Soci Kits Review

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Soci Kits


Branding ourselves on social media is important for people and also for businesses, and “Soci Kits” includes 240 graphics in 60 packages for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Youtube. Customizing the headers of these social services is important to get your name and your company remembered by people.

All the graphics of this package are about a lot of different niches, and you can use them for yourself, or for your customers after editing them the way you like with your favorite graphic software.
All the biggest niches were considered for this package, that include social headers about: internet marketing, computers, travelling, transports, foods, recipes and restaurants, social media, financial services, beauty, fitness, yoga and a lot of additional markets, easy to target with graphics like these!

This package comes also with some great bonuses, that include a good report about social media authority, some viral quote graphics, HD video footage for your projects, a good set of Instagram videos and finally a set of Halloween graphics (probably for the next year…)

Soci Kits” is a good package to get a solid presence on social media and to be automatically recognized as an authority in your field of expertise on more than a single social network. A great idea.

Turbo Traffic Sniper Review

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Turbo Traffic Sniper


Daniel Silvestre is a good guy that started releasing products recently, and this “Turbo Traffic Sniper” is really something huge. I remember how much stuff he included in his first traffic book, and this is even better for the methods it includes. It’s really incredible. Inside the pages of this guide you will learn:

  • Why competition is something to embrace and not hide.
  • The two types of competition, and the one you really need to find.
  • Six free tools to perform some “hidden operations” to find traffic.
  • The same methods are great for finding backlinks to use for your site.
  • How to find a lot of low competition keywords.
  • How to use Vilfredo Pareto’s 80/20 rule to make profits from other people contents.
  • How to find all the hidden details of top websites in your niche.
  • And how to use all what you found for running your site on autopilot.

A great guide, really well done, that takes you by the hand for moving you through the contents, that are really easy to absorb and also doable, as there is nothing difficult or impossible. “Turbo Traffic Sniper” is a great release, and actually no one promoted it yet losing one of the best releases ever of this week.

Investigator Mistery Plots Review

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Investigator Mistery Plots


Mavis Amouzou Akue released her new series of “Investigator Mistery Plots“, a new set of 10 incredibly detailed plots. Getting plots you can start editing them to create your unique story, or outsource them to your favorite freelancer to get back original stories.

The advantage of plots in the “investigator mistery” area is that you are going to target a huge genre loved by millions of people around the globe, and you have all the ingredients to prepare a wonderful book, because each plot includes all what you need to create unlimited stories.

The great thing in this plot series is that the plots provided are arranged in a beautiful series, where you can mix episodes, or proceed with Mavis list of events. People really forgot how beautiful and absorbing this type of mistery fiction is, and if you consider that on Amazon there are just 8,000 books in investigator series, you can comprehend how much are people searching for new incredible books to read.

So, if you want to explore a new huge market, these “Investigator Mistery Plots” are exactly what you need to start from zero. If you have a writer’s block, or you can’t find a way to create new stories from zero, these are new, incredibly detailed and with characters created for you!

Goodreads Guru Review

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Goodreads Guru


Did you knew that there’s a service able to skyrocket your books sales? It’s all shown inside “Goodreads Guru” by Dave Lynch and Barbara O’Toole! Thanks to this 120 pages resource, you will be able to learn a lot of tips and tricks that will help you to get more deserved views and sales.

This guide includes:

  • A good fast-action cheatsheet with all hidden URLs for your reference.
  • Every single step required, with many step by steo screenshots.
  • All the tips and tricks and techniques explained for you.
  • All to turn you into a professional book author.
  • A trick giving authors the permission to not pay for site hosting anymore.
  • How your desired books will start coming up on search engines!
  • And much much more!

By comprehending how the free Goodreads works, the free social media site for book lvoers, you will get a huge step in front of your direct competitors. Inside you will find a great knowledge about a resource that all use for a few minutes a day, that instead hides a lot of power.

You will discover 17 pro tips and a lot of hidden urls by Goodreads that will be extremely useful to get your books in front of each reader. “Goodreads Guru” is something so powerful that I’m glad to have informed you about it in time!

Real Profits System Review

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Real Profits System

I know Mavis Amouzou-Akue by some years, and I know her for the quality books she sells on Kindle and for her Kindle products as well. Mavis released this “Real Profits System” to show you, in a brilliant case study, how it is possible to make more than $1,000 in a single weekend.

In this case study, offering you 5 videos in total, she shows the secrets of product creation. You will learn with an easy step by step training how to achieve the same results on your own, if not better. All you need is a computer, a word processor and access to the internet. Nothing else and you can launch your own products.

Mavis help you to comprehend the hidden steps in creating a brand new WSO from zero, in only 24 hours, and selling it on Warrior Forum to emulate his first launch that did more than $1,000. After you launch your first product, nothing more will hold you back. Consider the best WSOs I launched has been completed by me in less than a day plus one additional day for proofreading.

Thanks to “Real Profits System” you can now copy a winning Warrior like Mavis and jump on the train for success!

