissions from affiliate products, because all the methods that Erica tells you are really worth your time.

Let your business grow, with the right traffic. Learn everything shown on “Buried Treasure“, and you can really see more sales at the end of each month!

KD Crowdspeaking Review

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KD CrowdSpeaking

Today I stumbled upon this new “KD Crowdspeaking“, release by Bolaji O. over Warrior Forum.

Over the last 12 months book visibility has got more difficult than ever. In doing research for his latest book series, my friend Bolaji discovered something that, frankly, shocked him.

When he shared it with me, I was pretty amazed, as 22 New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors were quietly using a completely new traffic source.

Their book ads were reaching over 900,000 readers, each time. And they were doing this completely for free!

There is a traffic source that is largely untapped… Except, a handful of authors are leveraging it all the way to the bank.

This system, and these traffic trailblazers, are the subject of Bolaji O’s latest course – “KD Crowdspeaking“. If you’re tired of struggling to find traffic for books (both new AND old), this is an excellent method.

KD Crowdspeaking” works for both fiction and non-fiction. Bolaji has detailed several case studies, and includes step-by-step instructions on how to totally blow your book traffic numbers out of the water with this!

New Clean Eating PLR Pack Review

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Clean Eating PLR Pack


Clean Eating PLR” talks about one of the emerging niches in last few years. People pay a lot of attention to what they eat, and we are bouncing from vegetarian, to vegan, to crudism, to paleo diet and so on without keeping track of one thing.

That clean eating is the best way ever for taking care of ourselves, when the planet is collapsing and the future is so terrible for us.

Inside this super PLR Pack you will find:

– 15 Blog Posts.
– 5 Page Report.
– 5 “Top 5” articles.
– 15 page eBook.
– 5 product reviews.
– 6 page report.

A lot of materials for your food site, diet site, or anything that talks about our future. A lot of special contents written with care by April. I really like her contents because they are written in a conversational way, that is just what people expect from your blog.

The OTOs are about April’s new “Content Clubs”, that give you 15 blog posts and 15 emails in the health niche. A good choice if you are running a healthy blog.

Grab now this “Clean Eating PLR” and start right now to add these brilliant articles and guides to your blog!

Commission Machine 2016 Review

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Commission Machine 2016


Michael Cheney released the “Commission Machine 2016“, the revamped edition of his top affiliate marketing course, originally launched back in 2015.

Are there big news inside? Or is it the same 2015 version with no meat for us? Let me explain!

If you never purchased the “Commission Machine” system before, you can jump in and get an excellent knowledge in just a few hours. Michael is able to turn even the most difficult things into easy lessons.

If instead you have yet the 2015 version, this edition has been totally revamped, but the information at the end, except some good updates, are always the same, as affiliate marketing didn’t change in one year. So my suggestion is to don’t purchase it in this case.

Inside the membership you will learn many things, including:

  • Why it’s always best to use free traffic, and which is the best one to use anytime you need it.
  • The worst error done by affiliates, and how to avoid doing it.
  • How to select only the best affiliate offers.
  • How to be noticed between a lot of similar promos.
  • How to convert skepticals into buyers.
  • And a lot of secrets Michael used since 1999 to win many many contests, and sell loads of products.

Commission Machine 2016” is without any doubt one of the best products ever made about affiliate marketing, and also I learned some new gems from this 2016 version.

Undercover Cash Methods Software Review

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Undercover Make Money Methods Software

Undercover Cash Methods Software” is a PLR and Giveaway Rights software that includes 13 different methods to make cash on the internet marketing.

This is a great idea because you can rebrand it with your name and details, and turn it into your personal software. From my own experience I can say software is a lead
magnet if given away for free, and a cash-pulling thing if sold.

The first OTO is a premium Done For You package that includes a recommendation tools page for each make money method showing up several high-quality banners for close related products. Those pages also show the list of resources mentioned in the videos. Next, you will receive a 365 days autoresponder series about making money which makes it super easy for you to follow-up with your new subscribers. Another good choice.

It comes with a huge collection of “Done For You” material, carefully prepared by my friend Dirk Wagner. A great gift for yourself to give more to your subscribers, and even more to your buyers! And for being a software, this “Undercover Cash Methods Software” by Dirk Wagner it is really underpriced!

Beard Oil PLR Pack Review

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Beard Oil PLR Pack


Today I released the “Beard Oil PLR Pack” together with Candace Chira. It’s a set of contents about the new “beard oils” niche, that is growing like crazy at an incredible rate.

