Free Eternal Traffic Review

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Free Eternal Traffic Cash

Free Eternal Traffic” is a product I made together with Roderick Gardner and Candace Chira. It gives you access to 10 videos with 10 techniques to get unlimited free traffic to your favorite websites, FB Pages and Groups, products and affiliate marketing pages.

Each technique has been tested for a long time to ensure it produces enough traffic, and the 10 free services you find reviewed are really  the best around, and they ensure as much traffic as you need to sell more, or to get more signups via your squeeze page.

As OTOs, you can find 30 PLR articles we got for you, to start your blog from zero, and my traffic webinar series, something that will give you more interesting techniques (at least 20+) to bring a constant and limitless traffic flow.

Remember always that traffic is the lifeblood for internet marketers, and that no traffic means no sales, no list building and no success at all. So consider purchasing this cheap but powerful traffic system, because it has been done from the heart. I approved it and I built the sales page for them. I will host the sale for “Free Eternal Traffic.”

Cash Cow Funnel Review

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Cash Cow Funnel


Cash Cow Funnel” is the perfect sales funnel, and it includes all what you need to start selling and collecting leads and sales all at once. It includes:

  • A high conversions squeeze page
  • A superb front end offer
  • 2 incredible OTOs
  • All download pages and guides (also in editable format)
  • 7 autoresponder messages
  • A step by step setup guide

More, you get two awesome bonuses, that are the “FB List Building Made Easy” guide by Jamie Lynch plus a 30 minute Skype chat with Hamza BK to talk about sales funnels and your online business, adding more quality to the funnel pack.

The quality of this pack is incredibly high, and we cared about every part of the sales funnel like we do in our product, to make it superb for you and for your customers. More, we have three awesome OTOs, including 20 sales funnels pack, a step by step video course on how to create your funnels from zero, and my webinar coaching about free traffic techniques. Something huge, if you know what I mean, with more than 15 techniques explained plus many more about paid traffic in the bonus webinar!

If you want to grab your copy of “Cash Cow Funnel“, you can do it 1 hour and 20 minutes before all the other people, and with a better price!

The Healing Power of Honey Review

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Healing Power of Honey

Sue Fleckenstein recently released her own new PLR package about “The Healing Power of Honey“, a great set for your healthy websites, or for your most beautiful projects ever. This PLR pack includes a lot of things, like:

  • Report, with 2,690 words in 11 pages.
  • Editable eCovers, available in 2 styles.
  • Powerpoint slides.
  • MP4 video.
  • 6 images.
  • 30 tweets.
  • 5 tips posters including a blank one.
  • Keyword suggestions.

This is a well-done product with PLR rights, great for health. Many people in the world love honey and use them on daily basis, and all of them could be interested on knowing more about the healing
properties of this product.

The Healing Power of Honey” is something different, something you won’t find around with ease like many other products. It’s a gem, something unique for your followers!

Unravel The Mystery Review

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Unravel The Mystery


We all know that it’s 10x easier to make money in publishing if you publish what people love to read, right? What if you had a short cut to reach nearly half of all readers?

Today  Amy Harrop brings you a brand new solution that will allow you to easily publish and profit in the huge Mistery niche, that can reach nearly half of all readers! According to Harris Interactive (A Nielsen Company), this niche accounted for 48% of all fiction books read in the past year, and it’s really fantastic!

Unravel the Mystery: Publishing Profits From Mysteries” is a new strategic blueprint to publishing profitable mysteries. Hands down, mystery is one of the MOST popular fiction niches. If you aren’t publishing in this genre, you are leaving money on the table.

Unravel the Mystery reveals:

  • 4 Hot Mystery Sub-Genres
  • How to Plot your mystery so it doesn’t flop.
  • Free promotional and marketing resources you can use to promote
    your book right now.
  • Content outlines you can use to write or give to your outsourcer.
  • Essentials you must include for your book to be a success.
  • And much much more!

90% of the hard work has been done for you! Amy Harrop, together with Bill Platt have published this awesome special offer that provide even more advanced mystery plotting strategies, so you can easily write or outsource mysteries that people love and remove the biggest roadblock….plotting!

Azon Niche Dominator Review

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Azon Niche Dominator


There’s nothing more beautiful than making sales with your own Amazon affiliate website, and “Azon Niche Dominator” was released just for that. Showing you how to bring your review articles on top of Google with ease. Without a right path to follow is really difficult, if not impossible, to get your affiliate sites listed on top pages of Google.

You will learn a 9 steps method to turn your review site into a niche dominator, a resource where people will connect to know more and to purchase your products from Amazon Associates. You will get access to 250 buyer keywords, that will add a lot of value to your site, and much much more.

There are also five great bonuses to learn more about affiliate marketing and sales, and to build your list from your customers. Apart SEO  techniques, tips and tricks to get your content on 1st page, you will learn  a lot of ways to get traffic and clicks to your sites, to be able to convert them into affiliate product sales. “Azon Niche Dominator” is a gem for affiliate marketers!

Hypnotherapy Healing“, a MRR guide about the importance of hypnosys for healing and feeling better.

Fiverr Cash Typhoon Review

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Fiverr Cash Typhoon 2.0


Today I stumbled upon “Fiverr Cash Typhoon“, a new product launched by Sam England together with an eastern Europe museum historian, Michal Witkowski, able to earn $29,484 on Fiverr, alone.

