Continuity Income Program Review

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Continuity Income Program

Edmund Loh’s “Continuity Income Program” is a 52-part course on how anyone can build his business and generate continuity income.

It was originally conceived from the 3-day training that Edmund conducted in seminars and workshops, but now you can get the online version that goes into greater detail.

The program was created not only to answer the struggle most newbies have when it comes to building their online business, but he built this course also for professionals.

In this program you can learn 4 popular continuity income streams and the top 10 traffic building methods. He will talk about:

  • Mailing list profits.
  • Passive memberships.
  • How to make money sending free stuff.
  • Recurring income opportunities.
  • And a lot of traffic via the 10 ways he presents.

You can study every module of this training via videos that show you the method and clear any doubt you may have. At the end you will learn four huge techniques that can literally change your future the way you want.

You can also decide if purchase this “Continuity Income Program” with personal rights, if you want to study this, or with resell rights or private label rights, if you want to sell this course. All with really low prices for anything you choose. Get this opportunity now, and start making sales!

InstaPlan Review

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Instagram is so poweful that I needed to create an action plan for who never took advantage of it: so “InstaPlan” is born. A guide with a 7 day action plan, made with clear step by step actions to achieve the following:

  • Create a professional account from zero.
  • Uncover 10 ways to insert your url on profile.
  • Work from your computer, for free.
  • Add the right number of images to become a pro.
  • Discover 13 ways to get thousands of followers.
  • Find the right hours to post your images.
  • Learn how many times to post on a daily basis.
  • Get more views for each one of your images.
  • Discover the secrets to be considered a pro user.
  • Automate the image submission process.
  • Connect personally with the Instagram authorities.
  • Make a lot of friends even on other social networks.
  • Learn how to create outstanding images from zero.
  • Grab my list of 80 royalty free photo sites to create posts.
  • And much, much more!

As you can see this is a secret guide for who wants to really turn Instagram into his favorite social network. Great results can come only after you do the right actions, and “InstaPlan” will reveal you all the truth about Instagram, and even more.

Try it and be amazed by its quality. You know how much work I put in my guides!

How To Win Paypal Disputes Review

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How To Win Paypal Disputes


Today I stumbled upon “How To Win Paypal Disputes“, and so I’ve decided to grab my copy and read it for you.

If you are a seller, you know how a Paypal dispute can damage your account and make yourself angry. A visitor buy your products, probably through an affiliate, and then opens a dispute. So you have to refund the whole amount he spent, without the possibility to get back what the affiliate has earned on you.

At the end, even if you get $2 from a $10 sale done by one of your affiliates, you are constricted to pay the whole $10 back to the buyer. It happens every time I put something on sale. And I get so angry… so angry that is impossible to show it on a simple blog post like this.

But finally today I’ve found a great report called “How To Win Paypal Disputes“, a short report with a case study in which a seller won a dispute and saw the money back on his account.

Winning a dispute is possible, but you need the right message, the right way to win it. And “How To Win Paypal Disputes” is the right guide for you if you sell products online!

AutoTube Review

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If you are building niche sites that you monetize with the Amazon affiliate program or want to get started doing so… then “Autotube” is for you. This brand new WordPress plugin will create a complete viral video site that is monetized with Amazon in under 60 seconds. And it’s true!

After your install the plugin you can get started and get your site ready in less than one minute! This plugin will automatically:

  • Find videos related to your niche, automatically.
  • Create a post for each video, automatically.
  • Insert the video description, automatically.
  • Add related Amazon products, automatically.
  • Inserts your Amazon affiliate link, automatically.

I know it is hard to believe, but Kurt Chrisler is not new to amazing plugins creation, and I can say I purchased them all as soon as they come out on market.

If you are planning on getting more sales via the “Amazon Associates” network, or if you just want to create as many stores as you can to sell them, “Autotube” is really an optimal solution, easy to use and fast like I never seen before!

Permafree Publishing Review

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Permafree Publishing


Need more book sales? Looking for more traffic for your products, online marketing or services? Then you don’t want to miss this “Permafree Publishing“.

Discover how to how to get in front of this massive 304 million audience… all with free content. And, how to turn this audience into subscribers, customers, and sales.

In addition, you can easily find and focus on your specific audience quickly and easily without paying any advertising costs.

In her brand new training, “Permafree Publishing”, Amy Harrop reveals how to tap into this audience, with a rinse and repeat method you will absolutely love.

She reveals:

  • How to easily publish free content on Amazon, it’s NOT KDP SELECT.
  • Why permafree is useless without this.
  • How to multiply your permafree content to reach more audiences.
  • How to create the perfect follow-up and turn consumers into subscribers, fans and customers.
  • How to sell your permafree content and create additional income streams.
  • And much much more!

This is a great guide if you want better rankings for your Kindle books, and more downloads that will bring in more buyers in the following days and weeks. The method explained inside the “Permafree Publishing” guide works really well for fiction and non-fiction book.


Paleo For Athletes PLR Pack Review

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Paleo For Athletes PLR Pack


Paleo For Athletes PLR Pack” is a great package of all what you need for the famous weight loss diet but under another angle.

