Kindle Holiday Cash Review

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Kindle Holiday Cash

Holidays are coming, at first with Thanksgiving, and then with Christmas! “Kindle Holida Cash” helps you to generate massive holiday profits with your existing books and the new one you will uploade for the sale.

This is a huge checklist that will help you setup all these things better, to reap more rewards and give your book the attention it deserves: title, description, content creation, keyword search, cover, categories, pricing, promotion and reviews.

It’s a solid product straight to the point that will give you only the right information to set up your book in a more professional way, to get more results and more sales fastly. Now you can cash-in on the holidays, and on the rest of the year with zero costs, a good thing!

More, you will receive 250 bonus articles about Thanksgiving recipes that you can use for the example or for creating additional books to sell outside Kindle marketplace, plus 25 Kindle book covers and a cool guide called “Kindling Success”.

Kindle Holida Cash” is really something worth your attention, if you have published books on Kindle marketplace, or also if you are planning to publish one or more before Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving or Christmas!

KD Traffic Black Book Review

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It’s always bad when you write a book with much efforts, and you see it doesn’t sell as you hoped. This “KD Traffic Black Book” by Bolaji O. helps you to discover the advertising strategies used by the top 100 authors to get a lot of sales even if their books are not so amazing.

But what’s inside this useful guide? There’s more than what you can expect! Including:

  • Top 47 websites for paid book ads.
  • Top 150 websites for free book ads.

But apart this, that is a lot because Bolaji gives you more tips and tricks, that includes:

  • Why Indie Authors need to drop everything and start advertising.
  • The 6 reasons most indie authors don’t advertise.
  • What sites to advertise on, depending on your situation.
  • How to price your books for your ad campaigns.
  • The book ad profit hook that can triple your ad campaign royalties.
  • The branding boost that will sell 5x more books than normal.
  • The four step book ad success method that most indies fail to use…
  • The four best times to advertise in your book business..
  • And a lot of more useful things!

This turns this guide into a great target for any Kindle author, in fiction or non-fiction. The advantages you can get are really superb if you will follow the advices! That’s why I strongly suggest to invest in “KD Traffic Black Book“.

Black Friday PLR Creation Review

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Black Friday PLR Creation


Barbara Ling released yesterday a brand new product called “Black Friday PLR Creation“, a good guide that shows you how to sell your products on the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all other festivities as well.

All by creating easy gigs or whole product launches on Fiverr, JVZoo, Warrior Forum or any marketplace like Etsy, eBay and so on. Only your imagination can help you make a fortune of this training!

You will learn all the places in which you can download awesome images for free, software or websites to edit them, and the best way to sell them, tricks coming by a millionaire internet marketer like Barb Ling!

You can start in literally minutes to create your set of photos to sell the price you want, and start cashing in seriously day by day. Once you learn the techniques you can do this for any festivity, including Black Friday but also Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Hanukka, St. Patrick and a lot of other festivities as well!

It’s something new, greatly created to show you all the tricks needed to excel in this field. You can sell image by image, sell packages or entire collections for the price you ask: all thanks to a straight to the point cheatsheet including only the information you need, in a step by step!

That’s why this “Black Friday PLR Creation” can be your next success story!

Azon Profit Rocket Review

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Amazon Profit Rocket


Azon Profit Rocket” can be described in just four words: Amazon FBA made easy, because thanks to this 30 pages report you will learn everything about the system, the ins and outs and all the secrets coming from Jamie Chich direct experience.

You will learn how to select the best products, and the risky ones to don’t buy, and there are different gems into the first chapter, and then you get a real case study on how to choose a winning product with the best characteristic and how to discover way more. This business is really doable, and I got passionated page by page, so much that I’m seriously thinking to enter it from Amazon Italy, because this is doable in USA, Canada, Italy, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and a lot of additional countries.

You will be able to source your products from an extra cheap and emergent market, and things become easy as you really get all the tips requiring a lot of errors to be learned on your own. So you can really start from zero and act like a professional!

You will be guided also on how to sell your products, step by step through all the required things. You won’t make errors, as this is the unique guide in which you can really see the author knows his stuff and he’s not writing just for profits. This is the first index of a solid product.

Azon Profit Rocket” is the best guide at the moment if you want to experience Amazon FBA and make profits with it without losing a cent in bad products or bad experiences!

PowerPoint Bank PLR Review

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PowerPoint Bank PLR

My dear friend and colleague Ivana Dee has launched a new PLR idea titled “PowerPoint Bank PLR.” The package is made of 3 wonderful Microsoft Powerpoint templates plus a well done guide to their use and marketing to complete the pack.

More, if you are a video marketer, this package will be awesome also for you, because you get three incredible templates for just a few dollars, templates that you can use for your projects, that you can submit to SlideShare, or just convert easily into powerful videos to submit to Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and a lot of other places as well.

Nowadays a lot of people fells the need to create videos, and many times they don’t have the right knowledge to start, so this package can be great to target these people, giving them things that will cost a lot if purchased on sales portals. Consider I paid a single PowerPoint theme $45 a few days ago, and with a lot of limitations. Here instead you are free to do whatever you want, and even sell them all!

PowerPoint Bank PLR” is a winning PLR pack created for you, including all what you need to start selling from day one, or for starting to cash-in with your daily projects. Something exceptionally made, easy to use and simple to monetize!