What this guy did was listing easy gigs, or outsourcing them for $1/gig, something that seems impossible nowadays. The method is well explained through modules, where you will be guided inside Fiverr in a step by step way.

You will learn what to sell and how to search things people are searching like crazy, and where to get free tools to work better and faster, and how to market at your best on Fiverr to keep a 5 star rating with no bad reviews and no problems.

More, on the product’s download page you will be able to find 3 bonus videos, each one more interesting than the other, with a good idea to use software for creating gigs before you pay for it, and how to get rid of bad reviews and how to start fast to selling on Fiverr. Great things are shown here.

Fiverr Cash Typhoon” is a well done product, something useful to use since day one, because it provides all the information you need to turn Fiverr into your own ATM!

Offline Fiverr Gold“, a fantastic way to earn a dime with offline businesses by using the power of Fiverr!

PayMe Instant Profit Spree Review

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PayMe Instant Profit Spree


Jeremy Kennedy was more fast than wind to publish this huge “PayMe Instant Profit Spree” guide to the newest Paypal service called Paypal.Me. This new Paypal service gives you the big and never seen before opportunity to create a personal page with your desired colors and message to receive donations.

What Jeremy did in record time was finding 20 ways to make cash with this method, and each one of the ways he added to his book is really awesome! When I saw this service for the first time, I created my new page, that you can see here:

Well, with this link you can use 20 methods to make cash each and every day, and I really liked that course. More, you will receive the last three WSOs launched by Jeremy as free bonuses, items that add a lot of value to the pack!

Start using “PayMe Instant Profit Spree” right now to create your first automated cash generating url, without the need to open a site or to do difficult things!

Massive Motivation“, a guide that will help you to find motivation right when you need it!

Small List Email Maestro Review

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Small List Email Maestro


Small List Email Maestro” is a new guide coming from my dear friend Britt Malka, usually releasing Kindle products. Inside the guide you will find her own way she used to build a 182 subscribers email list and to cash $700 in only 2 days via that list. Incredible? Sure it is!

Inside the guide she will walk you through her secret 5-steps method to obtain these results. You will learn the fundamental first step that if done wrong can cost you the entirelist and any profit. A fundamental step I never saw before!

Then she shares her best methods to skyrocket her email opens, and that’s pure gold, plus the other 3 steps making this guide something unique and a must-have, for who has yet to build a list from zero, but also for who has built one but without results yet.

Small List Email Maestro” is without any doubt a gem, something huge that gave me too a lot of ideas. In fact you will find also my review on thread. This is an incredible book you can grab for yourself and for your next profits. Because no internet marketer could be called in that way if he has not yet an email list!

WP Central Hub 2.0 Review

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WP Central Hub 2.0

WP Central Hub 2.0” is a great idea that will save you a lot of time and efforts on daily basis, because you can manage all your WordPress blogs from a simple place, without the need to login in each blog. What this software can do for you is incredible, and includes these huge features:

  • Install and deleting plugins in one hit.
  • Install any theme, or delete anyone you don’t need anymore.
  • Add or modify your blog posts with images.
  • Add or modify your pages.
  • Add or remove your users.
  • Add, change or remove all the links.
  • Change all the settings.
  • And much much more!

All from one single location, and that’s what made this product a big deal. With just this online software you can manage all your blogs, together. And that will save hours of time and stress each and every month, and it’s good for bloggers but also for developers that work on many blogs a time.

Go for this awesome product called “WP Central Hub 2.0“, if you have more than 2 blogs and you need to update them all on a recurring basis. It’s something huge and really useful, and it doesn’t cost a lot, if you purchase it fast!

Five Dollar Posts Review

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Five Dollar Posts


Today I got a review copy for this huge “Fiver Dollar Posts” product. It’s really well done and worth your attention.

Recently Facebook announced a major change with their ad platform that will help YOU build a huge list fast. That means your cost per click (CPC) will now be more affordable, so if you’re not generating as many leads as possible from Facebook while this trend is still hot, you are missing a huge opportunity!

My good friend Ron Douglas has cracked the code on tapping into FB’s 1.44 billion monthly active users to build his list. While other marketers have focused on selling T-shirts on Facebook, Ron has been quietly generating over 500 leads per day with little $5 ads that are laser targeted to specific interests. He calls this system “Five Dollar Posts” and it’s been getting him clicks for as low as $0.02 cents.

Ron has recently sold his “Five Dollar Posts” live coaching from the stage for $997 and it’s currently closed and not yet available to the general public. But Ron is sharing his complete how-to method for a limited time for just $17. Grab it now and learn the proper way to build your list on Facebook the right way!

If you don’t know Ron, he’s the New York Times Best Selling Author who used his Internet Marketing skills to build a huge audience of over 250k subscribers online in evergreen niches such as cooking. His large following led to appearances on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, NBC News, Home Shopping Network and also a million dollar book deal with Simon & Schuster with over 1.4 million books sold.

This guy is the real deal and one of the few marketers with real mainstream success. Anything you can learn from him about list building, I suggest jump at the chance to do so.

That’s why I strongly suggest “Five Dollar Posts.” Because it’s well done and permits you to finally take advantage the FB Ads in the right way, and especially with the right budget, $5 a day.