How to Write a Fish Out of Water Romance Review

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How to Write a Fish Out of Water Romance


Apart the title long kilometers, this “How To Write a Fish Out of Water Romance” is really a good guide.

You might have bought finished plots before, but this is nothing like it. And yet, it’s just as easy to follow. Think of it as a template for working way better and faster.

You don’t get to “fill in the blanks”, but every chapter is described in details, asking your questions about your world and your characters. Making it easy to create your own unique plot in a way you have never seen before.

This guide is a 60 pages no-fluff PDF, created by Britt Malka. I went through it some days ago, and I really love it. Not only do you get something that is as close to a template as it can get, but you are also getting access to a way to come up with a romance story that is the easiest possible.

If you’re wondering what fish have to do with romance, try to think about “The Little Mermaid”. That’s just one extremely popular “fish out of the water romance”!

So many people struggle writing romance. Don’t let that be you. Grab “How to Write a Fish Out of the Water Romance” here, and get started in less than an hour from now.

There are also two awesome upsells. The first is a workshop that starts on the next Monday, and that helps you get your story written. It’s huge! The second upsell is a book with plenty of more “fish out of the water” story ideas. That’s why this “How To Write a Fish Out of Water Romance” can’t miss that place in your digital library!

KD Killer Hooks Review

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KD Killer Hooks


Bolaji O. always release cool Kindle products, and this “KD Killer Hooks” is really something new that can give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Isn’t it frustrating how book browsers read but never buy? We have all been that type of person, at least one time, walking through a bookstore aisles in search of the good title catching us, looking for an outstanding book cover we liked, or for a title that attracted us.

Book cover designers know what people like, and they do a lot of research to know that. But you have been fooled before, because I’m sure also you grabbed a stunning cover book only to be bored about it from the first page.

That’s why Bolaji O. tells us that “Book browsers never buy,” unless your first sentence, first paragraph, and first page doesn’t hook them up so well that they can’t drag their eyes away.

If you lose their interest on PAGE ONE… You can be sure to have lost them as customers. That’s why I felt rewarded when Bolaji shared this resource with me.

KD Killer Hooks” shows you how to write killer book openings that hook readers from the first sentence. In this course, he covers:

  • How to use brain science to hook readers from the first sentence.
  • Why Stephen King spends so much time writing opening sentences.
  • The secret formula to make your first page more attractive.
  • The top 7 things to avoid on page one.
  • The 66 best opening lines from novels.
  • And much much more!

Wanna write killer book openings that hook readers from the first sentence? Grab this guide, it is well done and full of tips and tricks coming from a
really good writer. “KD Killer Hooks” is made of 60 pages full of tips and tricks to improve your chances to get sales!

500 Royalty-Free Music Tracks with PLR Review

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500 Royalty Free Music Tracks with PLR

If you need music to use without any limitation in all your projects, this “500 Royalty Free Music Tracks” with PLR are all what you need.

Leon Tran prepared this collection for you, giving a huge selection of music you can use in a lot of ways, like: videos, animations, podcasts, website background music, advertising, videogames creation, jingles and any other way you’ve in mind!

This package, that is sold for pennies, it’s simply incredible if it is compared to all the other collections, that are costly and give you just 10 tracks, not 500+ like this, with top quality tracks.

The music included spans over a lot of genres, like dance music, classical music, rock, funky, country and much much more, so that you will find just what you need for your resources. More, you get huge distribution rights included, as your PLR license allows you to use the music for personal purposes, for reselling this package, or for using those tracks for your customers.

That’s why I strongly suggest you to grab a copy of those awesome Leon Tran wso called “500 Royalty Free Music Tracks“!

Motion Mascots Review

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Motion Mascots


Ok, I’m a fan of Lucas Adamski graphics, but those “Motion Mascots” are really an incredible set of 22 modules, each one including the characters in 20 different positions, that bring the total up to 440 different characters, including the most various jobs like businessmen, policeman, fireman, hospital maid, common people and so on.

