Gift Card Exposed Review

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Gift Cards Exposed


Do you know there’s a huge business behing gift cards? We are talking about a 11 Billion dollars business taking no pause during the year. And thanks to “Gift Cards Exposed” you will be able to jump on this making your cash with incredible ease.

Gift cards exploded some years ago, and in 2015 they touched a new record in sale, a thing that let you see how much request there is for these plastic or digital cards with coupons to apply to our shopping, in online shops or even offline.

What you will learn inside is finding cheap gift cards, discounted also up to 40%, and resell them to eager customers in search of the next gift card to gift, or insearch to save some dollars. Because if you get a $50 card for just $30, and you sell it for $45, you will learn $15 without doing nothing extra, and the buyer on the other side will be happy to have saved $5 on his shopping!

But inside the book you will find many other ideas, even to save with your shopping, because every dollar you can save really counts! This “Gift Cards Exposed” has been really a good read, full of ideas that will make your brain think.

Kindle Cheatsheet Review

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Kindle Cheatsheets

How to become bestsellers on Kindle? It’s not difficult with the right step by step method, and “Kindle Cheatsheet” by Paul Coleman is the best set of cheatsheets ever available for Kindle authors!

Once inside you will discover the secret method used by Paul to rank all his VIP customers book in just a few days, through the use of secret “emotional keywords” and many other tips and tricks.

You will also learn how to avoid the biggest sales killing mistakes able to stop your sales even before they start. And you will also learn which is the most important asset of your writing business: and it’s not your book, as you will learn…

This is a big wave of fresh air in the world of Kindle marketing. Ans Paul Coleman is a great guy able to transfer you his big knowledge on Kindle Bestsellers list domination. “Kindle Cheatsheet” is without any doubt the right course to give your books even more power on the Kindle marketplace, and it doesn’t cost a lot!


Clickbank CEO Monopoly Review

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Clickbank CEO Monopoly


Matt Hulett’s “Clickbank CEO Monopoly” is the next guide about Clickbank, but it definitely takes it in a different way, making this book really interesting even if it is a bit rough, badly formatted, direct and straight to the point.

If you can look at contents without stopping to look at the style used, you will learn a good set of ways to make Clickbank your next affiliate partner.

In fact you will be able to see the Clickbank portal under a different angle, and the methods included are relatively new for our countries, as they come straight from Asia, and specifically China as you will see on screenshots.

Don’t buy the OTO instead, because it’s interesting but download link doesn’t work and you will get angry because you have to send in your Paypal receipt to get the download link.

The frontend product is very good, but only if you can look at it as a good training without stopping by the worst formatting you ever seen and more bad things… For the rest this “Clickbank CEO Monopoly” brings a wave of fresh air in a really saturated niche like affiliate marketing!

Kindle Fiction Made Easy Review

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Kindle Fiction Made Easy


If you never got success from fiction books, this “Kindle Fiction Made Easy” it’s really a gem coming in the moment of need. Created by Ariel Sanders, this 74-pages guide will help you writing your best fiction book and market it in the correct way to get a lot of sales and downloads.

Inside this masterpiece you will find everything about writing a good fiction book from zero, including: why fiction is the best thing to target, what all the best books in this genre have in common, what’s behind a good story, and everything about each part of the book like: characters, story, relationships, ups and downs and what readers really care about.

After reading this gem you will learn staying inspired to write your best ficiton story ever. You will be guided in every step of the process, that will turn into something easy, unique and enjoyable for you. And apart creating a solid ficiton, you will learn how to market it like a pro, with a lot of steps, including the writing, the cover, formatting phase, the sale on Amazon and much much more!

Give a serious look to this “Kindle Fiction Made Easy“, it is really a gem if you want to create your next successful story once for all!

Weight Loss Resolution PLR Review

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Weight Loss PLR


Ivana Dee launched her brand new “Weight Loss Resolution PLR“, a super package including:

  • A high converting squeeze page.
  • An awesome report to give away for free or to be sold.
  • 5 autoresponder emails about most converting Clickbank offers.
  • 10 high quality PLR articles.
  • A list of low competition keywords to target.
  • Another list of highly related Amazon products to promote.
  • A special report on how to use this PLR Pack to start earning.

That’s a great set of things to get you started as fast as you can, because weight loss niche is the best to target in the first month of the year, when people eat too much during Christmas and New Year’s Eve and then they want to lose pounds as fast as they got them in.

Apart this, weight loss topic is one of the best niches to target all year around, because it’s a plague hitting the rich side of the planet, and millions of people all over the world are searching for good methods for losing weight.

So with this “Weight Loss Resolution PLR” you can really target this niche like a professional, with all the files you need to start, including materials for a new site or a new ebook plus a lot of additional useful files!

