Periscope Social Informer Review

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Periscope Social Informer


Periscope is the new hot trend by a few months, but thanks to the new “Periscope Social Informer” by Barb Ling now we can know all the secrets to get a huge advantage with this live video sharing platform.

Periscope, purchased by Twitter for a lot of cash, it’s one of the newest and captivating web services where you can really build your following and get sales for affiliate products, for your services and for your products. Inside this 1 page cheatsheet you will find a lot of links, like:

  • Latest Breaking Periscope marketing news.
  • Latest Periscope Marketing news in marketing forums.
  • Latest Periscope Marketing updates coming from all social media.
  • Latest Periscope Marketing as mentioned on Periscope marketing.
  • 21 Periscope tips for winning broadcasts.
  • 25 Useful tips for bloggers: how to Use Periscope.
  • 5 quick tips on using Periscope to market your business.
  • 6 big reasons small businesses need to be on Periscope.
  • Periscope copyright infringement.
  • And much much more!

Periscope Social Informer” is a gem coming out at the right moment, and you know the quality Barb Ling always provides. Don’t thing twice if getting this product or not, as it’s frankly priced too low to let it go! It’s too valuable to be left there!

Clicking Profits System 2.0 Review

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Clicking Profit System 2.0


Clicking Profits System 2.o” by Gerald Soh is a solid video course that helps you to increase your affiliate sales profits with two secret formulas. Inside the membership area you get instant access to a 4 weeks plan to learn easily in a step by step way.

Each lesson includes a video and an action plan in PDF format, so that you can follow the steps on video, and check if everything was correct with the action steps guide. Easy and remunerative like just a few other WSOs. Because I know Gerald Soh and I know how much he cares about his customers!

Affiliate marketing is not easy, you know. But with these videos, created after 4 years of tweaking and testing, you have a fail-proof system to try on your own. And from what I see, it works if you dedicate to it 15/20 minutes per day. This was his private mastermind sold for hundreds of dollar… take your seat now that costs only a few dollars!

Gerald Soh has done an incredible job with his “Clicking Profits System 2.o“, and until now he sold well over the 500 copies. A good result that testify how much good is this affiliate marketing system!

Amazon Search Dominator Review

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Amazon Search Dominator

Amazon Search Dominator” is a great product that will show you how to reach places #1, #2 and #3 with your Amazon books. Incredible but true, with the enclosed techniques you will be able to rank all your books within top keywords and in top categories.

This is the perfect product to purchase after you got my “Kindle Quiz” and previously the “Coloring Books for Adults”, because now each one of your books can get its deserved ranking, and bring in all the commissions you like, month by month!

Inside you will find an easy strategy to follow, that will guarantee an improvement on your book placement. Something that works like magic, and that I will be happy to try tonight on all my books for sale on the big book portal.

The OTO instead, and it’s only one, shows you 4 additional techniques to get more sales with your books, and it’s another gem for the contents and ideas it provides.

I recommend you this book to all, because it’s a gem, and it’s something all Amazon authors should learn, to get more sales, more big results and less stress in trying to rank your book! But be fast, because the price of “Amazon Search Dominator” is going up really fast!

My New Product – Kindle Quiz Review

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Kindle Quiz


Finding new Kindle markets is not easy, but today I’m happy to announce my “Kindle Quiz“, the first guide on how to create your own quiz or trivia ebook for the Kindle marketplace!

This is a fresh study about the exploding quiz and trivia genre. Inside the guide readers can find a step by step tutorial on how to create their quiz ebook, with easy tutorials and screenshots.

We move from the idea to the creation phase, showing the three most wide spread types of ebooks. We also show 11 sites where they can build their questions and find the right answers, plus 28 websites for finding copyright free images that can be used for commercial purposes.

We also show how to create the ebook, publish it on the Kindle marketplace, and, last but not least, in the final chapter we give many ideas on how to generate traffic. This is a completely new market waiting to be discovered and conquered, and now is the right moment to jump in by producing various ebooks that are not yet present on the marketplace!

Kindle Quiz” is a gem, something I created for you with the heart, and something that will give you the keys to enter the quiz and trivia market on Kindle from the front door!

How to Find Hot Markets Review

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How To Find Hot Markets


It’s not easy to find new markets to monetize nowadays, and Michael Harris knew that so much that he launched “How to Find Hot Markets“, an incredible video course showing you his own secret steps to uncover a huge potential in just a few minutes.

The greatest thing in this course is that you will discover not only how to find the best markets, but you will know before which ones will buy your products, before you are going to create it or find it! And that’s this little trick that gives you a huge power. But there’s much more to learn from the author, a crazy way to get ideas right when you need a new one!

You will be able to setup a constant stream of ideas coming to you as soon as they come out, and you will be always generating new sales day by day, without having the risk to lose profits for missing ideas, something I do by years inside IM. But here we are talking about all the niches, everything!

How to Find Hot Markets” gives you access to a 1 hour video,  a real gem that, right now, is available for less than $5.50, if you are fast enough to jump in. I got my copy yet, and you?

