Domain To Cash Firesale Review

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Domain to Cash Firesale

Domains To Cash Firesale” combines the three best Gene Pimentel’s domaining courses into one value-priced package. Here are the details about each package:

1) Same Day Domain Profits

Thanks to this product you will learn how to turn $1 domain names into $125 quickly and simply. Of all the methods of domain flipping I’ve used over the past 8 years, this is one of the quickes and most powerful I’ve ever seen!

2) Local Domain Empire

Gene will show you how to turn a $3 domain name into a lot of cash like clockwork. You can copy his exact method and turn each domain name into a valuable web property in seconds!

3) Easy Domain Cash

With this third Gene product you can learn how to find and purchase highly marketable domain names with just little efforts. All you need are 15 minutes to watch Gene video, and you will be ready to stary!

Buying the three packages separately you will spend $141, but only for this time you can take all the courses for the lowest price ever offered by Gene. And when Gene Pimentel releases something like this “Domains To Cash Firesale“, it’s time to learn new tactics to sell domain names to build your own empire!

5 Hour Product Creation for Kindle Authors Review

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5 Hour Product Creation for Kindle Authors

Would you like to learn how to create a new product in only 5 hours? A product that can be sold without any problem, and that can let you earn cash on demand?

Then “5 Hours Product Creation” by Britt Malka is the product for you. If you love Kindle and you want to create an astonishing course so fast, Britt gives you the right methods to start without any problem.

Product creation is my main business, but if you are a good author why not showing your way to do things to other people? Creating a product from zero can be your opportunity to make more cash at the end of the month.

You will get each step she did to achieve what she did, plus the swipe file of what she created so that you will get a great hand within your first product.

Britt Malka did a great case study for you, that includes also a brilliant how-to. If you want to follow her big success, and start launching products on your own, this is the guide! “5 Hours Product Creation” is without any doubt one of the most engaging case studies ever presented.


Straight Outta Fiverr Review

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Straight Outta Fiverr


Fiverr is by many years my cash-cow. But there’s a new way to deliver gigs, and it is completely hands free and can be done while you are not in front of your computer!

A boy from Singapore has uncovered a loophole that can let you sell gigs like hotcakes, each and every month without having to physically do any gig: it’s “Straight Outta Fiverr“!

There are just 4 easy steps for doing this method. Creating the gig, in 3 minutes, accepting the payment, delivering gig automagically and rinse and repeat for any gig you sell. Study the competition like he did, you can find a lot of ideas, and you can do all of them in a different way.

Anyone can do this including you, and it is so easy because all you require are some MRR and PLR files, and I’m sure you have a lot on your hard drive, like me. Any good guide or video course can do the trick pretty well. This works like crazy, and I saw many sellers doing this on daily basis. Sometimes in fact I received a guide or a video series.

With the “Straight Outta Fiverr” method you will learn how to present them, how to study competition and how to get a lot of customers from all over the world. A real genie system! Try it and be amazed by the results!

VidPix Review

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Adding images to your blog is always an annoying process. You select the image from hard drive, and you add it to your articles. But it never generates anything, no clicks, no sales… nothing!

Until NOW! Because yesterday I tried “VidPix“, a brand new plugin for WordPress that turns all your images into interactive ones! Apart the fact it has a built-in image curator that give you access to million of images based on your keyword search, it has a brakthrough technology…

A tech that allows you to run any sort of marketing on TOP of your images, from opt-in forms to buy buttons and even live videos! MEANING you are finally monetizing your images and
turning them into active parts of your articles!

In fact early tests have shown VidPix enabled sites can bring in THREE times the usual revenue! Easy, drag and drop and so useful! No more annoying images for your visitors, but true live images that turn into advanced marketing!

VidPix” is this and way more, and can add a new layer to all your blogs by pressing just a couple of buttons on all the images you desire! Check it and be astonished by the results!

Payday Smasher Review

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Payday Smasher


Payday Smasher” by Nick Marks is a newbie friendly method requiring no technical experience and no app creation. To tell the truth, you won’t even need a mobile phone, even if this is a mobile marketing method!

Nick Marks, a professional of internet marketing, will show you through videos how to turn free mobile apps plus free traffic into a $257 per day business. Inside this WSO you will discover:

  • Why this is the right time for mobile and how to position yourself to make a solid, ongoing income for years to come with this simple method.
  • How to activate this new system in less than a hour.
  • How to start generating a lot of high-quality, converting traffic with a never seen before method.
  • The simple 2-step monetization method that makes it easy to start getting paid within 24 hours to you PayPal account.
  • How to quickly scale your income to a consistent $200+ per day, and how to grow this income month by month.

This is a great method, and I never seen something so easy and so engaging since the first days running. “Payday Smasher” is really awesome and well done, and it will show you the way to the money!

CS Fully Loaded Review

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CS Fully Loaded

Today I want to let you know more about a new Debbie Drum product called “CS Fully Loaded“, that shows you how to load your Kindle books with images into Createspace.

Have you ever published a digital book? Do you know you are only a few steps away from taking that same digital book and turning it into a physical book? That means adding another source of passive income.

Shockingly enough, people still buy physical books and if you are not selling one, you are missing out on an easy source of additional income.

There are only a few steps to take but I urge you not to try to figure it out yourself because it could be very frustrating and time consuming getting everything right so that your books looks great when it’s printed.