Creme De La Kindle Review

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Creme De La Kindle

If you desire to write non-fiction books a-go-go, this “Creme De La Kindle” is really done for you. Coming by Barbara O’Toole and Dave Lynch, this is a 12 page step by step guide on how to create new books in just 30 minutes!

A fast non-fiction guide creation to create a lot of new quality books in just a few time. You are guided to discover new niches in 60 seconds, to find what readers are searching with an incredible site and what they expect from your book even before you start writing it. All in half an hour!

And more, you will get access to 2 free software the will help you in gathering information, and one to create the entire outline of your book without spending a lot into Scrivener!

This guide is great if you need a little bit of motivation and method to write your next non-fiction Kindle guide in just 30 minutes. It’s something well made, that really gives you all what you need to start if you never created a good book, or to speed up the process if you created your non-fiction books in more than half an hour.

Creme De La Kindle” is a guide bringing a wave of fresh air!

Crowdfunding Affiliate Cash Review

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Crowdfunding Affiliate Cash

Today it’s my turn, and just before Christmas I decided to release one of my premium WSOs, called “Crowdfunding Affiliate Cash“, an incredible new technique to earn affiliate income from crowdfunding campaigns, thanks to a new affiliate platform!

Each time you refer someone that donates, you earn 10% of the income donated, that can be also a high amount! And with my method you can be sure you will target only the best winning campaigns live!

Inside the guide you will find also 5 targeted traffic techniques to get visitors from day one, and a step by step action plan to start easily and on the right way. At the end of the books there’s my secret chapter that guides you with the right steps after you finish reading the guide, and that’s pure gold!

As a bonus I provide an additional and very detailed eBook about the art of crowdfunding for all, in every niche you are working. An interesting look on the best way to create your project!

This is something hot, and really new, as no one has ever shown you this method. Finally you can earn from Kickstarter campaigns, and soon from IndieGoGo too.

It’s time to join the new era of affiliate marketing, with the new method only available inside the pages of “Crowdfunding Affiliate Cash“!

Author Fanfare Review

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Author Fanfare

Barbara O’Toole and Dave Lynch have teamed up to create this awesome “Author Fanfare“, a good guide that helps you to build your active readers list in a fast and easy way.

Collecting leads interesting in your book genre or type is actually priceless, as you can market them all your next books, and even some affiliate offers about the most interesting books as well!

Imagine how beautiful it is to launch a book with a list of interested people waiting for our release: our books will be a sold-out even before launching, because we will have our followers lined up to grab a copy! And the advantages are all on your side, because these lists will be really targeted!

And for advanced users, the same method can be used to test if a niche is valuable before spending a lot of time and money to write the next book, or to build a solid fan-base with much discretion.

All you need is a free account as Barbara and Paul will show you, and nothing else: the power is in your books then. “Author Fanfare” has been really a great read with a really valuable idea, because your list pays you back day by day!

Turbo Traffic Hacks 2.0 Review

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Turbo Traffic Hacks 2.0


Daniel Silvestre is back with a set of 3 awesome targeted traffic generation methods, all included in his new “Turbo Traffic Hacks 2.0“! Inside the big guide you will find each method described in step by step way, with screenshots and a lot of tips and tricks.

I guarantee all Daniel methods published until today are really great, and they work too, if you will follow his advices to the letter. All the methods are 100% free and can be runned in the moment of need for all your projects, for building your list with freebies or also to increase your sales day by day. Much depends on the way you want to follow.

Thanks to the traffic generation techniques included you can really start growing a list and making more sales with no additional traffic or cash, as all is free and really doable on your own, unless you want to outsource the methods.

For the third time in a row I was really stupified to see how Daniel is able to find and collect incredible traffic methods, most of them never seen before. This is another solid guide to get more visitors to your sites! Will you jump on this huge “Turbo Traffic Hacks 2.0“?

Whiteboard Madness Review

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Whiteboard Madness

Lucas Adamski has released this awesome product called “Whiteboard Madness” less than an hour ago. This is a brand-new mega collection of over 1,100 whiteboard SVG graphics.

Most of these graphics are detail-rich character graphics in dynamic poses and amazing colors. Each graphic comes in 3 styles: outline, black and white and color.

These are perfect graphics to create attentino-grabbing, high-converting whiteboard videos. All the graphics come with SVG & PNG format and are perfectly compatible with top video creation software, like: Easy Sketch Pro, VideoMakerFX, Video Scribe, Explaindio and more!

This is a perfect video assets collection for: internet marketers, affiliate marketers, product vendors, authors, kindle sellers, offline consultants and more, for every niche or topic. There are a lot of beautiful characters good for offline marketing videos and classic videos for self promotion, as there are pizza men, scientists, rich men, weight loss, foods, office men, money, waitresses, love, medicines and a lot of additional characters. All incredibly beautiful!

And only in the first few hours you can grab this huge collection for just a few dollars, but be fast because Lucas make always a sold out, and this “Whiteboard Madness” will be closed for sure after a few days from release!