Commission Black Ops Review

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Commission Black Ops


You can’t go anywhere online right now without hearing something about Michael Cheney’s “Commission Black Ops“, right? Almost everyone mailed about his product, so I bought my copy too to check if it was true or the next scam. That’s what you are about to find out in my review.

First, let me confess I know there’s people who don’t like  Cheney’s upfront style of marketing and writing salesletters. And I can understand that. I personally love his style, especially his video on JV page!

Well the first thing you notice when you get into the members area is just how professional laid out everything is, in clear modules. You can dive right inside the “Field Manual” and I’m gonna be straight with you here, as it’s really worth every penny.

Apart Module 1 and 2, that are for complete newbies, the rest is well done, and I learned too 4 important things I wasn’t considering before joining the course. A good part of content is pure gold, and I took a lot of notes too.

And as long as you go through the product and apply what you learn there is no reason you can’t become a great affiliate too. I give “Commission Black Ops” my thumbs up and recommend you to grab it right now like I did and start making money with this thing as soon as it will be possible for you!

Instalist Review

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I’m sure you would like to spend just 10 to 15 minutes per day on Instagram to get a lot of really targeted and passionate buyers in your niche to follow your updates, right?

Instalist” is the new video course that show you the real tactics to get big results, like 2,741 followers ready to buy the products you share on Instagram.

A 7 video series will show the real Instagram how-to, on how they do everything with their secret tactics to get so many followers and so much good and constantly flowing traffic. All with easy steps, easy to copy on your own Instagram account.

You will learn how to build a real following of people that looks at your updates, how to post engaging contents to keep them active and some free ninja apps you can use to work like a pro.

Instalist“, made by Jeremy Kennedy and James Renouf, is really an exceptional product for Instagram users. Grow your following fast as you never seen before, with laser targeted and super passionate, hyper-engaged followers at zero cost. This literally brings you traffic and sales on demand!


Commission Bubble Review

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Commission Bubble

Today I will present you a course that is excellent for creative people, people who love to create new images, who love to color, who love to create what they love. It’s really something fantastic…

Almost an year ago Don Wilson created GearBubble, a portal for who wants to create custom t-shirts, mugs, pillows, hats, necklaces and all what you can imagine. But how can you make it work without the usual efforts?

So there’s the new guide “Commission Bubble“, that will guide you through an easy to comprehend video course that comes together with a PDF file.

You receive the exact system Pedro and Mariana used and still use today to really crush with GearBubble commissions, together with real case studies, to comprehend the in and outs of a winning campaign. More, you will discover a really powerful FB targeting technique they used to really dominate any niche, and a secret on how  to succeed on GearBubble.

Commission Bubble” is really a well done course from which you can learn the real secrets to become a good seller by creating awesome products on your own. A bit like Teespring, a bit like Merch and a bit like… GearBubble!

Lazy List Profits Review

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Lazy List Profits


Hamza BK launched “Lazy List Profits“, a superb guide to learn the basics and advanced techniques about list building and list monetization. It’s a super training, something really well planned that tells you all about list building, and brings you also a lot of email examples.

Things that require a lot of years of tests, tryouts and headaches as well. Building a list is without any doubt the best thing you can do, because it will give you more satisfaction that anything other, and with this guide you can really start like a pro without the typical learning phase.

Inside the bonus you will find a very useful 30 day action plan plus an exit plugin for your WordPress blog, to capture your readers with ease. It’s all well done and really well explained from A to Z.

I’m sure you can get a lot of advantage by reading the guide and following the 30 Days Action Plan, because with just a short list you can see a big change in your marketing. Try and let me know 🙂 If you need any help, you can contact me replying this email! “Lazy List Profits” is without any doubt the easiest way to start building your profitable list!

Better Health For Busy Moms PLR Review

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Better Health For Busy Moms PLR


April Lemarr just released a new health private label rights product called “Better Health For Busy Moms PLR“, a collection of 15 PLR articles and a 7 page report.

