Crime Fiction Decoded Review

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Crime Fiction Decoded

If you remember, a couple of years ago I released Kindle Thriller and then Kindle Thriller 2.0, the course to create your best thriller story ever. Well, this time Mavis show you how to create a professional crime fiction story thanks to her “Crime Fiction Decoded“.

This guide helps you to uncover the top 7 sub-niches of crime fiction that currently have the highest demand ever, but that are yet low to no competition, so you can literally dominate the niche without too much competition.

Inside this guide you can discover 4 great sources for unlimited story ideas, so you never run out of ideas for your plots. You will also find the 8 steps to publishing a bestselling crime fiction book at your first try.

Imagine having your new crime fiction series for sale on Kindle marketplace, on the bestsellers list. Many people launching crime stories jumped in first places with just a little of advertising, and it’s the dream of a lifetime!

This is a great guide if you always dreamed to launch your crime fiction stories on Kindle marketplace. As a bonus you will get over 600 keywords to target on your descriptions, titles and advertising. “Crime Fiction Decoded” is without any doubt the best guide to start writing inside the crime niche!

Affiliate Tube Jacker Review

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Affiliate Tube Jacker


Michael Harris and Scott Freaser have released a seriously great product called “Affiliate Tube Jacker“, a course that shows you, in simple terms, how to rank any Youtube video on Google first page in 11 minutes!

The course shows you how to record your winning affiliate review video, and how to get it on Google so fast, that sometimes you can rank your video before even recording it!
Inside the course you will get easy videos that will guide you in a step by step way, showing you how easy it is to build a review video even if you have no review copy or if you didn’t purchase the course yet.

Then you will get easy traffic techniques to get even more traffic to your videos, and start to collect sales a few hours after the videos is ready and uploaded on Youtube. The course is delivered on 3 videos plus a demo video that shows the results of the technique just applied to a review video.

Michael and Scott have done a really great work to find this technique, and to take the time to show it to you in easy and fast steps. This “Affiliate Tube Jacker” is really powerful, and if you are in the affiliate marketing niche, working every day for getting sales, this can give you a big hand.

7 Days Kindle Success Review

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7 Days Kindle Success

Today I released “7 Days Kindle Success” with Andrew Zirkin. This new guide shows you how to launch a new fiction or non-fiction book in 7 days or less.

Inside the eBook you will find many interesting tricks to get the right mindset and learn how to:

  • Write 5,000 words per hour. Yes, it’s not a typo!
  • Kill procrastination and writer’s block forever.
  • Plan your book in minutes and complete the perfect plot/outline.
  • Write your book the right way for massive success.
  • Create the right size novel that calls for a sequel.
  • Write your books on-the-go.
  • Use our secret methods to optimize your time.
  • Launch your book like a professional.
  • Grow your authority like a pro.
  • And much much more!

If you can learn $500 with a book, can you imagine what you can earn with 10, 20 or 30 more? This comes straight from our experience and will give you all the tips you need, day by day for each one of the 7 days.

We give you also the next steps you need to take to become an experienced authors over a few weeks. This will be great for you if you never wrote a book, if you wrote one but took too much time to be released and if instead you wrote some but you didn’t saw the expected results.

7 Days Kindle Success” is a gem, and it’s sold for a discounted price, but it’s on dimesale, so it will go up with the time!

Romance Plots Review

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Romance Plots


Today I’m really happy to review the new “Romance Plots” by David Martin, a set of 5 huge plots about romance stories. Unless you are an experienced writer and plotting expert, even getting the bones of a book can be an infuriating stumbling block to your self-publishing dreams.

Today, many famous authors (like James Patterson and R.L. Stine) work with others developing their plots and ghostwriting their books. It’s a well known thing. What if you could get your hands on a series of professionally crafted plots to work as a solid foundation for a best-selling series of books in one of the highest profit genres on Amazon?

David Martin has teamed up with a professional writer and plotter, named Peter T. McQueeny, to create a package of pro-level plots unlike anything you have ever seen before.
A fully-charged series of contemporary romance plots with plenty of thrills, conflicts and humor. Complex plots, well-developed three dimensional characters, compelling storylines, subplots and series arcs – this pack has them all and more!

You would pay hundreds of dollars to get these same plots created by a professionals, and today you can pick it up the whole 5 plot package for a really good price. “Romance Plots” is an outstanding collection of plots created by an experienced author.

Ecomify Review

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Ecomify” makes possible to create fully functional eCommerce stores on autopilot and in just a few minutes, to create that passive income we all dream and deserve. This is a brand new WordPress plugin that will allow you to open all the stores you want without paying the monthly fee of Shopify, and without any product limit. Something huge for earning from your sales!

You can promote objects from three networks with this plugin, that are AliExpress, Amazon and eBay. You can load hundreds of products in just a few seconds: you enter your credentials, you enter your keyword and you are ready to import products, images, descriptions and sell those items in no more than 4 minutes.

This is a huge plugin, easy to use and that works together with the free WooCommerce plugin. It has been created to give you the opportunity to make sales from the biggest eCommerce of the world, through their own affiliate marketplaces.

This saves you from the typical problems of dropshipping, direct sales and arbitrage, without product to keep at home, refunds to send here and there, unhappy customers and more…

Ecomify” is really a great idea, something I can’t leave on the shelf. I got my copy, and you?