I have found a great resource for you from Debbie Drum who has done all the hard work (and made all the mistakes) so that you can get your physical book published fast and start earning quicker.

This guide is different because it goes through the details of publishing “full color books” – that is great for children’s books and for folks who want to publish occasional physical newsletters for their subscribers.

Having something your audience can hold in their hands will definitely make you stand out from the crowd! And that’s why I really suggest you to grab a copy of Debbie Drum’s “CS Fully Loaded“!

Instagram Marketing Magic Review

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Instagram Marketing Magic


My dear friend Candace Chira released today “Instagram Marketing Magic“, the perfect guide to learn everything on how to do business on Instagram, step by step.

Let me ask you a question… Are you using Instagram?  If you are not, you are leaving money on the table.  Savvy marketers are using it to build their businesses and authority with a small time investment, and it is paying off exponentially.

Whether you are an Instagram newbie or even if you’ve been using it for awhile, you’ll want to check this out. I went through the product and I can’t believe everything that’s included.

Not only does she include the basics, but she also shows you how to easily create eye catching images, how to brand yourself, resources software, photo stock images, and more… There’s just too much to mention!

Right now she’s offering it at a bargain price but the price will be going up.  Grab your copy of “Instagram Marketing Magic” and take action.  Following what she teaches will definitely increase your income! And everything comes with PLR rights too!

Green Tea PLR Package Review

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Green Tea PLR


Today I just came across this great new “Green Tea PLR Package” that has just been released by my dear friend Sue Fleckenstein. ​If you have a weight loss, natural health, or a cooking and food site, this pack has been created especially for you.

Green tea is a hot topic with over 180,000 searches per month, and today more and more people are searching for an easy way to improve their health, to lose weight and stay in shape. What’s great about this niche is that it is not tapped into, so there is tons of opportunity for growth.

The main Report “Green Tea – Taking a Healthy Sip” is 19 pages long and comes pre-formatted with headers, images, page numbers etc already inserted for you.  Just insert your affiliate links inside the main ebook and you are set to earn commissions.

Sue Fleckenstein has you covered there too with 6 ready to go messages that you can copy and paste into your autoresponder. Or you may prefer to use the emails as blog posts or take snippets and post to your social media sites.

Here’s what you get in Sue’s offer today:

  • Main Report with over 5,200 words of content.
  • 2 Ecovers with editable files – includes blank design.
  • Opt In Video to help you build your list.
  • AR Series to help you connect with your readers.
  • Social Posters to match the ecover design.
  • 5 Social Posters.
  • 6 Related articles.
  • 15 Tweets.
  • Royalty free images.
  • Intro PDF – How to Use Your PLR Pack.
  • Keywords & Available Domain Names.
  • Research Report.
  • PowerPoint Slides of the main report.
  • Sales & Download Page Text + Bonus Landing Page Plugin.
  • Additional Bonuses as well.

Green Tea PLR Package” is only on sale at this price for the next 7 days, but the price does increase with every sale. This is so huge, you can’t lose it!

Short Books Empire Review

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Short Books Empire


Today I released “Short Books Empire“, my new course that helps you to create and launch short Kindle books in the non-fiction genre.

After following the steps outlined, you will be able to create a new book in just 3 days, in one of the 8 secret niches I have analyzed for you, with a lot of surprises, even for great authors.

In short, the course will help you to understand many things, like:

  • The advantages to writing a Kindle short book.
  • The characteristics of a short non-fiction book.
  • The recommended number of words for a good short book.
  • The 8 book niches that sell like crazy.
  • The way to build each one of these books in 3 days.
  • The ebook creation process from A to Z.
  • 28 places where you can grab commercial-use free photos
  • The 6 steps to upload your book like a pro on Kindle.
  • Keyword search tactics to get ahead of competitors.
  • 4 steps to get a constant flow of traffic.
  • 26 free websites where you can submit your books.
  • Our secret “next steps” to get your businessup and running.
  • And much, much more!

That’s why you can’t lose the opportunity to put an end to writer’s block and to stop the pain of writing books with hundreds of pages! Because today the market wants short books they can read while on the bus, in the park and before sleeping.

Grab my special “Short Books Empire” now, while it’s still available, for the lowest price ever!

Hypnotic Book Descriptions Review

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Hypnotic Book Descriptions

Hypnotic Book Descriptions” let you comprehend the importance of your Kindle book descriptions, that come right after your cover. In fact a bad description is the best way to don’t sell a copy, so stop writing them in just 2 minutes and discover the real secrets behind them.

Sometimes you think to have written a great book, far better than competitors ones, right? But sales don’t come as you expected. And the culprit is your book descriptions.

This guide by Bill Platt, expert of Kindle, show you that if you are ready to do one step, things will be completely different for your books, and you can get many many sales.
Here are the main points of this guide:

  • Once you comprehend why people buy your books, you will be able to write a better description that will make your book a real success.
  • You can seriously increase your book sales, making it more interesting.
  • You can decrease your costs, by avoiding to hire a copywriter.
  • You can get way more royalties and sales, by making one easy change to your books.
  • You will spend almost one hour per book to create constant results above your standards.
  • And much, much more!

I definitely think “Hypnotic Book Descriptions” will explain you one of the biggest secrets of Kindle bestsellers authors, so it’s your turn now to prepare better descriptions to enhance your sales by grabbing a copy of this guide!