Vintage Photos Collection Review

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Vintage Photos

This is a special package of 500 “Vintage Photos” with personal use rights, yet categorized for you and ready to be used in all your plans, including: documents, websites, blog posts, flyers, arts, t-shirts and anything you could think. You can also purchase PLR rights if you want, to resell them too!

This package includes a lot of photos, beautiful and in high quality, ready to be used. The download files is around 350 MB, and as I do for any image package, I purchased it together with OTO1. It’s too much to be left on the table.

The projects you can run with these photos are limitless, as there are beautiful pictures of anything you need, from buildings to animals, from landscapes to people, and much much more.

As bonuses you will get even more HQ photos to use for your plans, and easy software to manage photos or to modify them in a creative way. This turns this package into a real gem.

I can say without any doubt that this “Vintage Photos” package includes all what a good marketer and professional needs to excel in his business. Fantastic!

SuperFoods PLR Review

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SuperFood PLR


Today I launched my second PLR package ever with Candace Chira, and it’s called “SuperFoods PLR“. Super Foods are that foods that come straight from nature and that can help our body to feel better, in many ways. It’s a huge package that includes:

  • Main Report (30 Pages / 7,019 Words)
  • 5 Amazon Product Reviews
  • 5 Amazon Product Review Videos
  • 7 Day Autoresponder Series
  • 60 Tweets
  • 5 Quote Posters + 1 Blank
  • 10 Pinterest Posters
  • 25 Royalty Free Images
  • Powerpoint Slides
  • Keyword Research Report
  • Sales & Download Page Text
  • Resource Report
  • 50 Bonus PLR Articles on Super Foods
  • And much much more!

As you can see it is a top level PLR package that gives you the big opportunity to resell it “as is” or by modifying it with all the tools that will help you increasing sales, like posters, slideshows, images,
PLR articles, keywords list and much much more.

The OTO instead focus again on this huge niche, that pertains to fitness, diet and weight loss, and provide a huge selection of contents for you, including 5 new articles and video reviews, 25 royalty free images, 5 more slides and a Super Foods 101 video with slideshow. Big value!

Grab your copy of “SuperFoods PLR” today to enter this Super Foods niche from the front door!

Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0 Review

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Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0


Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0” is a new training that will help you to sell more Clickbank products via Youtube videos, plain and simple. This is by the way the simple and best way to do that, and with the help of Saurab Ankush, Ali M and Idrees Farooq you will become an expert in just a few hours, following their solid training.

You will be shown how to:

  • Choose the best and most evergreen products to promote from Clickbank.
  • Learn the top 3 factors that you alwyas need to keep in mind when looking for an offer to promote.
  • Properly perform keyword selection via their secret “2 layer system.”
  • Create your video with quality in mind, to obtain high conversion rates.
  • Upload Youtube videos with a sidewide technique.
  • Do that step that majority of marketers are doing, to avoid failure!
  • Do the right steps to get your video on top of search results just after upload.
  • Cloak your affiliate link to make it appealing, and to protect your commissions.

And much more ideas, techniques and methods explained really well! Remember that anyone can do these steps to achieve earnings from Youtube video reviews, so check out this “Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0” to take your slice of profits!

Book Promotion Pro Review

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Book Promotion Pro


Wow, this “Book Promotion Pro” is really extraordinary! An author used a free book promotion resource and ended up sending over 500 sales in 24 hours! Did I mention it didn’t cost him a dime?

This latest guide by Rob Howard covers everything you need to start seeing results like that author. He is going to show you the resource, along with a complete strategy to building your own “Author Platform”.

The guide is simple and breaks everything down into easy to understand steps. Not only that, he goes into details about why it works, along with the how, making sure you fully understand each step.

Also, this isn’t something that is going to take weeks to get going. All you do is make one small change to what you are already doing – plus about 5 minutes a day or less to manage the other part. Perfect for those of us who don’t have hours upon hours to dedicate to book promotion!

Finally, “Book Promotion Pro” isn’t going to be available forever. I’ve heard he might take it down permanently after launch, so now is the opportunity to grab it before it’s gone! It’s a great guide and I highly recommend it!

Publish Vault Review

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PublishVault” is an application made for bloggers. No matter what type of blog you publish to, this is really a must have, because it comes with unlimited WordPress publishing capability.

With this application you can be able to publish your articles on all your WordPress blogs at once, and under the same application, without the need to loging 20 times for 20 different blogs.

This is an all-in-one web platform to publish contents, meta informations, but also for scheduling your articles via drip campaigns, and to have unlimited access to professional content writers available to work for you.

“Publish Vault” provides a simple but advanced interface, full of features like:

  • Contributor and editor calendar to manage articles posting schedule.
  • Monitoring contributor progress.
  • Easy user management for your collaborators.
  • Simple user management for your collaborators.
  • Inclusion of iWriter for finding high quality freelancers to create contents.
  • An “Idea Hub” that allows you to research info automatically.
  • It integrates perfectly with SEO plugins to optimize contents on the fly.
  • And much much more!

This is what “Publish Vault” can do, and it’s a lot of things at your fingertips!