$5K Month Resell Rights Coaching Review

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$5K Month Resell Rights Coaching


Ivana Bosnjak and Gavin Birchall have joined their forces to release a superb video coaching called “$5K Month Resell Rights Coaching“, a resell ready package that you can sell as a high ticket course.

Inside your customers will find 7 excellent videos, all the instructions for your buyers and a super sales page with a ready sales letter and all the other elements you need enclosed in the pack. Plus, you will get a lot of cool bonuses to add to your coaching site for your customers, to make the deal sweeter.

The great thing is you get resell rights over the whole package, that can be turned into your own private coaching for the amount you desire, as you can ask literally anything from $297, $497, $997 or even $1,297. You are the owner, you set the price!

What’s better than a personal coaching for starting 2016 with a big boom? It’s incredibly useful course, and you can get for the lowest price I’ve ever seen… actually $7! But be fast, as it is in dimesale and many people will grab this “$5K Month Resell Rights Coaching“!

Paul Nicholls Great Christmas PLR Pack Review

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Giant Christmas PLR Pack


Paul Nicholls released today his own “Giant Christmas PLR Pack“, a great set including 27 of his huge WSOs released this year, with all the front ends and the OTOs offered to his customers. 5 of them have been selected as WSO Of The Day, and you can get them all with full rights!

You get all video products with more than 190 videos, a lot of info for your customers and for your list. A huge database of WSOs that comes with sales page and download page for an added value.

If you consider that each product has been sold for an amount going from $17 to $47, you can really comprehend how much Paul put in this package for a little amount if compared to the work he done to give you all his 2015 business in one single pack. Paul Nicholls is a great product creator by years, a man I had the pleasure to know and to promote over these last years.

The great thing is you can organize the product as you like: you can create your sales funnels with them, use them as OTOs, add them to your membership once a month for the next two years, or create reports and eBooks from the videos, just to name a few things.

This “Giant Christmas PLR Pack” is without any doubt an incredible package full of valuable and complete products in funnels that now can be yours, but only for the next 7 days only.

Free Traffic Renegades Review

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Free Traffic Renegades

Free Traffic Renegades” is a good guide all about free traffic, the most desired type of traffic ever, because that way you don’t have to spend a fortune trying to target the right people for your websites and products.

This guide, created by Crag Dawber, Art Flair and Venkata Ramana, includes a good set of traffic generation methods that have been never seen around, and that are extremely easy to be activated. It’s a great series of full methods, and I didn’t knew most of them before reading the guide, so it’s a valuable course also for you and your business.

Inside you won’t find the usual tips and tricks like blog commenting, Google SEO and things like that because everything has been carefully researched and tested before being offered to you, so you are sure that these methods are awesome and always bring quality traffic.

If you want more traffic to your websites or blogs, more visitors to your squeeze page, or more profits by bringing visitors to your CPA links or affiliate links, “Free Traffic Renegades” is the solution you were seraching for, guaranteed by a traffic seeker like me!

2016 Outsourcer Rolodex Review

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2016 Outsourcer Rolodex


Luther Landro released a huge guide called “2016 Outsourcer Rolodex” that includes all his best freelancers he uses for delivering tasks and make a lot of money. The secret here is that he uses Fiverr gig, so he spends $5 to earn $500 a hit.

He have a lot of freelancers providing great and solid gigs to do tasks that generally are requiring a lot of money and time to be done. For example you can use his own “emergency cash system” to cash in $500 in just 5 minutes and with only $5, or use one of these:

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation Service
  • Google News Ranking Service
  • Real Estate Lead Service
  • Press Release To Big News Sites
  • SEO Reporting Service
  • Mobile Site Designs
  • Google Plus 5-Star Review Service
  • Flyers and Brochures Design and Printing
  • And much much much more

What Luther does is providing 30 services he provided and giving you the names of the 30 freelancers he used to do that specific task. This way you can pile up some cash month by month, and that’s a great thing!

So, if you want to start being a manager and assigning tasks to your freelancer in exchange of big checks, this “2016 Outsourcer Rolodex” has been made for you!

Stress Killer PLR Review

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Stress Killer PLR

Stress Killer PLR” by Britt Malka is a solid package full of contents to open a brand new blog about stress, a bad thing hitting our modern society and causing a lot of health problems. Something is better to kill than taking with us. People spend million of dollars each and every year to take a jump from the stress.

So there’s no better pack and no better niche to target right now, and Britt provides you with all the contents you may need to open a great site, offering knowledge on the topic and ideas about the best products to kill stress with ease.

Inside you will find 10 PLR articles, 10 Amazon product reviews, a report to customize the way you want and an autoresponder series for the new leads you will be able to capture with the report. It’s a huge PLR package, something that can really help you create an outstanding online community!

That’s why I love PLR packages, and I especially liked this “Stress Killer PLR” by Britt Malka! Inside you will find all what you need to be considered an expert!


Cash In On Coloring With Journals Review

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Cash In On Coloring Journals

Today I want to let you know about a new product that you can easily cash in on. As you know Adult Coloring Books are all around us right now, and most people simply focus on creating coloring books with mandalas and patterns (as I shown you in my coloring books training.)