Graphics Magic Box V3 Review

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Graphics Magic Box V3


Lucas Adamski released his new “Graphics Magic Box V3“, an incredible and powerful pack with over 785 graphics good for any field of your business, online or offline. In this package, in fact, you can find a huge list of goodies, including:

  • 41 huge modules of graphics and website templates.
  • Covers and graphics for Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.
  • Mobile squeeze pages (that’s pure gold!)
  • Website templates.
  • eCover templates.
  • Boatloads of graphics (including banners, quotes and characters.)
  • Offline marketing things (flyers, business cards, postcards…)
  • Full HD video backgrounds.
  • Sales page designs ready to be customized.
  • Landing pages and squeeze pages.
  • Infographics templates.
  • A secret module
  • And a lot of additional things I forgot for sure!

41 modules, including a secret one, filled by gems. Useful for any project you run in online or offline marketing, in any niche you are in. More, you will get add-ons each and every month, you can access a Facebook group and have support through crystal clear videos.

That’s a package without competition, as no one includes all this stuff for a so little price! That’s why I can’t lose this “Graphics Magic Box V3“, the most incredible graphics set I’ve ever found!

The Authority Formula Review

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The Authority Formula


If you want to become the go-to expert in your niche, a real authority, your first step is looking at “The Authority Formula” by William Fletcher. How many times you have seen gurus selling thousands of copies with a finger snap? I bet a lot, and that’s why they all have authority.

You can build a better course than what they have done, but in most of the cases, no one cares. It’s happened a lot of time to me in these last years, and I got angry and I felt down. What I thought was: “People love to throw away money to buy sales pages, not final products, because they don’t deliver at all!”

That’s because that seller has built his authority in the field, and people follow him or his name without caring about what he launch. Now imagine what you can do if you can achieve the same level of authority, but publishing articles everyone wait on your blog. And imagine also how much income can follow if you place ads and affiliate reviews into your blog!

That’s why I suggest you “The Authority Formula“. Because it’s hard to become authorities, and this will give you a big hand in uncovering all the secrets to become a real guru in a third of the time required!

Twitter Traffic Syphon Review

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Twitter Traffic Syphon


Twitter Traffic Syphon” is a solid method for making cash with CPA and Twitter. All you need to get the system working is creating your first campaign in 30 minutes, no more. You can use Twitter Ads or go free, it’s your choice and the two ways work really well. With Ads, all you have to spend is no more than $10 per day to get faster results.

There are step by step instructions to follow, and everything has been made easy for you. No difficulties at all. You have to find a good theme, find an offer completing it, and then promote it with a simple 140 characters tweet.

Eric James, the author of this great course, is able to make from $3K to $5K each and every day with this technique, and you can look at some CPA earnings screenshots he posted directly on sales page.

Twitter Traffic Syphon” is without any doubt a great course, well packed and based on real strategies involving the use of Twitter. Something great for these times in which we continuously see the same old and rehashed methods!

WP Andy Review

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WP Andy


I tried “WP Andy” and another competitor’s product launched the same day, but the winner is the first because it costs way less and it works way better for many reasons. WP Andy it’s an easy to use WordPress plugin that gives you the huge opportunity to create a mobile app about your blog, that is updated automatically each time you add contents to your blog.

If you consider that a few days ago Google registered more searches sent by mobile than desktop computers, you can comprehend how mobile marketing is no more a choice but a big necessity to capture a lot of viewers you will anyway lose without any possibility to recover them.

This plugin instead is a turnkey solution to create as many apps as you want (ehm… not just 25 like the competitor) and it includes also all the support you need (ehm… not like the other that took me 3 days to get user and password.) So go straight to grab your copy of this cool product, that was created by Sherman Fredericksen and Vivek Sharma, two really special marketers).

It’s then clear that “WP Andy” is the best product to enter mobile area from the front door, not from the back door!

KD Researcher 2.0 Review

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KD Researcher 2.0

Sam England and Bill Platt have released this afternoon a new edition of their awesome software to conquer the bestsellers chart on Amazon with your Kindle books: “KD Researcher 2.0“.

What can you learn about the “Top 100” books in any category in the United States or the United Kingdom? A lot, if you are using the right tool. This software is now available, and it will allow you to compare the Top 100 books in any category and side by side, so that you will be able to see immediately the:

  • Book Covers
  • Book Titles
  • Overall Amazon Sales Ranking
  • Price
  • Year of Publication
  • Number of Pages
  • Number of Reviews
  • Average Rating
  • And more!

If you find a book that you want to see the description, just click the link and you will be brought to the sales page in a new window. Take notes of the interesting things, compare many books at once and elaborate your own plan of attack to sell more books and enter the glorious Bestsellers list! Not with one book only, with all your ones!

Doing this manually is incredibly difficult, and you will lose days to cover all these information page by page by selecting the best books. Thanks to “KD Researcher 2.0” this is not anymore just a dream. You can do it in minutes!