Inside the package you will find first quality things like:

  1. eBook of 15 pages and 4,198 words.
  2. 10 PLR Articles.
  3. 2 Product Reviews.
  4. 2 Hand-Drawn Videos.
  5. 6 Professional eCovers.
  6. Autoresponder Series.
  7. 6 Keyword Searches.
  8. 10 Social Media Posters.
  9. 10 Tweets.
  10. 25 Commercial Royalty Free Images

All contents were created by a US mothertongue, and they are great to start a new website about this huge new business that was born just a few months ago.

You get exactly all what you need to start a new blog from zero, with no previous knowledge and no need to pay for contents like eboks, articles, product reviews, video and images, without counting all the rest that is included in the PLR pack.

If you check on Amazon there are thousands and thosands of beard oils of every quality and every price.

Things well done like this “Beard Oil PLR Pack” come out only a few times, and you are sure this niche works like crazy and there’s just a little competition.

Book Expo Exposed Review

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Book Expo Exposed

My friends Debbie Drum and Lina Trivedi released “Book Expo Exposed“. They just got back from a week long trip in Chicago at the Book Expo, the largest book publishing event in North America, and they want to let you know what they learned!

A ton goes into this conference because they want authors to keep coming back every single year paying steep ticket fees, might I add ($1200 or more, as I seen on their site!)

So Debbie and Lina sat through the most important sessions that really matter to authors and publishers today, RIGHT NOW, 2016, (with no hype and no theory).

The presenters provided the latest information about book publishing and marketing and Deb and Lina are going to provide highlights and insights in “Book Expo Exposed“.

Here is some of what they will cover:

  • Print books on the rise. How Amazon is reacting to tapering e-book sales and why readers prefer print books.
  • How important are audiobooks and their power.
  • The hot genre even adults can’t put down.
  • Why book marketing is out.
  • What social platforms readers are learning about new books.
  • How libraries decide which books to buy.
  • The most effective strategy to price your new book.
  • When most books are selling.
  • Why not to hate marketing your book.
  • And much, much, much more!

Get the latest information about publishing and what’s working right now on the market. Things coming from the top authors and book sellers of USA.

You don’t want to miss this “Book Expo Exposed” – just one of these tips and tricks included could 10X what you are making right now. Literally!

WP Site Launcher Review

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WP Site Launcher


Let’s face it… Sometimes, WordPress can be a real headache. Every time you set up a new site, there’s a million and one little tasks you have to take care of, including:

  • Installing plugins.
  • Setting up your pages.
  • Create categories.
  • Deleting template pages.
  • SEO-optimizing your site.
  • And much much more!

Jonathan and Jatin measured how long it takes him to set up a new WordPress site and they found that it can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours. I can say it’s the real time needed.

If you’re somebody who builds a lot of sites, that can become really time-consuming.

This is where “WP Site Launcher” comes in. This is a simple, one-click WordPress plugin that takes care of ALL your WordPress setup and security tasks for you.

In 5 seconds, you’ll go from an empty site to a fully functioning marketing machine that you can start blogging on immediately.

It also protects your website from bots and scrappers which slow down your website speed and damage your visitor’s experience.

WP Site Launcher” installs all the most popular Plugins on your site automatically, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding and installing them manually.

Check it out – you can get “WP Site Launcher” with the exclusive early-bird discount of 75% OFF. But be fast, as it’s probable that they will change their mind soon!


Money Magnets Review

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Money Magnet


Have you ever created your freebie giveaway lead magnet only to see it flop? To me it happened a lot of times, to create quality reports and get no interest from visitors…

Or, worse, they do and then they never open your emails. Or they unsubscribe!

You know which was the error, at the end? Creating that big ebooks to give away for free was my first mistake.

Now thanks to Amanda Craven’s “Money Magnets“, her new course, you can finally learn what your signups will love to receive in exchange of their email, and how to be sure no one deletes himself/herself from your newsletter.

You will be able to learn how to create lead magnets within minutes that work today and will work also tomorrow.

Times have changed. People have changed, too. And the old-fashioned report or ebook as lead magnet just doesn’t work any more.

That’s where “Money Magnets” comes in, and by the time you have completed the steps in this course you will not only know what makes an irresistible, subscriber-grabbing giveaway… but you will have created one with ease.

Check it out here now but hurry because that price goes up with every sale!