Contest Viper Review

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Contest Viper


Nothing has more power than a good contest, and “Contest Viper” has been built just for that reason. Since the first TV contests born, our world is filled by contests: on the products we purchase, on magazines, on radio and more places. Why? Because we can’t live without contests, and they are a part of our evolution as well, as we must compete also to survive!

This is a WordPress plugin, really easy to install and use, and it allows you to create unlimited contests the way you like. They can be about digital products like eBooks, software, PLR products, Kindle books, or about the physical products like Amazon store items, t-shirts, collectible items and much much more.

The power of contests is that we love to participate, but we also love to advertise them with our friends, and to participate in more contests as soon as new come out from the market.

Now, thanks to this plugin, you can turn yourself into a huge contests creator, and you can open a new site made of contests to build your list, or just list some contests on your existing sites or via email, to grow your own customer’s list or to get more sales, as this tool give the option to participate and give participants the option to buy the product if they didn’t won!

That’s why this “Contest Viper” really excites me. Me and my family are really loving contests of every type, and now it will be great to create new ones about what really counts for me!

7 Kindle Courses for $7 Review

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7 Kindle Courses for $7


All the Black Friday offers have something in common, but this “7 Kindle Courses for $7” wins over competition for quality and price. Inside the package you will get 7 awesome books released by Mavis Amouzou-Akue during the 2015 from which you can learn a lot of new concepts, ideas, tips and tricks.

Here are the titles for you:

  • How To Become A Top 100 Amazon Bestselling Author
  • How To Become A USA Today Bestselling Author
  • Hacking Audiobooks Video Course Package
  • FB Ads Technical Toolkit – How To Target Your Niche Audience
  • Kindle Niches Cracked Video Course Package
  • List Building Technical Toolkit – How To Build a Fanbase
  • Amazon Kindle Marketing Service – Get Your Book Advertised

Together, all these 7 courses are valued at over $ 1,289 by checking sales prices, but for you, and only until this Monday, these books can be yours for only $7, that is $1 per book! You can learn a lot of new concepts from these books, all coming from an exceptional international writer and author like Mavis.

Each course is different, and you can learn new things from each one. My favorite is the one that shows you how to get your book into USA Today bestsellers list, that’s really a gem.

7 Kindle Courses for $7” is one of the best Kindle Black Friday deals I’ve seen for Black Friday, so if you are into Kindle marketing, don’t hesitate and grab your copy now!

Blog Funnels Review

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Blog Funnels


Blog Funnels” is a great idea by William Fletcher, that through his videos will show you how to start generating a solid income from your blog, through his own system that is proven to work. What he’s using is a method that every authority blog is using, and that’s a good starting point.

You will learn how to sell products to your blog readers, through easy funnels, set of products. You will also learn how to turn your new blog into a lead generating machine, able to deliver new signups to your autoresponder day in and day out with ease, and how to turn them into serial buyers.

You will be able to automate these tasks so you can work only a few days per month to get your emails going out automatically to your own subscribers, and get passive income. And also your blog contents will be able to sell, because you will learn some great tricks on how to “sell without selling” through your articles!

This is without any doubt a solution that can turn your blog into an active and passive income generator, and that will turn yourself into an authority on your field, whichever it is. “Blog Funnels” is without a doubt a solid way to boost your blog income without going crazy!

Black Friday Diamonds 2015 Review

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Black Friday Diamonds 2015


Today I released my latest “Black Friday Diamonds 2015“, my incredible set of WSOs that I release each and every year for only 4 days. The sale, in fact, goes from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Inside you will find 8 of my best products, the one who got most of the sales, together with all the bonus and webinar replays as well.

The value of this package is around $70, instead you can get it for $17 that is a really good price. Inside the pack you will find big ebooks like:

  • Instagram Black Book
  • Podcast Black Book
  • RSS Traffic Rocket
  • Pinterest Genie
  • Twitter Chat Blueprint
  • Kindle Quiz
  • Cash Cow Funnel
  • New T-Shirt Revolution

As you can see there is material you can use through all the rest of 2015 and even a good part of 2016. All my products are based on my experience and on my huge research I do day by day to uncover hidden gems here and there. More, you can get a special bonus no one will get. Check below to know which product is missing in this huge “Black Friday Diamonds 2015” package!

Effortless CPA Explosion Review

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Effortless CPA Explosion


Effortless CPA Explosion” is a different guide about CPA, because instead of telling you to select the offers who make you most of the money it suggests 4 types of offers that really work in every condition. More, you will get a complete course on how to generate traffic and finally see your commissions.

To run a good and cash-making CPA business all you need are 20 minutes per day, really no more, to get really good results. Consider that you need onky 2 steps, that are: choosing the offer and sending free traffic. If you want to add a 3rd step, you can check your commissions!

Good for newbies, well done for advanced users, this training has been built from three people who made a lot with CPA networks, and that will show you the way. They claim to have made more than $320 per day with the exact system they give you, and I’m confident you can even do more with the time.