You can use these beautiful images in your videos, with software like Video Make FX, Easy Sketch Pro, Explaindio, LeadPages, OptimizePress, the classic Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple Keynote and many many more software. Or you can use them in your sales pages, squeeze pages, flyers, banners, business cards, product covers, Kindle covers for children books and so on.

Apart boosting your sales and conversions, those graphics give you the advantage of being cheap if compared to the price of freelancers, and with them you can create much faster videos, as it is simply a copy and paste job.

You get also some cool bonuses, like a Youtube marketing course, a guide called “The Ultimate Resource for Free Graphics Online”, up to 12 months of support, videos to comprehend how to edit and use the graphics, and 125 additional animated characters, that make this pack one of the most cheap and awesome ever sold. You can’t really imagine how this “Motion Mascots” package is powerful!

Top Clickbank Product Reviews PLR Pack Review

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Top Clickbank Product Reviews PLR


Arun Chandran is a good friend but more than all, a big writer that loves to create awesome articles. Those “Top Clickbank Product Reviews” are really well made and powerful, and by adding your affiliate link you will obtain a set of 15 commission generating contents.

Inside the package you will find the most converting products on Clickbank, including:

  • Fat Diminisher (828 words)
  • The Venus Factor (714 words)
  • Diabetes Destroyer (866 words)
  • The Big Diabetes Lie (703 words)
  • Ted’s Woodworking Plans (562 words)
  • (688 words)
  • ED Miracle (822 words)
  • VO Genesis (727 words)
  • The 3 Week Diet (613 words)
  • 0-6 Pack ABS (855 words)
  • Survive The End Days (668 words)
  • PaleoHacks Cookbooks (665 words)
  • Truth About ABS (561 words)
  • Language of Desire (1,130 words)
  • The Lost Ways (669 words)

Those are the hottest selling products on Clickbank, and they all target the most requested niches ever, including weight loss, health issues, survival and dating. A set of 15 long articles, longer than the usual 500 words we’re used to see.

With those articles you can create videos, use them as articles for your blog, convert them in slides, build up a free report or sell them, once edited, as Fiverr gigs, just to give you some ideas.

Last thing, the articles are written as professional reviews, with product description, good points, bad points and conclusion. This format is proven to bring sales and get more conversions. Go and grab your copy of “Top Clickbank Product Reviews” until the price is still low!

The Essence of Facebook and Twitter Posts Review

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The Essence of Faceboon & Twitter Posts

Britt Malka a few days ago has released “The Essence of Facebook and Twitter Posts“, an interesting guide on how to get our social contents viral, commented and shared by our followers to hit incredible peaks of traffic.

If your posts are interesting to your followers, it’s clear that selling and getting signups become easier, because our posts will be waited like hotcakes. On FB there are a few people I follow every day, and that I like to read their posts and their emails (because I joined also their lists…)

Your contents should always be:

  • Emotional and Inspirational
  • Controversial
  • Curiosity Inspiring

If they don’t met one or more of those criteria, they will fail miserably. And after you read her examples, look at her advanced lessons, I bet also your Facebook and Twitter posts will get results. That’s an exciting thing for your future, and this 42 page guide will be a treasure to conserve and read as many times you need in the future months, when you will need inspiration.

Britt Malka’s “The Essence of Facebook and Twitter Posts” uncovers the missing ingredient to get your posts seen and to move your followers from that status of lazyness. At the end they will like, comment and share your contents getting all the traffic you need to get results!

Youtube Saturation Review

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Youtube Saturation

Kristie Chiles released yesterday her new “Youtube Saturation” guide, that will show you how she built a business over Youtube with video reviews, earning $2,000 per month.

This guide is sold for a lowest price ever, thing that makes it more appetible, considering the contents and Kristie Chiles experience with videos, that she record a few times per week.

