50 How-To PLR Videos Review

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50 How-To PLR Videos


My dear friend Marian Krajcovic released a series of “50 How-To PLR Videos“, advanced lessons on a lot of different internet marketing topics. They are so well selected that at least I don’t know 25 of them! Consider that some of the topics are:

  • How to add a clickable overlay to Youtube.
  • How to host your websites for free.
  • How to automatically backup your WordPress blog.
  • How to create animated GIFs images.
  • How to find top quality expired domain names.
  • How to link directly to a Clickbank checkout page.
  • How to track Tweets in real time.
  • How to add Tweets to your blog.
  • How to use Jing for screen capture.

And other 41 incredibly well done videos, that you may resell in pack or use on your own to learn new interesting things. Or again, you can upload all videos on Youtube for your followers. For the price it’s sold, each video will cost you $0,20. Yes, you have heard right!

Grab your “50 How-To PLR Videos” now and start monetizing your videos!

Quick Sharp Profits Review

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Quick Sharp Profits


Fergal Downes recently released this “Quick Sharp Profits“, an easy video course that show you how to earn $10 per day, or $300 per month via easy tasks really anyone can copy and do on its own.

And more you will earn, more your motivation will make you more cash with ease. It’s a set of easy ways to get paid each and every day, and it’s really well made. Actually it’s sold for only $1, so I don’t write to you to make sales today, but only to notify a good and cheap products you can take advantage of.

These are the basis, and an additional income of that amount each and every month can really help anyone in achieving little dreams, or pay some bills without troubles.

Fergal Downes is an expert of Fiverr gigs and simple methods that make an easy game to live thanks to little tasks, and this video course is based on his way of doing business. It’s worth your time, if you are new to internet marketing or if you need a good side income never drying up.

Give it a serious look to “Quick Sharp Profits” sales page, and I’m sure you will want to try the methods inside it!

3 Page Cash Machine Review

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3 Page Cash Machine


3 Page Cash Machine” is the first software that Alex Jeffreys created. And it’s a big gem, because thanks to it you can create 3 pages websites that will bring in profits day in and day off. In fact all you need to succeed are just 3 pages: a traffic page, a sales page and a product page.

Here you have 3 pages crafted for you, optimized for high conversions, that you may change by adding the details of your product. Nothing more to get a huge system in place in just a few minutes. No more hours wasted to craft a high conversion page! No more time thrown into the bin!

What you get here is:

  • A “fill in the blank” sales page formula so you can copy and paste your parts into it with ease.
  • Done for you products so you can drag and drop them into the system and start selling them the same day you purchase.
  • Step by step tutorials so you can follow exactly how to be up and running in no time to use this super software.

3 Page Cash Machine” is an incredible solution that I will purchase for sure, because Alex Jeffreys always provides doable solutions to making IM’ers life easy. Will you invest in this gem?

Cash Content Blueprint Review

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Cash Content Blueprint


Cash Content Blueprint” by Nathan Zadworny is a precious guide that will help you to start creating contents. Contents that start from a simple article and then evolves to reports and eBooks. It’s how a great online marketing business starts, the born of a successful company from the ground and up.

Inside this guide you can a lot of simple, fast and funny content creation methods useful to attract your target market and position you and your business as experts, real authorities in your niche. It becomes easy to dominate the market when your message is everywhere and can be seen by everyone!

Then you can learn the easy and fast method to take over your niche and stay at the top of the mountain, on the top of all your competitors. Learn also how to get unlimited traffic from the most popular online resources, to pull unlimited visitors to your articles, reports and books.

You will be really amazed at how your traffic grows week after week, no matter what changes Google makes! Go for this guide if you love writing, but consider “Cash Content Blueprint” also if you hate writing, because you will learn to love it!

Abundant Content Loader“, the best WordPress plugin to upload all your contents in one hit, and get them visible right when you want it!

The Radical Shift Review

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The Radical Shift


James Renouf has released another one of his WSO gems, called “The Radical Shift“, a book that talks about a new website that is the perfect companion for who tried Periscope and Meerkat, two video social networks where you record your short videos in real time.

As you know this is the latest trends, and a lot of internet marketers are jumping on this new train. Why? Because this web application is ten times better than the two others! And every day hundreds if not thousands of new people are joining this new website.

Consider also this website gives you the opportunity to advertise your own business, to offer your products or affiliate products and to create a real community that follows you in and out from this site. And inside the guide you will find a step by step tutorial on how to take advantage since day one.

If you are interested, James offers also two OTOs, priced low for the quality they provide, to learn even more about this new “live videos” concept that is taking the web by storm.

So, if you want to discover this new video platform, and use it to get a lot of followers with easy 5 minute videos, or even less, it’s the right moment to grab your copy of this gem, “The Radical Shift“!