To get results you will need from 36 to 48 hours if you will apply the right steps as shown. More, you get the support of some awesome bonuses, including a traffic rolodex full of techniques, an additional technique, the right CPA tools and a video training. All for a really low price.

It’s time to start cashing in with CPA all day long! It’s not difficult if you follow the way of the winners shown inside the “Effortless CPA Explosion“!


Simple Mobile Profits Review

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Simple Mobile Profits


Tyler Pratt released his new “Simple Mobile Profits” video course, that will show you a mobile operator switch trick that can really give you the keys of success. Consider that by using this method together with CPA offers, you can really make a lot of cash day in and day out.

With 5 video modules, you are helped to move your first steps by the author. At first you will get, on first video, a panoramic on how this solid method works, and then on the other videos you will be able to learn a lot of new things, including:

  • On module 2 you will learn how to target the right people in need of this service, so you can focus only on the working part of population.
  • On module 3 you will discover how to test your profit center so you will be sure your offer will be seen on every mobile phone without problems.
  • On module 4 you will learn how to put everything together.
  • On module 5 you will learn how to scale it and ramp up to a totally new level.

There are some good bonuses too, to learn everything about CPA, so that you will be able to apply the techniques without efforts since day one. This is a good method that for Tyler worked well, giving him the big chance of turning this into $179 per day.

Simple Mobile Profits” is a well done, easily doable and really interesting course for who wants to use a mobile technique with CPA offers!

Social Ecom Soiree Review

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Social Ecom Soiree


James Renouf recently launched “Social Ecom Soiree“, a new 45 pages guide on how to make a lot of sales through time limited online events in which you can sell affiliate products or physical products. This will open a new world in front of you, as you can sell literally everything from used things, collectibles, books and ebooks, courses, Amazon products and much much more!

This is incredibly powerful, and the idea is so well defined that you will have many “A-Ha” moments while reading. I purchased this almost a week ago but I got the time to read it yesterday night, and it’s pure gold!

Inside you will find a step by step how-to with many screenshots, plus some great case studies from companies that used this technique to rake in huge profits by selling a lot of stuff. This is a really cool technique, something you cannot skip if you like to sell and make cash by selling. Events are short term sales that move people to buy before the last minute.

That’s why I’m happy to have found a solid product like this “Social Ecom Soiree“, a wave of fresh air in a saturated fields like internet marketing is always welcome!

Azon Rocket 3.0 Review

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Azon Rocket 3.0


Azon Rocket 3.0” is a great WordPress plugin that allows you to open a new review site with Amazon products. What this plugin allows you to do is:

  • Setup amazon affiliate ID, API and country to make commissions.
  • Change automatically the categories based on Amazon country.
  • Search and add videos to your review page.
  • Get product reviews (reviewer name, title and description.)
  • Add them to the content builder just by clicking the “add” button.
  • Spinning contents using the built-in spinner.
  • And much much more!

What is great, apart all these characteristics, is that the plugin tells you how much you can earn with the products you select. No other plugin can do that, actually. Thanks to “Azon Rocket 3.0” you can launch as many review sites you want, about any Amazon category, or even more mixed together!

Check it out, this WordPress plugin is definitely worth your time, as it is really easy to setup and gives you almost immediate results if you stick to it for at least 10 minutes per day.

The Perfect Affiliate Storm Review

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The Perfect Affiliate Storm


The Perfect Affiliate Storm” is a solid guide that helps you to start generating affiliate income from zero. Thanks to it, you will learn the most straight way to affiliate income, without dead ends and any bad surprise.

You will discover how to find the most converting products to promote, and how to get free copies of every product for evaluating it, and then review it for your readers. You will learn the importance of bonuses to captivate the reader and convert him into a buyer.

You will learn 11 free traffic techniques to bring a lot of visitors to your product reviews, and you will learn how to use a free tool to track all the clicks made on your links, to know what works and what not, and to adjust it in real time.

You will get all the secret tips from real big affiliates, becase Mark Barrett and Chris Cole are two great sellers, that every day with their email and reviews are selling hundreds of dollars of products. It’s really incredible what you get here, and all the information will help you to become a real golden affiliate.

Remember, starting with the right steps is important like a few other things, because the street to profits it’s full of obstacles. Why not avoiding them all by grabbing your copy of “The Perfect Affiliate Storm“?

Free Music Tracks Review

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Free Music Tracks


Royalty-free music tracks are always costly, so it’s great for me to offer you 10 “Free Music Tracks” for all your own projects, including: videos or slides background music, website background sound, podcast intros or outros, audiobooks, applications, videogames and everything you are going to create.

These 10 tracks are offered for free by Phil Wilkinson, and I think it is a great gift for you, because music with royalty free rights is difficult to be found and sold for astronimical prices, things that keep us distant from good music. This pack instead is totally free, and you can use it for your own projects and also for your outsourcing tasks, if you are a freelancer.

Go now to grab this pack until it’s free, and be sure to check the OTO, where you can get more music by paying just… $1! Take advantage of this kind giveaway from Phil, and your projects will have a different sound… for sure! That’s why you can’t refuse a “Free Music Tracks” download!