Youtube is an incredible tool for advertising your affiliate opportunities and your launches and services. With the right knowledge and tool, all will become easier, and you can reap the rewards of your work since the first month.

This is an easy guide, nothing crazy or fancy to be done. Just following her simple steps to be sure to get the best from your work. Second thing, you can record videos with or without being live, because even videos with only your voice, or automated, will work really well. But they all produce results.

Releasing new videos on Youtube grows your authority by one side, and your traffic to your desired affiliate offers. Remember, more targeted traffic you get, and more opportunities you have to make a sale. It’s simple math!

That’s why I suggest you to grab your copy of Kristie Chiles “Youtube Saturation“, to be ready to use this “video saturation” set of techniques at your full advantage!

Fast ‘n’ Furious Kindle Non-Fiction Books Review

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Fast 'n' Furious Non-Fiction Books

I don’t love long titles like this, anyway this brand new “Fast ‘n’ Furious Non-Fiction Kindle Books” is really a great product coming from Britt Malka, a really experienced Kindle author.

When Britt Malka wrote her latest non-fiction book, she spent 3 hours only, coming up with a 4816 words guide, ready to be published on Kindle marketplace.

Could you write this fast? She’s just launched a product that might get you there. This is a refreshing new approach, and it has nothing to do with  recording videos, or dictating to software.

It’s a method that teaches you how to write faster and avoid writer’s block forever through easy techniques. When most people sit down to write a new book, they get stuck already at the introduction. What should you put there? How should you say it?

Britt Malka is offering you three different templates, and they are all so inspiring and easy to use that will drive you crazy! You’ll find yourself eager to get started on your next non-fiction book as soon as you finish reading the 23 instruction pages. And they include examples too!

“Fast ‘n’ Furious Non-Fiction Kindle Books” is selling on a dimesale, so you should definitely go there now and check it out as fast as you can!


Viral Money Magnet Review

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Viral Money Machine

Viral Money Magnet” by Matthew Neer is a software that gives you the huge possibility to make cash with viral videos made by other people. You are given everything, because apart the software, you get the possibility to post the monetized videos on Matthew website!

So you don’t have to create websites and work around them for SEO, as you get access to an incredible resource where you can earn with your advertising you will insert via the software.

Viral traffic is so powerful because you get other people to share your own contents, and you continue to get a constant flow of traffic, without even knowing! How many times you saw viral videos on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and websites? That’s the power of share!

More people love to share your videos, more cash you can make, as the advertising you place on videos will continue to work for you day in and day off! More, together with the software you get all the training you need plus a set of three amazing bonuses, including a secret webinar, a Google cash method and some advanced viral strategies.

This is incredibly powerful and gives you the possibility to start earning a dime with viral videos. It’s huge… and I grabbed my copy of “Viral Money Magnet” yet! Will you?

Surefire Money Machine Review

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Surefire Money Machine

The “Surefire Money Machine” is a 62 page eBook within support documents that is a beginner friendly and step by step course, that moves you from zero to running an internet business, selling affiliate products.

This well done course includes unique and highly effective traffic methods and email marketing guide in 6 great and comprehensive modules that come with action homework at the end of each one. The modules are the following:

  • Module 1 – The Basics
  • Module 2 – Building Out Your System
  • Module 3 – Lead Magnets and Landing Pages
  • Module 4 – Email Marketing and Building Trust
  • Module 5 – Traffic Techniques
  • Module 6 – Scaling Up The System

Remember always that if you don’t look for a change in your daily routine, results will never come. Internet marketing goes this way. So start now to build your new business from the starting blocks!

This big guide is really a well done course that will give you the real guidance you need to start your business from zero and get the right results without the usual learning curve.

Consider I needed over 3 years of my 9 to learn how to create a solid business, with trials and errors that now you can avoid thanks to the “Surefire Money Machine“. If you never built a business based on email marketing, give this product a serious look!