Have you ever thought about doing something entirely different with these designs? ​

Well today there is an awesome product out that will teach you some new methods that you may not have thought of.  “Cash in on Coloring with Journals” has been created by the team of Sue Fleckenstein and Shawn Hansen. They have recently released two very successful adult coloring books products, which you may already have.

Their new product takes you in a brand new direction and will help you cash in on the upcoming New Year’s Resolutions trend and more. Their training guide will show you 10 different types of journals that you can create with mandalas and patterns that you may all ready have.

Creating journals is a fantastic way to present your coloring designs in a totally new and innovative way. Plus it allows you to use your designs over and over again. How’s that for re-purposing your content?

Act now as this “Cash in on Coloring with Journals” training guide is on special for the next 7 days only, when the price will increase, and give also a good look to the two upsells!

Finally Free Review

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Finally Free

Lee Murray is back with another gem, called “Finally Free“. It’s a course that helps you to create the life of your dreams without a website, without an existing list, without particular skills or technical know-how. Something rare that is awesome for your 2016 and beyond.

Because with this system, you are no longer dependent from Google to get your traffic, and all what you need is focusing on doing and sharing fun-ass content. It could be a video you found on YouTube, an image you found on Pinterest, a short but sweet thought, an affiliate product review, or even a video that supports a product you’re promoting.

You can scrape content and use it liberally! No duplicate content penalties, no threat of being “sandboxed” by the Big G. You will learn how to build your business in a step by step way from an expert Warrior, and the results you may achieve are really fantastic and above any expectations if you follow his tips and tricks.

That’s why this Lee Murray’s “Finally Free” is an incredible gem and something you can study for your own growth. Because this way 2016 will become the first year giving you the passive profits you always dreamed!

Irresistible Offline Emails Review

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Irresistible Offline Emails
My dear friend Trevor launched his new guide called “Irresistible Offline Emails” that uncovers a lot of secrets about offline marketing emails. Consider that Trevor has a lot of experiences with the most different business, and he sells a lot thanks to offline marketing tasks (sometimes incredibly easy, sometimes more elaborate.)

The advantages of this book are many. At first, you can create winning emails without losing time and money testing out different methods, because he really knows what works brilliantly. Second, to learn all the tips inside this book you will need a 10 to 15 years career. Third, trying to convince an offline business without being salesy is tricky,  but here you will learn how to break even the most strong defense.

Emails in offline marketing give you the opportunity to don’t have to do calls (a thing I hate to break the ice and hear a “NO” before I even start talking…) or pay costly ads. All you have to do is locate the right business you want to follow and then hit “send”. That’s the power of Trevor’s technique!

So if you desire to jump on offline marketing, it’s a field that has a lot to give you. Consider each month I find yet new business that have not been targeted yet, and consider also that there’s a big space for who offers good service for a right price. Jump in now to get a new huge job in offline marketing arena thanks to “Irresistible Offline Emails“!

Shopify Traffic Explosion Review

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Shopify Traffic Explosion

Today I released “Shopify Traffic Explosion” together with Saul Maraney, that is a collection of 7 free and paid traffic metods to get more sales from your Shopify stores.

Each technique is explained through a step by step how-to, with screenthots, and helps you to create your targeted traffic in just a few minutes a day, to get way more sales from your stores. The most of the methods are free, with just one paid. I’ve put a lot of research and studies into this, you know how much efforts I do to present you something huge each and every time.

For who doesn’t have yet a Shopify store, I will record a live webinar on how to create your store from zero, how to add products and grow it day in and day out to get more sales.

About the OTO, you can find 5 video trainings on new methods for getting even more traffic, including a gem like how to setup upsells and cross-sells inside your Shopify store in seconds. A lot of value for little prices, as I usually do. At the end, instead, a webinar coaching to start a brand new business through Shopify, based on our experience.

This is a big gem, because “Shopify Traffic Explosion” comes as a real case study of my Shopify store I created to support my authority blog about survivalism. But be fast, as the dimesale for $7 closes in just 1 hour!

Publishing Profit Mantra Review

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Publishing Profit Mantra

Publishing Profit Mantra” comes from the trio Gaurab Borah, Tom Yevsikov and Vicky Sharma, and it’s a solid training on how to build a Kindle business from zero and a huge list within.

Inside the course you will find a lot of trainings, tips and tricks, that includes:

  • The right ways to find a perfect niche where you can publish your Kindle books with lowest competition to earn good profits.
  • The actionable steps to help you write your books in less than three days each!
  • A lot of promotional techniques that Amazon loves and accepts.
  • Ways to make the system work for you in an excellent way in any niche you are working.
  • A step by step research just like the big authors do, that you can repeat on your own for getting awesome contents.
  • And much much more!

You will be able to get a lot of insider’s tips and tricks and test and proven methods that worked like a charm to give book sales and subscribers in your list waiting for your next published books. A customer’s list is worth one hundred times a freebies one, remember!

This Publishing Profit Mantra is awesome for anyone who wants to build passive income online through a profitable publishing empire.