Easy Social Book Promotion Review

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Easy Social Book Promotion

Bill Platt has been teaching a particular book promotion strategy, and his students have seen awesome results with “Easy Social Book Promotion“.

One lady using this strategy is quickly approaching $10,000 per month in royalties, after using this system for only eight months. With this book promotion system, you only need to do stuff on FaceBook for less than five minutes a day, OR you can do a full month’s worth of setup in just about two hours – one day per month!

You are not going to need to spend more than a few minutes a day on FB, and you are not going to need to buy FaceBook Ads. What is truly special about this approach is that he teaches you how to build a large audience of people who are anxiously waiting for you to release your next book, so they can buy another book from you!

Even if you you are starting from scratch, you can be up and running in just about ten minutes. Then you will start to build a large audience of hungry customers, working just a few minutes a day. That’s what “Easy Social Book Promotion” can do for you, and that’s a great news for all Kindle publishers around the globe!

The IM Goofball’s Guide Review

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IM Goofball's Guide

Inside “The IM Goofball’s Guide you are going to discover how to make from $51 to $74 per hour with a method that goes the opposite of what you have ever seen online, in internet marketing. With it, you can build a full time living as a good part time.

All without risks, problems and by leveraging skills you already have at your disposal, or that you can learn in only a few hours.The method works from anywhere in the world, at any hour you want to work. The authors Tom E and Mark Tandan are doing it for a living, and from the screenshots I can see how much they leveraged with this method.If you are ready to follow some simple steps, you can turn your dreams into reality, turning just a few of your time into big profits, day by day. You are the unique who will decide prices, who will get a huge return for your tasks, and that could grow its business to new heights!

So decide fast if you want to open a new business opportunity thanks to “The IM Goofball’s Guide, or if you want to continue searching for new ideas and possibilities.

Auto Funnel Systems Review

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Auto Funnel Systems


Kenny Cannon and Cameron Benson’s “Auto Funnel Systems” is a state of the art course that show you how to build a winning sales funnel, based on their own they used to sell thousands of products, as they show through their screenshots.

We are used to see and use easy sales funnel, but more they are elaborated, more sales you can make, and if people don’t buy, you get them on your list for sure, without losing any prospect.

Together with the funnel, an incredible work you can start using in hours, you get a 5 modules video course that will show you all the real big secrets behing a superb product launch or service launch. The video modules are:

  • The Entry Point (how to capture eyes the second a prospect lands on your sales page)
  • Qualification Cash (how to instantly segment buyers from non buyers)
  • Become a Player in Your Space (why having a flagship product is vital and how to create one)
  • The Profit Center (because making money is one thing, but making a killing is another)
  • Keeping Them Happy and Paying (because there’s no point in building a business and losing customers)

A superb training made for you, to comprehend what’s behind any great launch, and to give you permission to learn and do the same. Because with a winning sales funnel like the one included in “Auto Funnel Systems“, you can aim at the sky.

Sticker Stampede Review

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Sticker Stampede


This “Sticker Stampede” is the second guide in a row from James Renouf, something I purchased following my instinct, and that fully repaid my jump in the dark. In fact on the 21 pages guide you will find 4 to 5 huge methods to make sales from images.

You will get excited to read the first two methods, that’s guaranteed, and then James will place the cherry on cake’s top by revealing more and more. The good thing about this eBook is that all the techniques could be done in free time, to get some more at the end of each month.

One method could be outsourced for only three dollars per image, unless you want to do it on your own. It’s really easy and includes one of the most famous cell phone apps on the planet. Outstanding.

Then there’s a method for SEO, that could be used for your own sites too, and for selling more affiliate products, and another thing that is the Teespring for images: you don’t sell t-shirts, but stickers! And it’s incredible how many things you can do thanks to royalty free images!

If you like easy methods that work, and that doesn’t require big time and efforts, go for this “Sticker Stampede” without thinking twice!


eCom Experts Academy Review

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eCom Expert Academy


Ecom Experts Academy” is a solid newbie friendly method I’ve purchased yesterday. It shows you how to make a lot of sales on Shopify with the art of dropshipping. So you won’t never manage products, shipping, refunds, problems and so on because you are only the middle man who takes the cash for the sale.

Inside the administration area you may find easy menu with a lot of training videos, and real case studies coming from the guys who made well over $1.7 million in verifiable results. Incredible? Yes, definitely considering the day before I was ready to purchase a similar course for $997 from another marketer!

And more, there are previous beta testers who made $700 per day and that you can check on your sales page. How could I resist? I used Shopify years ago for building my mother’ shop website, and now I’m ready to come back as a winner!

Remember, you don’t need experience, big budgets, knowledge, connections or luck. All will work because these guys tested Shopify like no one has ever done, and made a real fortune selling products in dropshipping! Are you ready for your cash cow? Then grab your copy of “Ecom Experts Academy” before the price soar!