Commission Juggernaut Reloaded Review

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Commission Juggernaut Reloaded


Commission Juggernaut Reloaded” is a passive income system launched by James Canzanella together with Art Flair and Adam Payne. It shows in a newbie proof and step by step how to create that passive income via Youtube videos you will create on your own in no more than 30 minutes per day, depending also on your skills.

The good thing about these videos is that when you rank them, they are bringing you sales for a lot of months, alone and without going crazy with SEO or other techniques. More,  you will be able to learn 7 never seen ways to literally dominate Youtube rankings.

These videos run to offer CPA links, and the good thing is you can record them without staying in front of the screen, and thanks to additional monetization tricks you can stay sure they will be your passive cash videos.

That’s a good book, well done and straight to the point, coming from two experts of CPA and one expert in video creation that joined their forces to create something fresh. Obviously the technique can also be used to promote other things than CPA, too, and that’s what turns this “Commission Juggernaut Reloaded” into something really well made.

Christmas Cash Bonanza Review

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Christmas Cash Bonanza

Christmas Cash Bonanza” is a product built from Phil Henderson huge experience with arbitrage selling, a great technique that was turned into an easy Christmas selling technique.

You will learn how to uncover the bestsellers products that are really requested on Christmas time, by using the best free tools on market, all completed by a lot of secret techniques used by the author to bank big each and every year with the same method, beating all the actual competitors on market.

We’re talking about a new type of arbitrage, not the usual from Amazon to eBay but something new. A no stress solution that will be great to sell more this Christmas and all the rest of the year. The good thing is you don’t need any website to run this business, and no stock to buy. You don’t need any special skill to run this business, and the good thing is that it is also great for newbies with no experience at all.

The all new “Christmas Cash Bonanza” is a huge method shown in step by step, and a job that Phil is doing day by day earning a lot. So why not jumping in on this new possibility in time for Christmas?

Instant Photoshop Guru 2.0 Review

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Instant Photoshop Guru 2.0


There’s nothing beautiful than creating your graphics, and that’s exactly what you can learn with “Instant Photoshop Guru 2.0“, the right training with over 240 videos in 32 modules. Yes, you heard right, and that’s not a typo!

All these videos will help you, step by step, to comprehend the basics, the middle and advanced ways to use Photoshop like a pro. You start with basic techniques, and you proceed to be able to design a complete minisite. Something crazy for the value and for the trainings, things that are much difficult to be found on the web.

Now you can finally save money from freelancers, and stop waiting for their delivery times. In a few weeks you will be able to get huge checks for designing things from zero, and you can become a freelancer too, unless you need this for your own business. Graphics are needed everywhere: for products, blogs, websites, business cards, flyers, web templates, ecovers, sales pages, banners and a lot of additional things you will be able to create.

I use Photoshop on daily basis for my internet marketing tasks, and now that I can learn more, I will jump for sure on this training! Will you consider joining this huge “Instant Photoshop Guru 2.0“?

Childhood Obesity PLR Review

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Childhood Obesity PLR


Do you know that 1 in 3 children is being affected by obesity? That’s why my dear friend Candace Chira released “Childhood Obesity PLR“. Because  a lot of families are in troubles to search for good solutions to help their children.

This PLR package is full of top quality contents, but you can actually use it in many ways: with a new blog, on social media, to record a live webinar or to create newsletters. All you have to do is adding your affiliate links and you are ready to go.

This super pack is for sale for the next week only, and inside you can find a lot of valuable things, like:

  • 8 new articles to edit the way you like about causes and prevention
  • A main report of 17 pages and 4,029 words.
  • Ecovers.
  • 5 Amazon products reviews with review videos.
  • 25 royalty free images.
  • 7 day autoresponder series.
  • 20 tweets and 5 quote posters.
  • Powerpoint slides of the articles.
  • Keywords researched for you.
  • A resource report.

All available under the PLR license, that allows you to use them as-is, to edit them and to turn them into anything you want. That’s the power of PLR packs, and this “Childhood Obesity PLR” is really a gem because it touches a hot new market in need for solutions that you can supply via these contents.

5K Formula System Review

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5K Formula System


Matthew Neer is a good guy, and I had the luck to discover it after I bought a copy of his latest “5K Formula System.” It’s a good guy because I’ve got a few questions and he took the time to answer them all, and it was great.

This product is based on his own experience with affiliate marketing, and the system he shows will give you the opportunity to enter affiliate marketing from the front door, as it is incredibly detailed.

By my side I bought the first two offers of the set, one about how to make sales with the affiliate offers, and the other on how to increase traffic, another good thing you are never tired to see. The first product is organized in a membership area where you will be able to access the 6 videos, organized in 5 modules. At the end you will be able to get your custom squeeze page, and a way to make money from it. And the great thing is you can modify the squeeze page direcly online! Crazy!

Then the OTO is all about traffic, and you’re offered some good ways to drive fresh and targeted traffic to your selected offers.

It’s a good product, great for newbies and for people who never made one hundred dollars per day. If you will follow this method, you will be able for sure to make cash, because it’s what I use on daily basis! If instead you are an experienced marketer with a solid list, “5K Formula System” is not for you. Now it’s your choice!