The PLR Pack infact is all about Paleo for athletes, people living for sport. Until now there wasn’t any article made for them, and no information on the web. Now you have the big opportunity to grab a pack of:

  • 11 PLR Articles
  • 12 pages report
  • 12 Powerpoint slides
  • Checklist
  • Webinar speaking points
  • Webinar handout

The articles are really well written, and their titles are:

  1. Why Athletes Choose Paleo – 587 words
  2. Workouts for the Paleo Lifestyle – 533 words
  3. How to Eat Like a Paleo Athlete – 475 words
  4. Workout Recovery – 432 words
  5. Famous Paleo Athletes You Can Learn From – 542 words
  6. Are You Working Out Too Hard – 606 words
  7. Daily Supplements For Success – 481 words
  8. Plan Your Day for Success – 640 words
  9. Get Your Green Smoothie On – 455 words
  10. Your Pre and Post Workout Meals – 458 words
  11. How to Become a Paleo Athlete – 527 words

Considering the high quality of the articles, and how the additional report and slides where created, with this package you get more than what you are paying. If you add also the fact that you get a guide to create a webinar and one to give to webinar attendees, this package becomes really valuable.

And the additional contents are superb. You have a big and complete package in your hands, ready to be turned into profits! And today you can get your copy of “Paleo For Athletes PLR Pack” for a lowest price, actually at leass than $8!


SEO Mastery Blueprint Review

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SEO Mastery Blueprint


Charles Gregory released his “SEO Mastery Blueprint“, a set of simple SEO strategies to bring your pages on top of Google.

You can do this for yourself, or sell this service for $100 a hit to clients. You have these two options because Gregory tells you also the secrets on how to sell the service to eager customers.

After giving your site better rankings, there are a lot of things that can let you earn: things like affiliate marketing, services you sell, Adsense and much much more that gets better with more visitors.

All the techniques included in the 6 modules of this training will make you a SEO expert. After that you can ask money to people for getting their ads placed on your site, you can get leads or sell your new awesome knowledge in coaching or constulations.

What you will learn from this course will be precious, a lot of awesome notions, tips and tricks to make yours to become the master of search engine optimization.

This “SEO Mastery Blueprint” is a well done course that explain you the key for ranking sites on the fly. A huge thing to know nowadays!

Effortless Google News Formula Review

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Effortless Google News Formula

Luther Landro released “Effortless Google News Formula“, a guide that tells you the secret to get your contents on Google News to rank them in Google first places.

If you are looking at an easy way to get your contents on top of Google, this is one of the best methods I’ve ever seen, and it’s very simple.

Considering that ranking in Google has become difficult over the years, with SEO and backlinks with no more power, this method becomes even more important.

Google News is not restricted to great news sites, so it’s possible to get a good presence in it for anyone, and the results are amazing.

And the great thing here is you can use this technique for yourself and your websites, but you can also resell this as a service to offline business in search of some better rankings.

Luther Landro is one of the few Warriors I trust, because every time he releases something, it’s really an awesome products rich in features and that is guaranteed to work for your business.

This “Effortless Google News Formula” is really a great guide, and thanks to it you can get your site back to the top, where it really needs to be to get results!

Fat Kindle Traffic Review

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Fat Kindle Traffic

Today I got a review copy of “Fat Kindle Traffic”, an interesting guide released by Rob Howard for Kindle marketers.

Are you struggling to sell your books? I know the feeling. You put a lot of time and effort into writing your book and when no one buys it, it’s very very discouraging.

Why isn’t it selling? Chances are, it’s a traffic problem. If no one is seeing your book, no one is buying. But what if you could change that, instantly?

This is going to be bigger than BookBub, sending authors more traffic, faster, and for free. And the crazy thing is, barely any author is using this hidden resource.

My friend Rob has just released a killer guide that reveals two hidden traffic resources that will blow you away. The people who leverage these resources regularly see 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 (or more) hot buyers go to their book page! And yes…

  • It works for Fiction or Nonfiction.
  • Paid or free books.
  • In any niche or genre.

You have to see the results some of these authors are getting! The guide is only available at this price for just a short time. Every four hours, the price goes up, so you want to grab this early to save some money!

If you’re tired of not selling your book and need some free traffic, then “Fat Kindle Traffic” is for you!


Travel Affiliate Domination Review

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Travel Affiliate Domination

Travel Affiliate Domination” is a new way to promote travel affiliate offers ensuring your conversion rates are much more lucrative than ever before.

Your website and offers will receive much more traffic than conventional marketing methods ensuring your commissions are higher while your campaign expenses are much lower.

Travel affiliates make a lot of cash by promoting a lot of things like airfares, hotels, cruises, insurances and a lot of additional services that people may need while going around the globe.

You will be instructed on how to find stunning templates, how to get killer contents, and how to monetize your site by driving a lot of traffic to it. If you don’t have much free time to work on this project, you will also learn the secret to outsource your job to freelancers.

You will also learn how to use FB Ads the right way to get more visitors to add to your list, to get results each and every day. But you may also proceed without spending a penny, by using the free traffic strategies included.

This “Travel Affiliate Domination” is without any doubt a huge wave of fresh air in the world of marketing, and today you can be a part of it with the secrets of an expert of this niche!