15 Minute Plots Review

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15 Minute Plots

Bolaji O is back with another gem taken out from his magic hat: it’s called “15 Minute Plots” and it gives you a lot of ideas to turn even the most difficult plot into an easy game. No more papers flying around your house, no more headaches and writer’s blocks. Your next plot could be done in just… 15 minutes!

Your plots will be wonderful, intricated, impossible to be predicted by your readers, and full of the essence of great romances. You can really turn your books upside down thanks to the information
included in this great guide. Bolaji O is one of the few experts I really know and support by years, because he always probide top notch information for a good price.

You will learn the 7 universal rules of plotting, the 15 minute plot formula, the secret shape of a bestselling story, killer tips for your actions, ready plot templates to use as you like, and much much  more!

If you really want to cut the times for creating plots for your Kindle books, and create them in a professional way, this is your last train for success. Go for “15 Minute Plots” and you will solve all the typical writer’s problems!

Amazon Prime Day Informer Cheatsheet Review

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Amazon Prime Day Authority Informer


Are you ready? A big event it’s coming on 15th July 2015, and there is big profits to be made! In a couple of days, Amazon is holding its very own “Amazon Prime Day” and its being billed as bigger than all the Black Friday sales combined. And Barb Ling is here with her new and huge “Amazon Prime Day Informer Cheatsheet“!

But you have to be a member of Amazon Prime to take advantage of it! The best part about it is you can get commissions driving people TO Amazon Prime… if you knew the best links for it! Well, my colleague, authority marketing innovator Barb Ling, has just push out a quick, profitable one page cheatsheet on how to make the most from “Amazon Prime Day”.

It’s so simple! And get this – the enhancements she offers after you purchase… well, they haven’t yet been released to the public yet! She’ll teach you 7 big additional ways to go beyond Amazon Prime… Out from ordinary!

Barb is always the first one on new profitable trends, and since is so quick and easy, “Amazon Prime Day Informer Cheatsheet” is a real no-brainer for you to check out today.

Easy Story Simulator Review

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Easy Story Simulator

Tony Norton created “Easy Story Simulator” to give you a big hand in creating outstanding books that will sell for years on Kindle marketplace. With your purchase you will get a 18 pages PDF transcript coming together with a 33 minute MP3 file. This is all what you need to learning this huge technique “stealed” from Hollywood.

After you hear the audio file, or just reading the PDF if you want to save some time, you will learn where to find an incredible number of story ideas hidden in a secret swipe file. Well, they are over 42,000! That’s an incredible number of things you can mix, change and include in your books as brand new contents.

Without any doubt this one of the most original Kindle product launches I’ve ever seen, and I’m sure you can take a real advantage from this careful research. It’s like having a parrot on your left shoulder suggesting book plot ideas whenever you need them… That’s fantastic!

This method could be used to cut down the time spent writing in half, and you will be able to outline your entire books before a word of the story is written. You will save a lot of time, you can create many more books than usual, and your ideas will be superb all the times! An that’s only thanks to “Easy Story Simulator” by Tony Norton, the Kindle expert product author!

Gangstagram Cash Review

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Gangstagram Cash

Tobias Ockermuller and Dr. Bo have released an awesome training called “Gangstagram Cash“, that let’s you comprehend how to generate an income by using the real power of Instagram with CPA offers.

This guide starts from zero guiding you in all the steps required to open your own CPA account, getting accepted, selecting the best offers for Instagram, and helping you to comprehend how to turn a lot of clicks into easy commissions. The two have shared some good proofs on the sales page, screenshots from MaxBounty CPA network and from one of the buyers using this method.

All by using free traffic, and results can come since the first day, and grow day by day if you apply this technique all days. Stick to it until you see the profits, this method is too awesome to be left on the table! And for the price it’s sold, is really a valuable option.

Without any doubt this new course brings with it a breath of fresh air in a super saturated portion of market like CPA. If you want something that works, but that doesn’t require a lot of time to be setup, “Gangstagram Cash” is without any doubt a gem.

Azon Home Security Niche Profits Review

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Azon Home Security Niche Profits

Shane Paxton and Mike McKay just released the latest edition of their bestselling DFY Niche Site Packages: “Azon Home Security Niche Profits” includes 5 completely done for you Amazon affiliate sites. To get a site like this done for you, including theme, plugins, graphics, and articles, would cost you a fortune, or a lot of time.

The five sites are about big topics nowadays that crime is increasing:

  • Biometrics
  • Home Security Systems
  • Motion Detectors
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Remote Home Monitoring Systems

Sites like these require a lot of research, costly graphics, good articles and a lot of more things to be done, like selecting all the best and most converting products from Amazon marketplace. And here you get five of them for a little price.  And you know how much quality Shane and Mike provide: they are the best people I ever knew on Amazon Associates business.

More, you can count on beautiful themes, paid plugins for Amazon that together will cost you $85, and the possibility to add banners and personal affiliate links to your blog.

The offer is open only for 7 days, so be fast to grab a slice of this incredible niche. Establish yourself as an expert in these home security niches thanks to “Azon Home Security Niche Profits!