This new PLR pack talks about mindset, creating small habits that grow over time and show how to eating better. More, on this pack you will find many opportunities to earn money on tangible products, as well as plenty of content to help your audience make better and more informed decisions.

Here are the articles you will find inside, all really well written:

  1. 3 Simple to Use Food Journals For Busy Moms
  2. 3 Ways to Eat Better and Spend Less Money
  3. 4 Steps Busy Moms Can Use To Get Started With Their Weight Loss Goals
  4. The Books To Keep On The Bookshelf When Changing Eating Habits
  5. How to Get Your Family to Eat More Whole Grains
  6. How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Weight Loss Goals For Busy Moms
  7. 5 Inspirational Weight Loss Quotes For Moms Who Want To Get Motivated
  8. 5 Simple Tips to Help With Your Health Goals
  9. How to Figure Out Your Fitness Activity Level
  10. #1 Secret Weapon Busy Moms Use To Lose Weight Fast
  11. How To Make Realistic Health Goals When You Are A Busy Mom
  12. Learn How Grocery Stores Are Now Catering To a Healthy Lifestyle
  13. 5 Healthy Cookbooks That Will Help Busy Moms
  14. 3 Smartphone Apps That Will Help With Your Weight Loss Goals
  15. Healthy Lifestyle Vs A Diet:  What’s the Difference?

The 7 pages report instead focus on 5 ways for busy moms to start keeping a healthy habit, and it’s made of 2,328 words. The topics are:

  • Topic 1 – Mindset
  • Topic 2 – Try Different Recipes
  • Topic 3 – Be Prepared in the Kitchen
  • Topic 4 – Exercise Plan
  • Topic 5 – Know Your Why

This content can be used on your blog, broken up into emails, or even as an opt in for your list, just to give you some ideas. Pay also attention to the OTO, that is pure gold!

Better Health For Busy Moms PLR” is without any doubt a huge PLR package, that includes all what you need to shine on a new niche like this!

Graphics Diamond Box Review

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Graphics Diamond Box


We always need cool graphics for our projects, and this “Graphics Diamond Box” give you 40 modules of fresh and top quality graphics for every task you need to complete, online and offline. Lucas Adamski is back with another bestselling collection of stunning graphics, featuring his “best-of-the-best” graphic templates, ready to be edited.

Inside you’ll receive more than 610 absolutely jaw-dropping graphics that will boost your conversions and save you a ton of money from graphic designers that can’t wait to steal your hard earned resources.

Here’s a smart look on what’s inside this package:

  • Logo Templates
  • Facebook Covers
  • Facebook Newsfeed Ads
  • Twitter Covers
  • Full HD Video Backgrounds
  • Web 3.0 Minisite Template
  • Mobile Squeeze Pages
  • Character Graphics
  • Ecover Templates
  • Kindle Book Cover Designs
  • Banner Templates
  • Sales Page Graphics
  • Powerpoint Explainer Video Templates
  • Infographic Template
  • And much much more!

Don’t miss this powerful deal, a collection of super graphics like you never saw before, all packed and put in the right folders. Give yourself the permission to shine with these awesome graphics included inside the “Graphics Diamond Box“.

7 Dollar Tsunami Review

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7 Dollar Tsunami

Today I got a review copy of 7 Dollar Tsunami, a new video course released by Mark Barrett. But let me tell you a short story before… Yes, it was the end of 2008 when I moved my first steps in internet marketing, and so much has changed since that day. But something is always going that way, and those are the $7 payments.

In that days there was a report sold for $7 that was telling you to create many reports to sell at $7. I paid for a very stupid thing at the end… but today I can finally tell you there’s an easy and beautiful way to get back that $7 for how many times you want, getting paid just $7 per month.

And the people you will get in will stay in for more, because you don’t think too much at paying $7 per month for something you love, right?