Sensei Traffic Master Review

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Sensei Traffic Master


Sensei Traffic Master” is a solid method to set up a completely set and forget free traffic method giving you unlimited exposure all the time you need it. Good for anything, including squeeze pages, sales pages, blog posts, articles, videos, press releases and so on, this system is presented to you with 2 hour videos.

You can forget difficult or long term methods in which you get nothing back. This is something incredible, and you can use it literally anytime you need your contents on search engines. It’s extremely good for SEO, and it’s good to get commissions, grow your mailing list and many other factors.

More, this method guarantees high quality traffic from the best English talking countries like USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. It’s a gem, something you can start applying today to see results tomorrow, a good and free traffic technique we all need like bread and water.

Without any doubt, this “Sensei Traffic Master” by Brian Gray and Shane Farrell is something awesome, and can provide all the traffic you need for a lifetime.

KD Addiction Review

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KD Addiction


KD Addiction” by Bolaji ‘O is a solid guide that will show you how an indie author is able to get $12K checks like clockwork, by releasing perfect fiction books, like people desire. The method is not a brand new technique, but a set of methods here to stay for a long time.

You will be shown the unique right way to write easy series in just a few days per book, and how to catch reader’s attention, the most difficult thing where 99% of authors fail. Because everyone is good in getting number 1 book of a series sold, but how many times you see your sales continuing after book 1? I bet a few.

You will learn a total 0f 23 incredible tricks to get coming back readers to purchase all your series titles, and how to always leave your fans excited without getting them to discover your next plots. More, you will learn 5 great ways to avoid losing your readers at book one!

If you check also the bonuses, you will see the huge value of this book. “KD Addiction” is without any doubt something incredible for fiction writers and authors, and you can take full advantage from it since day one. Now your sales will come straight from your series!

Spooky Scary PLR Review

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Spooky Scary PLR


My dearest friend Candace Chira released yesterday an awesome Halloween PLR pack called “Spooky Scary PLR“. It includes all what you need to refresh your site for this 2015’s Halloween, or for opening a brand new website or to create additional advertising contents.

Inside this brilliant package you will find:

  • 20 Amazon Product Reviews
  • 40 Amazon Product Review Videos
  • 20 Audio Files
  • 20 Tweets
  • 5 Quote Posters + 1 Blank
  • 25 Royalty Free Images
  • 20 Powerpoint Slide Decks
  • Keyword Reports
  • 10 Pinterest Posters
  • How to Use Your PLR Pack Report
  • 25 Bonus Halloween Articles

And we are talking about the latest trends on the marketplace, new costumes for girls, boys, men and women! Plus a lot of additional things to use the way you like, including a lot of promotional items. Do you know how much people is searching for ideas on Pinterest? A lot!

Remember it’s not too late to earn big with your Halloween store. Consider that with my HalloweenNewCostumes.com I got orders until two days before that night, and here we are at over 40 days! Go and check out this magic “Spooky Scary PLR” I fallen in love with. If you love Halloween like I do, you will see the big value it brings!

“Halloween Software”
, a pack of 5 software to use yourself or to resell with the included resell rights!

Kindle Profit Maximizer Review

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Kindle Profit Maximizer

Kindle Profit Maximizer” is a new solid product created for Kindle authors around the world. This system, created by Vicky Sharma and Srijan Bhardwaj is a well made plan to follow to get a lot of sales for your books on Kindle marketplace.

Here is a sneak peek of what you can learn inside:

  • You will learn how to find a perfect niche to publish your eBooks with a really low competition, to earn the most with little efforts.
  • Step by step training on how to write a new book in only 3 days.
  • Some targeted advertising techniques loved and supported by Amazon.
  • You are shown how to research for contents like professionals.
  • All about formatting and publishing your book.
  • The big value of a good ebook series.
  • All the secrets the authors found after publishing 14 ebooks on Kindle marketplace.
  • And much much more.

If you start following this ready made plan to build a solid stream of extra income in no more than 2 months, you can be sure that results will come. I know Vicky by a lot of time and I know how much efforts he puts everytime he publish something new, like this awesome “Kindle Profit Maximizer“!

Affiliate University Review

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Affiliate University

I knew Rahim Farhuoni a year ago, and he made big steps with this awesome “Affiliate University“, a 4 days lessons program developed with 4 videos.

The first video show you how to achieve the best mindset to start your own affiliate marketing adventure, and the second instead guides you on choosing the best niche and the best thing to promote to get a huge advantage. Third video focus on the affiliate strategy to sell the biggest number of products with little efforts, so this is the core of the entire course.

Video 4 is about promotion, to be sure your affiliate products are continuously seen by your visitors, day in and day off, so your profits will never dry out. More, you get a beautiful homework guide, that really keeps your mind on working to achieve good results, and an extra PDF guide with all the useful links you need.

This is fantastic, well done and after you complete the videos and you start working you will see results. These are the same techniques I use every day, and now you can take advantage of them for only $4. That’s why I suggest to don’t lose this gem called “Affiliate University“.