Sure, $7 is not much. But imagine 20 payments per month. Imagine 50 on your second month, and 100 on your third month. That turns easily into a good income, and what you have to do is write or get written a few newsletters or articles per month. And you can even target more niches to get 3 times the income!

Each member will get his articles via mail, so no websites to keep, no stress of installing hard to manage membership plugins, and nothing difficult for you, as this is the easiest business I ever seen, and that I will run in a few days, because I got excited in watching Mark videos.

This is a gem, something to do on your terms, with your time and that will give you much satisfaction at the end of each month. Give it a serious look to7 Dollar Tsunami

PLR Rewriting Formula Review

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PLR Rewriting Formula


Arun Chandran’s “PLR Rewriting Formula” gives you the quickest and easiest way to turn your PLR into unique content without headaches. Let’s face the facts… PLR is an excellent way to save time and money. You don’t need to create your own product because it’s all done for you.

There is one catch though. Everyone else who bought the same PLR as you has the exact same content that you have. So you need to rewrite the PLR content to make it unique and brand your business. It helps with SEO too!

But what if you struggle to make the PLR unique? Do you find it difficult? Is it taking forever to rewrite the content? If you find yourself in these situations, you really need Arun Chandran super
step by step training!

What will you find insie “PLR Rewriting Formula“?

  • 2 imple strategies to make your PLR 100% unique.
  • 1 quick method to make your PLR content look like expert content.
  • The common mistake of rewriting PLR when you don’t need to do.
  • How to use a free countdown timer to speed up your writing.
  • How to avoid getting sabotaged by article spinners.
  • 4 surefire ways to check if your rewritten content is 100% unique.
  • 7 ways of turning one article into many.
  • How to avoid getting de-indexed in Google.
  • A surefire strategy for increasing your word count.
  • And much much more!

PLR Rewriting Formula” is a gem, something that can turn all your old and new PLR packages you bought into new and fresh content for your projects!

WP Push Notifications Review

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WP Push Notifications

Curt Crowley is back with another huge product called “WP Push Notifications“, an easy plugin to install to send instant notifications to your visitors, on any browser and any Android device!

Those notifications go out with no credits and no limitations, and it will be a surprise for them to see a pop-up box asking them anything, like to signup to receive free updates and things like that. Easy to setup thanks to the step by step training videos, this service is absolutely lightweight even with massive traffic, and that’s another positive point.

After a visitor decide to receive notifications, he becomes subscribed. So the plugin sends automatically to them new posts, new pages or new things done by third party plugins, all again with no hassles and no frustration. And they subscribe to your list with a simple mouse click…. This is really the easiest way to reach your visitors and customers.

For the first days of sale this “WP Push Notifications” is offered for a special price, and the advantages you can get from this plugin are literally awesome. Consider Curt Crowley showed in his video that in less than one week got 392 signups!

Juicing PLR Pack Review

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Juicing PLR Pack

This “Juicing PLR Pack” by JR Lang is really powerful. Thing that every day the keyword “juicing” and related get searched more than 100,000 times… What started as a hot trend has quickly turned into a permanent part of the healthy lifestyle.

Juicing is funny and healthy, while the nutrient intake from juice makes it also a viable solution to improve your diet and to precent chronic diseases and to support your workout efforts, and much much more. This “Done For You” giant Juicing and Raw Food PLR pack includes all you need to dominate this niche for the next 12 months.

The “Juicing PLR Pack” is of the highest quality, written with expertise and it offers the most in-depth information to establish yourself as an authority in this big niche.

This package includes a large eBook and 3 reports, plus a wide variety of useful contents like recipe cards, videos, infographics, articles, images, and various other media that can be edited and used in many different ways.

This all inclusive “Juicing PLR Pack” is a real gem, so be fast in grabbing your copy, as JR Lang PLR packages are well known to jump up in price really fast, as everyone is going to purchase his copy!